Officer Down! Cover Up? Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor May Still Be Charged

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  • Ain't no justice, just us

    Made For EarMade For Ear20 gün önce
  • Plot twist, WILLIE D is the police officer that gets shot executing a no-knock warrant. Breonna is now Brittney Spears and Willie D and his other two officers return fire killing Brittney Spears. Even if she was a world renowned pop star the fact that she is white will completely change the outcome. It would be reported as a tragic loss and everyone would be hating on her boyfriend. End of story. Did you notice the majority of the people in all these blm videos are white or other than black. Apparently eveyone has their own agenda and the better they play their role the better they make out. Stop drumming up a race war cause you want utube hits. Talk real talk call it how it really is. Cause I know GD well willie would have took 1 bullet to the leg and emptied that magazine through the door.

    paul carpenterpaul carpenter20 gün önce
  • They need to get prosecuted them cops killed that girl Brianna tell her when she was just sleeping in her bed and her boyfriend he ain't nothing but a lie

    moniça Mçleanmoniça Mçlean22 gün önce
  • Dirty cops do cops do dirty things rest in peace Brianna Taylor

    moniça Mçleanmoniça Mçlean22 gün önce
  • Them offices need to go to jail for killing Brianna Taylor

    moniça Mçleanmoniça Mçlean22 gün önce
  • The entire louisville law department need to be eradicated

    rnorrrrnorrr27 gün önce
  • @8:38 "Yo momma should be embarrassed and ya daddy should have pulled out"...I don't think there was ever a better time you used that saying😂😂

    J AJ A28 gün önce
  • They might, get indicted. As it won't be, "Double Jeopardy". Since thy were not charged, in this indictment. The AG didn't go, to the Klan Jury. To indict them. Only the wild shooting cop, Hankison.

    Ron HarrisRon Harris28 gün önce
  • Men USA is hell...for real!

    Antwaine barkleyAntwaine barkley29 gün önce
  • They law biding killers

    Sherrill CollinsSherrill Collins29 gün önce
  • Willie D you should change the outro to "Yo mama should have swallowed you or yo daddy should have pulled out."

    MaineMaineAylar önce

    Randall JohnsonRandall JohnsonAylar önce
  • The killer cops don’t care about protesters. They know people are going to make noise for a short while and then go away.

    Colistus GustaveColistus GustaveAylar önce
  • Why isn't the boyfriend charged for using his girl as a human shield logically speaking

    Freddie DixonFreddie DixonAylar önce
  • Willie D facts love your channel bro keep up good work No More Talk 👊🏾👊🏾

    Olson WoodsOlson WoodsAylar önce
  • Daniel Cameron has sold out big time.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip RhinehardtAylar önce
  • Didn’t he just marry Mitch McConnell grand daughter AG

    Music CityimportsincMusic CityimportsincAylar önce
  • I pray that justice be done and no revenge. God bless everyone.

    FeedingFrenzy91FeedingFrenzy91Aylar önce
  • Good video

    Jimmie ReidJimmie ReidAylar önce
  • To all the sad commenters get your facts straight if you need to blame anyone for her death tragic yes it's the boyfriend it wasn't a racist cop and wasn't racial they had warrants they identify themselves he shot first they return fire case closed get over it

    forever heatforever heatAylar önce
  • What happened to the cops telling citizens from outside to come out with your hands ✋ up!? No, we just gone to kick down tbe door and shot over a small city drug dealer! Ludacris

    alonzolevias84alonzolevias84Aylar önce
  • It didn't surprised me that the police got over because the Taylor family sold their sole to the devil by taking the 12 million dollars. In fact if the truth be told the Taylor family knew the police wasn't going to jail because of the settlement. The protesters needs to fall back.

    Rodney DollarRodney DollarAylar önce
  • Straight Like That. Willie D you are becoming my number one news source. You first got my attention seriously when you stepped into the ring with Melly Mell. I rooted for you because I thought you was the underdog - no more talk

    Katro StormKatro StormAylar önce
  • Willie when are you coming out with a single?

    M.O.M. Man of MaranathaM.O.M. Man of MaranathaAylar önce
  • Ppl of color get your shyt together & LEAVE this CORPORATION & you will see it CRUMBLE from its FOUNDATION!

    Stacey HolmesStacey HolmesAylar önce
  • Miss McCauley had gave that man a call about his job. See that district attorney was put in by people like Mitch McConnell .

    barbara rossbarbara rossAylar önce
  • The family of BT should have never enter into any financial negotiations or conversation about settlement BEFORE these criminals were charged. BIG MISTAKES the family should have let the legal proceedings complete before any talk of settlement. They kill us, give of money and no charges.

    jnerida75jnerida75Aylar önce
  • Them ppl 😨 scared!! In Louisville KY.

    Connie MacckkConnie MacckkAylar önce
  • I'm a black man I didn't understand The situation. And I started blaming the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor. Now that the truths are coming out about Breonna Taylor and her criminal boyfriends. She is the reason she got killed. She was dealing with drug dealers She even got caught with dead body in her car although she's never been brought to justice. I blamed the police officers for shooting many times and caused other residents to suffer. On the other hands, her boyfriend had no right to shoot. He should have gone to a quiet room and called the cops. The police shoot in self defense. Which they have the right to do so. That's why neither of of them was charged. If I were the attorney general or the prosecutor, I would never bring any charges against these officers myself. I don't know why you guys sitting here on social media start blaming that attorney general. Is it because he's black and was supposed to be on Breaonna Taylor's favor? I don't get it. Breonna Taylor and her own boyfriend caused her death.

    camp Richcamp RichAylar önce
    • How much drugs were found in the home?

      GODGODAylar önce
  • This is evil-nothing but evil. The greatest Light attracts the greatest darkness. So people of color must have an enormous amount of light within.

    Lady GiaLady GiaAylar önce
  • Straight outta Louisville Facts

    Emily ShelbyEmily ShelbyAylar önce
  • The prosecutor is a Republican and he gave a speech at trumps rally. Enough said, token black man nothing new. I am an ex combat vet whom served in iraq & Fallujah, but i made the decision to move to Toronto cause i am disgusted at Americas judicial system. Your in 2020 but still under jim crow domination. Before i moved up here i burned all my combat BDUs and that b/ s combat medal. Good luck Americans i 🙏 for all my people of color as your still in bondage.

    De'Mario's Reef aquariumDe'Mario's Reef aquariumAylar önce
  • Her black boy friend is the blame for her death!!

    Long RangerLong RangerAylar önce
  • nothing is gonna happen...and they Put a Black man, not going to call him brotha, to tell you we(government) is not doing a thing

    dbigsmooth1dbigsmooth1Aylar önce
  • They waited for Emmett Till's the same day Emmett till's killers were acquitted was the same day they acquitted those officers for killing Breonna Taylor. September 23rd 1955. Coincidences take a lot of planning. 🤎👁️👁️

    Mikesse JonesMikesse JonesAylar önce
  • We must nationally boycott all non essential spending.

    Vance TerryVance TerryAylar önce
  • Look why is anybody surprised police are being shot. If the government doesn't do the right thing then the police will be shot and killed. But if the government does the right thing then the police won't be shot. PERIOD BLACK LIVES MATTER

    Zoltan KrekacsZoltan KrekacsAylar önce
  • I keep telling people these people are masons and they protect each other and they will lie for each other at all cost why do you think since all of this stuff has come out you have not seen one mason stand up ill tell you why because the the masons were there but they are the cops the attorney General if you dont believe me go do your homework

  • Black people better wake up the American law enforcement are using Gestapo tactics on black Americans 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reginald BurnettReginald BurnettAylar önce
  • This man is a white man in a black man body straight an plain plus he is afraid next 2 years if he run again the red states going to vote or him out Racism at its Best a leader from a Caribbean island says he live to see America mash up before he die wow so Disgraceful an disgusting sick my stomach.

    Jack PannaJack PannaAylar önce
  • Those officers are heros.

    Republican LatinoRepublican LatinoAylar önce
  • We need our ancestors to take charge of this situation, many name not know what I mean, however. The Obe understand.

    Eep PEep PAylar önce
  • They should definately be charged with negligent homicide! There has to be accountability for unnecessarily taking a human life, regardless of the color of their skin. Otherwise, cops can kill anyone they want, and simply claim that they raided the wrong address. NOT RIGHT! Trumps' cops are murders.

    Juan GonzalesJuan GonzalesAylar önce
  • Willie I have to disagree with you. Law enforcement did their job. Since the inception of slavery, taskmasters have always protected the property and bodies of the dominant white plantation owners. Law enforcement is no different now than the taskmasters of the past. The problem is that Black Americans keep asking law enforcement and the government to give us something that even the founding fathers of America refused to give us through the US Constitution...equality and justice. As long as we continue to sit home and not vote, march and give speeches about injustice, nothing will change. We are going to have to get equality, justice and peace by the same way the Europeans conquered America from Native Americans. I need not say anymore because you are too intelligent to understand.

    Kevin HarrisKevin HarrisAylar önce
  • uncle willie u crazy af

    dee deedee deeAylar önce
  • ahhhhhh haha

    dee deedee deeAylar önce
  • yeaaaah my uncle wille fix for the day PREAAAACH uncle and we need to get him outta that office

    dee deedee deeAylar önce
  • OMG Stop talking & embarrassing yourself!

  • Brothers and sisters this is just Bad Bad Bad im lost for words.

    Ernest PearsonErnest PearsonAylar önce
  • Hmm.. what happened in Minnesota, a black cop, was charged, indicted, now in prison. But after Months, Breanna murders, still free. Unbelievable!!

    Evon MaywellEvon MaywellAylar önce
  • They system was designed to incarcerate people of color with a few exceptions. Until the people in power are changed then we will see more of this. We focus on national elections, but let's start voting in our local elections.

    Stephen FigginsStephen FigginsAylar önce
  • Wolves will always defend wolves. Even those hidden behind black skin. Not all skin folks are kin folks. The A.G. Is a stone cold sellout.

    kr goinskr goinsAylar önce
  • Where is the FOOTAGE!?!

    Lottie SpenceLottie SpenceAylar önce
  • How many judges were asked to sign off on the warrant and refused to?

    James ColemanJames ColemanAylar önce
  • The real fault lies with the unit commander, who gave the officers the wrong information for the feigned bust. 🤔🤔

    Brahman LewisBrahman LewisAylar önce
  • Even respectable intelligent black people are speaking on how breanna Taylor put herself in that position. You people in this forum only see what you want to see to validate your poor me victim mentality. Go ahead, it’s your loss of power not mine. Truth doesn’t care about your feelings. Dark souls in here

    jolene blessingjolene blessingAylar önce
  • The police did not identify themselves when they busted the door. If an ordinary citizen, broke your door down in the middle of the night, yes, you can shoot them, but you can't shoot cops who bust your door down. Crazy man 🤔😠🤔😠🤔

    Brahman LewisBrahman LewisAylar önce
  • Cover-up of wrong doing has been the American way from jump street, just ask the native indigenous people of the Americas. Meaning, history will give you that answer truthfully, depending on whos' history narrates it.

    Richard Andrew CrosbyRichard Andrew CrosbyAylar önce
  • attorney general has been around them for so long, he now think like they do.

    Sheila MooreSheila MooreAylar önce
  • 12 million dollars can be a useful tool on the Black Market if y’all catch my drift 🐷🎯

    I'm in ChicagoI'm in ChicagoAylar önce
  • Cameron is a sellout. Black on the outside, White on the inside.

    Starcitys StarcitysmStarcitys StarcitysmAylar önce
  • Unfortunately, Willie D the police officers will never be convicted the Blue-Alter/ Blue Shield bill President Barack Obama signed protects the police and completely exonerate them from murder charges under the umbrella of law once the police claim they were in fear for their lives as egregious and morally bankrupt this is it's Lawfully for the authorities to execute any force of their discretion including deadly force basically the police are protected civilly money is only justice you could receive in this matter.

    Wayne RobinsonWayne RobinsonAylar önce

    Brandy CokeBrandy CokeAylar önce
  • the right way KFM2

    Lou TorrLou TorrAylar önce
  • Not surprised by their dirty deeds. All they do is cover up their disgusting ways. Some of those folks are pathetic. And they had the nerve to say that black people were less than human? They need to refer to themselves as that.

    robertstewart9071robertstewart9071Aylar önce
  • Pop Em Up dont Lock Em up✌🏿✊🏿.

    Mansa SMansa SAylar önce
  • Hope all three get what is coming

    Matt AMatt AAylar önce
  • Willie D isn’t right on this one I like him but the boyfriend admitted to firing first so what do you think anybody in their right mind is going to do smh this whole case was stupid

    Sean RandolphSean RandolphAylar önce
  • The justice system has failed to deliver justice. It's time for people to get their own justice on those individual cops in the same merciless way the cops did to that woman.

    Scray1Scray1Aylar önce
Officer Down! Cover Up? Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor May Still Be Charged