RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Sylvester Stallone, Action Movie HD

RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Sylvester Stallone, Action Movie HD
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Rambo goes up against a Mexican cartel in what's reported to be his last adventure.

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  • We should have slammed the border shut 50 years ago. This is not fiction, this shyt happens every day, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, scumbag cartels now run the mexican government. President Trump is correct. They are NOT sending their best. PS. Many years ago in cultural sensitivity class we learned the men from south of our borders often are the first to take their daughters virginity. I wish to God I was making that up... I’m not. 😢

    JackieJackie6 saatler önce
  • I think Comments are purchased. It was a very bad boring movie. Story is simple, they took his girl for prostitution n rambo takes revenge in his home. Such a poor Story. N these peoples are telling that they liked the killing most. Why don't u see wrong turn series. They do it well

    Time Pass TechTime Pass Tech15 saatler önce
    • Time Pass Tech Disagree 100%.

      JackieJackie6 saatler önce
  • I am proud to be Indian tiger shroff will be doing Rambo remake he looked like Rambo in Baaghi 2 and soon will be doing the remake

    RS ZONERS ZONEGün önce
  • Cela se passe à l’ephad ? 😂😂⚰️

    Fred 19Fred 19Gün önce
  • "Rambo: Last Blood" is historic. It is absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen from Sylvester Stallone. "Rambo: Last Blood" is dark, sad and full of over the top dumb violence. By "dumb violence" I mean violence that has no art to it just wants to be gory and shocking. I hear this movie is going to be up for multiple Razzie awards. Here's what I wanted to see the last Rambo movie to be like. Rambo goes to congress to testify before the US House of Representatives on the effects of PTSD and what it did to his life. At the hearings, one of the congress members is Rambo's old nemesis Sheriff Teasle is now a member of congress. Then of course a terrorist group launches a major attack , taking over the US House and holds the congress members hostage. Then of course Rambo escapes and runs around taking out the army of terrorists one by one, two by two and three by three. It's a lot better plot that Rambo: Last Blood. The ONLY good thing about the movie was the song "Old Town Road".

    John SladeJohn Slade4 gün önce
    • White house down,London has fallen and Olympus is down or something... Remember??

      chetan singhchetan singh14 saatler önce
  • This is a love story. The saying " I'd do anything for love". Rambo forever Legend.

    Bbuzzin 19NineTyBbuzzin 19NineTy5 gün önce
  • Goddamn it! Rambo is still the best than any other childish movies such as the endgame, justice league, or anything you can fuckin' mention movies nowadays!

    papa nikenpapa niken5 gün önce
  • amazing moviee!!!!

    goku ultra inspiredgoku ultra inspired6 gün önce
  • homwe alone starring silvester stallone

    Ozair KhanOzair Khan6 gün önce
  • I love gabriella now😥😥😥😥❤️

    IM ANDREIM ANDRE6 gün önce
  • For some reason I thought the main villain was Teasle trying to get revenge on Rambo for what he did to Galt and the town

    Gamerboy 5454Gamerboy 54547 gün önce
  • now, rambo jhon whick crossover shall unravel

    死 Unknown_1p1 死死 Unknown_1p1 死7 gün önce
  • Now that it's a new decade and the stench of the last one is fading, can entertainment give all these "gritty bloodthirsty old dad" stories a rest? I was gonna say Hollywood, but it's basically the entire Playstation library now

    David CurryDavid Curry9 gün önce
  • And I thought he looked old in Rambo 4...

    Krogg FasheKrogg Fashe9 gün önce
  • Thank you Sylvester Stallon for a decade of very good movies you shared to us.❤❤❤❤

    Sapphire SphinxSapphire Sphinx9 gün önce
  • Rule #1 Don't go to Mexico. Even if you're Mexican

    mister smithmister smith10 gün önce
  • So if the movie depict how bad Mexico is, it's racist?..but it is fact though?!

    SwornReaperSwornReaper10 gün önce
  • 😳😳😳 Damn John Rambo your badass, My favor of all time.

    Saladi MukomaSaladi Mukoma11 gün önce
  • Its got that bad the feminist shit,even in Rambo now,an the woman in it who helps him ,there is no need for her to ov been in it .it wouldn't of made one iota to da movie if she werent

    kama kaze 2kama kaze 211 gün önce
  • Am watching last blood now an its making no sense to all the other rambos

    kama kaze 2kama kaze 211 gün önce
  • Still got it

    I don't know reallyI don't know really13 gün önce
  • Old town road

    Technical TeamTechnical Team13 gün önce
  • I honestly believe this is the best trailer I’ve ever seen. The old town road song just fits unbelievably perfect with the trailer. Really good movie aswel 👌🏼🔥

    Harry JonesHarry Jones14 gün önce
  • 0.55 when I lost my phone

    polarpolar Berpolarpolar Ber15 gün önce
    • 0.55

      polarpolar Berpolarpolar Ber15 gün önce
  • Ita basically *taken* movie

    Dclown_x19Dclown_x1916 gün önce
  • John wick of the 80s

    Kyle MKyle M16 gün önce
  • Stallone looks damn good for 72. Wish him and Eastwood would collab

    thomas allenthomas allen17 gün önce
  • I think critic 's watched only first half of movie and rated it.

    suraj waghisuraj waghi18 gün önce
  • No wonder! Its because he is the oldest guy in the film

    Manuqtix ManuqtixManuqtix Manuqtix19 gün önce
  • I’ll be honest with you, those deaths that you saw aren’t that bad..

    CypriusCyprius19 gün önce
  • Fuck yeh this was a sad and cool movie, hope JOHN comes back.

    ChurBroChurBro20 gün önce
  • The problem with this trailer is the song choice

    IfaxerIfaxer21 gün önce
  • but rambo 4 is the best rambo movies , this was unpleasant and sad , they should make it more better than this.... for not devastated previous rambo✌👌

    Silverlinnings PlaybookSilverlinnings Playbook21 gün önce
  • I am like rambo🔚

    Robbie BustinRobbie Bustin22 gün önce
  • Excellent movie, except I really wish Rambo killed her friend since she was the one who traded his niece off, where's the revenge for that?! Ugh.........

    Queen sugarQueen sugar22 gün önce
  • THANKS Sly Stallone for a generation of Rambo and Rocky !!!!! There will never be a hard core, manly and macho franchise like this. The original action hero. My son is 5 and I will do my best to make him watch all the Rocky and Rambo movies. The ending was saddening and powerful but this was a Rambo movie without the RAMBO THEME, I loved the movie but felt robbed by this.

    Mohammad ZaminMohammad Zamin23 gün önce
  • rambo last blood (blu ray) $10.9 www.ebay.com/itm/124063263273?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

    beet chbeet ch24 gün önce
  • The movie is legendary

    Gymnasticsbezzies 107Gymnasticsbezzies 10724 gün önce
  • Whoa! Sly is still at it again w/ #Rambo! 🐐 for genuine action 🎬 stars!

    Julia Vaoita Maeva MarekoJulia Vaoita Maeva Mareko24 gün önce
  • One of the most if not the most successful actors of our time. Never a dull moment in his movies. Stallone's films always make money and are always full of excitement.. Hollywood hates him as he is a gun owner, conservative and church going man.

    dlagruadlagrua24 gün önce
  • Rambo not ambitioned ended as the this. This is not good! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is the tooself as the mockerly full movie annabelle 3: comes home! !!!!!too without the dynamicall(l)

    Petra OndráškováPetra Ondrášková25 gün önce
  • I'm ashamed to admit this is just a recap as I slept through the whole movie last night

    Andy SAndy S25 gün önce
  • Its my birthday and I’m watching John Rambo♥️

    Talha EvTalha Ev25 gün önce
  • I really loved this movie.

    poop asspoop ass26 gün önce
  • Just watched it and it did not disappoint !!!!! Amazing action !!

    Leafs ForeverLeafs Forever26 gün önce
  • Imagine this as an Evil Dead movie named ASH....the dialogue reworked to fit what Ash has gone thru....damn

    Lazarussoul 82Lazarussoul 8226 gün önce
  • Some Mickey Rourke

    Mark PowerMark Power26 gün önce
  • They'll remake this in a few years with a black guy Rambo: Yo Blud

    James WestJames West26 gün önce
  • Honestly the critics for this movie are idiots also they act like that shit doesn’t happen in Mexico and South America

    Timothy HawkinsTimothy Hawkins27 gün önce
  • If you wanna see somebody get fucked up...this is the ultimate movie for you 😅

    djw80158djw8015827 gün önce
  • Rambo was the sickest movie ever back in the day. I was 4 when I saw first blood, it is responsible for me being the man I am today.

    Derek PorterDerek Porter27 gün önce
  • Rambo 2 and 4 are my favorite This last one needed to be something really special and it wasn’t. Honestly i am disappointed. The Story make no sense at all . For me was more like i was watching MACHETE.

    Aldo stockAldo stock28 gün önce
  • Thank you Mister Stallone.

    ZeprooZeproo28 gün önce
  • RAMBO is so badass he sleeps with a pillow under his machette!

    NabilNabil28 gün önce
  • well i think when i watched this trailer that the movie supposed to be about johny past not saving someone but still very good movie

    YoungSkylineYoungSkyline28 gün önce
  • Disgusting

    marko kraljevicmarko kraljevic29 gün önce
  • Im going to stream this movie on my channel for free i a couple of days. But im probably getting banned for that so please give me some support.

    N ON O29 gün önce
  • All time great . A TRUE MAN. A WARRIOR!.

    Toy PhotographyToy PhotographyAylar önce

    cutie evee 2cutie evee 2Aylar önce
  • You... uh..."working" again John?

    T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.Aylar önce
  • I didn't last 10 minutes. Slowly I lost the will to live, but luckily was able to delete the pirated torrent before it was too late -- save yourself, get out now.

    OnePalProductionsOnePalProductionsAylar önce
  • The gore looked very realistic in this movie.

    Jay CarolJay CarolAylar önce
  • It was "Home Alone" for racist gun-nuts.

    thura3thura3Aylar önce
    • Somewhat accurate, also I had trouble believing he was so dumb as the movie portrayed him to be

      Sam DeRenzisSam DeRenzis26 gün önce

    GRN juulhoodGRN juulhoodAylar önce
  • This movie is top class and in time will a classic , movies are all about what you think of them not what anyone else thinks so critics dont matter to me

    batmanbatmanAylar önce
  • Rambo: Home Alone

    boy Gabrielboy GabrielAylar önce
  • i thought this was really good

    kayla laskeykayla laskeyAylar önce
  • This man is a Legend

    The Witch Doctor OfficialThe Witch Doctor OfficialAylar önce
  • lol for some reason im surprised they finally used a song ive heard of for a half decet movie trailer

    qube playzqube playzAylar önce
  • Great, a movie the depicts Mexicans in a possitive way. And yes we are all like this.

    manuel mezamanuel mezaAylar önce
RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Sylvester Stallone, Action Movie HD