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PJ Masks get stuck in the Sticky Splatcano!
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By day 6 year olds Connor, Amaya and Greg go to school like everyone else. But when something goes awry in the city, these special kids, filled with curiosity and a sense of justice get ready for their mission - but they have to wait until night fall when the city is asleep and they can go un detected. Instead of going to bed like all the other children, when our heroes get their pyjamas on, they magically transform into super heroes and become the PJ Masks. Here come Catboy - super fast and agile, Gekko - super strong and can scale walls and Owlette - with the ability to fly and see great distances. Together these three can tackle any situation - PJ Masks they’re on their way into the night to save the day!
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PJ Masks Full Episodes 🌋PJ Masks Sticky Splatcano! 🌋Mystery Mountain 🌋Superhero Cartoons for Kids