NOTHING TO IMPEACH: President Trump Laughs At Democrats Impeachment Plans

House Democrats on Tuesday introduced two articles of impeachment against President Trump alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress regarding his interactions with Ukraine, touching off a rapid-fire sequence that could result in a momentous floor vote in a matter of days.
“The framers of the Constitution prescribed a clear remedy for presidents who so violate their oath of office,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. "No one, not even the president, is above the law.”
His office later posted text of the articles, which declare Trump's actions warrant impeachment, trial and removal from office.




  • Trump 2020

    ken liew97_Vlogsken liew97_Vlogs29 gün önce
  • Obama/Biden withheld aide to Ukraine, so they could get a political win in stopping a prosecutor that was investigating Biden's son. The same impeachment against Trump could have been used against Biden. Obama and Biden are Democrats so Collusion and quid pro quo. Where was Pelosi when Obama threatened to withhold funding from Israel? I guess she doesn't know right from wrong.

    Raymond CookRaymond CookAylar önce
  • Since Pelosi REFUSES to immediately send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, the Senate should rule the Articles of Impeachment have no basis and dismiss them since they are only harassment against the president of the United States all because Hillary Clinton didn't win in 2016. The Impeachment process was never intended to complete the Impeachment Hearing, Determine the Articles of Impeachment and then REFUSE to forward them to the Senate for trial. Shame on Pelosi and every Hateful Democrat in the House. Withholding the articles of Impeachment from the Senate is 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL according to Alan Dershowitz.

    Raymond CookRaymond CookAylar önce
  • Talk of impeaching Mr. Trump began among some liberals as early as his Inauguration Day in 2017, and intensified this year when Democrats reclaimed control of the House amid a swirl of speculation about whether a special counsel investigation would conclude that Mr. Trump’s campaign had conspired with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. Hey Schiff? You said you had devastating evidence of Russian Collusion for the last 2 years but you refuse to come forward and kick President Trump out of office. Tell us why? What happened to charging President Trump with articles for Collusion with the Russians, Bribery, Wire Fraud and quid pro quo?

    Raymond CookRaymond CookAylar önce
  • My mom before she died on Christmas 2000, the Twin Towers she had a dream that they were hit by planes, a black president ( my dad laughed) and the casino millionaire Trump was elected president twice! Something he did for the country that got him re-elected.. my mom's dreams became reality!

    Robert SzymanskiRobert SzymanskiAylar önce
  • Got stand with the truth and let karma being a big bitches wait and see in 20/20 the truth will come

    Dalyne EamDalyne EamAylar önce
  • Trump abused the power of his office. Is there anything that Trump does that is not corrupt

    Don Emigholz Jr.Don Emigholz Jr.Aylar önce
  • It will caused problems if they do so💥

    Rohan WrightRohan WrightAylar önce
  • Look at this man...In the dark...he is so strong👍👏💪 fear, I LOVE this president...I am from Haiti 🇭🇹🎄🌻🔥🍯⚘

    Franceline DucasseFranceline DucasseAylar önce
  • Mr. Trump, isn't it right that you invited foreign interference into the 2016 Elections to win over your opponent, Hillary Clinton? Furthermore, isn't it true that you held a gun to the Ukraine with US Tax Payer Aid for the purpose of winning the 2020 Election against Joe Biden? Isn't it true that your approval ratings have plummeted to an all time high of 51% Pro Impeachment? Isn't it true that you publicably invited China to investigate the Bidens? And with that, I yield.

    MCMCAylar önce
  • It’s funny how gullible democrat supporters are They still haven’t realised that history will never remember this as a impeachment

    Marc LeachMarc LeachAylar önce
  • Trump has them all by the p.....

    James ProveJames ProveAylar önce
  • United States have been operating like a business since it was created. Don’t get mad cause you have business man as president and not a politician ..

    Christopher PattersonChristopher PattersonAylar önce
  • That's a huge umbrella😊😃

    Kamei JohnWilsonKamei JohnWilsonAylar önce
  • At this point why don't they just flush the articles of impeachment? It will go absolutely nowhere in the Senate they know this and are still pushing it. You can't make me understand this nonesense...

    Rodney KentRodney KentAylar önce
  • there is no one holding the umbrella for him

    Ragnar Sebastian MadambaRagnar Sebastian MadambaAylar önce
  • Trump never laughs. Sociopaths don't laugh. They learn how to grin.

    MR intelMR intelAylar önce
  • GOD BLESS AMERICA.. and thank you for this Impeachment. Amen.

    AlexAlexAylar önce
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Trump, you're being Impeached.. Justice Roberts will be waiting for you in the Senate Trial.

    AlexAlexAylar önce
  • Happy Impeach day. Enjoy.

    Mike DomoMike DomoAylar önce
  • Keep up the great work Mr President 👍🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼

    John RodriguezJohn RodriguezAylar önce
  • Go Trump 2020/2024

    John RodriguezJohn RodriguezAylar önce
  • I cannot wait until the year 2025 after his last years of presidency, when we can get an interview with him and see what he really says about the Democratic Party. I know he normally says what he feels but right now he is holding his tongue until all of this blows over. But I know he feels more than any of us that the Democrats are crazy sore losers and will not except the fact that the American people do not like Nancy Pelosi or any of these crazy Democrats that think their voice matters!!!

    kevin getsingerkevin getsingerAylar önce
  • Go Trump. 20/20

    J BJ BAylar önce
  • Hehehehe ... infidel

    G O - AwayG O - AwayAylar önce
  • Trump for president 2020

    Steven S.Steven S.Aylar önce
  • They need to take Adam Schiff to court for all the money he cost us for his lies.

    Louis JimenezLouis JimenezAylar önce
  • I hope he's still laughing when he loses in 2020 and he indictments start! I know I will be! LMAO

    Jim HolderJim HolderAylar önce
  • We like President Trumo much, best regards from the Netherlands and much success with your campaign! The only leader in the world that is there for the people!!!

    Roger  Van KetsRoger Van KetsAylar önce
  • I can't wait for the day when Trump finally shuts his mouth. Let's stuff a fat list of impeachment articles down his throat. Anything just to make him shut up.

    Donald SDonald SAylar önce
  • I'm glad that God is fighting for us. American open your eye now. Go and vote for President Trump. God is giving us chance to make America great again. We don't know what the devil is planning next. For those of you that don't care to vote, go and vote for him 2020. I love you mr President.

    Ruth BayaRuth BayaAylar önce
  • I really feel bad for the way their treating our president when he obviously wants nothing but the best for this country

    iDaviewiDaviewAylar önce
  • I love my President!!! Thank you for the good you've done for America. I pray for you constantly and thank you for all your personal sacrifices to make our country great again!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Glory DancerGlory DancerAylar önce

    RJ KingRJ KingAylar önce
  • DNC is a criminal enterprise. The Steele Dossier just confirmed their attempt at election interference and if there is evidence of coordination by these top tier scum - then that is sedition and treason.

    N FisherN FisherAylar önce
  • Trump 2020 👍

    Bluesman 78Bluesman 78Aylar önce
  • Media rats

    Robert PowellRobert PowellAylar önce
  • be just harder to run a country with the witchhunt going he's doing it well .watching from Australia. trump 2020

    Peter MoygannonPeter MoygannonAylar önce
  • Fact: President Trump's former Attorney Cohen for 10 years testified before entering Federal Prison for 10 years that Trump is a liar, con-man, cheat, and racist. No Mr. President no witch hunt, no Mr. President, the evidence is overwhelming that you withheld aid to the Ukraine, no Mr. President it's not fake news! In addition, Mr. President your track record is predator, womanizer, and hypocrite.

    Joel VorenskyJoel VorenskyAylar önce
  • Trump 2020. Impeachment will fail.

    bone kollektorbone kollektorAylar önce
  • Trump is so funny on SNL. It is a shame he was not as funny this time.

    AndrewAndrewAylar önce
  • Trump will never be able to not make A JACKASS out himself when he talks. He has to insult people constantly and get so much wrong. He also lies like there's no tommorrow. It's hard not to dislike where he's coming from. What is there to like about Don? Can you enlighten me?

    Sam LewisSam LewisAylar önce
  • Now would you look at that that’s the kind of president he is and the kind we need that will come out in the damn rain and talk to us. Thank about it. God bless Donald Trump and family yay USA God bless her. 🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

    Reaper Game overReaper Game overAylar önce
  • Hey Democrats... do you think he is holding a Russian umbrella?

    dvas70dvas70Aylar önce
  • That's what maniacs do, laugh when they should be crying.

    Jose RoblesJose RoblesAylar önce
    • Jose Robles no, winner’s LOL at satanic demoncrats

      robert mccarthyrobert mccarthyAylar önce
  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸ТГЦМР2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Michael ShaneMichael ShaneAylar önce
  • He didn’t have to walk up and talk to the reporters he did it for us so the people can hear from him he always puts the people first

    WindWindAylar önce
  • God does not need us spreading hate. He said to love your enemies. Look how different he talk now and how he talks at the rallies. Nobody is perfect. God will take His hand off of this man if he doesn’t repent.

    Karen HaynesKaren HaynesAylar önce
  • Oh HAPPY DAY! Collect up your toys and go home! You're DONE Trump!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    GutterGirl AcidronGutterGirl AcidronAylar önce
  • This guy is so idiotic that he complains that democrats have ONLY two articles of impeachment. He himself knows that he committed more than two crimes. HE WILL COMMIT SIMILAR CRIMES AGAIN. That is for sure. Crime resides in every cell of his body. He has no hesitation to lie and cheat. He has no conscience .

    Mohan SivasankaranMohan SivasankaranAylar önce
  • Stop the crazy witch hunt. Trump 2020 !!

    Alfie OMGAlfie OMGAylar önce
  • Very fine...Frank..he is gentleman.

    NOUSHAD C CnNOUSHAD C CnAylar önce
  • Greatest president ever in my lifetime! All glory to God.

    Amos DotlAmos DotlAylar önce
  • GOP is pushing Russian propaganda, trump is having a play date in the Oval Office with Russians. What country do they work for again?

    Keith JacksonKeith JacksonAylar önce
  • Every. time. near. A helicopter!

    TheExtremeAnimatorTheExtremeAnimatorAylar önce
  • Lock him up

    Walter BellWalter BellAylar önce
  • I really hope you Trump supporters make good on your threats to start a civil war, the least you can do is go on a killing spree. Prove to the world how superior you are!

    Stephen DicksonStephen DicksonAylar önce
  • The media bends over and takes it up the butt from trump every single time 😂😂

    American PsychoAmerican PsychoAylar önce
  • You just know he's lying when he keeps referring to "a perfect phone call" that's because he got that lawyer to make sure he couldn't be caught saying something that may incriminate him, while he was blackmailing the Ukrainans.

    gbrowngbrownAylar önce
  • Strange how chump is fearful of the rain when it's about doing something for others ie whilst In France, failing to attend the memorial of the dead. But he has no trouble standing in the rain when he's talking and lying about himself.

    gbrowngbrownAylar önce
  • This IS our president, very very proud American here !

    T- StatT- StatAylar önce
  • For someone who laughs at the democrats he certainly seems preoccupied with the impeachment talk.

    gbrowngbrownAylar önce
  • Support our president

    Randy WhitakerRandy WhitakerAylar önce
  • When you do everything right you will get haters...

    Baldoxxx4000Baldoxxx4000Aylar önce
  • If they impeach him there will be mass histeryia!! It's wrong

    French ticklerFrench ticklerAylar önce
  • TRUMP 2020

    Mark J.Mark J.Aylar önce
  • Thank you, Mr. President !

    ScottScottAylar önce
  • Im amazed that so many people dont realize that this man is a class A liar 13.500 lies and running would you trust even youir best friend if he lied to youi daily on this level the problem is this mans lies effect the whole world do you really believe this man when he says there is no one better in the world for virtually everything the man only excells at lying

    kurt setterbergkurt setterbergAylar önce

    Enrique Montes de Oca FariñasEnrique Montes de Oca FariñasAylar önce
  • As a sociopath it's not Trumps fault he can't tell right from wrong and truth from lies- he was born that way.

NOTHING TO IMPEACH: President Trump Laughs At Democrats Impeachment Plans