PRANK WARS! || Funny Tiktok Pranks And Best Tricks by 123 Go! Genius

If you have a chewing gum and a syringe than half of your problems are solved! Watch how to pull a food prank on your classmate with our simple prank DIYs不
Teacher prank will give you so much fun if you'll do everything right and fast - you'll know how to sneak candies into class, how to handle beauty problems in school!
The best tiktok tricks will help you to kill boredom and make every party funny and cool戊
#funny #comedy #prank
00:03 How to sneak food into class and pull a school prank
01:39 Teacher prank with candies and sweets, awesome school prank
04:16 School hacks for smart girls
06:14 Funny tiktoks hacks
08:12 Best pranks and magic tricks to kill boredom
11:03 Funny outtakes with awkward moments
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PRANK WARS! || Funny Tiktok Pranks And Best Tricks by 123 Go! Genius