North African Campaign 1943 | Animated History

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London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, as conductor



  • The first 100 people to use this link will get 10% off their first domain name at Hover:

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianYıl önce
    • You don't talk about Giovanni Messe

      IL Sergente SalvucciIL Sergente Salvucci5 aylar önce
    • This sponsor mention was nice!

      Jo ZeJo ZeYıl önce
    • This is false advertisement. You have no armchairs.

      Michael MMichael MYıl önce
    • @Serafin Dealgado amigo, el habla inglés, cámbiale a "Good afternoon Battle of Kursk?" Así te entenera mejor

      Silvana GSilvana GYıl önce
    • Could you please make an Operation Just Cause special for the 3 of November? I think it would be a good idea for new material and quite entertaining, by the way, I chose this date because that s Panama' s Independence date ( if you haven't guessed yet, I am from Panama') thanks!

      Silvana GSilvana GYıl önce
  • How about the Cabanatuan raid?

    Bon YurizzBon YurizzAylar önce
  • Excellent!

    ChristopherChristopher2 aylar önce
  • I'm pretty sure that Darlan wasn't Nazi collaborator, or at least he didn't believe in the trash the Nazis believed and reluctantly followed after the tragedy called Mers-cal-klebre (probably messed that up). Also I pretty sure he sent to command the North African forces because the Nazis didn't trust him. Anyway, I liked the video.

    Adam TruongAdam Truong2 aylar önce
  • Germany: so we’re fine, as long as no one attacks America Japan: question Germany: what is your question Japan? Japan: I attacked America Germany: YOU DID WHAT

    Arc AlegadoArc Alegado3 aylar önce
  • The amount of admiration and respect to Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Patton grows every time I watch a WW2 documentary

    JUST A FANJUST A FAN4 aylar önce
  • Dune music is a cool touch.

    Adam PriestleyAdam Priestley5 aylar önce
  • I’m writing a report on the medical personnel during this invasion. Anyone know any interesting facts about this topic? Or unknown facts and information?

    LizLiz6 aylar önce
  • Waking the giant amirite hoi4

    Henry WalkerHenry Walker6 aylar önce
  • Patton: Armchair Historian, am I a joke to you?

    Phantim3dxPhantim3dx8 aylar önce
  • Little known fact: Had Rommel managed to stay in North Africa a bit longer he could've organized a German Dunkirk that would have saved a lot of the Africa Corps from capture. Probably a good thing his health failed when it did. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge9 aylar önce
    • I doubt that. He had no control over naval operations.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee6 aylar önce
    • No. No chance. Britain ruled the waves.

      John CornellJohn Cornell6 aylar önce
  • von Arnim: 'Paulus just got promoted to Field Marshall before surrendering at Stalingrad. Can I also get a promotion when my situation is hopeless?'

    pop5678eyepop5678eye10 aylar önce
  • 2:08 incorrect rank for this campaign. Patton did not receive his 4th star until near the end of the war in Germany.

    pop5678eyepop5678eye10 aylar önce
  • Germany! I have the high ground!

    • Perfect reference

      Anwar DiggsAnwar Diggs6 aylar önce
  • My grandfather was part of the wave of American soldiers that arrived at North Africa by boat. He told my dad that the water was so choppy that they got tossed around like rag dolls in that thing and he broke his glasses forcing him to only see out of one eye for half of his tour there since they didn’t give him a new pair until six months later. He had been drafted and was only given five weeks of basic training and didn’t even know how to clean his gun

    JoeyTwoSpoonsJoeyTwoSpoonsYıl önce
  • When the free world has had enough of Nazi bullshit.

    ThunderBuddyThunderBuddyYıl önce
  • Franklin was such a bad president. So much more coulda been in early ww2 if he wasnt so incompetent.

    Luc LueLuc LueYıl önce
  • oh your approaching?

    BlueLimesBlueLimesYıl önce
  • The producer does some of the animation?!

    Nels BlairNels BlairYıl önce
  • I enjoyed your presentation, including the ads.

    Nels BlairNels BlairYıl önce
  • Am i The only one who got the references in the thumbnail??

    JptricJptricYıl önce
  • Your great thank you

    stop police. coercion Panicostop police. coercion PanicoYıl önce
  • Easter egg at 6:10 showing tiger 131 a tank captured by the British and inspected by multiple British empire officials.

    Daniel BrownDaniel BrownYıl önce
  • Your head looks like a damn rectangle

    Jihadi Sultans 2Jihadi Sultans 2Yıl önce
  • This video was published and released on my birthday! This is so cool LMAO I just realized this.

    Kevin GKevin GYıl önce
  • this history channel fr popped outta nowhere

    smokesmokeYıl önce
  • Churchills got a wig on.

    matthew smithmatthew smithYıl önce
  • The part where you talk about Franco's Spain getting involved on the German side seems like a stretch to me. From what I read, Spain at the time was heavily reliant on the US (grain imports, telephone communications, oil etc.).

    OrixDalgrathOrixDalgrathYıl önce
  • I saw that Tiger 131 ! Nice detail ! ;3

    Firstname LastnameFirstname LastnameYıl önce
  • I like how there is Tiger 131 :-D

    Jan HurychJan HurychYıl önce
  • My uncle was there.

    topgunnergaming 9topgunnergaming 9Yıl önce
  • Von Arnhem's own caution is what ruined Rommel's plan. He always held back forces for future battles, even though Rommel warned him that the only way for the plan to work was to go for broke. Arnhem frittered away his chance. More importantly, Von Arnhem had a moustache not unlike the Gestapo general from "Hogan's Heroes ".😂

    Thomas ColbertThomas ColbertYıl önce
  • German:why i smell hamburger

    sleeping kirbosleeping kirboYıl önce
  • Can you sell your artwork? Like a montage of all the drawings we see in places like the intro?

    T NT NYıl önce
  • Ironic that the British had to show the Americans how to fight the Nazis. 😊

    RicTic66RicTic66Yıl önce
    • How is that ironic?

      American AtlasAmerican AtlasYıl önce
  • you forgot to mention the brave actions of the italian army led by Messe who defended Tunisi till the last man. After the battle Messe was captured and was sent to italy to fight for the italian king Vittorio Emanuele III against the nazi and fascist forces.

    mau antomau antoYıl önce
  • That there was a "Christmas-eve offencive" says a lot about WW2 in this would not have happened in WW1. Truly the darkest of all times. (Except of the black death - mongole time, maybe :/ )

    Jo ZeJo ZeYıl önce
    • @paul lytle The russians do not celebrate at the same days. They celebrate new years eve and in January - so this is a different story - hardly comparible.

      Jo ZeJo Ze9 aylar önce
    • @Jo Ze guess what happened in the east

      paul lytlepaul lytle9 aylar önce
    • @paul lytle Not true at all. The British and German trups celebrated in 1914 together and tried it in 1915 again but the high comand forbid it - however they stoped active fighting for a while. Also at the Italian-German-Front they celebrated Christmas together in 1915 and 1916.

      Jo ZeJo Ze9 aylar önce
    • It wouldnt have happened in 1914 it happened in 1915

      paul lytlepaul lytle9 aylar önce
  • Montgomery is overrated.

    SFreudSFreudYıl önce
    • Best and most successful western allied ground general of WW2. By far.

      John CornellJohn Cornell6 aylar önce
  • It’s crazy how quickly ww2 was wrapped up. But with so much carnage and death I’m sure it felt like an eternity for the survivors that fought in it

    Ky PrestonKy PrestonYıl önce
  • Hello Hoi4 icons

    El PresidenteEl PresidenteYıl önce
  • A Band of Brothers/The Pacific style mini-series about the North Africa campaign would be cool

    teecee2000teecee2000Yıl önce
  • The way you say Bernard makes me want to slam my head against a door frame...

    James HughesJames HughesYıl önce
  • send them to siberia

    Dr. Li WenliangDr. Li WenliangYıl önce
  • 6:04 131, the only tiger survived that can move on its own power. Great referance there

    EmreEmreYıl önce
  • As nice as the giveaway sounds, I don't even know why I bother, bcuz I know for a fact I'm not getting anything. deserves a GGWP on Arm chair and Ironside's part.

    The DOOLThe DOOLYıl önce
  • The worst mistake Hitler made during the war was not demanding Mussolini join the allies.

    Derek BignellDerek BignellYıl önce
    • @aspielm with what army a two front war is hard enough

      paul lytlepaul lytle9 aylar önce
    • Derek Bignell should’ve invaded Italy and then put someone good in charge.

      aspielmaspielmYıl önce
  • The kiwis performed the famous left hook which crumbled the formidable Mareth line in Tunisia.

    B WhitB WhitYıl önce
  • Dude really needs to buy an armchair...

    MittensMittensYıl önce
  • So the muricans and english did not even bother with diplomacy? Stupid assholes, much how they treated france during the war are horrible. I understand why french would hate everyone.

    DarkZtormDarkZtormYıl önce
    • Why diplomacy? They were fighting in Africa already

      Zero BlackZero BlackYıl önce
  • Italy Defense Manuel (1940 Special Edition) :- If attacked (1) Call Germans (2) Switch Teams ( If Not Possible , Refer To no 3 ) (3) Surrender

    ZuboyTVZuboyTVYıl önce

  • Two words Lloyd Freedenhall

    TheFreshman321TheFreshman321Yıl önce
  • One of the things about WW2 that I can't understand, is the inability of the Axis powers to work out their communications (codes, Enigma etc) were tapped for most of the war...

    Lazar MomcilovicLazar MomcilovicYıl önce
    • @Jordan Cox yeah, that makes a lot of sense, but still, I can't hide my astonishment about their foolishness (Axis).

      Lazar MomcilovicLazar MomcilovicYıl önce
    • Probably because the British only acted on vital interceptions and intel, they purposely didn’t act on them all, for the reason you just pointed out, if they acted on everything, the Germans would figure it out pretty quickly. Check out the recent film about Alan Turing, it shows at the end how they knew they couldn’t save everyone, even after breaking the code

      Jordan CoxJordan CoxYıl önce
  • You failed to mention that the British had broken the German high command's top secret code, and knew the schedule of supplies ferried into Rommel. About 70% of those supplies were lost. Also, your sw@stikas are backwards, just FYI. Maybe TRvision won't allow real sw@stikas... Nevertheless, a nice overview of the North Africa fighting in WWII. I write these words on June 6.

    Perihelion77Perihelion77Yıl önce
    • @Perihelion77 Vincent P. O'Hara and Enrico Cernuschi, The Other Ultra: Signal Intelligence and the Battle to Supply Rommel's Attack toward Suez"2013, p.135: ""Of the 2.67 million tons of material, fuel, and munitions shipped to Africa - nearly all in Italian vessels and under Italian escort - 2.24 million tons managed to arrive despite the best efforts of ULTRA and the British Navy to prevent it. In effect, "Ultra did not deny the Axis armies the supplies they needed to reach the Nile."" Looks like I was right all along.

      John CornellJohn Cornell6 aylar önce
    • @Perihelion77 LMAO why would Axis ships carrying fuel and ammo be more prone to being sunk than Axis ships carrying tanks, trucks, guns etc? Your answer will be hilarious.

      John CornellJohn Cornell6 aylar önce
    • By 'supplies' I meant ammunition, food, clothing, and fuel. It's not my fault you can't download a PDF file. Bye.

      Perihelion77Perihelion776 aylar önce
    • @Perihelion77 Yep. Once again, the overwhelming vast majority of Axis supplies actually reached North Africa. Your link is worthless as you can't even click on the chapters. It's empty. Around 600,000 Axis men, around 2500 Axis tanks, around 70,000 Axis trucks and around 6,000 Axis guns made it to North Africa. Source. Page 556 of The Desert War Then and Now by Jean Paul Pallud. For your "70% of supplies lost" figure to be correct then that means the Axis shipped nearly 8,000 tanks, 18,000 guns and over 200,000 trucks. Lol, never in a million years.

      John CornellJohn Cornell6 aylar önce
    • @John Cornell Nope. However, please see this very excellent document which has the facts:

      Perihelion77Perihelion776 aylar önce
  • wait, did he use HOI4 Military Doctrine image?

    Neo 96Neo 96Yıl önce
    • I thought so too. ;)

      Jonas BrauerJonas BrauerYıl önce
  • Yes, -but awakens to suck the balls of the jews-

    Manuel CameloManuel CameloYıl önce
  • Stupendous video. The true essence of your word elaboration and descriptions of the innumerable books and events cannot be overlooked. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    TheLastItalianTheLastItalianYıl önce
  • I have to admit I was heartbroken when you said Rommel was to take the seat if the execution attempt was successful...

    Bah-beBah-beYıl önce
  • America awakened by Japan and gets awakened again by Rommel in North Africa after getting pummeled by the oldest tactic of feign retreat.

    Kha LeeKha LeeYıl önce
  • Reckognised Dune's main theme ^^

    Iago SevatarIago SevatarYıl önce
  • you should do the war in Yugoslavia

    2213 e2e2e2213 e2e2eYıl önce
  • Rommel was a total badass. It's a shame that he wasn't American. I'll always remember him as a German, not a Nazi.

    michael howellmichael howellYıl önce
  • Bruh this dude legit used the doctrine pictures from hoi4 lmai

    Sleepy SpaniardSleepy SpaniardYıl önce
    • Sleepy Spaniard lmao

      ryan Schwartzlyryan SchwartzlyYıl önce
  • and USS Massachusetts said "America coming through!!"

    CMDRFandragonCMDRFandragonYıl önce
  • Those tactic graphics look like you remade them from hoi4

    Comrade KaliComrade KaliYıl önce
    • Yes

      SilverBladeHero 15SilverBladeHero 157 gün önce
  • Can you do a video on why the Ottomans where so bad in WW1

    KnightKnightYıl önce
    • @تشارلز حكمة Why are you happy? That incident divided the last muslim ummah. After the europeans fooled the arabs, they split them into small countries and ruled over them, instead of giving them the independence that they wanted.

      Muhammad.zeeshan UddinMuhammad.zeeshan Uddin6 aylar önce
    • @Knight Their empire was crippling. The arabs rebeled against Ottoman rule and devastated their oil supply

      Muhammad.zeeshan UddinMuhammad.zeeshan UddinYıl önce
    • That is true but just look at the invasion of the Caucuses and the attempt to capture the Suez canal and others. True they won at Gallipolli,but their losses greatly out weigh their victories.

      KnightKnightYıl önce
    • But they won in Gallipolli and humiliated the brits, despite their situation

      hensolohensoloYıl önce
  • The Italian Campaign would be a good follow up series after this.

    MosleyManMosleyManYıl önce
  • The way you pronounce ‘Bernard’ is painful

    Saoirse del TufoSaoirse del TufoYıl önce
  • This is great and all, but when are you going to go over the exploits of the American Archaeologist Indiana Jones?

    MadmanMortonYTMadmanMortonYTYıl önce
  • Nice subtle nod to TIger 131!

    Jeff BrownJeff BrownYıl önce
North African Campaign 1943 | Animated History