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  • Some men can be such perverts. Just deal with it lmao.

    cosmiccosmic4 aylar önce
  • She was straight up pissed hahahaha. You could read her like a book.

    SVR272SVR2727 aylar önce
  • What is daequan on lel

    ForgedForged7 aylar önce

    RealPickleJuiceRealPickleJuice10 aylar önce
  • Fortnite looks terrible :O

    Rayymond MorganRayymond Morgan11 aylar önce
  • Who else got a mr beast ad.

    Green wall TreeGreen wall Tree11 aylar önce
  • DEAQUAN suxs pokimane thick is better bro with that ass shit😎😎😎😎

    dani ganidani ganiYıl önce
  • I would never smash a thot, no matter how thicc Poki is twitch thot of the year

    JustGamingChairJustGamingChairYıl önce
    • Brotha lets keep it one hundo here we be fucking bitches even if they thots

      Johnny WishboneJohnny Wishbone17 gün önce
    • U just mad she won't smash you

      Tredarius JonesTredarius Jones6 aylar önce
    • JustGamingChair no u

      Legendary TacoLegendary Taco11 aylar önce
  • 😂

    NxukoNxukoYıl önce
  • Ninja doodoo

    Malini TorresMalini TorresYıl önce
    • Malini Torres no u

      Legendary TacoLegendary Taco11 aylar önce
  • I wanna smash her

    Jonathan Cruz69Jonathan Cruz69Yıl önce
    • @ApocalypTyk Z problem, it's just a preference for him you hater.

      neon.neon.10 aylar önce
    • Wow

      Donna CollinsDonna Collins10 aylar önce
    • You prob like fuckin 3 my nigga

      Kaousing KaousKaousing Kaous10 aylar önce
    • Tehami R nice roblox joke

      E&OE&OYıl önce
    • Kid go play minecraft 😂

      ApocalypTyk ZApocalypTyk ZYıl önce
  • Clickbait

    Clorax BleachClorax BleachYıl önce
    • Clorax Bleach drink ur self

      Legendary TacoLegendary Taco11 aylar önce
  • Courage sounded like a cat 🐈. HOw hOW hoW

    Josh PlaysJosh PlaysYıl önce
    • Can u pin this comment please?

      Josh PlaysJosh PlaysYıl önce
    • lol fr

      Fortnite PlaysFortnite PlaysYıl önce
  • *THICK* ass

    ooYıl önce
  • Poki looks asain

    Vision XVision XYıl önce
    • Yeah she is from Africa

      It’s wimpy!It’s wimpy!18 gün önce
    • PinkABlink no cuz she's from Africa

      Jimmy HaboobooJimmy Habooboo6 aylar önce
    • Cause she’s from Russia

      PinkABlinkPinkABlink11 aylar önce
    • k thanks boss

      cool yacool yaYıl önce
  • This nigga found two llamas

    PefPefYıl önce
  • How r people that bad? 0:03

    Will TurnerWill TurnerYıl önce
    • I've heard of bad players but bad is not the the word more like the opposite of ninja

      Moustached TrisMoustached TrisYıl önce
    • Fortnite Plays bots

      a black guya black guyYıl önce
    • That was my exact reaction too lol

      Fortnite PlaysFortnite PlaysYıl önce
  • I don’t like daequan .

    PeepoPeepoYıl önce
    • Outta her boi

      Tredarius JonesTredarius Jones6 aylar önce
    • we don't do that here

      SyonxlSyonxl9 aylar önce
    • no one likes ur song

      Legendary TacoLegendary Taco11 aylar önce
  • So...did anybody follow my instructions?

    yxng_retard • 11 years agoyxng_retard • 11 years agoYıl önce
    • yxng_retard no 💩😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😂😂😂🤣😅😅😃😀😃😀😃😃😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😂😂🤣😂😅😂😄😂😂😃😂😂😂😅🤣😂😂😄😃

      Drainotv1 FanDrainotv1 Fan10 aylar önce
    • Fuck no sub-thirsty cunt

      xenitsu mofoxenitsu mofoYıl önce
    • I would if u sub to me

      Xx_ACROSM _xXXx_ACROSM _xXYıl önce
    • No

      300 Subs No Videos300 Subs No VideosYıl önce
    • Boi stop ur cringey and your profile picture is like wtf

      Rapid.Rapid.Yıl önce
  • one thing in common between all fortniters whether it's ninja or a noob.. they talk out their stress lol

    dragonsvalleydragonsvalleyYıl önce
    • lol fr

      Fortnite PlaysFortnite PlaysYıl önce
  • Nice Vid

    SuperMasteredManSuperMasteredManYıl önce
    • thanks!

      Fortnite PlaysFortnite PlaysYıl önce
  • First 😂😂

    lonelytrickster 5lonelytrickster 5Yıl önce
  • First

    Swavy LmaoSwavy LmaoYıl önce
    • Swavy Skies no me

      Legendary TacoLegendary Taco11 aylar önce
  • First coment xd

    Karma 13Karma 13Yıl önce
    • ayy

      Fortnite PlaysFortnite PlaysYıl önce