• Cory: n imma pick it up cos i’m broke. n imma pick it up cos i’m broke. n imma pick it up cos i’m broke. me: pick it up cos i’m 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟 yeah haha🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗 woo🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗imma broke ass 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

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  • If I was in this chapter: “How do I know this isnt a trap?” Nurses head:crap he’s onto me

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  • 7:28 Cory needs head, eh?

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  • ima bout to take off the box of the nurse

    Tsiko - Eula Gwynneth FurioTsiko - Eula Gwynneth Furio4 saatler önce
  • The nurse sounds like twilight sparkle

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  • Box head that is the best you can think coryxkenshin boi

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  • Slumber oh that brother gone use that more often

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  • Bierce I'm back

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  • Hi CoryxKenshin can you please play roblox

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  • 7:27 Cory u Down bad💀

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  • Cory nonchalantly saying he needs head😂😂

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  • Chora's Den on Mass Effect, thats what i thought too 😂😂

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  • there's a note in the jail sell that says destroy all men

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  • 8:33

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  • 27:59 lol

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  • Can we take the time to appreciate the za warudo time stop in the beginning

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  • 1:59

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  • Now ill show you the power of KIOKON

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  • I can't believe Cory said Omega shenron. "You use the dragonballs too often"

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  • Cory ur kinda sus

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  • 6:23 I was saying that for like the past minute, that she sounded like Harley Quinn

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  • dont trust mallic spoiler aleert hes evil

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  • When he said they were giving him Harley Quinn vibes I started screaming cause that’s what I thought like ahahhahsdbfi

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  • Ong like the voice matches harley quinn so much

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  • Cory you haven’t played this in a while bro

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  • Thought this was gonna take longer so I’m off track

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  • Yo I said she sound like harly quin then as soon as I say that he like she’s giving me harly quin vibes

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  • Lol he was raging a lot

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  • The nurses were actually voiced by Tara Strong who use to voice Harley Quinn

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  • Cory a oni

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  • Why was cory was broke ur ankles to a saw

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  • Cory says strip club

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  • I thought cory was family friendly

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  • Yes master

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  • 21:23 LMFAOOOO

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  • "Don't you think, Rierce" ~Cory 2021-2021 He was a great man but he mispronounced Bierce's name, Rest in peace 😖🤚

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  • You looking fly cory

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  • Can you tell the bunny that he looking fly and that bunny is you eowwwwwwww

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  • Is that twilight ?

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  • At 5:07 she Sounds like Harly

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  • Cory over here using the world from jjba

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  • Cory just timestopped oh no

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  • Can you do More of these videos

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  • 6:00 that sounded just like when Harley quinn said that-

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  • Harley Quinn vibes

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  • This video was posted on my birthday :o

  • plz coryxkenshin fish it plzzzz

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  • This is basically what anti-vaxxers think hospitals are like

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  • They do sound like harley

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  • i heard a jojo reference somewhere in the 15 min mark

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  • Cory please PLEASE can you finish dark deception ch 5 mannequin & tammy she's punch you

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  • The sound of telekanisis Is sound of "THE WORLDDD" in jojo

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  • jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • The shogun really getting mad annoyed XD Luv the content keep it up

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  • dude (laugh) those girls like wth how they are so fast they are like sonic

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  • They kinda sound like Twilight from My Little Pony.

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  • Corey chapter 5 came out this morning on dark deception

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  • Hi Harley quinn nurses

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  • 0:20 That dude on white shirt is me when Cory uploads new video to lift my spirit.

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  • Bro😂

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  • Cory is unrated

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  • 28:51

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