Peaceful March in DC for George Floyd: May 31, 2020

Here is a look at peaceful protests that have started Sunday following unrest in the District over the last couple of days.
"Justice for George Floyd" protests sparked after video surfaced showing George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer.
Protests erupted nationwide days after Floyd’s death calling for the arrests of all the officers involved after a Memorial Day viral video showed Floyd being pinned down by his neck by then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Floyd, who is repeatedly heard in the video saying he can't breath and asking for Chauvin to get off his neck, died that day.
The Minneapolis mayor on Tuesday fired all four officers involved in the incident. On Friday, Chauvin was arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter in Floyd's death. But the other three officers who were involved in the incident have not yet been arrested or charged, with prosecutors in Minnesota on Friday saying that charges are likely forthcoming.
D.C. and Manassas are among cities across the nation who held protests Friday night demanding the remaining three officers involved in Floyd's death to be arrested and charged.
For more on the protests and riots learn more here:



  • Who was the officer on the horse that knocked down and just about trampled to death an unsuspecting, quiet girl protesting peacefully, from behind? Show this video over and over and over again.

    Odie MartinOdie MartinAylar önce
  • Well Trump its all in Leadership Don't create violence.

    Terri NiemeierTerri NiemeierAylar önce
  • Media "peaceful protests" Reality "send in the national guard"

    dub2459dub2459Aylar önce
  • The islam and black man ... How did he treat him... Prophet Muhammad and bilal ❤❤

    لطائف مترجمة Aلطائف مترجمة AAylar önce
  • More like riot

    King 321King 321Aylar önce
  • People really show how media has influenced their opinion on third world races, their scum it should be legal to kill third worlders in first world countries

    taylor sheldontaylor sheldonAylar önce
  • Lol she the only one with a mask and gloves lol

    Geread MartinGeread MartinAylar önce
  • The rioters and looters hide in the protesters crowd. This protest is the most effective.

    Jeremy JJeremy JAylar önce
  • This makes me happy, not all is lost. ❤️

    oof I have no username ideasoof I have no username ideasAylar önce
  • If you still vote democrat then you’re a total idiot! Continue bending over SMH 🤦‍♂️

    William BillWilliam BillAylar önce
  • Lies

    Jordan benjamminJordan benjamminAylar önce
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    Etoro playsEtoro playsAylar önce
  • Every day I mourn George Floyd's death and want swift justice. To WUSA9, thank you so much for engaging in dialogues with peaceful individuals at the rallies here to have their thoughts be heard. I hope that the individuals and families interviewed, in particular at 2:15:00, that it's not just their burden to bear. Along with them people will continue to strive to hold the police accountable going forward because there needs to be systemic changes to prevent continued brutality and abuse of power.

    Jc G.Jc G.Aylar önce
  • Peaceful riot? Lol

    Kristen GabbardKristen GabbardAylar önce
  • Guys! If you want to help with the BLM movement but do not have the money or you can’t protest, please check out this video: It’s about an hour long and filled with ads, but 100% of the ad revenue goes to organizations that help with the movement. Of course you can also sign a petition if you do not have much time: #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd

    muscularlambmuscularlambAylar önce
  • Ya that's enough all these people are looter and rioters go home.

    spidermonkey432spidermonkey432Aylar önce
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  • Where are the guns? Where is the NRA? The GOP supports voter suppression - change is not possible.

    scasey1960scasey1960Aylar önce
  • Who are the cops "protecting the protesters" from?

    Darnell HendeasonDarnell HendeasonAylar önce
  • Well this is the minority.

    Mario Le’RayousMario Le’RayousAylar önce
  • Please, no riots. Riots won’t let the voice being heard. Riots will only derive other problems

    luxin chenluxin chenAylar önce

    Bruh get me to 200 subsBruh get me to 200 subsAylar önce
  • This is a protest not looting and rioting

    Vision StealthVision StealthAylar önce
  • everything is getting worse and worse and worse

    MrCyclopsking`s Crappy Music VideosMrCyclopsking`s Crappy Music VideosAylar önce
  • Can you imagine saying all lives matter? you would most likely get jumped and killed by these peaceful protesters

    Hemp HeadHemp HeadAylar önce
  • hahaha if only they can look through other people's eyes and see how completely stupid this reporter looks and the people around her with a mask on All America you are finished

    Joe JordanJoe JordanAylar önce
  • Stalked, harassed, been harmed in McGregor, Tx by police

    Love Fashion Health and Beauty GordonStrong1LoveLove Fashion Health and Beauty GordonStrong1LoveAylar önce
  • Peaceful?!?! What planet are you from???

    Connor GreyConnor GreyAylar önce
    • This protest in particular was peaceful. Many have not been. They are showing a peaceful protest. It's that simple.

      W.I.F.L.PW.I.F.L.PAylar önce
  • BLM, KKK both are violent racists. They are different sides of the same coin and both deserve what they get.

    ae eooae eooAylar önce
  • Is it on this video where you can see the Protesters taking the Antifa individual and stopping him from starting a riot?

    Kevin D. NajeraKevin D. NajeraAylar önce
  • BLM knows exactly what they’re doing by continuing these “protests” after what happened in Minnesota. This also goes for everyone who attends these 🤦🏿‍♂️

    Loser 123Loser 123Aylar önce
  • This is a true protest. What I've seen happen in other cities are not protests, but riots. Thank you for doing this properly.

    jcx321jcx321Aylar önce
    • yes, it was a quiet peaceful protest that is protected by the 1st amendment, and to get a photo op this grown child had them attacked

      Odie MartinOdie MartinAylar önce
  • Thank you for keeping your headline unbiased

    DangerCrowDangerCrowAylar önce
  • I'm in Wisconsin. If u are tired of the racist in this world let's come together and find a solution to stop the violence stand with me.

    tommy blakleytommy blakleyAylar önce
  • I love peaceful protests....

    Rat O'saurusRat O'saurusAylar önce
    • @noobmaster69 it's just... Idk don't fight fire with fire ya know?

      Rat O'saurusRat O'saurusAylar önce
    • Great.

      noobmaster69noobmaster69Aylar önce
  • When will MSM report what's really happening now. They keep calling those who are violent protesters. That is a LIE that the MSM is telling America. The protesters voice are not being heard, being drowned out by the violence. The lady speaking Lied about the President saying the protesters were THUGS. HE DID NOT SAY THAT,THAT IS A LIE PUT OUT BY MSM. The Truth about what he said was that those who are violent by attacking police, burning cars and buildings and looting are Thugs. LIES will not help our cause in making a difference and weeding out those police officers that are RACIST or just plain BRUTAL.

    Rick AndersonRick AndersonAylar önce
  • Hello, Humans. Earth 2020, just made history, for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, you can't change the human condition. TERRANCE OUT

    Tramaine TerranceTramaine TerranceAylar önce
  • Peaceful? I want Marshall Law!!!

    vikingwoman1988vikingwoman1988Aylar önce
    • Only for the looters and burners. these people keep going and the other protesters but don’t make it to violent. Edit: and police should just stand there and watch for violent types

      Pichi BombPichi BombAylar önce
  • Funny thing don't see the rich and really famous in/on the street with you on this one folks...they riding you like pawns from the sides...we'd like to think it is always about race...but...being poor and being rich led to the entitlement that bred a "racist" culture...your fame and money affords you true Privilege...not your race.

    Antonio LimAntonio LimAylar önce
  • Black Lives Matter is a concept of Civil Rights....What is the solution? TBH....You don't have to have protests in the form of chants and speeches. These are the same things being said every time. We say the same thing? Shut the cities down. Everyone find a nice spot get some water and sit your butts down in silence for several days. If you maintain a 6 feet distance you can spread all over the city. From The Hill to Lincoln memorial. Sit down....please leave emergency routes to hospitals open.

    Ankur ShahAnkur ShahAylar önce
  • A democracy can replace any other form of government with or without force...but ...any other government cannot replace a democracy without absolute force or violence...i'll bet free people would bleed and die first before that freedom is taken away from them...if they will easily give that up...they do not deserve to be free people to begin with...their true nature were to be slaves.

    Antonio LimAntonio LimAylar önce
  • notice the difference between white protesters and black "protesters"

    J GJ GAylar önce
    • @J G I'm sure you get your facts from a reputable source.

      General MartokGeneral MartokAylar önce
    • @General Martok facts dont care about your feelings

      J GJ GAylar önce
    • Yeah, things are totally going to get better with your mindset.

      General MartokGeneral MartokAylar önce
  • This is so different than the rest of the U.S.

    Realsteel609Realsteel609Aylar önce
  • When they white, it's a peace march. When they black, its rioting. When they mexican, its taco Tuesday. When they asian, they at home.

    Thirsty 4moreThirsty 4moreAylar önce
    • Is true

      Luis E KiniLuis E KiniAylar önce
  • Peaceful protests & peacefully making our voices heard is the way to make changes happen. Those looting & destroying things are only hurting more people & the cause itself. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, Only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that" - Martin Luther King Jr.

    Sweet TSweet TAylar önce
    • Bear please stop comparing these riots to the Boston Tea party. The colonists Specifically targeted tea owned BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT. They never targeted other colonists and systematically directed their protests (when they went violent) at the government. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of videos of protesters during these riots entering local businesses (who are not responsible for the death of George) stealing and destroying.

      Aidan MoretzAidan MoretzAylar önce
    • Boston Tea Party, and we celebrate it every year, since it's a butterfly effect that lead to our liberty in 1776. Rioting/violence got a point across since last peaceful protest, people laughed, and now they're not because property is being damaged. As someone explained before, we're angry at the looting because we have a "societal contract" that WE signed, but we are offended they didn't. A societal contract needs to be held on both sides, and when authorities abuse their power and not uphold their end of fairness, then they break that societal contract and loot buildings. So ask yourself why it bothers you. Because you signed societal contract, they didn't. Imagine how poor people feel when the authorities rip that contract everyday in front of their faces. It's a civil rights issue.

      BearBearAylar önce
    • @dkhgr Learn the context and meaning of that quote before you use it. MLK was simply stating that rioting has become what oppressed groups use to try and be heard, he never said he supported rioting. On the contrary his ENTIRE message was to protest these issues peacefully and never turn to violence. He always maintained the idea that peaceful protest were the most valuable tool minorities had in their fight for justice and equality.

      not my mayonnaisenot my mayonnaiseAylar önce
    • Fr

      Ikno 3Ikno 3Aylar önce
    • Thats just not true. We tried preaceful protests and they DID NOT WORK. The stonewall riots, the suffragettes, Malcom X protests were ALL violent protests that were huge contributors to the progress of their respective movements. “Riots are the language of the unheard” -Martin Luther King Jr

      dkhgrdkhgrAylar önce
  • IM sure the cops want peace when it SERVES THEM during the day, but how about how they REALLY ACT when the sun goes down, and how they act how they usually do, which is SICK, VIOLENT, RACIST AND EVIL!!!!!!!!!

    SachaSachaAylar önce
  • It's about freedom.

    thomas rennerthomas rennerAylar önce
  • "Peaceful". You all should be ashamed of your "reporting". Bunch of hatred fueling monsters we have in the MSM these days. It's called Rioits. Not protests, while I'm on the topic.

    Timothy HuffTimothy HuffAylar önce
    • @General Martok If thats what you're seeing. You need to turn off the mainstream media. You should be capable of doing some research yourself, without being spoonfed the agenda and lies CNN has to offer you.

      Timothy HuffTimothy HuffAylar önce
    • So what do you call it when people are just holding signs and chanting? That's most of what I'm seeing when I watch the live feeds and not drolling over my Facebook feed getting garbage that aligns with my political bias shoved down my throat.

      General MartokGeneral MartokAylar önce
  • The US will soon become the first democracy to be overthrown by its own elected government. If Americans don't do it with a vote, then the rest of the world's militaries will come and do for you.

    fafar golfafar golAylar önce
    • fafar gol hahahaha. 😂🤣

      Daniel DionneDaniel DionneAylar önce
  • Bunlar hep dış güçlerin oyunu

    HamzaHamzaAylar önce
    • shut up !

      See -MakerSee -MakerAylar önce
  • Trump didn’t call the peaceful protesters thugs! He called the people who were looting, vandalizing, rioting and setting fire to businesses! Just saying!

    CraftyJoy9CraftyJoy9Aylar önce
    • It's hard to deny that "thug" is a very loaded word, and certainly not one that a president should use if he's trying to unify the country. It's pretty clear that he's not trying to do that, though.

      General MartokGeneral MartokAylar önce
  • President Trump did not call you thugs he called the people doing violence & construction causing fires and vandalism thugs they are terrorist for that crap their doing this property in these cities. to stop taking the kids out of context if you're not out there breaking people's windows looting starting fires he's not talking about you you were peaceful demonstrators so stop lying you're not going to get recognition by the lying.

    Moonpetals KastMoonpetals KastAylar önce
  • This is about people being abused by police officers.

    Moonpetals KastMoonpetals KastAylar önce
    • The bad ones that the media show you. Some just need more training but made a mistake.

      Pichi BombPichi BombAylar önce
  • "Your silence is violence": by Aimee Allen

    Choose LoveChoose LoveAylar önce
  • Four simple arrest could have prevented all of this but no, they want to protect that racist good ole boy, now look what's happening. Oh well, next time y'all will know better

    Old school waysOld school waysAylar önce
    • @Lundin Krejci We need to quit electing Progressives and go back to electing True Democrats. Progressives HATE America and True Democrats LOVE America and the people of America ( ALL PEOPLE OF AMERICA). What I am saying has already been proven.

      Rick AndersonRick AndersonAylar önce
    • We need to get rid of police unions. This is whole reason why those guys are even employed.

      Lundin KrejciLundin KrejciAylar önce
    • @Realsteel609 One guy? There were 4 of them there, they are equally guilty . And that is not true , they had to burn dowm Minneapolis before they even arrested that murderer .

      Old school waysOld school waysAylar önce
    • Dude they already arrested the guy even before the riots...

      Realsteel609Realsteel609Aylar önce
    • Old school ways protect who? They arrested the guy

      Jon GaltJon GaltAylar önce
  • And again do not even think about to be adding the word of racism because I don't want to hear about it, because if a police officer committed a mistake but some times that's not nothing to do with racism and definitely not, and that's not all the time, and so far let us put head together just to make peace in our country.

  • TRUMP 2020

    Charlie HareCharlie HareAylar önce
    • Yeah maybe in prison

      Tony HovgaardTony HovgaardAylar önce
  • George Floyd was cold blood murdered by the racist, maniac and psychopath cop which gave the perfect opportunity for ANTIFA who hate America and the common criminal to riot, looting and arson and burning down the building and businesses across the country. The Chinese communist regime are launching at America handing the riot and looters and arsonists. Unlike the Chinese communist regime who used the military tanks and machine guns against the peaceful protestors in the Tournament square and then hunting them down like the animal at their houses. Today there are millions of Chinese Muslim have been detaining in the Chinese communist concentration camp.

    ArounthoneArounthoneAylar önce
  • It's raining in Houston fry

    Papi ChuloPapi ChuloAylar önce
  • Why Stock Exchange Office didnt attack USA protest?

    tatakramatatakramaAylar önce
  • White Silences Equals Violence!!!

    Keyon KaiKeyon KaiAylar önce
  • From 2:33 - 2:41. Wisdom!

    Winston BrownWinston BrownAylar önce
  • Cops arrested press people because they don't want people to see whatever crime they're about to commit

    Google UserGoogle UserAylar önce
    • There's a billion smartphones out there moron. EVERYTHING gets recorded.

      SnBergamoSnBergamoAylar önce
  • You don't see half of these peoples videos on the Internet its live only the news channels are showing up. Control what's out at its best

    Let There Be LightLet There Be LightAylar önce
  • Coronavirus is so happy to see these too many crowded people on the street 😂 Coronavirus is not racist 😂 Coronavirus don’t like the people who stay at home 😂 Enjoy and feel the new virus 😂

    Novel TruthNovel TruthAylar önce
    • What virus...? Covid is the common cold. You all watch too much TV.

      Simon first up Rowlandson best dressedSimon first up Rowlandson best dressedAylar önce
    • Praying 🙏 for all well being!!! God protect them from the virus and everything us most are young people who trying to make the difference

      Mary ChavezMary ChavezAylar önce
  • “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ― Abraham Lincoln

    J. A. Whitaker Jr.J. A. Whitaker Jr.Aylar önce
    • @General Martok And by the way theses protest have nothing to do with the black guy who died...Its politics......Here the proof...Its a protest against violence...against killing.. Does it look like not violent to you? its pretty violent to me? burning business? Somes peoples died also in theses protests...More than 1 by the way....What about turn the other cheek? Its the only way to solve violence...Their fueling the violence right now ...How by attending theses protest...You might be thinking but yes most of them are peacefull...You think they are peacefull? all fliming with their phones business on fire and doing nothing...or they saw peoples that got a beating and did nothing..So in reality the mass are has responsible than the 4 polices who watch the black guy died and did nothing...So after that...Like the bible says ALL HAVE SINS....

      Dominique MathieuDominique MathieuAylar önce
    • @General Martok you have a point but you cannot deny its usually much worse in democratics states thats just a fact...But you have a point. My son is 1 third black. my wife she is half...By always pointing polices...And saying they are more racists...Its not helping at all also..It is like saying that white are worse than black or Asian.Which is not the case...You know right now in Africa black are purging white farmers and killing them? Have you seen it on CNN? right now the media are not helping at all. Racism need to be adress...but right now society is pushing it in the opoisite direction by discriminate decisions...let me give you an exemple...To enter some school in university right now in the USA...They will favor black over thing its fair also?No decision should be base on the color of our skin...In my country Canada if i want to be a bus driver in my city they will not accept me...Because they need to hire more immigrants...You think there is no discrimination over white peoples? By always pointing the white and NEVER BLACK. We are creating a futur society that will be run by black and we will be the slave.....Dont forget my son is 1 third black. So im not racism...but this is the direction we are going right now..We should never pay a community for desions that my ancestors did...Im not responsable for the decisons of my ancestors...So i should not have to pay for that.In Canada government is giving tons of money to the natives...You thing money is solving the problems? its not at all its even getting worse...Because by always having a mentality of a victim you will be a victime all your life. I got some pretty bad sexual abuse when i was younger...Im not a victim anymore...I despise that mentality...ive grown up. I decided that i am not a victim anymore...Life is hard...You have to grow up in life.

      Dominique MathieuDominique MathieuAylar önce
    • @Dominique Mathieu Let's see, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio - those are just a few states run by Republicans where protests are happening. Labeling this as the Democrats' fault is inaccurate, simplistic, and will not make the protests better. Making this a partisan issue is only going to make it worse. The issue at heart needs to be addressed as close to apolitically as it can be.

      General MartokGeneral MartokAylar önce
    • We are not destroying America. The democrat party is.

      Timothy HuffTimothy HuffAylar önce
    • @Dominique Mathieu Amen !

      Charlie HareCharlie HareAylar önce
  • only one of them been charge but what is this if the state wont charge them then god will charge them with is law of karma there were right there why the hell they didnt take hold of evil man that were murdering the young man slowely but surley 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Sharon JohnsonSharon JohnsonAylar önce
  • US police is very suck, brutal and easy to shot people without mercy

    Rudy UtomoRudy UtomoAylar önce
  • Social Distancing 👍😆

    Musa ZafarMusa ZafarAylar önce
    • @Tony Hovgaard Did quarantine protesters, screaming the faces of cops, practice social distancing? No.

      Nora NoraNora NoraAylar önce
    • @Tony Hovgaard Is this a political rally.?

      Simon first up Rowlandson best dressedSimon first up Rowlandson best dressedAylar önce
    • Yeah they're wearing masks that's more than you stupid ass Republicans do except for kill people of color morons

      Tony HovgaardTony HovgaardAylar önce
  • We have learned since the sixties...PEACE doesn't bring CHANGE...

    Drew ShourdDrew ShourdAylar önce
    • @cs yes you did see mixed races white and black protesting in the 60's. So many white people with blacks in Mississippi & Alabama, and amongst them was Bob Dylan and the tall thin girl he used to go with and many, many more white people. No MLK didn't believe in violence but the BLACK PANTHERS did and I was a little girl In Milwaukee when we had to write Black Peace stone on our house or they were going to bomb it. And my mother wrote it to keep us alive. So about the violence you see now I don't condone it but I do say if you can't take it, then don't dish it out!

      dumb belldumb bellAylar önce
    • @SnBergamo Y'all confederates lost the war the last time remember ?

      Old school waysOld school waysAylar önce
    • @SnBergamo Oh well. Whatever it takes to end racism.

      Old school waysOld school waysAylar önce
    • So you want war? You can get war. Civil war again. Let's see who wins.

      SnBergamoSnBergamoAylar önce
    • Who cares. King's way didn't work then and its not working now. If racist cops can just kill and get away woth it, what do you expect? It took for them to burn Minneapolis down for them to arrest that murderous cop. That's crazy. If they haven't learned fro 1968, they'll never get it.

      Old school waysOld school waysAylar önce
Peaceful March in DC for George Floyd: May 31, 2020