r/idontworkherelady Crazy Lady Attacks Woman in Airport!

r/Idontworkherelady has an insane woman attack an innocent bystander in an airport for NO REASON! This nutty old lady smacks another person with her metal luggage because she thought OP was a waitress, when she was clearly wearing an airport uniform. Why do these entitled people seem to believe that every other person on earth is there to serve them? This woman gets a harsh lesson when she makes a big mistake in an airport! If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe!
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    • On your gaming channel can you do a playlist on simplerockets 2

      OrganizedBackpack GamingOrganizedBackpack GamingAylar önce
    • hi im from germany these incidents on airports ar very rare but the best thing of this is you can press charges and the airport will press charges too so you can crush this lady into pices with the law on your side😈😈

      tyraelderengeltyraelderengel2 aylar önce
    • rSlash May we have more of these please

      Name NameName Name3 aylar önce
    • Little did he know he hit 1,000,000 subs

      Epic Gamer 305Epic Gamer 3053 aylar önce
    • Gg dude🐑🐑🐑👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍🔥🐑🔥

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  • I would really like to know at what airport the German lady worked. I also live in Germany and would love to meet her.

    The real TJBThe real TJBGün önce
  • How can something be “too clean”? Like, what the fuck?

    Nael MohammedNael MohammedGün önce
  • 4:23. The reason I added this video to my Like List.

    Wes PrangWes Prang2 gün önce
  • IT'S OVER 9000!

  • I've actually experienced something similar to the waitress. I was standing in line at the gas station and I forgot to trade my cash in after work. So I paid for everything in ones and fives. The guy behind me (who I know but doesn't know me) in line taps me on the shoulder and says "You look a little young to be stripping. Which joint do you work at? They should be reported. You cant be over 16." Me, in a horrified tone, "Sir, I'm a waitress at the local catfish diner. I know your mother. She comes in all the time. Also, I'm 29 years old. Even if I was a stripper, WHO ARE YOU TONTELL ME WHAT I CAN DO." Mind you, I live in small town so it's hard not to know everyone when you work in one of the more popular restaurants. His face went red and he stammered trying to say something, then just gave up. I turned back to the cashier, who seemed horrified and delighted at the same time. Her mouth was wide open, but kind of in a smile at the same time. "I don't need the receipt, thank you." And with that I left. I ran into his mom at the restaurant a few days later and gave her the full run down. She said, "He never was very bright, I'm so sorry."

    Time Bomb TerryTime Bomb Terry5 gün önce
  • 12:48 Lack of logic here. If I suspect someone is robbing a place. The last thing I would do is call them out on it. That's how you get shot by a panicked robber.

    Banana CatBanana Cat5 gün önce
    • Hello, Police? Yes, these Gardeners are robbing this house! How do I know? They are gardening while they do it! 🤦‍♂️

      Wes PrangWes Prang2 gün önce
  • 12:55 I had a neighbor who hired some guys to do their roof and interior work, and they ended up stealing their stuff and needless to say, they left it half done.

    MrXemroxMrXemrox6 gün önce
  • that hawk screech impression was 10/10

    GotchaTheWolfKid AnimatesGotchaTheWolfKid Animates7 gün önce
  • The only time I've been mistaken is a target after my shift at a different store with a red polo uniform. I rarely went to target after that job and the only thing I got when someone mistook me for an employee was "oh sorry" after I showed the logo of where I actually worked on the polo. I guess I'm lucky.

    Cooper KnuevenCooper Knueven7 gün önce
  • *Karen walks in* Karen: my daughter deserves your million dollars Me: no Karen: Karen wants to battle! Karen: sent out Onix! Onix used screech! I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER!

    Wendy RobertsonWendy Robertson8 gün önce
  • I work overnight in a retail store and we have a chronic complainer who everyone is sick of as well. The part I find the most ironic though is the fact he starts almost every one of his complaints with, “You know I’m not one to complain, but...” 🙄

    damonsnow11damonsnow1110 gün önce
  • Who else thought it was "r/ladyidontworkhere"?

    Clean Ya Act UpClean Ya Act Up11 gün önce
  • People are stupid. I clean my own sidewalk and take out my own garbage etc.. My neighbor thought I was the help for years LOL. he would bad mouth me about me. One day one of my new tenants rated me out. He was talking to her and oh can you let the landlord know I need access to the back yard etc.. She was like Oh he is standing right there!! I'm arggggggggggggggggggg~~~!!! My older tenants know the deal :p. How much a idiot the guy is. One story about this idiot is me and my dad was cleaning our front sidewalk of snow, he gave me whole 5 dollars to clean his lol. Me and my dad clean it and thank him for his whole 5 dollars!! I paid kids more than this lol like at least 20-50 bucks depended on the side walk. Mines were very short like 20x5 but I had them only clean like 3 feet wide so people can just walk a path.

    Armchair warriorArmchair warrior13 gün önce
  • I think if someone mistook me for a stripper I’d not be able to keep a straight face and bust out laughing

    Gabriel BadwolfGabriel Badwolf13 gün önce
  • So you work for team 10?!? You have a relevant youtube chanel I WANT TO SPEAK TO JAKE PAUL Lol what forkin grunt

    Moto MotoMoto Moto14 gün önce
  • *Steve Irwin voice* : We've spotted a wild Karen. Now this specimen of Karen is especially entitled, as you can see by the haircut, and its mating call of "WHERE'S THE MANAGER"

    Pizzaisbeautiful 347Pizzaisbeautiful 34714 gün önce
  • um im sorry what stripper wears an apron and non revealing clothes?

    MLG underMLG under15 gün önce
  • A attack bird trainer??? That sound like the fucking best job ever!!!!!!

    cayde-the_m3m3lordcayde-the_m3m3lord18 gün önce
  • That Karen who went to the McDonald’s, litteraly got a blue screen of death when he came out

    MrBeanMrBean19 gün önce
  • Stupid and insane are the same

    WSV10WSV1022 gün önce
  • Germany has interesting rules and laws lol

    SolgaleoSolgaleo23 gün önce
  • The hawk was so high pitched

    Ya boi FabulousYa boi Fabulous24 gün önce
  • For the story about the new neighbors called in as burglars in their own home, I would bet $20 that the nutjob of a woman was bigoted and since she couldn't comprehend someone moving into the neighborhood that didn't fit her ideal, they must either be hired help or thieves. -_-

    labyrinthgirl17labyrinthgirl1724 gün önce
  • 11:48, there are few things that I find on the internet that I can relate to, but God, that fu**ing humid a** Louisiana air.

    TheDorkSide426TheDorkSide42629 gün önce
  • Best restaurant idea Falconer/ Serving staff call it The Flight to Food

    Riley BarberRiley BarberAylar önce
  • i was walking down a school hall with a friend and a kid in the hall thought i was a teacher XD

    Moon YoungMoon YoungAylar önce
  • i am filipino

    Erl Jeorge EsparagozaErl Jeorge EsparagozaAylar önce
  • You laugh about people breaking into a place just to do something for said people.. For a long while I had a stalker. The last time I seen her she had broke into my place and started doing the dishes and cleaning the place.. I knew my neighbors ( and they where really nice to me ) and they knew she was my stalker. They had called the police as they knew she was not allowed in my place. When I got home the police where arresting her for breaking and entering... ( Before you think she was just trying to be nice.. She has killed one of my cats, also attacked a few of my friends, and a few other things at this point. Last I know she was at a mental hospital. She has also of course damaged a lot of my things in the past as well... She was my first stalker.. I had another one since.. I do not know how or why I seem to attract them but I do.. )

    Undying ZombieUndying ZombieAylar önce
  • They are just Richards

    Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeahAylar önce
  • You mean mission failed we’ll get him next time😂😂😂

    Hershey SquirtHershey SquirtAylar önce
  • Ohh she's half Filipino, im a Filipino too (just pure)

    Molten GamerMolten GamerAylar önce
  • IF I SEE A DAMN PERSON SAYING "oh thats a bald eagle noise idiot" I WILL SPAZ OUT. that's the noise of the red tailed hawk, eagles are actually quite quiet.

    Jonah KoopJonah KoopAylar önce
  • 90% insane 10% crazy

    Night WolfNight WolfAylar önce
  • My falcon, my hawk* eagle noices**

    HiddioHiddioAylar önce
  • 10:40 metal hospital hahahahahahhahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    Mubarak DiabMubarak DiabAylar önce
  • lol i am in tranning for raptor handling (a.k.a brirds of prey so falcons, eagles, and large birds)

    Gaming_Drummer_BoiGaming_Drummer_BoiAylar önce
  • Slash I'm disappointed you didn't do a German Karen voice for the crazy airport lady!

    YamiNoSensei13YamiNoSensei13Aylar önce
  • No puppy bloopers my day is officially worsend

    xenomorph spartanxenomorph spartanAylar önce
  • Usually I don't like when people try be funny on these videos but that hawk thing killed me 😂

    Tanisha SinclairTanisha SinclairAylar önce
  • The bird cry was a nice touch. Made me laugh xD

    Athena De LeonAthena De LeonAylar önce

    Tim RiddleTim RiddleAylar önce
  • Im waiting for the day that a karen gets the ever loving crap beaten out of them.

    Cx7Cx7Aylar önce
  • im mildlyinfuriated that it took me more than 1 second to get the"baby batter" joke

    Zygarde365Zygarde365Aylar önce
  • Our airplane (I live in Germany ) If you do that you won’t get ur flight

    Ich und grisuIch und grisuAylar önce
  • 3:15 Shoulda left then. Free gas!

    TenacityTenacityAylar önce
  • “I am totally nude to podcasts....” lol

    Chaz BellChaz BellAylar önce
  • I refuse to eat anywhere ever again unless my server is a falconer.

    Spectral UmbraSpectral UmbraAylar önce
  • thank the guy who sent the story at 10:39 because he's right she needs mental help

    Kevin KocherKevin KocherAylar önce
  • If you flip a passing off in the USA jail to e or co unity server we hate people like that we understand if you had a problem with the but you never never use langgwige like that we are trying to be a good free USA so do t use bad langgwige in USA never a last easy body or it will end with you ehind bars we take stuff vary5serassly here in the USA don't get me wrong it's butifull here really nice but we hate bad people so don't be bad and you get a bad rap here I the us

    james the gacha wolfjames the gacha wolfAylar önce

    Green CarnationsGreen CarnationsAylar önce
  • Just say you quit, then laugh at their confused and salty screaming.

    Azure-Clad AssassinAzure-Clad AssassinAylar önce
  • i genuinely hope this kinda stuff never happens to me because not only do i have a short fuse, I have a very bad habit of laughing way too easily in ridiculous and awkward situations

    Alex KAlex KAylar önce
  • Yo felow Filipino Alam mo ba ang sinasabi ko

    Alexis CurbitaAlexis CurbitaAylar önce
  • A very generous thief does the gardening while robbing, cuz least you get a nice cut lawn in return

    Final H00 De OwlFinal H00 De OwlAylar önce
  • The last one has gone ... Bananas

    Malte ScholleMalte ScholleAylar önce
  • 10:30 that is the best thing I have ever heard

    Scott SonzogniScott SonzogniAylar önce
  • Spewing invectives! Yeah!

    Andrew SykesAndrew SykesAylar önce
  • i mean....waffle batter smells very similar to baby batter

    RIZERIZEAylar önce
  • story one would be a cool old spice commercial

    Kevin KocherKevin KocherAylar önce
  • Arrested this woman

    Tosin OparindeTosin OparindeAylar önce
  • “You can ignore me all you want I’m not leaving” me:ok (8 hours later) Karen :I GOT TO GO PEE

    flying leafeonflying leafeon2 aylar önce
  • Instupidity

    תומר בן חוריןתומר בן חורין2 aylar önce
  • Omg when I was a server there were the never ending stripper comments and jokes everytime I payed for something. I usually took it in stride because there's nothing wrong with being a stripper. I just want to know why most people automatically think stripper instead of server?

    Brandie PeltzerBrandie Peltzer2 aylar önce
  • Second and third belong in /that happened. Come on, real life isn't like that. All that's missing is "and then everybody clapped"

    Fusion SpaceFusion Space2 aylar önce
  • The airline employee has feet bigger than plates?? Ummmm?

    Timothy NewittTimothy Newitt2 aylar önce
  • Don’t forget to add 1 to the 9000

    Villagerpower38 OfficialVillagerpower38 Official2 aylar önce
  • It would be kinda cool to have a hawk hostess

    Lolyoded OrangutanLolyoded Orangutan2 aylar önce
  • That manager is hilarious...

    boi boiboi boi2 aylar önce
  • Baby batter HAHAHAHA!!!

    KristenSopranoKristenSoprano2 aylar önce
r/idontworkherelady Crazy Lady Attacks Woman in Airport!