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You guys DECIDED our day!! 🤷‍♀️We have to say, you did a great job! It was a fun and productive day! In this video, you’ll get to see us actually do the things YOU VOTED FOR!!
This type of vlog was so fun! We felt like we got to interact with you guys for a day, and see how you guys live your lives based on how you voted!
Our Instagram followers got to decide the following things for our day:
*What we should eat for breakfast
*What Bailey should wear for the day
*How Brooklyn should do her makeup
*How we should style our hair
*Whether we should get lunch or get our nails done first
*What color we should paint our nails
*What we should eat for lunch (In and Out or McDonalds?!)
*What to do with Paisley and Dax for the afternoon
*Where we should go shopping (Target or Walmart?!)
*Which shirt to buy
*Whether or not these type sugar cookies were gross or good (HUGE DEBATE)
*What snack to eat with our movie (Ice Cream or Popcorn?!)
*Which movie we should watch (Frozen or Brave?!)
Honestly, I’m surprised about all the GOOD decisions y'all made for us! 🙌You guys are sweet and showed mercy! You picked mostly what we wanted, but you’ll have to watch to see if we do what you decide!! We put our trust in you, and you guys really came through!
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💋's -Bailey
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