OVERNIGHT in HAUNTED PRISON (Terrifying Evidence Captured)

NEW @OVERNIGHT CHANNEL IS HERE! Every member of TFIL runs terrified from what is captured during this video. Part 2 from our overnight stay at the infamous MO State Penn, most known for being one of the longest standing maximum security prisons in United States history especially for their use of the Gas Chamber. We begin our paranormal investigation of the numerous buildings, holding cells, dungeons & more. Biltmore Hotel, CECIL Hotel, Area 51, Clown Motel & a few surprises are all coming up next...
Part 1: trvision.net/detail/video-U6gwtbXbkNk.html
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  • Still blown away by what happened in this video. Excited more & more for what's coming up in our next episodes! Of course, check out SendItSociety.com to support the channel & enter the contest =)

    TFILTFILAylar önce
    • i saw 2 orbs when the rem pod went off

      TxT HunterTxT Hunter21 saatler önce
    • Hey guys! I would love to go with you guys to your next spot! I'm from LA and also very in touch with the spiritual world and I would be a great tool during the investigations.. I have been seeing ghost since I was younger. Hit me up and we can talk more....And I can tell u more about myself.

      FayeFaye11 gün önce

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    • Plzzzzz pick me I am a big fan of ghost stuff and have have your channel I have notifications on and I’m subscribed and liked and commented please and thank you bye

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  • 5:08 right when that guy roars an orb comes in the middle of the screen 13:10 multiple orbss 13:39 do you see how the orbs are coming towards evan. Like i can bet that’s not dust particles or bugs. Legit orbs 22:52 as soon as he says winter hill there is an orb yet again Okay so i want to ask one thing. If it is the same prison where omargoshtv has visited multiple times. Because if it is that, I remember him telling that the chairs in there, where jj is sitting 22:30 or so… is haunted .any one who sits there gets bad luck or something. U should have been more careful 24:09 when jj says it’s notion, some other light shifts the shadow now idk if one of you guys did that

    Simrandeep KaurSimrandeep Kaur4 saatler önce
  • It would be a dream to do this I wish I had enough money for the equipment I've watched you guys for 5 years now love you guys

    Taylor BTaylor B6 saatler önce
  • Wish yous could come to Scotland

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  • I wanna go to the nickelodeon universe like you guys did.

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  • Am I the only one who see’s all the orbs when they are under death row ?

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  • how the he'll can you harm a spirit all ghost hunters say it and it sounds ridiculous you can't harm something that's dead what you gonna do hurt there feelings..

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  • why does the spirit box soemtimes sound like it’s playing music or people from radios? is it supposed to be like that

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  • When they listed in the headphones it almost sounded like songs like they couldn't use their own voice

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  • I don't want to join the contest because i get scared and my phone will not stop ringing because my bff and another friends won't stop calling me

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  • Amazing investigation

    Leanne Simi 《Mrs Bubblewrap》Leanne Simi 《Mrs Bubblewrap》Gün önce
  • I saw the box (forgot what it's called) light up! Right after Elton looked back and fourth! 7:52

    Natalie ChopNatalie ChopGün önce
  • ngl the whole we are here to harm you thing scared the sh*t out of me lol. it was more scary then the hell hole video for me like wth. still looks crazy fun tho...

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  • Bruh, ghosts literally telling them it's too cold in the dungeon, you'll get sick

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  • at 19:32 I can hear like a whisper or sigh or something. It could be one of the guys but idk.

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  • JJ was really cool and he fit in pretty well.He would be really cool for other videos.

    Bryan NavarroBryan NavarroGün önce
  • Terrifying yet chaotic.. thats what I signed up for

    Queen ZapQueen ZapGün önce
  • I keep seeing orbs flying around at like 17:20

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  • At 5:05 do u see the ghost orb And at 13:38

    Gavin LandaverdeGavin LandaverdeGün önce
  • You guys should come to Wyoming to Sheridan to come to the Sheridan inn it is a hunted place that really no one hasn’t done anything to communicate with the spirits.

    Tamara MiddletonTamara MiddletonGün önce
  • It's kinda cool to see how far you guys have come it's better then the actual shows literly gives me goosebumps cause you cant explain it

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  • From 13:35 - 13:40 you can see an orb to the right of the frame

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  • is no one else seeing all the light coming towards them

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  • i would either be elton or corey, theres no inbetween

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  • Flash of light at 8:58.

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  • I love your videos man. Thery are funny , intresting and scary at the same time. Live you guys

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  • 13:13 might have been an orb or dust when he placed the recorder down , on the left top corner

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  • I want to see old town in San Diego at night I remember going there for a field trip but I saw a video of it at night and it was creepy.

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  • 22:37 someone says “what are you listening to?” And the thing says “Spirit box”

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  • Guys this was a great watch, I am from the UK and cannot wait to see you investigate over here! Keep it up

    Jessica NashJessica Nash2 gün önce
  • You should come to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 My brother passed away 10 years ago and a few months after he passed away I suffered from really bad mental health issues. One day I broke down and out of nowhere my phone started playing his funeral song and that's how I knew he was still watching out for me. Of course I still miss him but some days he will let me know he's still around (he loves turning the kettle on and off). I'd love to do what you do as I think some spirits are more comfortable around a female presence but the equipments expensive and I have no group. However I'm loving watching your videos it makes me feel like I'm actually out there with you guys. Keep it up!

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  • 3 inches isnt alot but to the dude that thinks 3 inches is alot women sure dont agree with you unless its that 3 inch flat card you buy things with in your wallet. Sorry just couldnt help myself i had to, and judging by yalls reaction my guess is yalls minds went there to but you didnt say because your being youtube friendly.

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  • Elton: Ive NEVER Teared up. Me: Uhhh, back in august of 2020 yall went to some abandoned hospital and over the spirit box it said "Hello Scherer" then you looked over at Corey and said "That made me tear up and I dont tear up."

    Alexis FrittsAlexis Fritts3 gün önce
  • JJ is great lmao

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    • ❤️🙏

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  • Elton: the more you act like the person here at that time, the more likely they are to hear you Corey: meowwwwww Corbin: ROAAARRRRR Spirits: 👀

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  • I'm glad they decided to be respectful to a place we're people were put to death cuz there's a good chance that sum of those people they executed were actually innocent especially back in the day💯🤔🤔 but after that one voice on the spirit box did it felt like they were already being disrespectful and making a mockery of them... 🙏🏼👏🏼👍🏼💙

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OVERNIGHT in HAUNTED PRISON (Terrifying Evidence Captured)