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  • pulling off that claires scrunchie from your previous video, i see you Jenna.

    Gwen HansonGwen HansonSaatler önce
  • im sorry but born and raised new yorkers go to tourist places in school trips like what the hell

    I have No soulI have No soul2 saatler önce
  • I neeeddddddd more!!!!

    Michelle HollingsworthMichelle Hollingsworth3 saatler önce
  • This is ridiculously stupid.... however........ PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO OF THE NEXT EPISODE

    DrhovegDrhoveg5 saatler önce
  • Jenna please, give us a part 2!!

    Yuliya SamoylovaYuliya Samoylova9 saatler önce
  • For some reason this is seriously one of my favorite videos you’ve made Jenna 😂

    Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson9 saatler önce
  • Did she delete the high school story video she was talking about?

    Noah HutchinsNoah Hutchins10 saatler önce
  • More please!

    Samantha BurnsSamantha Burns11 saatler önce
  • Jenna has evolved into a wild Elmo, her true form!

    dani beardani bear22 saatler önce
  • more. MORE. MORE !!!

    TaylorTaylorGün önce
  • Please beech we SO NEED A PART 2

    MadeleineMadeleineGün önce
  • i need moreeeeeeeeee

    Alexa LozowskiAlexa LozowskiGün önce
  • This video made me fucking die I was crying from laughing so hard😂😂😂

    Karley KlineKarley KlineGün önce
  • What does Julian have on his ear

    Ronald 7900Ronald 7900Gün önce
  • Please make more I uncontrollably laughed

    Emily CulpEmily CulpGün önce
  • Play this again keep going we gotta know what happens to beech

    Shaina MckinneyShaina MckinneyGün önce

    Katarina AdeleKatarina AdeleGün önce
  • This was hilarious. XD

    LinriLinriGün önce
  • please make a part two or make a series ahhh i love this

    Lucille BellowsLucille BellowsGün önce
  • More plz

    Corinne CraigCorinne CraigGün önce
  • Please please finish this! I need to know what happens to Beech!

    Cara LouiseCara LouiseGün önce
  • Yesssssss more

    Kitty EnchantressKitty EnchantressGün önce
  • I'm crying. Omg.

    Natasha HoleczNatasha Holecz2 gün önce
  • more of this pretty please 😩

    BellaBella2 gün önce
  • Lol. Julian logic...hes a scam artist hes going to steal your wallet at the end of this. Correctomundo, that's how NYC is. Will hit you with his car, too creepy friendly, will most DEFINITELY end things with stealing your wallet. Where did he park his car that he ran her over with to get in the taxi? Where did her suitcase go?? Omg. This is so dangerous. I just can't. Stranger danger. I would have run screaming away from this.

    Lauren PadgettLauren Padgett2 gün önce
  • Definitely do a series!!😂

    Kayla MarieKayla Marie2 gün önce

    Cheyenne PaslawskyjCheyenne Paslawskyj2 gün önce
  • WHERES PART 2?????!

    Celeste AmayaCeleste Amaya2 gün önce
  • Cartoon Iggy Azalea is such a beech

    BritterallyBritterally2 gün önce
  • We need part 2!!!

    emilyykayyyemilyykayyy2 gün önce
  • I love how much Julian hates this lmao

    dandiesthealthyliondandiesthealthylion2 gün önce
  • we NEED to know what happens part 2 pls mama lmao

    Sebastien Sandoval-CrossSebastien Sandoval-Cross2 gün önce

    Priya GillPriya Gill2 gün önce
  • Keep going!

    Estefanie TiongsonEstefanie Tiongson2 gün önce
  • Keep goooooi g

    Meghan ChenowethMeghan Chenoweth2 gün önce
  • PLEASE make a part 2

    Kristyn BrewerKristyn Brewer2 gün önce
  • i have NEVER laughed as hard as i did at this video

    Kristyn BrewerKristyn Brewer2 gün önce
  • I'm dead 😂😂

    Bethany YoungBethany Young3 gün önce
  • i enjoyed this do more plez

    ZandriaZandria3 gün önce
  • can you do more plzzzz XD

    ZandriaZandria3 gün önce
  • I saw a comment saying all the girls are just ppl Ethan has hit with his bike and then my imagination ran with that so here is Ethan's backstory that nobody asked for: Ethan and Noah were in a band and rented out this huge apartment with all their bandmates. Well Ethan kept being late to band practice because he kept hitting people with his bike and then taking them on tours of New York so he got kicked out of the band. All the bandmates moved out except Noah. And so now Ethan just keeps hitting girls with his bike taking them on tours of the city and then letting them move in bc bitch someone has to pay rent. Noah hates him for it and that is why he tried to hook up with Beech.

    Teresa AnyaTeresa Anya3 gün önce
  • I'm not even 10 minutes in amd already dying bro. Plz do more ridiculous "Episode" videos😂😂😂

    Teresa AnyaTeresa Anya3 gün önce
  • When he painted her nails I literally lost it😂

    Kk😶Kk😶3 gün önce
  • Wait since when does julien have hearing aids

    Kylee GraceKylee Grace3 gün önce
  • More more more

    Courtney JohnsonCourtney Johnson3 gün önce
  • mooooooooreeeee

    Kit Lauren FortinKit Lauren Fortin3 gün önce
  • pls play more

    alexaalexa3 gün önce
  • Ethan and Tevin are literally the same guy

    Nilüfer GazelNilüfer Gazel3 gün önce
  • I love how jenna laughs every time they say beech's name

    A PA P3 gün önce
  • When is part 2 coming? :D

    ElectraElectra3 gün önce
  • Y'all need to do this shit again. I have a sixpack from laughing so hard

    Carly DegesCarly Deges3 gün önce
  • Hahahaha I loved this so much! Was watching during my workout, and it was the funniest workout I ever had! Please please please do another one!🙏

    aurip1aurip13 gün önce
  • Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee keep going!! #beechinNY

    Courtney HardrickCourtney Hardrick3 gün önce

    Lacey GallagherLacey Gallagher3 gün önce
  • Part 2 please

    Savanah PereiraSavanah Pereira3 gün önce
  • It has been a whole month and we have still not received a part 2

    Maddie PetersonMaddie Peterson4 gün önce
  • please make this a series im begging you

    Yulia ReingoldYulia Reingold4 gün önce
  • You should play- “ The bunny boiler” ((I think that’s the name)) you don’t need jems! Pick whatever option you want without paying. It’s also really good!

    Lia ༄࿔Lia ༄࿔4 gün önce

    Katelyn BaezKatelyn Baez4 gün önce
  • I’m a lil stupid but is Juliet have hearing aids or ear buds in? I feel kinda rude to ask that but

    archie -archie -4 gün önce

    Kiri StrackKiri Strack4 gün önce
  • Please make so much more omfg

    Candy CottonCandy Cotton4 gün önce
  • Do it again I neeeeed to know the story

    Lizzie McGuireLizzie McGuire4 gün önce
  • You should play with Dylan is in trouble!!

    Izuna HosakiIzuna Hosaki4 gün önce
  • Moreeeee

    Lynn BevisLynn Bevis4 gün önce
  • This is officially one of my favourite J&J activities to ever exist now.

    Saga ASaga A4 gün önce
  • This shit was so funny

    Christyxlee _Christyxlee _4 gün önce
  • Yes

    DPR IIIDPR III4 gün önce
  • I was wondering why oompaville got a mustache But then I noticed it was a different guy

    dat pig pignesscool5dat pig pignesscool54 gün önce
  • Cody and noel won't upload love island so jenna snagged that shit

    Fia CarolanFia Carolan4 gün önce
Playing Episode: Love Life