OnePlus 6T - They Almost Nailed It

OnePlus did a LOT right with the OnePlus 6T but is it a true flagship killer?
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  • Dude, you are full of shit

    Raymond Euzebius LottarRaymond Euzebius Lottar8 aylar önce
  • watching from my 5t. The symmetry is beautiful :)

    Psalmuel ChanPsalmuel Chan8 aylar önce
  • 0:10 passing competition man, iPhone is next

    Djabouty47Djabouty4710 aylar önce
  • Good luck trying to find a unique selling point in the iPhone

    Daily Cric DoseDaily Cric Dose11 aylar önce
  • I have myself a 6T and compared to phones I've had previously such as the LG Stylo 3 Plus I find this phone to be leagues ahead of what I've experienced so far. Obviously not as strong as those Galaxys and Pixels but it certainly holds up

    Albino BeanerAlbino Beaner11 aylar önce
  • Austin! A few people in the Oneplus Community experience phone crashes while not having their phones rooted! Will you dig into this?

    TrynnaHitTenMillTrynnaHitTenMill11 aylar önce
  • Apple Fanboy alert

    Vivek SukumarVivek Sukumar11 aylar önce
  • The OP6T is hands down the fastest and smoothest Android device I've ever used, camera is really good, using the ported Gcam for the night shots, that's the best of both worlds. Headphones Jack and wireless charging is not a deal breaker for me since I only use great quality wireless headphones and my device lasts me 2 days on heavy use, and charges ridiculously fast. So overall it's a superb device!

    Kevin GopaulKevin Gopaul11 aylar önce
  • you sound like noah ritter 😂😂😂 apparently kid 😂

    Uday jadhavUday jadhav11 aylar önce
  • im still chugging with the 3t

    michael 2kmichael 2kYıl önce
  • I own the 6t and really like it but I think Oneplus made a mistake with the in display finger print scanner. Three reasons - 1) It is slower and not as consistently accurate compared to dedicated fingerprint scanners. Even my OP 5 has a faster scanner. 2) Oneplus said that they had to sacrifice the headphone jack because they needed more space for the in-display sensor. That for me is absurd because they sacrificed a well loved feature for a gimmick. 3) Having fingerprint sensors on the back as opposed to the front just makes a lot of sense. The index finger naturally rests there and it's the most convenient spot. So in display or not - front facing scanners are just not that well positioned. These 3 reasons combined make the OP 6 a better rounded and more logically thought out device than the 6T, and that frankly should not be the case with a newer flagship. Great overall device but some flawed logic at play here for sure !

    Dhruv BhatnagarDhruv BhatnagarYıl önce
  • For it’s price, it is a killer

    A personA personYıl önce
  • 1:13 I'm not sure that's an OnePlus 5. It looks like a 3T

    Cable DisorderCable DisorderYıl önce
  • I finally got rid of my Oneplus X from 4 or 5 years ago because the glass back was shattered so I was waiting in the 6t, I got it yesterday and it is such a great phone, no regrets

    some personsome personYıl önce
  • The face unlock is blazingly fast, practically instant. What I don't get is why everybody always mentions it's not as secure as some other device. Kind of like people always mention it doesn't have wireless charging (especially when the cable is much faster anyway) or rating IP rating. None of that really matters to most people. More interestingly, you can actually root the device to have stereo speakers. I wonder if OnePlus itself could make that possible without rooting. I didn't actually realize that the bottom speaker was on the wrong side as I tend to mute it all the time. I don't regret buying 6T, but it will take some time to get used to it. Rounded edges are actually bothering me more that the notch. Some games are not optimized yet and I lose content. Still, it's a pretty device with plenty of good features.

    Thunderhawk51Thunderhawk51Yıl önce
  • What brand are the hadphones at 3:54 ? Does anybody know?

    Arnau Roig NiñerolaArnau Roig NiñerolaYıl önce
  • And this Video is co-sponsered by google pixel 3xl 😂

    yesh C. Myesh C. MYıl önce
  • You got unsubscribed for being bias? Oneplus6t isnt even a flagship killer..r u joking😂😂😂😂???

    Sanjay KarkiSanjay KarkiYıl önce
  • why does he sing while reviewing ??

    Harsh Sunil TrivediHarsh Sunil TrivediYıl önce
  • People complain about Google pixel 3 XL's notch because it's huge, but it has a stereo speaker. But people still complain about the OnePlus 6t's notch because it lacks a stereo speaker Hmm

    Tony_yeungTony_yeungYıl önce
  • Lemme get this straight same camera no Headphone jack 400mh increase of battery and the notch someone pls explain how this worth it when the one plus 6 is cheaper

    Dark AxolotlDark AxolotlYıl önce
  • ok Austin? have you been working out?

    Sagar GurungSagar GurungYıl önce
  • Water damage is not covered by warranty even with an IP rating so that little point is totally mute. Also, the 6t absolutely has water resistance, just not rated by IP since that costs more money. I take mine in the shower on the daily and it's totally fine, I also have friends with the OP6 who have been doing that for 6 months with zero issues. Watch Jerry Rig Everything's teardown of the 6 and 6t, it's quite sealed.

    Kevin TwingstromKevin TwingstromYıl önce
  • GODS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you still need to accept Jesus Christ repeat these words; Lord Jesus I repent of my sins I make you my lord and savior come into my life. If you prayed that prayer you have been born again in Jesus Christ!! Get in bible based church and keep God FIRST PLACE!!!

    Curtis SmithCurtis SmithYıl önce
  • headphone jack salt in 3....2....1..... use the adapter free in the box folks...

    Yudo NeidaNoYudo NeidaNoYıl önce
  • OnePlus minimum 3 years of updates makes it far more valuable than a Poco. Also an OS that's more optimized than Google's stock Android. Specs aren't everything.

    Snack PackSnack PackYıl önce
  • R.I.P. AUX Jack

    Devansh JainDevansh JainYıl önce
  • The phone doesn't have wireless charging due to the heat concerns of its usage. I imagine that they're working on a way to charge wirelessly faster than the Dash chargers do. Otherwise, this concern wouldn't really be acceptable.

    Angel Manuel PerezAngel Manuel PerezYıl önce
  • Hey! Genuinely don't skip this if you have a oneplus. Recently I have seen loads of news article saying that oneplus is spying on literally everything you do without your consent please like this to get Austin's attention on this!

    Limar ZazaiLimar ZazaiYıl önce
    • This may be a genuine problem

      Limar ZazaiLimar ZazaiYıl önce
  • I'm 3 days in to my new 6t!

    MiRoMiRoYıl önce
  • Linus Tech Tips 👌

    Kash MeerKash MeerYıl önce
  • why are you calling the 3t the 5?? 3t >>>5

    Akbar Raza SyedAkbar Raza SyedYıl önce
  • Now, I'm not even mad of the headphone jack being gone. Everybody is doing it, I suppose that I need to adapt to this new thing. I got a wireless headphones, I got a phone with no headphone jack, everything seems alright. But what I dont agree with the removal of the headphone jack is how the company treats it. Some company did it to sell their own headphones and some say its the future, the lack of transparency is what bugs me.

    small footsmall footYıl önce
  • I feel like Austin is straight out of a 90s infomercial lmao

    James De FrancescoJames De FrancescoYıl önce
  • I have a 6 but I'm definitely jelly of that notch.

    Ron NicklasRon NicklasYıl önce
  • Also when are they gonna sell tempered glass on their website

    Ryan ArteagaRyan ArteagaYıl önce
  • For me it plays fornite buttery smooth epic settings

    Ryan ArteagaRyan ArteagaYıl önce
  • Its not a midrange since it got a flagship processor... The phone is as i would describe: is like a toyota with shitty light weight seats and dont have any 2018 but only 1990's extra stuff but it has a higher class faster 2018 bmw motor and car design than the competition so it will be a better choice for racing and then you have iphones as rolls-royces that are that better... Thats how i see it..

    gibbo271gibbo271Yıl önce
  • Wallpaper gate is real

    light yagamilight yagamiYıl önce
  • Boohoo, headphone jack. Get with the times, people.

    Lesley HarrysLesley HarrysYıl önce
  • Jonathan Morrison's camera comparison with the iPhone 10S Max, Pixel 3 XL and the Note 9 and he consistently praised it for sticking with them. Not only that, there were a handful of shots where it outperformed all three. Simply regurgitating the same stupid line every TRvisionr seems to say isn't cool, especially when it shows (and proves) you took no time to actually confirm this. And bitching about no wireless charging when it has the best charging technology in the world is absurd. If you'd rather take a millennia to charge your iPhone on a wireless charger, go right ahead.

    Leowulf™Leowulf™Yıl önce
  • I think it's out there that the phone does have some water resistance, just not an IP rating because that would've driven the cost up to an estimated $30 per unit. In fact, Matthew Moniz did a video where he submerged the 6T several times for durations ranging from 1 minute to 5 minutes, and it worked fine afterward.

    Louis CaputoLouis CaputoYıl önce
  • This guy is the Billy Mays of tech

    NonF4tBurritoNonF4tBurritoYıl önce
  • When Google don't sell the Pixel 3 in Hong Kong, OnePlus 6t became a much better choice for me. Especially when stores are asking for $8600HKD (usd 1100) for a Pixel 3xl and $6800HKD (usd870) for the non xl, while the 6t is going to cost me $4500 (usd580) for 128gb

    Freddie LoFreddie LoYıl önce
  • Uh, they said it's water resistant. Just not IP ...

    HolkeeenHolkeeenYıl önce
  • But Austin, Won't adding wireless charging and water resistance cause a price bump?

    peppazfletcherpeppazfletcherYıl önce
  • I got a one plus ad lol

    PlqnesPlqnesYıl önce
  • Only one speaker grill seems to be working in my device..

    Sathya NarayananSathya NarayananYıl önce
  • the oneplus 6t is water resistant it's just not certified

    MD89MD89Yıl önce
  • Rest in piece headphone jack. I hate the iPhone for that. Why does a lot of phones do this.

    stetboystetboyYıl önce
  • The onplus 6t is waterproof to a point cuz u can set it completely immersed for over 10mins and ut still works completely fine. Not sure why they didn't state it on there phones yet but maybe they don't wanna take the risk of someone trying to sue them if there phone shits itself when they take it in the pool or something

    Leven RexLeven RexYıl önce
  • Please review the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

    DragonSmith ZXEDragonSmith ZXEYıl önce
  • Hey guys this is exhausting.

    Blake WBlake WYıl önce
  • Probably the most "generic" review I've seen lately. Everyone has their own style I guess.

    Sambit MohantySambit MohantyYıl önce
  • What's with the format of randomly zooming in and out at different times? You're filming a professional video not a street fight!

    MattiosMattiosYıl önce
  • With a trade-in, I can get an S9 for $600 which is basically the same as a 6T. I'm considering this, but I am afraid that I'll have buyers remorse in 4 months when the S10 comes out. Am I the only one with this problem?

    KKYıl önce
  • Can someone tell me why they're taking the headphone jack out of every phone these days

    Jj MmmJj MmmYıl önce
  • 1:54 Hey guys this is OnePlus xD

    Ryank02Ryank02Yıl önce
  • notches are just ugly

    TomithyTomithyYıl önce
  • (4:45) So... a phone that consistently outperforms almost every other phone out there (including the iPhones of the world) is considered a mid-ranger since it doesn't have wireless charging or an ip rating? Seriously? Neither of those options are worth an extra $400 to me. So to your logic, the Pixel 2XL at $949, which didn't have a headphone jack, didn't have wireless charging, didn't have expandable storage, and only had 4gb of ram is considered a flagship. Ah, got it.

    TWorldTVTWorldTVYıl önce
  • Admit that you were wrong about bendgate, and that your video demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem.

    StalinStalinYıl önce
  • single drop of water? Watch Mathew Moniz's video about 6T

    AceAceYıl önce
  • I’ve heard a bit about this really good budget phone called the honor play. Its like the honor 8x but better specs. You should check it out and if you find it interesting do a review. I’d like to here your opinion as i might buy it

    IsaacIsaacYıl önce
  • Finally someone who remembered the essential phone! Haha

    Ryan WilsonRyan WilsonYıl önce
  • You missed the entire point of the flagship killer concept... OnePlus 6T is not a flagship killer because its a "better" phone. Everyone knows that Samsung, Google and iPhone flagships will ultimately still be better spec'd. But it all comes down to spec to price ratio. Sure, Pixel 3, Note9/S9 and iPhone Xs are "better" when you look at the overall spec of the phone (although OnePlus beats them on some things). But those phones are near or even over the 1k price tag, while the OnePlus starts at mid 500s for similar specs. So while the overall score of the phone will obviously not surpass the overall score of a flagship, it comes close, and for half the price, you are essentially getting "more for less". The OnePlus is as good as any flagship minus the Camera, which is actually VERY GOOD, but it's not at the same level as the flagships, the display is just as good, same SD845, more storage and even more RAM... The only lacking feature of the OnePlus is the speaker. Yes no wireless charging, but they have DASH charging and include the brick.. I'll take dash charging over wireless charging anyday So this phone is spec'd amazing for the price. Apple gives you less and charges more (iPhone XR anyone?). So this is a flagship killer? I think so, mostly because of how its priced. I dont see why anyone would ever get a flagship for nearly or over 1k when you can get something just as good (if not better in some aspects) and pay half the price. Unless I guess you're into photography then yes, get something with a better camera. But for the average consumer, the OnePlus is the "better" phone.

    MaoMaoYıl önce
    • No they wont like fx the s9 line is highend and phones like 6t and the note 9 are the premium flagships.. but if you areaaying that the 6t is a mid tier phone... Then the pixel 3 that also runs the same processor are a mid tier!can you hear how stupid that sounds?? If note 9 are a highend device then what is the premium handset??

      gibbo271gibbo271Yıl önce
  • I would sooo cancel my Google pixel order and get this phone if they left the headphone jack.

    r81365r81365Yıl önce
  • google mustve payed you to say the pixel is the best... they could have made it way better, and cheaper too

    Michael DriskellMichael DriskellYıl önce
  • So is it worth buying the 6 over the 6t

    Silva GamingSilva GamingYıl önce
  • I've noticed that face unlock on the 6t is a second slower than the 6. Anyone else notice?

    ZeriyaGamingZeriyaGamingYıl önce
  • Apple does not revolutionize the cellphone industry but it's hard to deny that they lead the industry since everything that they have in their new flagships such as notch or the lack of headphone jack is being followed by the rest of the competition

    Dave LimDave LimYıl önce
OnePlus 6T - They Almost Nailed It