Qanon July 15, 2019 - The Hunters Become the Hunted

The tide has turned. Those who once hunted the weak and vulnerable have now become the hunted.
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    Suziq darlinSuziq darlin5 gün önce
  • to me the green 'bldg' looks like it might be a generator enclosure - just a guess

    Vern BouletVern Boulet27 gün önce
  • Lilly: try experimenting on unborn children in the mother through health care programs.. and adults through Medicaid Medicare and more! How about all the proof of this comment.. I have the original Obama health care programs designed to take America down.. it’s broken down in detail. It’s also scary as duck and makes the Nazis experiment’s look like child’s play...

    Troy BradshawTroy Bradshaw29 gün önce
  • This sick stuff & these sick people have been getting away with this for a long long time including rape pedaphilia & murder. Times up....TRUMP 2020

  • Eventually, reality will be overwhelming.

    Major MajorMajor MajorAylar önce
  • I know of 3 famous tv evangelists that are involved in satanic ritual abuse! 2 if them have died not long ago one is still very heavily involved in human sacrifice of children, eating the flesh and drinking the blood of babies. I know for a fact. If I mention the names I'm only gonna be called a liar so I'm not even going to do it right now. This is global! A huge web that includes yes, tv preachers! NOT all of them. But a few! I say this because recently I met a woman, Who when she was a teenager was invited to a church youth group at a very famous church University. Where there she witnessed children being raped and tortured and murdered on altars. She is a SRA satanic ritual abuse survivor. Her story is horrific and very compelling. I hesitate to name the 3 preachers involved because it seems like everybody has their favorite ministry star, And most people put these men on a huge pedestal. And they don't think they can do any wrong. But it must be stopped! In my opinion knowing what I know now they should be publicly executed.

    Moon PyeMoon PyeAylar önce
  • what you say looks like an outdoor storage shed actually looks like climate control containment to me. Louvered doors for air circulation. Need temp control below ...

    Debbie OwingsDebbie OwingsAylar önce
  • Thanks for exposure of evil plot. All making more sense. This ties all evil falsehood creators together. Proof of premeditation. Take care.

    Tim MobleyTim MobleyAylar önce
  • This shit is crazy. I used to live in Florida and people used to tel crazy stories about what went on out at his island. I can’t believe this is in the like real news now.

    Johnny HumboltJohnny HumboltAylar önce
  • Bathhouse in hotsprings, Arkansas has blue and white stripes.

    Heather ReidHeather ReidAylar önce
  • Can someone please explain why they believe any of this, using facts? Would truly appreciate it.

    Elizabeth CazaresElizabeth CazaresAylar önce
  • Keep up the good work.

    piasau49piasau49Aylar önce
  • President Trump and the White Hat's stopped the Chemtrail spraying.

    R TR TAylar önce
  • This seems silly to me that this q gives teasers.... why? And why spend so much time on this. Strange

    Angie GracieAngie GracieAylar önce

  • And there will Great exploits.....

    Candice WitzkoskeCandice WitzkoskeAylar önce
  • Praying Medic, what do you know about 5 eyes and cyber command? this something to worry about?

    Margaret Austin-CantoreMargaret Austin-CantoreAylar önce
  • Wouldn’t be surprised at all if there are tunnels to the mainland US. DC.

    Pooter - The clownPooter - The clownAylar önce
  • trump is a court jester actress! trump failed on vaccines, 1 in 32 have autism. trump failed on heroin OD's 200 daily! trump failed on gun laws, red flag gun laws are unconstitutional, banned bump stocks! trump has failed on all economic issues, the wall street stock market is a hoax shell game! trump is pushing the lgbt antichrist agenda in schools by not stopping this move of satan! evil is trump's middle name folks! 33rd degree scottish rite freemason! he is a clown, the Q movement is cia psyop gaming low level info folks into believing the lie! jarad kershner could be the antichrist, ivonka and it are members of Kabala a jewish pedovore cult! do your own independent research stop buying the lies of Q and Q++ its a LARP HOAX open your eyes your following a chronic adulterer! Heathen! again i say with killery we would be ending the second american revolution, now trump and his puppet masters have better lists of me to round up in the nite! cuz men are lovers of pleasure and money and haters of truth and God!..............................................Sci19

    Agent AndersonAgent AndersonAylar önce
  • Free Julian Assange.

    Marica MaricaMarica MaricaAylar önce
  • The blue box that you think looks like storage appears to be a ventilation system. Makes sense since there are rooms beneath the temple.

    PMC Super Tuners Inc.PMC Super Tuners Inc.Aylar önce
  • Why isn't Q talking about all the FOIA and lawsuits on Seth Rich and Assange pertaining to Wikileaks? The FBI knew and hid it propagating the Russian hacking story. That would blow the lid off everything. This is bigger than Epstein. I'm beginning to think Epstein is a distraction. A major one.

    Eddie ClarkEddie ClarkAylar önce
  • still no FISA release, huh? No red major politicians arrested for treason or corruption.... wise up.

    james crowejames croweAylar önce
  • brad bishop takes about Epsteins Zorro Ranch in NM having sex with aliens?? these people are far gone

    Sharon NewmanSharon NewmanAylar önce
  • Re: the Manhattan power outage - the locale is pretty specific. Is Epstein's Manhattan home in that location? If so, power outage could have been intended to disrupt security systems to allow access without a log, and thus be able to remove any hardware (such as DVR drives) or incriminating files inside...

    P TarP TarAylar önce
  • So putin's puppet is a pedophile also. Once a pedophile always a pedophile. I hope those that still support this sad excuse for a human understand they are saying it's OK for thier underage

    Michael VoelklMichael VoelklAylar önce
  • Give Epstein his 5 years after he flips on everybody is going to be dead man walking he won't make it 2

    Joseph m Oleandi jrJoseph m Oleandi jrAylar önce
  • The "angel of death" Josef Mengele is "Skippy's" father and "Skippy" is Chester's father.

    Brandon whiteBrandon whiteAylar önce
  • This happens in space. Spinning three thousand mph. Whare is Santa.

    Irony BirdIrony BirdAylar önce
  • I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence but I can't feed on the powerless when my cups already overfilled and their farming babies while the slaves are all working and blood is on the table while the mouth are all choking but I'm going hungry

    RebelRob MagaRebelRob MagaAylar önce
    • Wow. TofD lyrics, in this context it makes so much sense.

      lauren tivolilauren tivoliAylar önce
  • sorry the signiture is not in life but the system we are in it is a pyramid system as you know

    chris lambsychris lambsyAylar önce
  • That hurricane that hit Pedo Island was a message from God.

    David LinkenDavid LinkenAylar önce
  • i watch still cant accept you still prey wow but i like your vids on Q thanks from the uk

    chris lambsychris lambsyAylar önce
  • As usual, not everyone believes that it is wrong for people to think it is about time for those that "hate the American way of life" to leave the country and find a place to live life the way they want. You do not like it here then go away.

    mike barbermike barberAylar önce
  • RT is saying that Epstein was never banned from Trump's club.. I guess there's no evidence one way or another but I do know for fact that Trump isn't on the list for flying to the island

    Nunya BiznessNunya BiznessAylar önce
  • Hi from the UK. Robert Maxwell links to Israil??

    stuartj1234stuartj1234Aylar önce
  • All these comments that thank Trump for Jeffrey Epstein's arrest baffle me. It seems that Julie K Brown ought to be thanked

    lotklearlotklearAylar önce
  • I would not normally Soft g, silent s, sounds like jilaine

    TheJunedaleTheJunedaleAylar önce
  • It HAS to be "a spiritual awakening" or it isn't an "awakening" at all.

    bipola tellybipola tellyAylar önce
  • Tie all this together with Dolphin Street the U.K.

    Dragonfly HillDragonfly HillAylar önce
  • The elites will escape. The lies are already being spun.

    Dragonfly HillDragonfly HillAylar önce
  • Lord I pray we get our country back and I pray that your will be done.

    Appalachian MountainsAppalachian MountainsAylar önce
  • No 5 years. He has affected too many lives. The destruction is astronomical. He needs to die. It will come out soon about the others. No justice here. If it were one of us, it would be life for the crime.

    Luana EntlerLuana EntlerAylar önce
  • The baby held up at the Trump rally tonight had a Q on the back of the oneze

    pabloshammerpabloshammerAylar önce
  • Do not let them buy their way out. Money should not be involved in equal justice. Money corrupts law.

    Luana EntlerLuana EntlerAylar önce
  • I might begin to believe in equal justice for all again. Thank God.

    Luana EntlerLuana EntlerAylar önce
  • I thought JE was in the times square jail ?

    mike420rizzomike420rizzoAylar önce
  • Stephen Forrester is lawyer for NYSPCC. NIH funded study for them on child sexual abuse prevention program. Mary Pulido PhD is director. Associated with Childrns Village and Covenant House Under 21. Cofounder Aldridge Thomas gerry.

    Jane MahaneyJane MahaneyAylar önce
    • Also attracted wealthy benefactors including CORNELIUS VANDERBILT !!

      Jane MahaneyJane MahaneyAylar önce
  • The App looks like a pedo symbol.

    carolyn montgomerycarolyn montgomeryAylar önce
  • need to build gallow on epstein island and hang all those involved!

    crazy worldcrazy worldAylar önce
  • Been following Q for awhile. Not in great detail, relay on videos like the ones you make. Some things have come to pass: the illegal origins of the investigation against Trump now recieves mainstream coverage, and the Epstien arrest. How do you explain Q predicting the arrests of HRC on Oct 30, 2017. And later John Podesta on a specfic date, neither of witch came to pass?

    Gun FrogGun FrogAylar önce
  • The "Storage shed" looks more like an AC enclosure, or Electrical enclosure. Either way, the netal vented doors is so that heat can flow from the inside to the outside... It could also be an Air Pump of some sort.

    Peter MuthPeter MuthAylar önce
  • I met Prince Andrew a few times while serving in the Royal Air Force. He creeped me out but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Now it all makes sense. I met him once while deployed to Oman. He was their to visit their Sultan who has long been suspected of being gay and having a like of young boys. I wonder what they got up to in his palace. He looked like he had been up all night when he came back the next day to fly out.

    Chris MasonChris MasonAylar önce
    • Chris Mason .... did Prince Andrew walk funny?

      Ana LouAna LouAylar önce
  • They are so determined to get those children at the border. Makes me wonder how many and how long they've took them. Heard El Chappo is beginning to talk about it too?

    Molon LabeMolon LabeAylar önce
  • Patriots, please don't forget to get on over to Twitter and show our President some love and support. The hyenas are circling and attacking him so disrespectfully.

    Molon LabeMolon LabeAylar önce
  • Thank You KAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mzgotti2u mzgotti2umzgotti2u mzgotti2uAylar önce
  • Imagine if it was a dark to light reference. When lights go out patriots in control. It could be testing to see how long the power would have to go out to be able to reach the canary. I don't believe deal will previously posted No Deals. I am glad he was apprehended. I hope he serves his sentence in Gitmo. 45 years to life and/or hanging if he is guilty of all alluded to. Thanks Dave for doing the videos too. I can hear while working. Stay united ...pray ... be excited for God to make this a year of justice.

    Jasmine GonzalezJasmine GonzalezAylar önce
  • The "storage shed" looks like a generator room.

    Mary BlanscetMary BlanscetAylar önce
  • The TerraMar Project an environmentalist nonprofit organization which ghislaine Founded closed July 12, 2019 due to Epstein case. 🤔

    Leslie ReneeLeslie ReneeAylar önce
    • Reminds me of Robin Wrights character in House of Cards, with the water NGO. Never did finish the show, they were too dispicable. Rather like the Clintons. and Kevin Spacey.

      lauren tivolilauren tivoliAylar önce
  • Flight log from Wheels Up may show names of people flown to the island who may have never left Island.

    BWS BostonBWS BostonAylar önce
  • Gen 25:27 And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning (hunter) a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents............Jacob is waking and realising who he is...and who Esau is

    NicoljaneNicoljaneAylar önce
  • that animal need a lethal dose of radiation, would not be surprised if the democrats especially those in cali are involved in corruption

    What Are Thooose!!!What Are Thooose!!!Aylar önce
  • Will the Victims of the inside attacks on 9/11/2001 finally get Justice? Q said that it will no longer be safe for these Scumbag Traitors to walk the streets! I'm praying for vindication because I have been called a conspiracy theorist for year's, it was never just a "theory" these people are Sick! They're Evil enough to kill innocent children at school's across the Globe in an effort to disarm the citizens, they've been successful in many Countries

    Jimmy NealJimmy NealAylar önce
  • FYI - you are doing a great job, but it is so difficult to find your videos now on a search. google is shadow banning you. so much for free speech huh?

    W James PetersenW James PetersenAylar önce
  • Chris Cornell was suicides. Found hanging from a door knob with a red workout band around his neck.

    Julie MoeryJulie MoeryAylar önce
  • Wexler owns Victoria Secret s he lives in ohio

    JacquelineJacquelineAylar önce
  • Oh man, the cat is out of the bag now. Way to many people are aware at this point. Things are about to start getting interesting.

    TheRoyalFlushTheRoyalFlushAylar önce
  • All look to build a better society/kingdom; Gen 11, don't be deceived by the best. The most beautiful things in nature are the most dangerous. Shalom

    Jerry HaganJerry HaganAylar önce
  • @prayingmedic.... holy moly. Was looking at the littlesis website, typed " children" in the search bar.... scrolled down to find a network called " No Name" ... crazy map appeared. LOOK...?

    UP 3UP 3Aylar önce
  • i THOUGHT IT WAS BLOWN UP AT SOME TIME THE ENTIRE TOP BUILDINGS OF PEDO ISLAND????? Wasn't that before his first arrest ? I am sure there were pics of a fire adn some type of bomb thing sounding like under ground presumed in the tunnels underground

    victoria Norwichvictoria NorwichAylar önce
Qanon July 15, 2019  - The Hunters Become the Hunted