Pink Diamond is Kind of a Bad Person

Pink Diamond abandoned Spinel in their garden six thousand years ago...but why is this what finally gets people talking?
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  • Abuse is a reason, NOT an excuse. That's like excusing a person for taking several lives because of their trauma.

    OtterPopArtOtterPopArt22 saatler önce

    Ailime RojasAilime RojasGün önce
  • *She dosent deserve hate she left spinel because she was being abused by the diamonds and they wanted her to stop being childish or they would also take her pearl and spinel is a act of sillyness and childish so she could be with spinel anymore.*

    ·BubbleGum Sweet··BubbleGum Sweet·2 gün önce
  • People are forgetting that we aren't looking at what rose in now we are looking into her past. Rose has changed (or tried.) We are judging her based on what she has done THOUSANDS of years ago to spinel and Pink pearl while yes it's horrible but she's a different person. YOU need to remember that we are comparing basically comparing a child's actions to an adults. It was even said that Pink used to throw tantrums like a child, but now she acts like a mature adult. We need to keep in mind it's not as black and white as it may seem, Rose was also abused. Also with her 'abandoning spinel' that is her trying to grow up, spinel (while cute as hecc) is very childish, and Rose wouldn't be able to rule planet Earth with such a childish influence. (IT WOULD BE A DISASTER). We just need to remember who Rose used to be isn't who she is now. (SORRY FOR GRAMMAR MISTAKES)

    Snail DragoonSnail Dragoon3 gün önce
  • It all pink dim fault I am correct because he she left spinel and made terrible decisions making the diamonds go crazy and destroying pink pearls life Anya it’s all pink diamonds fault

    Nina’s gaming channelNina’s gaming channel4 gün önce
  • I also thought that white diamond was the cause of the crack of her pearls eye. But in steven universe future when she asked Steven to fix it, Steven assumed it was white diamond who had cause it. She laughed and said that it was pink diamond who did that to he her😬

    Breah BrejayBreah Brejay5 gün önce
  • “Kind of” Yea ok

    FredisMidgFredisMidg7 gün önce
  • Me: *sees title* Also me:No shit Sherlock

    Random RubyRandom Ruby8 gün önce
  • Isn’t pink steven

    Silent Calm_Silent Calm_10 gün önce
  • Not cool liturgy not cool

  • Called it from season 1 fucking terrible person

    blazing bladesblazing blades10 gün önce
  • No kidding

    SpinelSpinel12 gün önce
  • It just confuses me how somebody as kind and forgiving as Greg would still fall for her even as she disrespected and talked down to him. He deserved so much better, as did every character she interacted with.

    Noelle O'BrienNoelle O'Brien12 gün önce
  • I don't blame her for leaving spinel...

    ShrekShrek12 gün önce
  • Well she was doing the same thing as other diamonds but became a rebel

    Samed gachaSamed gacha13 gün önce
    • The other diamonds dont give a crap about other people too

      Samed gachaSamed gacha13 gün önce
  • But those other guys destroyed planets, PLANETS!

    Trashcant YouTubeTrashcant YouTube16 gün önce
  • She wasent a bad person to begin with . Yea her sister to me had a big part in her cruel ways.

    zane habyzane haby17 gün önce
  • Some of the things r fucked up

    zane habyzane haby17 gün önce
  • I can relate to pink diamond that's why she my favorite. To me she is just misunderstood. After get told no so many times or get treated like a kid what would you do.

    zane habyzane haby17 gün önce
  • The biggest downside of her character is her naïveté towards everyone and everything.

    Gustavo VillegasGustavo Villegas17 gün önce
  • Pink diamond did aim to save earth and as you could see Spinal was a gullible psycho bitch. It's her fault for not realizing she was tricked and I'm pretty sure one of pink diamonds original powers were the ability to look into the hearts of other gems. So if pink diamond knew she was crazy then she had every right, as for her "leaving" people she no longer needs she didn't ditch everyone she saved a few gems and herself from being killed then sacrificed herself to give a human her child Steven. Who need I remind you has done a lot of good in her place. Sure to many she did a lot of wrong and I'm sure that's the idea in the show is to turn her into a bitch but they've already done enough to prove she's not. I have only watched the backstory vid on Spinal but I haven't seen the actual episode so I may have missed a part there, still anything they could do to make it bad enough to consider her cruel or evil would just be breaking the character they already set up. So long story short, Pink diamond saved so many people and ditched Spinal cause she knew Spinal was crazy. Even if she didn't know, one bad act doesn't define a person, I'm sure none of the people here have any room to talk about being perfectly nice. It was 1000 years, she could have easily forgot and just changed.

    Genocide 9999Genocide 999917 gün önce
  • OK... I'm just going to say this. Its kinda an opinion so here I go. All the bad things she did was in the past. When she threw tantrums, broke pink Pearl by accident, abandoned spinel, scattered many gems during the war, didn't respect Greg that much, breaking Pearl's heart and leaving pearl, garnet and Greg. Yeah all of that and maybe a lot more but I don't think people notice that her story is being told backwards. If you put the pieces together you'll see her true story and character now. She tried to learn and redeem herself and honestly I like that about her. She started out bad and tried to turn good. She tried her best. It goes to show that everyone isn't prefect but you can redeem yourself if your truly sorry and want to change. She did in a way and I like that about her.

    Secret StarlightSecret Starlight17 gün önce
  • Pink acts like a child but when Steven came he was a kid but had to act like a adult dealing with the things she did and most that he didn’t even understand for a long time

    Kittan ArtistKittan Artist18 gün önce
  • Pink Diamond: Abused and wronged multiple times and for over 6000 years Spinel: Wronged once People: PINK IS A MONSTER!!! Pink: has steven for a reason People: Pink left the responsibility to Steven she SUCKS!!!!!

    Nikki Da Toast QueenNikki Da Toast Queen18 gün önce
  • Title: Pink Diamond was kind of a bad person Me :KIND OF?!

    Spinel The New DiamondSpinel The New Diamond18 gün önce
    • No you see there's a silent a before kind of. She's a kind of bad person. The kind of bad person that Hannibal lecter wouldn't even spit in the direction of.

      Lyra HeartfoldLyra Heartfold8 gün önce
  • PiNk dIaMoNd Is NoT BaD ShE HaDe To AbAnd SpInEl DiDnt YoU sEe ThE LaSt EpIsOdE BrUh -•-

    alin robyalin roby19 gün önce
  • Pink is just a child that’s y she’s selfish and she don’t face her responsibilities.. also being abuse as a kid will affect her bad Bc she’s just a kid.. and abandoning them or bubbling is better than killing then or shattering them right?? And also I know she has more reasons why she did those things..

    Myrile CurizMyrile Curiz19 gün önce
  • Me feeling bad for not hating her and watching vids to see y everyone hates her-

    Glitzy GGlitzy G20 gün önce
  • Am I the only one who wants to see Steven shatter his mom?

    Matthew SoucyMatthew Soucy22 gün önce
  • We need a deus ex machina character to explain pink/rose actions!

    saintzeroinfinitysaintzeroinfinity23 gün önce
  • I just read the title and was like, kinda?

    Seary SpecsSeary Specs24 gün önce
  • I love the fact Pink Diamond is nuanced, shows how good the writing is

    Sion67Sion6724 gün önce
  • I've personally never denied Pink was a bad person, but someone also pointed out to me that we're watching character development in reverse. We're seeing the starting point. I liken her to a spoiled teen- one who suddenly got her first taste of consequences (though not to her), and realized she wanted something to change. Spinel may not have even been in her mind at all as she realized she wanted to protect Earth. And then she had a war on her hands, trying from both ends to yank gems away from this planet full of things that MATTER. It's not a full 180, but it's a START. Then she met Garnet and realized the individual gem mattered too. These little realizations mattered. They weren't enough to fully change her into the perfect ideal person everyone thought she was- but she was trying. She was just very very clumsy. There wasn't anyone to show HER how to be a better person.... not until Greg. I think Greg was her first real teacher in how to be a better person. He was a teen she watched become a young adult- grow and change and mature. An example she could try to follow. How was anyone else supposed to do that? The gems weren't perfect either, and thought she was. Gems don't tend to change. Humans were more a passing entertainment for her- Greg basically forced her to stop and REALLY look at who he was. Just listen to the full end theme of the show- she knew she was a bad person, and Greg showed her she was right. But she WANTS to be a good person, and she hoped he could show her how to be one. He made her more mature. Steven wasn't supposed to be her final scape goat, I'm pretty sure. I don't know WHY she decided she wanted to bring a child into the world, except maybe because she loved Greg. And love and connection are enough to fuse, so.... maybe she didn't really have control over it. But either way- this new being would need something selfless from her just to exist. And she loved it, and knew that THIS being would have so many good influences in it's life. Especially Greg. The galaxy warp was destroyed. They were cut off. As far as anyone knew, all the gems were destroyed by the Diamond Blast. There was no way to get to Spinel, even if she could face her. But just like with Bismuth- she was just a spoiled teen, so desperate to make a change, but still making mistakes. But seriously- a LOT of people on this show tried to murder a twelve-fourteen year old. And we forgive THEM. Rose is flat out dead and having her dirty laundry aired for everyone- isn't that enough? She's not getting off scott free- but lets give her credit for at least trying.

    elderwolveselderwolves25 gün önce
  • Yea "kind of" just leaving someone on an isolated planet for 6,000 years is just kind of mean

    Luke ViaLuke Via26 gün önce
  • She's a very well written bad person.

    Diego BarenoDiego Bareno26 gün önce

    AidenThat1CuberAidenThat1Cuber27 gün önce
  • What? Did people not realise this watching the series? She treated Greg like her favourite toy, She imprisoned humans because she found them intriguing She supported fusions because she liked how it was different from the social structure on homeworld She never actually cared about anyone's feelings...she was only ever chasing her own entertainment, not defending her 'friends' or acting out of any sense of ethics/morals. When her full backstory was revealed it made it obvious she's not just a diamond, she has the personality of a diamond too. The crystal gems looked at her as if she was a quartz, they saw her going after her own entertainment, when she would put everything into defending the gems, Earth etc as her being noble, when really she was just looking after her own interests, which is why initially we thought that too, because we only ever saw her through the gems eyes. The more of her backstory was revealed the more obvious it became. Pink was like a parent protecting a child because they want the child support. She never cared about the people, she only cared about how she benefitted from them.

    MelMelAylar önce
  • She's not a bad person or a good one. Fuckin' up and learning from it is part of life/ being human. P.S I hate Spinel but I love PD. She just made bad decisions. She didn't have bad intentions but Spinel did. Imo, Pink is more forgivable than Spinel. Plus, she didn't have a human feitsh 🙄. She admired their ability to grow up. Your hatred of Pink is making you think irrationally about everything she did. Spinel couldn't come along but Pink dealt with it the wrong way. Spinel was going to get hurt either way. Her purpose is to be Pink's friend. If she told her that they are not good for each other anymore and that they need to go their own ways. She then tells her that she can find someone that wants to be her friend. Finally tells her goodbye. The overwhelming feeling might literally break her. It was a difficult situation for them.

    Lauren MungarayLauren MungarayAylar önce
  • See's the title. Kind of. SHE IS!!!!

    Liam DoyleLiam DoyleAylar önce
  • On the pic where spinel was on pink diamonds back pink looks upset! RIP my favorite character spinel!

    FoxyEmily 543 Group!FoxyEmily 543 Group!Aylar önce
  • Also what she did to poor Pink Pearl:(

    MerfMerfAylar önce


    Mary CumminsMary CumminsAylar önce
  • Yeah when Rose laughed at Greg for trying to fuse with her.... O_o and then when she said " i love humans you're all so funny!" oof

    Emma SanchezEmma SanchezAylar önce
  • I dont believe that she is a good nor bad person I think honestly that she could have made better choices but she did still try and ve a good person. She tried to save earth and help other gems I still like her despite what happened. I k ow she isny the best person though

    ArtistGMERArtistGMERAylar önce
  • Kind of?

    Pisces FannyPisces FannyAylar önce
  • But, Tom, I do believe she loved Greg dearly and learned how to be somewhat good with him. I believe love like you is sung from pinks pov and that her decision of having/becoming Steven was not simply so she could flee her responsibility, maybe unconsciously, but it did also come from a pure desire of experience what the humans called "having a child".

    K OK OAylar önce
  • Pink was 100% spoiled that was the matter, by everyone around her, the moment someone would not do her bidding, she would manipulate them or get rid of them

    K OK OAylar önce
  • Y'all remember when he first put out a rant about rose?

    K OK OAylar önce
  • No. No she is not. Full stop end of story. You can't redeem someone who spent their entire life emotionally and mentally manipulating and hurting others for their own benefit and then ran away from their responsibility until the end of their life.

    Madison WaycasterMadison WaycasterAylar önce
  • I'm kinda just of the opinion that she is a bad person, and should have been held accountable... but I don't think this show has a "villain"... Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond did a lot of good and bad shit... I don't think she was necessarily always "trying" to be good, but I don't think she intended to cast aside her friends, and I don't think she viewed them exactly as the diamonds did (at least not consciously, but hey... even she probably had some prejudice against "equal life forms" if that's how she was raised.) If Pink didn't have the kind of power she did, if she hadn't been the leader of the rebellion or one of the Diamonds, she probably wouldn't be hated as much as she is, and if she was still alive I'm pretty sure we'd get a character arc probably a lot like Laps' (ie, she did a lot of bad stuff, but worked on herself and got better)... as it stands, we did not get that. I think that Pink Diamond wasn't perfect, but she wasn't the Devil... what made her mistakes worse than a lot of other characters? her power. She had too much power for someone so emotionally immature (in regards to her heritage, her role in the Rebellion, and the fact that literally every character in the show has her on some kind of pedestal.) Not standing up for Pink... just writing down how I personally interpret it.

    Ivy ObsidianIvy ObsidianAylar önce
  • Yes she’s a bad person, but a really interesting character

    Some sad kid Named maxSome sad kid Named maxAylar önce
  • *Pink when we first met her:* *aww she’s a nice and great person* *after the Su Movie:* *Oh Ho HO S H E S A T R U E V I L L I A N*

    John CritchlowJohn CritchlowAylar önce
  • I personally believe that Pink Diamond was the real antagonist of the show all along. She left everyone behind - her family, her friends, those who loved her - and left her child to clean up the mess. When he was *fourteen years old.* Her own trauma from the diamonds doesn't excuse her actions for a second. So while we had characters in Steven Universe who were seen as antagonists due to simply being considered "evil", what Pink Diamond did - and later, Rose Quartz - is inexcusable and shows her to be a real, overarching antagonist.

    GabrielGabrielAylar önce
  • Rose shattered Pink Diamond‚ because Pink D. was being mean and one time Rose said something important to all of the gems. And all the gems agree and Pink D. wasn’t still ashame. So Rose decided to kill her.

    AbyssAbyssAylar önce
  • Shut up.

    Lego Yoda • 69 years agoLego Yoda • 69 years agoAylar önce
  • God, all these people are surprised that Rose Quartz did all this horrible stuff when the facts have been here all along smh. In Minecraft, quartz is found *in hell.* Therefore, it had to have sinned at some point!

    Katherine Couch PotatoKatherine Couch PotatoAylar önce
    • but amythests a quartz

      bekah saxonbekah saxonAylar önce
  • Why have I never noticed that the background's screens glow and the lines move?

    MrColzMrColzAylar önce
  • Is salty about no-one listening to him for 2 YEARS

    Yo it’s Mia MationYo it’s Mia MationAylar önce
  • When you say “kinda” you mean is a bad gem

    LunaRose DemonLunaRose DemonAylar önce
  • Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by pink diamond/rose quartz

    twisted face makeuptwisted face makeupAylar önce
  • this is going to take me a lot to getting use to😢😢 EEHHHHHHH I'M USE TO BEING LIED TO HEHEHEHEEHAHAAHA 😅

    Sammy InsainSammy InsainAylar önce
  • She’s not forgiven

    Dragons LightDragons LightAylar önce
  • yeah she used to be a shitty person, but she CHANGED. greg universe said it himself. rose was an "incredible, loving being" she made some shitty, shitty mistakes but she grew into a mature person. she had good intentions most of the time, they were just executed poorly. she thought the abuse she went through was *normal*, most likely. but she still didnt intentionally inflict abuse that bad... she was the only diamond who actually gave a shit about her pearls, seeing them as real people rather than mindless servants like most gems do... rose didnt force pearl to stay with her and fight either. in roses scabbard she says, and i quote, "you dont have to do this." rose told pearl that they could never go back home if they won, and that if they lost they would be killed. pearl CHOSE to be with her, and she didnt intentionally hurt pearl either. just because pearl had strong romantic feelings for rose doesnt mean rose is obligated to be in a relationship with pearl... rose isnt perfect. shes not the best person, but shes not the worst of the diamonds, not at all. the reason she left them is because they were her ABUSERS. there is no shame in leaving your LITERAL ABUSERS, no matter how much they love you or would be hurt by you. steven is a much better person than her, but shes still not a bad person also, a little unrelated, but why do people love SPINEL so much? she was like, the only villain that knew steven =/= rose/pink and knew that steven had nothing to do with it, yet still took her anger out on him and the gems. she even said herself, "you know i came here to take my anger out on a bunch of strangers" pink haters saying that abuse doesnt excuse her actions but forgiving spinel and saying she was in the right is hypocritical and contradictory pink is mostly morally grey, leaning towards the good side. spinel is completely grey. shes not good. shes not bad. the diamonds are morally grey, again, but leaning towards the bad side.

    spookiideiispookiideiiAylar önce
  • Well in my opinion I think pink diamond is a pretty well developed character. I don’t think she is a villain because if you put scenes of pink diamond being childish and her starting to mature, you can clearly see character development. Yes, being abused explains it and doesn’t excuse it, but like with pink diamond, having to save earth and being abused by other diamonds is a really hard situation to handle. It makes sense why she fakes her death, but she just didn’t know all the chaos it would bring. She had no intentions on doing it. It’s like when you are being abused, and fake your death, but instead of making things better, it just causes more problems. the same with spinel, she abandoned her because she had other responsibilities to take on and she was just leaving behind the one thing that made her pure childish. It’s like when your old enough to not play with toys or children, and your own parents criticize you for being too childish. You are more likely to leave those things behind and grow up. This is a huge sign of maturity, but the way she handle this is terrible. But again these aren’t easy things to handle, and it was easy to come up with analogies because these things can happen in real life. In conclusion, I like pink diamond but I don’t like her decisions. But she really has great character development. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this because I’m 1% of the fandom who likes pink diamond.

    SleepyBunny MusicSleepyBunny MusicAylar önce
  • *[kinda bad?.....Kinda?..KINDA!?]*

    Ruby [navy]Ruby [navy]Aylar önce
  • Su fans love the space hitlers... The diamonds But suddenly hate pink because she left spinel behind

    Drew HaynesDrew HaynesAylar önce
    • It's like you didn't even paid attention to the video

      Dark Karma_26Dark Karma_2625 gün önce
    • literally I don't understand

      ari chanari chanAylar önce
  • I am even WORSE than pink diamond,i have done a lot of horrible things in my life...😬

    M A R I AM A R I AAylar önce
  • I think I can end this in one simple word: earth… She wanted a colony that happened to be earth and then manipulated her own people on both sides of a war for the planet’s independence which caused many deaths. Then after the war is over she left those that were left by her side because she wanted a kid. Turns out Sapphire was right… to an extent… after all

    Matthew MasonMatthew MasonAylar önce
  • Me: *reads tittle* Also me: *Oh ya don't say?*

    PurplePurpleAylar önce
Pink Diamond is Kind of a Bad Person