Race Week 2019 DAY 7: The Pass For ALL The Marbles... Can We WIN Rocky Mountain Race Week!?

You got this Leroy.... YOU GOT THIS LEROY!!! Our final racing day of Rocky Mountain Race Week!
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  • Some one snitched. They were salty about losing. Hey he hasn't pulled his own two tires. Jeez lol

    Bryan DeanBryan Dean16 gün önce
  • You guys are legends. Videos always put me in a better place. Keep doing it for dale brother!!!! Hell yeah!!

    Gosu VuGosu Vu25 gün önce
  • Way to go James!! You totally called it for 2020!!!

    Samuel AllottSamuel AllottAylar önce
  • Oh they brought it alright. Well Done boys you killed it in 2020.

    xr50utexr50uteAylar önce

  • you know what to do next year...not cheat?

    Joe whiteJoe whiteAylar önce
  • TRvision did me dirty just at the top of my reccomended

    Jackson LedfordJackson LedfordAylar önce
  • 10 on street tires. Nice

    MrDavidelliottjrMrDavidelliottjrAylar önce
  • 2020 recap waiting for this year's result

    David PhippsDavid PhippsAylar önce
  • Coop didn’t bring the supra btw

    JuicyJuicyAylar önce
  • I had to watch all last year's to get ready for this year's... Awesome job on the burnout and drift show too .. you guys are winging it like pros

    Double DDouble DAylar önce
  • I want to be your friend❤️

    Zon TonZon TonAylar önce
  • I had to.go.back and watch them all again. Looking forward to the burn out contest Saturday and then Ricky mountain race week.

    david mdavid mAylar önce
  • Psyched for this year!!!!

    Caleb OlshefskyCaleb OlshefskyAylar önce
  • re-watching for next week!

    llocinllocinAylar önce
  • Amazing content on the hoof 2nd to none.

    Cyan O’ BacteriaCyan O’ BacteriaAylar önce
  • Bull S. H. I. T technicality

    Dylan FieldDylan Field2 aylar önce
  • Congrats Cleetus good job!!!!

    J2498J24983 aylar önce
  • Who's gonna tell them that it might not happen lol

    its_koprowskiits_koprowski3 aylar önce
  • hail leroy

    Edo-floyd de JongEdo-floyd de Jong3 aylar önce
  • It's been almost a year and I still can't believe how damn narrow those tires are

    Lucas FosterLucas Foster3 aylar önce
  • Personally I think the deal worked out all way around. They messed up accidentally ( weren’t trying to cheat) but they had to pay for it and they took it like total CHAMPS(true WINNERS). Plus, the sponsors could have done way wayyyy worse, like totally disqualify Ruby entirely, but they were totally cool and made the punishment kind of fun ( and very fair and VERY lenient as well) by the run what you brung stipulation. Totally cool deal all the way around!!

    aj200415aj2004153 aylar önce
  • Better than a DQ though!!

    Anthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson3 aylar önce
  • So wait why would you be banned from uhaul?

    Backwoods Legends PhotographyBackwoods Legends Photography3 aylar önce

    Shay BlairShay Blair3 aylar önce
  • 2020 and watching form home with nothing else to do "yell if you can't leave your home!"

    Charles TorruellaCharles Torruella4 aylar önce
  • How did they find out about the tires is the question lol

    Tommy MTommy M4 aylar önce
  • Perfect for quarantine binge-watching.

    Richard S.Richard S.4 aylar önce
  • This ones for Coop, thanks for all you do behind the scenes brother. This channel would be where it's at with out you 💯%!

    Kyle David RureyKyle David Rurey5 aylar önce
  • Really enjoy these fellers perspective and unwillingness to cry why

    Wes HarrisWes Harris5 aylar önce
  • I just sat and binged watched every episode. Love the spirit you guys bring to the sport. Can't wait for the next journey.

    All DayAll Day5 aylar önce
  • Thanks Coop and awesome videos! This series made my Friday night!

    mscudde2mscudde25 aylar önce
  • I'd love to see you do this with toast

    DaveDave5 aylar önce
  • Can anyone get me some info on the silver square body drag truck that’s in the background durning the intro? That thing looks sweet

  • 6.99? To get too b a fan boy

    Drrizzy DrewwDrrizzy Dreww5 aylar önce
  • Outstanding performance go Leroy👏👏 hell ya brother...let me know if you need a camera guy lol

    Buddy HardinBuddy Hardin6 aylar önce
  • Hey, why don’t you just add the roof mounts to Leroy so you can add/remove the roof as needed... at least then you would have a solid roof for road trips... great job and congrats!!!

    wwwAIRRAMcomwwwAIRRAMcom6 aylar önce
  • Hey you guys are definitely classy for talking with your competitor, show casing his car, and when it was on the line you guys showed his great pass. You owned up to mistakes- I just found this channel and I love it! I don’t even watch drag racing or any sort of racing and I’m addicted!

    Matt HerbergMatt Herberg6 aylar önce
  • Could have been the beer, as I watched the entire race week coverage, but I had a tear in my eye at the results! Good for you guys! Love that some people can actually "live the dream"! I totally enjoyed the coverage!

    BlownSkilletBlownSkillet6 aylar önce
  • This was epic. I'm new to the channel and these were great episodes from the Build-up up to finale!

    Team Brighton HQ Kettlebell Sport ChannelTeam Brighton HQ Kettlebell Sport Channel8 aylar önce
  • Titles getting better 👍

    DoubleYouPeeDoubleYouPee8 aylar önce
  • Ruby cheated what !! Lol street tires here we come

    Ryan HinchcliffRyan Hinchcliff8 aylar önce
  • Next year get Ruby one of those receiver mounted racks to carry a set of rear tires. And visit a boat canvas shop to get leroy some snap in canvas and door covers.

    liveepicallyliveepically8 aylar önce
  • Congrats on the win and dang that Ford is sweet.

    allbrass 001allbrass 0019 aylar önce
  • Can James do a better burnout with street tires I can’t tell

    Tyler KwiatkowskiTyler Kwiatkowski9 aylar önce
  • You already said it, but Epic Week! 148 mph on a 255mm Nitto. Holy cow. Cooper can not be forgotten as part of your TEAM!

    Gary MeyerGary Meyer9 aylar önce
  • Y’all need some custom built trailers that look like bartle skeet cans with bald eagle wings, and a barbecue flips out the back with a nice cooler genny the whole bit ,

    RRR ReptileRRR Reptile9 aylar önce
  • Should have melted the street tires and turned them to slicks

    GlocksNthingsGlocksNthings10 aylar önce
  • That’s the stupidest rule I’ve ever heard

    GlocksNthingsGlocksNthings10 aylar önce
  • Congrats on your win guys, looked like an epic journey and it's great to see you were having as well.

    Sledge72auSledge72au10 aylar önce
  • loved rocky mountain race week episodes. best youtube content to date...

    Bates PlaceBates Place10 aylar önce
  • one question ive had for a while, does kyle get down on the reefer or what lol. he always be lookin toked up, specially when he be in colorady

    T-RopET-RopE11 aylar önce
  • Congratulations on your 1st place win you guys are awesome!!!

    Raymond NeulingRaymond Neuling11 aylar önce
  • Fyi: next yr, build a lite trailer!! Uhaul 5x8 is super heavy. 950 empty!!! Put a roundnose on it...big diff!!! You guys busted Ass..... good effort= great result!!! Let her RIP

    Ron LaxRon Lax11 aylar önce
  • I want to see a Cleetus NASCAR team. I volunteer as driver.

    Jack TJack T11 aylar önce
  • Jerard Koeganhuer, Cleetus' Brother? So, the Cleetus family surname is Koeganhuer, not McFarland? Is McFarland a joke?

    Jack TJack T11 aylar önce
  • Hell yeah brother

    one man armyone man armyYıl önce
  • Very classy accepting the penalty and manning up to it. Most people would be pissed off blaming it on everybody else.

    TTTTYıl önce
  • Forza horizon 4 should add a Cleetus McFarland dlc for all his vehicles

    The SherminatoRRThe SherminatoRRYıl önce
  • Awesome seeing how happy you were on that last past. Congrats cleetus!

    Troy BerrTroy BerrYıl önce
  • Cleetus you rock!

    John DoeJohn DoeYıl önce
  • I think Ruby could've went with a lower psi , maybe 10

    Daniel CarterDaniel CarterYıl önce
  • You guys are one hell of a family. Freedom will always win!!!

    Crime Dawg1224Crime Dawg1224Yıl önce
  • You guys have the best team. Great job! 2020 will be the year of doin it for murica

    Jordan ScheurerJordan ScheurerYıl önce
  • Cleetus, My fiancé is on her way back from France and couldnt sleep without knowing she is on the plane. So I decided to watch every Rocky Mountain Race Weel video from you guys and nothing but love to the whole team. You guys had me rolling and dying in laughter the whole. Really opened my eyes and definitely gave me the confidence to get the ball rolling on saving money and building something to one day compete in Rock Mountain Race Week! You guys are freaking awesome! 🙌🏽

    Christian VascotChristian VascotYıl önce
  • cooper, you're the glue brother. thank you

    Lee Warren MusicLee Warren MusicYıl önce
  • Leroy is an absolute unit

    Texas 12valveTexas 12valveYıl önce
  • 19:31 "feeling cute might delete later, idk" 😂😂

    Blake StinnettBlake StinnettYıl önce
  • hey now lol almost have it all now :)

    Joe NelsJoe NelsYıl önce
  • Kind of a fair rule... next time read the rules a few times..

    Ben RennerBen RennerYıl önce
Race Week 2019 DAY 7: The Pass For ALL The Marbles... Can We WIN Rocky Mountain Race Week!?