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  • Badger: *OPERATION YEET THE HEAT* Me when I finish the video: *OPERATION BEAT MY MEAT*

    OutlawOutlaw8 aylar önce
    • All I’m saying is what the hell

      Wanda Y. JacksonWanda Y. Jackson29 gün önce
    • Amaru is thicc but Valkyrie is thiccccccer

      Captain ObviousCaptain ObviousAylar önce
    • Hahahaha

      Deddo_ KenjiDeddo_ KenjiAylar önce
    • Since I missed this 6 months ago *Stolen*

      mikeshogunleemikeshogunleeAylar önce
    • Wtf

      Austin DownardAustin Downard2 aylar önce
  • I‘m swiss and laughing my ass off on 12:56 because he titled for Jäger fuck off 😂😂

    Dragonboy 461Dragonboy 46120 saatler önce
  • 12:56 Verpiss Dich means Piss off

    JuixeGamingJuixeGaming2 gün önce
  • 13:18 Proceeds to laugh in LMG box mag

    Dillpick 3280Dillpick 32802 gün önce
    • also pause and go to 13:37 my face when the blitz on my team wastes a flash on me at the start of the match ALL MAD

      Dillpick 3280Dillpick 32802 gün önce
  • 13:51 what was that’s?

    Jacob BishopJacob Bishop2 gün önce
  • Can you play escape from TARKOV?

    The 20 Something’sThe 20 Something’s3 gün önce
  • I’m trying to help him out

    Chase large 15Chase large 154 gün önce
  • Check out my friends Twitch tinytuxbird1

    Chase large 15Chase large 154 gün önce
  • How the hostage shield thing works is it’s Goyos shield so if you shoot it it’s the enemy’s fault

    Jace PierceJace Pierce4 gün önce
  • "I can't wait to make his dedicated video" Still waiting..

    i accidentally made this accounti accidentally made this account6 gün önce
  • Badger pls make amarus dedicated vid pls for the love of god my jungle lady needs it bruh

    Levi ReederLevi Reeder6 gün önce
  • RIP Goyo's impacts being replaced with the proximity alarm.

    Explosivo 225Explosivo 2258 gün önce
  • Buckets

    Leland BrownLeland Brown12 gün önce
  • 7:18 I'd like to see santa try and come down that chimney

    Gaurdian _VIGaurdian _VI13 gün önce
  • look at Amarus digsting ass fingers like wtf 9:09

    josh mjosh m15 gün önce
  • When he is talking about Jakele's shotgun secondary, does anyone see her finger

    JlrefarmJlrefarm15 gün önce
  • You need to get carson to play R6

    nono16 gün önce
  • "I cannot wait to make goyo's dedicated video" ok, still waiting.

    holdy boi 247holdy boi 24720 gün önce
  • “No full auto in the building”

    pxsthighpxsthigh21 gün önce
  • 4:05 did anyone notice how doki died.

    Amar MangaonkarAmar Mangaonkar22 gün önce
  • Why does amera look like Carl Baskin

    Boi DAS MEBoi DAS ME23 gün önce
  • 12:15 all of those stamens are wrong

    Daniel BaumanDaniel Bauman23 gün önce
  • badger 8 months ago: i cant wait to make a video on goyo vs badger 8 months later: goyo who?

    crashtestdummycrashtestdummy23 gün önce
  • 1:01 this shit aged like milk

    N3T B4XN3T B4X24 gün önce
  • Her claw of a finger while holding the ITA12s at 9:05

    Bobby MasonBobby Mason25 gün önce
  • Help I have anxiety. God help me

    Luc PearlLuc Pearl26 gün önce
  • Bruh her finger though oh my gosh 9:03

    Tvkkc TipTvkkc Tip26 gün önce
  • I really wanna see more of Amaru after re-watching this video, feelsbadman

    Micheal JacksonMicheal Jackson27 gün önce
  • "Poggers... in the chat"

    Max MezaMax Meza27 gün önce
  • I just realized something. Green hood Kappy looks like a chunky TF2 Anger Sniper.

    7Dash27Dash228 gün önce
  • All I want for now is a Goyo video.

    Wyatt RatliffWyatt Ratliff28 gün önce
  • I'll still talk trash about fortnite

    Grant DoddGrant Dodd29 gün önce
  • Lions orbital danger skin lowkey looks like the X-wing pilot fro Star Wars

    The SpyThe SpyAylar önce
  • Love how at five minutes they try to sound American but use Jager the German

    Declan LongDeclan LongAylar önce
  • 1:00 look who's laughing now

    Ali MustafaAli MustafaAylar önce
  • Why do I have to pay for the season and battle pass? I just end up buying the season pass

    Zee OlmedoZee OlmedoAylar önce
  • I am russiankapkan bitch

    isaiah lenizisaiah lenizAylar önce
  • He’s 1hp if u sneeze on him he dies Everyone 2020:😅well yea

    Deddo_ KenjiDeddo_ KenjiAylar önce

    Mike GMike GAylar önce
  • How do u get that nerf skin for the pistols?

    CadocCadocAylar önce
  • We’re just gonna add some uhhh coriander Me: Wheeeeeeeeeeezeeeeee

    Dane ClayDane ClayAylar önce
  • I really wish I could meet badger and meet him. I have just been diagnosed with Primary Bone Cancer in my knee and I have to have some intense chemotherapy in 3 weeks

    Sonny RoganSonny RoganAylar önce
  • I couldn’t stop fucking laughing at the Obama part in the beginning

    The404MangoThe404MangoAylar önce

    MikestionMikestionAylar önce
  • What is wrong with her finger at 9:04

    Lui BecoolLui BecoolAylar önce
  • shoutout to binny

    Topi KinnunenTopi KinnunenAylar önce
  • 12:58 THIS HOUSE IS A CIRCUS BESERK AS FUCK If you don’t know what song that is from please remove yourself from this comment section

    Joseph HareJoseph HareAylar önce
  • 5:36 well um yeah

    Sleep Deprived ThanosSleep Deprived ThanosAylar önce
  • Binging with Barack

    Volcano busterVolcano busterAylar önce
  • And thus, we received our "Mumbo Fuze"

    HyrulesOverlordHyrulesOverlordAylar önce
  • Mumbo Fuze is the recommended video after this one.

    Chris BankstonChris BankstonAylar önce
  • Im the 911 dislike

    teh mem lordteh mem lordAylar önce
  • 3:41 * zofia trying to withstand * Chat: *YOU CAN DO IT* * zofia get chromed right in the dome * Chat: *NEVERMIND*

    Raped YaRaped YaAylar önce
  • It’s been 7 months my guy where is Goyo’s dedicated video?

    MillertimezMillertimezAylar önce
  • Dr.titer

    Seth WatsonSeth WatsonAylar önce
  • Nice dislikes. They could take down buildings.

    Luke SindevskiLuke SindevskiAylar önce
  • Still waiting on goyo dedicated video...

    Lemonade SauceLemonade SauceAylar önce
  • “Anybody that talks shit about Carson, youre no friend of mine” Fitz: *sweating profusely*

    YhetiYhetiAylar önce
  • Anyone who hates Carson u don’t like ey u probs hate fitz lol

    Jacob AlleyJacob AlleyAylar önce
  • I've lost track of how many times I've watched the first 20 seconds of this video lol

    Truly RandomTruly RandomAylar önce
  • Yeet the heat- Texas in a nutshell

    ValeValeAylar önce
  • I guess fitz is no friend for you

    ToaddToaddAylar önce
  • 9:23 that comment probably didn't age well now with all the coronavirus

    F.B.IF.B.IAylar önce
  • Badger, I think I figured out why that worked at 2:15 or close to that. Basically, the kill counts as Goyo's because he placed the gadget. The fire, when it kills, acts as though it was placed by the Goyo, thus making it so that when it kills, the kill counts as his. This applies to hostages as well. This makes it so that when the fire kills the hostage, it is Goyo's kill, because he "owns" the fire.

    KSPBroKSPBroAylar önce
  • 7:21 anti-santoclaos

    Wendy BrandyburgWendy BrandyburgAylar önce
  • 6 months have passed, and the only map I’ve played in the past two is fucking chalet

    Corbin StrongCorbin StrongAylar önce
  • 6:18 just gonna ignore he said that

    Max XMax XAylar önce
  • Yeet the heat

    Purge the hostage heresyPurge the hostage heresyAylar önce
  • Why does the hereford remake kinda look like honoy hotel from black ops 1 from the outside

    Itsyaboi pineappleItsyaboi pineappleAylar önce
  • NO FUCKEN WAY HE HAS THE VECTOR (or however you spell it)

    sogster Hsogster HAylar önce