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  • Coughs* I do voices

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  • I wish he could do makeup so he can move his eyes and becones more real

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  • 6:56 does he mean about the neck or

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  • at 4.44 it was soo FUNNY I KEPT REWATCHING IT

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  • crossexamined.org/seven-aspects-of-jesuss-life-that-are-historically-certain/

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  • Hello, how are you? ' I'm scared'

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  • 2:03

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  • Little do they know, that they just met the future Cleveland from the familiy guy, voice actor

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  • 2.10

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  • What your mom thinks you're doing in your room: playing games with friends What you're actually doing: 4:48

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  • "When things get hard, Just float", Azerrz(2020) edit: i know it's 2019 but 2020 sounds cool

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