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  • how do you know my name??

    Bro119 8767Bro119 8767Gün önce
  • 2:25 all high school seniors realizing we have to adult soon

    Kayley WKayley WGün önce
  • I have an Aunt Karen 😂 btw Mini, I’d pay $60 to play video games with you 😂😂

  • Ah yes my favourite games, Happy Birds and Angry Wings

    Jabin RobbieJabin Robbie3 gün önce
  • Panda made me come here

    LennoxMoLennoxMo4 gün önce
  • Do one with r/holdmyredbull

    alih35 _alih35 _7 gün önce
  • My aunts name is karen

    Anthony MedovichAnthony Medovich10 gün önce
  • I hated 2019 I lost to many family members

    Adam_goldAdam_gold11 gün önce
  • 3 months Left

    israel avilaisrael avila11 gün önce
  • My name is Dylan...

    Dylan RandallDylan Randall11 gün önce
  • 8:50

    Class GamesClass Games12 gün önce
  • I’m not sure if this is weird but your Karen version looks like my best friends mum who isn’t a karen

    Lucas WebsterLucas Webster12 gün önce
  • *N U T B U T T E R*

    Jim Pickens FollwerJim Pickens Follwer12 gün önce
  • That kid was laying in Nazi style

    Golden MaeveGolden Maeve13 gün önce
  • Hey that's not nice I'm Dylan 😭😭😭 haha

  • an ad played when you snapped (talking about sonyvegas

    Chloee InklingChloee Inkling13 gün önce
  • That wasn't eleven...that was twelve

    Roguechicken 47Roguechicken 4714 gün önce
  • 4:47 😂😂😂

    Luna MistLuna Mist14 gün önce
  • theres only one karen i can think of and she is in fact over 30 lmfao (karen gilan btw)

    itsonlyteejayitsonlyteejay14 gün önce
  • Lick that loli oof

    the doothe doo17 gün önce
  • 3 months till 2020

    Joe DJoe D17 gün önce
  • 2 months left now

    GoopyCrescent86GoopyCrescent8619 gün önce
  • 16:24 I’m sorry ma’am but we broke your dog.

    Makeup by Mickey N.Makeup by Mickey N.19 gün önce
  • 7:20 I’m feeling attacked

    Dylan ChappellDylan Chappell19 gün önce
  • Your parents are 60 okay and you are 24 So that means your parents when they gave birth to you they were 36

    Krakka Jakk711Krakka Jakk71120 gün önce
  • @MiniLadd my name is Dylan and we don't talk about that 😂😂

    DRIP_GamingFateDRIP_GamingFate20 gün önce
  • 4:49 😂😂😭

  • 7:35 When monopoly is fighting against google for making online monopoly

    K GK G22 gün önce
  • I just watched po rn and these videos give me bigger boners? Just why

    NOT PSGAMIN278NOT PSGAMIN27822 gün önce
  • ‘I like to read books that are fun, like AUTOBIOGRAPHIES’ what part of an autobiography is fun

    Sarah WardSarah Ward23 gün önce
  • My friend Je-anna shes 10 and shes Totally entiteled

    joey Bjoey B23 gün önce
  • Dame u Craig dame u

    dylandasavage1111 23dylandasavage1111 2323 gün önce
  • My mum's called Karen. I spammed her with Karen to explain it to her

    Aals XxxAals Xxx24 gün önce
  • My auntie is called Karen and she's 29.

    Demi StartDemi Start25 gün önce
  • How did he know

    dylan meridadylan merida26 gün önce
  • Also 10:46 I Am Here

    Morgan RagsdaleMorgan Ragsdale26 gün önce
  • Followed u on Twitter

    Zapping candy BitsZapping candy Bits27 gün önce
  • Pause at 3:11 Praise this man for knowing how to spell Ouija board

    Cael SCael S28 gün önce
  • I just get excited when I see hundreds of pages to go, I get overwhelmed when it's 50 pages left and there's still too much that needs to be resolved

    Kylar SternKylar Stern29 gün önce
  • 0:35 I might have heard it wrong, Think of whacha said.

    TheBlueGamerGTheBlueGamerG29 gün önce
  • DaZZzzZzZZ z b

    Chanks GaminChanks GaminAylar önce
  • My moms name is karen

    UtaGhoul -UtaGhoul -Aylar önce
    • BS!!!

      Matthew 617Matthew 61727 gün önce
  • 24.6 million stab wounds

    CaptainFlopsCaptainFlopsAylar önce

    TronSoulReaperTronSoulReaperAylar önce
  • Karen: "where's my child support?" Me: 2:50

    GattGattAylar önce
  • 8:43 Adam

    owen kingowen kingAylar önce
  • My address is 3210

    Braylon FeserBraylon FeserAylar önce
  • 9:04 Mini Ladd: Happy birds or angry wings Me: LMAO

    xXdestroyerXx LolxXdestroyerXx LolAylar önce
  • I’ve never had chipotle

    hunter joneshunter jonesAylar önce
  • Nobody: Bruno Bucciallati: 1:47

    Kriz SpiceKriz SpiceAylar önce
  • "You lick that loli". Uhhhhhhhhhh Craig?

    SoruSoruAylar önce
  • 16:25 Someone: *knocks on Mini's window* Mini: *grabs rapist voice* Someone: *panics, throws bird, and runs* Mini: Is that a f*****g bird?

    Logos135 !Logos135 !Aylar önce
  • Karen Gillan is 31... Sooo, there's that. Got ya

    SivvahSivvahAylar önce
  • Anyone else hear “Rainbow Six Vegas “

    Cwagz 1207Cwagz 1207Aylar önce
  • 15:55 Best baby picture EVER!

    Ryan CarrRyan CarrAylar önce
  • showed my aunt karen she asked for your manager : / not real ty

    TheWolfKing9675TheWolfKing9675Aylar önce
  • "You lick that loli."........ why do I hear police sirens?

    WyattEWyattEAylar önce
  • My name is Dylan and mini scared me because i wasn’t paying attention

    Zulf 956Zulf 956Aylar önce
  • Can u pls watch batmetal on yubetube pls watch it

    foxyde1ph jrfoxyde1ph jrAylar önce
  • That baby came out paying taxes

    Ej ConnEj ConnAylar önce
  • 5:58 not my proudest fap

    morgz maternal unitmorgz maternal unitAylar önce
  • 12:11 *lens zoom noises*

    Yeet on My feetYeet on My feetAylar önce
  • 2:56 thats just playing dlc quest

    VwertIXVwertIXAylar önce
  • I don't know I might smash Karen Thompson

    ThebossatronThebossatronAylar önce
  • I’ve never had chipotle because there are none on my island

    Jared WattsJared WattsAylar önce
  • 1:30 hey, my mom wants to go to Lake Louise.

    DiamondCreeper123DiamondCreeper123Aylar önce
  • Try not to laugh challenge on this challenge MOTHER ******* IMPOSIBLE

    jayknah ytjayknah ytAylar önce
  • Ya know what’s funnier than 24... what...25

    Matthew LakinMatthew LakinAylar önce
  • Home, Florida

    Dwight BaldwinDwight BaldwinAylar önce
  • I’ve never had chipotle😕

    Toxic_GhøstToxic_GhøstAylar önce
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