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00:00 - Here is a the first teaser to test your attentiveness! Help! Please, help! My neighbor...She’s screaming! What do we have here? Knocked out cold... A bat! A whole bunch of fingerprints, bad move Mr. Criminal. The girl’s in a coma...she might not make it. But the police quickly found their suspect, Ben James. Just one problem...he’s innocent. 3 days earlier. Ben met Amy on a dating app. They had so much in common! What do they have in common?

01:27 - Another tricky puzzle to test your brain!
If Amy doesn’t wake up, Ben’s in deep trouble.
Policeman: "Your bail’s set at $1,000,000."
Ben’s relatives love to show off. His aunt Samantha lives in Britain in a luxury estate. Uncle Mike sold his company. He’s on a 6-month yoga retreat in India. Cousin Rob just launched his own tech startup. Who’s really rich?

02:12 - Use your logical thinking to solve the next brainy puzzle!
Uncle Mike came through, he posted Ben’s bail!
Ben: “Now I gotta find the real attacker! Better check Amy’s for more clues... The front door’s been sealed off. What about the garden door? Hmm.”
How can Ben sneak inside?

02:57 - This IQ puzzle will make you think hard! Success! Soon Ben found a note. The dating app’s login and... Hmm, that should be the password. Can you guess the password?

03:44 - This tricky riddle will test your logic!
Amy: “You got a side job?”
Ivan: “Yep! At a coffee shop in the main square.
Amy: “Which one?”
Amy: ?
Amy: ??
Weird...Ben went to the square. He saw 3 coffee shops. Where does Ivan work?

04:38 - Another logic puzzle to stretch your brain! Ben found Edward Bale Jr., the teacher. Edward said he went over to Amy’s, but she seemed bored with him, ouch! Anyway, her cat didn’t like him at all.
Teacher: "I’m kind of a germ nut, I always wear gloves. So, no fingerprints. Poor girl!"
Should Ben trust the teacher?

05:19 - Exercise your brain with the next short teaser!
Time to find the last guy, Black Rocket. His profile says he lives on Elm Street.
Ben: “I got a bad feeling about this...” Which house is Black Rocket’s?

05:57 - Now let's boost your skills to the max! WHAT! Girls’ things? Creepy! What’s this? Wait, Amy’s house is № 12... Is that a plan for his next attack? Gotta stop it! There should be some logic to this. Which house’s next?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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