PARENTS HOME Had RULES.. I Should Have NEVER Broken Them.. (Roblox)

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    • Poke I subscribe and liked all the videos I watch your amazing I don’t have twider tho

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  • I just started watching him about 1 year ago and i love his channele

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  • we need another game on roblox is strucid

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  • I used code poke!!!

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  • Does anybody know who built Poke's Mantion?

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  • What does the code do??

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  • Poke I want your vids

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  • Give Me in roblox 25$ my name is Jc_5321 and I will break in

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  • hey poke try pranking other you tubers like iiFnaTik or something just a nice request from me love u

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  • Poke u are really funny and u make me laugh my head off and keep doing what u do if anyone says something mean there just jelly about how successful u are

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  • I love your vids

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  • This is how many times he Poke says Ladies and Gentlemen | | v

  • Best youtuber

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  • And love your vid

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  • Poke can you please buy me bloxburg please my brother is so mean and he dont want to buy my..... please,...please

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  • Nice mansion poke 👌🏻👍🏻

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  • What do you mean you can call yourself cool now you've been cool sense you you were born!! I love your vids Zack 😄😄

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  • chemical U is coming...

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  • you were safe in your house becuse the door was locked so he could not come in

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  • poke u get chats but u care

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  • I have many Like you are many like than me!!

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  • What dose the blox burg pic look like I want to play it

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  • My user name is Awsomegirlsrulethewd

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    GatchaLifeIsAwsomeGatchaLifeIsAwsome2 gün önce
  • Lol the fan in the intro was like... GUEST ME GUEST ME NOW HELLO?!? GUEST ME OR ELSE I WILL LEAVE!!! AHHHHHHH

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    • I no he probably thought inviting him in

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  • H*

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  • I just joined your team slotg

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  • Once he said forbidden room an add of 🌮 came up so forbidden Tacos lol but why adds

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    • Lol

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  • Oof

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  • One time this girl she wanted to adopt me and she took me too my room And. It was a dungeon she told me. Get in with the rooms because my sister was crazy and I fell for it and then she trapped me but she said it was all my sisters plan and then she blocked me so I can get out I want her crazy and she was laughing to don’t go on the game with her friends name is lovely Scarlet8

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  • Rule number 1: curfew is at 7pm Me and poke:...what?😐

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  • Your videos are so funny

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  • Poke I should of ran into the bathroom that has no windows

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  • Whats this game?

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  • Me: -looks at pokes money- Also Me: - jealous cuz only has like 24k XD-

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  • My sister is a gold

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  • Poke but......I can’t use it I just really love your videos but I wanted to play bloxburg give me just anything you want but atleast like 25 oh and thx!

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    • Poor*

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  • My names kenzie and I’m a boy

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  • Poke your the greatest and your so smart and i love you and your videos😃😃😃😃😃😘😘😘😄😄💖💖💖

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  • But Kenzie was adorable

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  • Yes and I also wish my parents were still alive

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  • Join anti bully group in illinois

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  • It's my sons birthday please give him a shoutout his name is tery and name the vid Tery

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  • You are the. N'est TRvisionr ever

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  • Bro! I wanna no wut is at da end!

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  • once i rolled over off of my bed and under my bed and then sleept under the bed and i was alright with that

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  • i love you poke

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  • Can u create your house in bloxburg????

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  • Fortnite

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  • Block em

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  • YAy

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  • Poke you should reset

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  • How u do it poke of the code?

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  • Poke theres a warning this ladue is crazie she trapped me in roblox bloxburg

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  • i love poke oh by the way td has a child

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  • One time to kidnap me that’s so scary but I got away so ha ha they couldn’t find where I lived

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PARENTS HOME Had RULES.. I Should Have NEVER Broken Them.. (Roblox)