Raptors not named Kawhi Leonard will decide outcome of Game 5 - Michael Wilbon | SportsCenter

Michael Wilbon reflects on the Toronto Raptors' Game 4 win over the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals, highlighting the Raptors' ability to compensate for Kawhi Leonard's underwhelming performance. Wilbon predicts the Raptors' role players will have to continue to play well for them to win Game 5 on the road.
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  • Fred decided it.

    VaughnJogVlogVaughnJogVlogAylar önce
  • I remember all the idiots last week saying Bucks in 5 lmao

    shaiwnshaiwnAylar önce
  • let kawhi plays only 2 quarters and it'd be alright

    Alan KSAlan KSAylar önce
  • Lebron james will decide the game for raptors

    Nayr Richard OngNayr Richard OngAylar önce
  • Danny green drop 20

    K CrewK CrewAylar önce
  • “ NON STARS” excuse me

    StarbladeZ Rock'zStarbladeZ Rock'zAylar önce
  • Gamble and rest Kawhi game 5 . Look to win in 7 or 6 if they can pull off a big upset .

    Michael LeBretonMichael LeBretonAylar önce
  • Raptors should go all in Game 5 and try to steal one. Raptors have the mental edge.

    ALALAylar önce
  • Did anyone else have a stroke trying to understand the title? Or was it just me?

    Big Daddy MarkBig Daddy MarkAylar önce
  • Raptors gotta take game 5 just like how they took game 4.

    Ajayan Thirulingam ArunasalamAjayan Thirulingam ArunasalamAylar önce
  • If the Raptors play like this game 5; they will win the game and; ultimately, the series. They botched game 1; a game they should've won, and this series would've been 3-1 in favor of Toronto

    GreenFenrilGreenFenrilAylar önce
  • Somehow Skip gonna keep saying Kawhi quits on his team despite playing out there with clear injuries.

    ShaneShaneAylar önce
    • Bruh that's exactly what he said xD I'm fucking dead

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
  • The ref's put Toronto on the line so much this game was boring. Giannis was getting fouled all game and they weren't calling it. When a game is taking over by the ref's it's no longer fun to watch it

    Gemini FivetwentysevenGemini FivetwentysevenAylar önce
    • @Gregory Jarvis not. Even with Kawhi healthy y'all don't want no💨 with the warriors. Kyle Lowry is unreliable, and out of shape if he has to guard Curry he is going to get ran all over the court you see how that man moves without the ball Lowry is going to be gassed out there. Then Ibaka isn't a consistent scorer either and I know you dont think Gasol is going to do anything. That leaves Siakim and don't get me started on him.🤦and yall Betta tell Danny green to work on that shot cause he ain't been hitting them 3's like he suppose to

      Gemini FivetwentysevenGemini FivetwentysevenAylar önce
    • @Gemini Fivetwentyseven yall delusional, raps winning it all , the dynasty killer isn't even in his final form yet

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
    • @Gregory Jarvis don't matter neither one of these teams ain't beating the warriors anyway. And Toronto ain't getting pass Milwaukee😂

      Gemini FivetwentysevenGemini FivetwentysevenAylar önce
    • They had 1 less free throw this game and 10 more free throws in both game 1 and 2, what fucking sport are you watching

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
    • You sound worse than the 2016 raps complaining about the cavs

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
  • I give the Bucks the edge based purely on not allowing itself to become extinct by a meteor.

    1Stunna23231Stunna2323Aylar önce
    • But deer run into on-coming traffic and stand there looking to die lol

      Taylor LinTaylor LinAylar önce
  • Bucks should have won Game 3 in OT with Lowry/Powell out. Raptors had a win and likes the taste of buck blood. The pack is out on the hunt!

    Phil WPhil WAylar önce

    Phil WPhil WAylar önce
  • Game 5 is a MUST WIN for Bucks and not for the Raptors. This will put the Bucks under immense pressure. Hope Toronto's experience help them win the critical game 5.

    Arctic WandererArctic WandererAylar önce
  • These teams are fighting for 2nd place.. it’s obvious

    Offtopic KOfftopic KAylar önce
  • i think it'll be Bucks in 7 all of the raptors besides kawhi are scared of the moment, we saw it in Game 7 against the sixers: they just kept giving it to Kawhi and i think he'll just be too physically exhausted to do it in game 7 on the road but iono Giannis hasn't proven himself as yet and you can't expect the supporting cast to be clutch.

    matt.tmatt.tAylar önce
    • Yeahh Giannis looks scared as fuck of kawhi, the silent assassin about to dismantle this team as well. I'm sorry but the bucks are about to get smack the old fashioned way , pure will. Big respects to the bucks tho

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
    • @Luffy Dragneel you might be right but role players tend to play a lot better at home

      matt.tmatt.tAylar önce
    • matt.t but after game 4 bucks except middleton & giannis looks like losing their confidence and it will surely affect on game 5

      Luffy DragneelLuffy DragneelAylar önce
  • Raptors in 6 or 7

    Hector RodriguezHector RodriguezAylar önce
  • GSW will still be champs anyway

    Aejhaey Chester CisneroAejhaey Chester CisneroAylar önce
  • Thought the lightskin guy was drake for a second

    Jabari HarrisJabari HarrisAylar önce
  • Why is there a Canadian team in the NBA

    Nick HunterNick HunterAylar önce
    • @blackiechan52 Excuse me asshole? It was actually invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Fucking idiot. And that's not even my point. I was just wondering why a Canadian team is in an American sports league.

      Nick HunterNick HunterAylar önce
    • Canada invented basketball you ignorant unintelligent dildo.

      blackiechan52blackiechan52Aylar önce
    • You have to remember that Toronto is a massive market. The only cities that are bigger in North America are New York and L.A I believe

      Chris LemayChris LemayAylar önce

    ll cool jll cool jAylar önce
  • SAS said bucks would win games 4 and 5 to win the series. I wanna see what how loud ass has to say about my Raptors scoring 120 with kawhi only having 19. Don't overhype Bucks.

    RasenRendanRasenRendanAylar önce
  • the media was talking about the Bucks as if it was a foregone conclusion that they were going to the Finals after they won the first 2 games...smh fukin clowns they are..

    JohnnyJohnnyAylar önce
  • All the Media were saying GS is not beating Bucks without KD lol!!

    braiden45braiden45Aylar önce
  • Raptors wont beat GSW with Kawhi's injury getting worse. lol If anything, its gonna be bucks who has a chance because of the absence of KD and maybe Iggy?

    noah renivanoah renivaAylar önce
    • @Gemini Fivetwentyseven how's that ring working out for the Warriors hahahahahahaahhahahaahha

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescent15 gün önce
    • @ValentineCrescent yea watching the warriors win their fourth ring😂

      Gemini FivetwentysevenGemini FivetwentysevenAylar önce
    • @Gemini Fivetwentyseven oh sweet... you're about to witness shock like never before.

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescentAylar önce
    • Bucks or Raptor's don't stand a chance against the Warriors😂

      Gemini FivetwentysevenGemini FivetwentysevenAylar önce
    • incase you didn't notice, Bucks suck at defending against 3s... Curry is gonna be shooting 3s like its an arcade basketball game.

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescentAylar önce
  • Get em kawhi

    Roger RogerRoger RogerAylar önce
  • Been said raptors in 6

    CHiCo_GuWop _CHiCo_GuWop _Aylar önce
  • I would be impressed if the Raptors bench played like this throughout the whole playoffs but unfortunately they dont lol

    J MugenJ MugenAylar önce
    • Can't say they don't if it the future hasn't came

      The Human MontageThe Human MontageAylar önce
  • warriors more happy both teams wore each other out

    Book of shadows contributor BrianBook of shadows contributor BrianAylar önce
  • If Raptors go to Finals, Warriors are Champ! Bucks are underperforming LMAO

    Mike taerteMike taerteAylar önce
    • @Cedric Thorpe iguodala isnt injury. He and cousins will be back 100.. Durant is a 50/50

      Stephen CurryStephen CurryAylar önce
    • If bucks go to fiansl, warriors are champ too.. You talk about bucks can beat warriros hahaha lmao. Raptors had more chances than bucks

      Stephen CurryStephen CurryAylar önce
    • Warriors will be Champs regaurdless Iguadola Durant and possibly Cousins will be back.

      Cedric ThorpeCedric ThorpeAylar önce
  • hotbabejapan.com/55hIxZDE7Hm

    Dan SaguaroDan SaguaroAylar önce
  • Kawhi carried them when they were all scared to shoot in game 3. Hopefully his slight injury inspires them to carry their own load

    Danny WilkesDanny WilkesAylar önce
  • All these analysts already put the Bucks in the finals. Now they slowly gonna change their tunes soon.

    EMANeleVenElevEnEMANeleVenElevEnAylar önce
  • Not having homecourt advantage in the finals instead kinda.like having it if you plan on sweeping because you end at home on game 4

    Midnight NinjaMidnight NinjaAylar önce
  • lmfa off delusional buck fans said they want warriors and theyll gonna beat them. they cant even beat toronto 😂

    December 2016December 2016Aylar önce
    • Bucks could beat warriors with no Kd

      2 nifty2 niftyAylar önce
  • Eh I said the Raptors would win the series down 0-2 ..everyone said bucks would win.... now it's 2-2....Bucks are finished and you fools who think this is not scripted to happen are delusional considering after raptors won game 3.....the media was still pushing this "oh only the bucks can beat the warriors".. This is just programming for everyone to think Bucks and warriors is the finals number 1.....2..when the raptors get in everyone will be shocked . Of course I had this matchup predicted and documented in February and I stated the raptors would win.....Now all of a sudden they have Kyle lowry playing like he should be and the media and everyone else was saying game 1 was the only time he would score....here we are game 3 he's doing it again. You people are mindless drones .... regurgitating what stepheanie Smith said.

    WarriYahTruthWarriYahTruthAylar önce
    • @Gregory Jarvis look at the stupid fool. Predictable.

      WarriYahTruthWarriYahTruth29 gün önce
    • @Gregory Jarvis hey Imbecile you see all the headlines with "RAPTORS STUN EVERYONE”? You dumb fool that's just as I predicted. The media is just manipulating the minds of the sheep like you.

      WarriYahTruthWarriYahTruthAylar önce
    • @Gregory Jarvis you see Stephanie a Smith's recent video "Raptors and Kawhi have made us all look like idiots" exactly you're the Imbecile not me. So predictable

      WarriYahTruthWarriYahTruthAylar önce
    • @Gregory Jarvis Raptors are about to win you drone. You didn't have raptors down 0-2 either drone

      WarriYahTruthWarriYahTruthAylar önce
    • Nah what am I saying u people are insane

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
  • NBA analysts are all on Crack. A team loses and wins together, the fact that everyone seems to put the blame on everyone BUT Kawit if they lose yet give him ALL the credit if they win... 🤦‍♂️

    veerchasm1veerchasm1Aylar önce
    • Last night Shaq. ..supposedly an NBA analyst - on live TV said he didn't know Vanvleet or Powells names. The level of disrespect. ... it's the Eastern finals GAME 4 and one of the head analysts doesn't know the 8 man rotation. And somehow these are the 'experts' all picking Milwaukee to win...?

      PeloteroPeloteroAylar önce
    • Welcome to being a Raptors fan watching USA media. Common trend

      RasenRendanRasenRendanAylar önce
  • Disappointing effort from the Bucks in Game 4. Milwaukee needs to protect their home court, or TO is moving on in 6.

    Geoff ThompsonGeoff ThompsonAylar önce
  • Raptors will not win game 5 please

    Smoove TalkSmoove TalkAylar önce
    • @kingbanksss lmfaoo bruh, even the way this man says please, like yall gonna need your prayers after this series

      Gregory JarvisGregory JarvisAylar önce
    • @kingbanksss toronto will not win in milluake

      Smoove TalkSmoove TalkAylar önce
    • Hahaha u gonna be mad tomorrow then

      kingbankssskingbanksssAylar önce
  • The east plays more games than the west ...now gsw just waiting for the team that exhausted and beat them damn hate them

    bagas katonbagas katonAylar önce
  • Boys ain't deciding shit. Shonuff is the Ship that will drive or sink. The bench are the water.

    Drew Goddamn BreesDrew Goddamn BreesAylar önce
  • It should have been 3-1 Raptors. The first game was stolen from them. Raps were leading the whole game until the last 6 mins of the 4th.

    Tangina MohTangina MohAylar önce
    • The last 3 mins of the 4th

      Artisan WindchimesArtisan WindchimesAylar önce
    • Tangina Moh 3-1

      Tim TomTim TomAylar önce
  • Wrong Gasol brother! It's Mark!

    Monique FMonique FAylar önce
  • Raptors played as a team, everyone was playing smart tonight! Great defence, hustle and effort! They need to keep this type of play for every game now and Lowery should come out with this type of mentality every game and Raptors are good to go.

  • trvision.net/detail/video-U1RGYApU6ic.html

    calebcalebAylar önce
  • I just realized that Kawhi has had Pau and Marc as Teammates on different teams

    Quinton chapmanQuinton chapmanAylar önce
    • and both conference finals had brothers. Curry's and Gasols

      Friday SaturdayFriday SaturdayAylar önce
    • I think Jodie Meeks as well

      mr.whatadaymr.whatadayAylar önce
  • The Toronto bench stepping up.

    Ibraheem RaoIbraheem RaoAylar önce
  • Please look at kD and cousin is only one problem when you try to get something in life that really worth a lot BUT THE easy way is not one of them remember ball don't lie.

    Hatuey FanaHatuey FanaAylar önce
  • raptors will win 4 straight, skip bayless are thinking right now.

    jack Sparrowjack SparrowAylar önce
    • Don't Jinx it

      GOATGOATAylar önce
  • The realty is that gasol ibaka larry Leonard had earn through all the years of hard work now they chance to be came the NBA champ more then Golden State or Milwauke!!! And that is a fact.

    Hatuey FanaHatuey FanaAylar önce
    • santo tirador I think he meant Lowry

      Omar •Omar •Aylar önce
    • Who's larry???

      santo tiradorsanto tiradorAylar önce
  • It will have nothing to do with homecourt momentum whatsoever. Game 5 will be all mental. & Whether or not kawhi sat for 20mins and the rest of the starters including the bench showed up to tonight's game, it truly came down to basketball iQ. Milwaukee does not have experienced vets to step it up (only 3pt shooters) and that alone has me edging for Raptors in six.

    xvillianxvillianAylar önce
    • If Raptors can have the same 'kawhi is just another player on the team' mentality that they had last night then yeah they can keep their momentum and close it out on homecourt Game 6, otherwise I think Kawhi will have to come in clutch on Game 7 if this is a home court series.

      Explosive MayhemExplosive MayhemAylar önce
  • Kawhi is leaving

    llycib bikingllycib bikingAylar önce
  • It sounds like he said his bitch instead of his bed lol

    Vote4PedroVote4PedroAylar önce
  • Kawhi should start calling Skip “Number 1.4”

    LA HardBodyLA HardBodyAylar önce
    • He doesn't even know skiup

      santo tiradorsanto tiradorAylar önce
    • @E Miller III lmao XD good one

      Eric WangEric WangAylar önce
    • @Eric Wang Thats How many points skip averaged in college i think

      E Miller IIIE Miller IIIAylar önce
    • why 1.4

      Eric WangEric WangAylar önce
  • Without Kawhi able to play well these raptors destroyed Milwaukee... game 5 gonna be 🔥

    Charles T.Charles T.Aylar önce
    • And the bucks destroyed the Raptors when Leonard play great so what's your point??

      Rene AalyiahRene AalyiahAylar önce
  • Raps in four

    Robel TalksRobel TalksAylar önce
  • Vanfleet is a bum

    Intelligence InjectionIntelligence InjectionAylar önce
    • If he had better defense he'd be a great 6th man

      ReGardLeSsReGardLeSsAylar önce
  • raymond felton > kyle lowry

    JayInHisPrime_JayInHisPrime_Aylar önce
  • marc gasol has tobe the 2nd scoring option

    JayInHisPrime_JayInHisPrime_Aylar önce
  • sit kawhi for game 5 if they win then game 6 as well

    JayInHisPrime_JayInHisPrime_Aylar önce
    • @Taylor Lin agree with ya. His actions are speaking pretty loudly right now. Clearly playing hurt and not making any excuses or giving anything away. Its very admirable. As much as i want a Raptors win, I dont want the guy to sit out another season just as he's cementing his place as one of the two best players in the NBA.

      Jonathan MurrinJonathan MurrinAylar önce
    • @Jonathan Murrin Realistically speaking, Kawhi will probably ask to play even if the medical staff deem it a risk lol. Just depends on how many minutes he plays. I've noticed Powell can guard Giannis fairly well, as long as he gets help on the drive..maybe that's a factor.

      Taylor LinTaylor LinAylar önce
    • I was thinking the same thing. At this point in the series, do you take a chance on getting him some rest for a game in the hope that he's in much better shape for a definite game 6 (elimination game one way or anothet) and possible game 7? Or do you go for it with Kawhi playing at reduced efficiency. Lots of pressure on the medical staff, especially considering they must be on pins and needles hoping he doesnt do major damage in the process of playing hurt.

      Jonathan MurrinJonathan MurrinAylar önce
    • @Bert Razo ananoby hasnt played all series hes hurt

      kingbankssskingbanksssAylar önce
    • they need him for D or Giannis will eat them.

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescentAylar önce
  • 2:51 So to them, this series should be 3-1?

    Joshua DesautelsJoshua DesautelsAylar önce
  • title is confusing.

    Codename Crescent CentaurCodename Crescent CentaurAylar önce
  • Raps have grit i did not expect. Bench is the key. Rather see Raps vs Warriors... Blazers were not that good.

    • The Human Montage foh with ur warrior killer. U delusional fans are something else I Hope kawhi makes it and y’all see first hand who kills who.

      KarmaKarmaAylar önce
    • @Artin Isagulyan they would defend him the same way the Raptors are defending him. Defense by committee. It would be fun tonsee Giannis against the Warriors but Kawhi wpuld be harder for GS to defend than Giannis. Think the Raptors D would cause more problems for GS than Milwaukee. Raps fan here. Just enjoying a great series. Regardless of who goes through the Finals will be interesting.

      Jonathan MurrinJonathan MurrinAylar önce
    • Blazers fucking trash. Surprised they even made it this far. They're the worst team out of the 4 in the conference finals. Shit they're even worse than all the teams from the 2nd round. Nuggets, Philly, Boston and rockets all better than Portland

      Jay StylesJay StylesAylar önce
    • @Alex Jones Agree. Besides Houston, the Warriors really didn't have an elite defensive team like the Bucks and the Raptors. Portland had numerous defensive melt-downs and lost all leads they ever built because they couldn't defend. In Game 3 and 4, Draymond Green kept pushing the pace and caused so much confusion on Portland's defense. Plus, Lillard and McCollin are too undersized guards on the defensive end. Houston has excellent defense, but they are just undersized against the Warriors (ie. the number of offensive rebounds they gave away to the Warriors). I think either the Bucks and the Raptors will put up an excellent fight against the Warriors. And both team has home court advantage over the Warriors!

      Wey CoolWey CoolAylar önce
    • @Zach Boebel raps vs warriors is gonna b way more entertaining, bucks r to inexperienced

      Jaison DominicJaison DominicAylar önce
  • Where are all the big mouth Bucks fans talking smack about a sweep or 5Game series? 😅 Game 5 is now a MUST WIN for the Bucks, because if they lose it... Raps in 6 in the 6ix! This is the 1st time the Bucks are facing adversity all playoffs & 2 losses in a row... This one being a blowout. Raptors are a veteran team with tons of experience. They've seen it all this playoffs. Let's see what the Bucks are made of now.

    StilezStilezAylar önce
    • @Zach Boebel Maybe they haven't played a good game because the Raptors have lockdown defense. There's a reason why they were leading the playoffs with 98 OPA while the #2 team was 108 going into the conference finals.

      Taylor LinTaylor LinAylar önce
    • @Zach Boebel Lol you're dumb.

      PeloteroPeloteroAylar önce
    • @Zach Boebel lol and did Raptors play good games 1 and 2? No. Stop making excuses fan boy

      kingbankssskingbanksssAylar önce
    • @Zach Boebel you definitely didn't see comments after game two.

      RasenRendanRasenRendanAylar önce
    • @Zach Boebel so if they haven't played a good game yet and it's already been 4 games, then bucks just ain't a good team.

      xRuthlessxRuthlessAylar önce
  • I’ve been saying that. It’s all up to Lowry gasol and the bench. And Nurse need to play Lin a bit more. Fred ain’t doing shit until tonight

    David StephensDavid StephensAylar önce
    • @David Stephens McCaw is the guy I'd put out there.

    • frank abagnale jr your delusional. Lin could easily be the bette player if he got more minutes

      David StephensDavid StephensAylar önce
    • I don't think lin is a better player than Fred ,but fred been playing really bad, shouldn't you try someone else?

      frank abagnale jrfrank abagnale jrAylar önce
    • @David Stephens he hasn't been good for the raps since he got traded... And i don't know why. FVV is the guy who should provide more but Powell IMO is the key to the bench, keep giving him more minutes.

    • killerqueen2000 yeah he could. When he was not he hawks he provided them with a spark off the bench. Usually got them back into games and then the starting lineup would come back in and squander it. But he could still play. Ok the hawks and on Charlotte he played good

      David StephensDavid StephensAylar önce
  • That's a stupid fucking thing to say Kawhi Leonard will also decide the outcome what the fuck is the point of this

    kelemenokelemenoAylar önce
  • Dont people see it? the Raptors are gonna do what the Cavs did last year win the ECF against all odds Cavs were also down 2-0 (teams are 5-51 all time when down 2-0 in a CF) and were facing that and Bostons historic 37-0 record when up 2-0 in a series This will be a all home series until game 7 where i see Kawhi pulling it off like Lebron did last year in TD Garden tbh

    Refund HDRefund HDAylar önce
    • @carlos caponpon LMAO these Lebron names are killing me. Legay, haven't heard that one yet lmfao

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescentAylar önce
    • lebron?lefuck lefraud legay

      carlos caponponcarlos caponponAylar önce
    • @Bill 11 Rings Russell Shhh

      Last Of The StarmakersLast Of The StarmakersAylar önce
    • Refund HD yeah that the Celtics are now 37-1 when leading a series 2-0 in the ecf means that they can’t win it without me

      Bill 11 Rings RussellBill 11 Rings RussellAylar önce
    • Last Of The Starmakers he praised lebron btw how is that a W for u

      Bill 11 Rings RussellBill 11 Rings RussellAylar önce
  • I think Kawhi staying in Toronto. That man is running around *clearly* hobbled on his leg. If he was definitely gonna take off to the Clippers, I really don't think he would risk it by playing on it... especially knowing his future is set.

    DymezDymezAylar önce
    • @ValentineCrescent Did I say he would fake injuries? Read my comment more carefully next time

      Bob CharlieBob CharlieAylar önce
    • @Bob Charlie Yeah, Kawhi really gave it all in Game 3 and 4. He really wants to see the Raptors "make history" by advancing to the NBA Finals. If Kawhi was thinking of keeping himself "healthy" after the playoffs, he would have taken at least Game 4 off to get some much needed rest. But no, Kawhi gave it all in Game 4.

      Wey CoolWey CoolAylar önce
    • @Bob Charlie you think Kawhi would fake injuries? the man has a moral code. He's the most humble NBA star I've witnessed. Literally in his own zone, he only see the goal, does not give 2 shits about anything else.

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescentAylar önce
    • @Bob Charlie Not only that, we as Raptors fans (especially me) forget to realize is- Kawhi knows Masai is doing everything he can to build a winning team around him, the load management the organization has taken to ensure Kawhi recovers from injury adequately, and the comradery/ trust that Kawhi has had a chance to develop with his new teammates all year long is what is going to insure he stays long-term .

      Mackenzie MacdonaldMackenzie MacdonaldAylar önce
    • 1000% Correct. Whenever Toronto loses or wins people always mention that Kawhi is leaving and blah blah blah. PEople even said Kawhi would fake injuries just to have an excuse not to play in Toronto. Kawhi has shown A LOT of heart and dedication to the franchise. People treat him like an absolute god here. If Kawhi already made up his mind on leaving, he would of sat out game 3 after coming down weird after the dunk and gave up on his team. Did he? Absolutely not, he ended up playing almost an hour that game. Game 4 comes, Kawhi had a mediocre offensive game but the dude is soo disciplined on the defensive side it's crazy. He was on one leg the entire game and still managed to come up huge defensively. Kawhi is now my favourite player ever and am very honored to witness him play.

      Bob CharlieBob CharlieAylar önce
  • In Milwaukee beer pong is a part of the phys-ed curriculum in their public schools. As a matter of fact, the blood type for Bucks fans is Coors Light

    Aha m245Aha m245Aylar önce
    • People sure do love there piss water

      LuLing qiLuLing qiAylar önce
    • LUKE 416 this man is not from wisconsin lmao he didnt even name a beer made in wisconsin 😂

      Zach BoebelZach BoebelAylar önce
    • Yeah americans love that watered down beer , we drink real beer up here in canadia

      LUKE 416LUKE 416Aylar önce

    DeMarvelous DeChosenDeMarvelous DeChosenAylar önce
    • @sherwin poh how's that clapping working out for warriors LMAO

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescent15 gün önce
    • @sherwin poh Nah

      Jordan BJordan BAylar önce
    • inshAllah

      illest on the sceneillest on the sceneAylar önce
    • @Fev Ola at least they made the finals...

      GOATGOATAylar önce
    • @InSane and we will be ready for it. Bucks tough at home but not unbeatable

      RasenRendanRasenRendanAylar önce
  • This will be a all home series until game 7 where i see Kawhi pulling it off like Lebron did last year in TD Garden

    Refund HDRefund HDAylar önce
  • The warriors can make quick sport out of the bucks and raptors.

    Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOATTom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOATAylar önce
    • You must’ve forgotten when Kawhi was single handedly beating that Warrior ass until zaza injured him.

      LD A1LD A1Aylar önce
    • Chief the Milwaukee fans are the only ones that got ahead of themselves

      Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOATTom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOATAylar önce
    • @Chief Golden State get 10dayz rest. They gonna be rested. Draymond, Clay, n Steph already healthy. Anything from KD, Iggy, or Boogy is gonna be too much for either of from the East.

      All The Above RadioAll The Above RadioAylar önce
    • Don't get too ahead of yourself now.

      ChiefChiefAylar önce
    • Big Facts

      All The Above RadioAll The Above RadioAylar önce
  • let's be honest here, raptors deserved game 1 of this series. It should be 3-1 for the raptors going to milwaukee to close out

    izylordizylordAylar önce
    • @Jay Styles go raptors go!!

      izylordizylordAylar önce
    • @Don Avan go raptors go!

      izylordizylordAylar önce
    • @izylord so why u saying they deserved it if you're going to contradict yourself a comment later saying it doesnt matter?

      Jay StylesJay StylesAylar önce
    • So by your logic the bucks deserved to win game 3 cuz it was close?

      Zach BoebelZach BoebelAylar önce
    • Raptors deserved to lose gm1. You know why? Because they lost.

      Don AvanDon AvanAylar önce
  • ... you guys can't see that Kawhi has an injury on the leg . Maybe you never watched the last game.

    bib_miirobib_miiroAylar önce
  • Kawhi is a cool name

    Alazouf AlharbiAlazouf AlharbiAylar önce

      kirk mitchellkirk mitchellAylar önce
    • iT MEANS i LOVE YOU.

      kirk mitchellkirk mitchellAylar önce

      kirk mitchellkirk mitchellAylar önce
    • Not talking to you. Dr.phil. WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY AT ME ,ARE YOU GAY BY ANY CHANCE?

      kirk mitchellkirk mitchellAylar önce
  • What is this title? I felt fucking dyslexic

    Ti NationTi NationAylar önce
  • Watch skip discredit kawhi performance tomorrow because of hatred

    LeeTravius MckayLeeTravius MckayAylar önce
    • LeeTravius Mckay is that the guy who thought mcgregor would beat floyd mayweather in a boxing match?

      Samuel WallaceSamuel WallaceAylar önce
    • @Tim Tom yep he is: trvision.net/detail/video-TP1-MZxjaBg.html

      jakep1979jakep1979Aylar önce
    • jakep1979 all he’s doing is making himself look stupid

      Tim TomTim TomAylar önce
    • He already did. Check his twitter.

      jakep1979jakep1979Aylar önce
    • Who gives a fuck

      BigChubbzBigChubbzAylar önce
  • I don’t understand the title.

    Michie ObeyaMichie ObeyaAylar önce
    • Kevin R thx

      Michie ObeyaMichie ObeyaAylar önce
    • Michie Obeya basically saying that raptors referring to the raptors players/bench other than Kawhi Leonard will have to show up game 5 to win

      Kevin RKevin RAylar önce
    • Same here. Bet they'll change the title soon.

      Mr SeriousMr SeriousAylar önce
  • Bucks in 6

    Meem MemesMeem MemesAylar önce
    • @Meem Memes "Cheating for the Raptors" LOOL

      Bob CharlieBob CharlieAylar önce
    • Meem Meeks siakam and Lowry have been in foul trouble this whole series . Stop nobody is favoring anybody . Toronto is a whole different county so if the nba was to favor anybody it would be the bucks

      David RobinsonDavid RobinsonAylar önce
    • Meem Memes they ain’t winning in Toronto it’s bucks in 7 or raptors in 6

      Bill 11 Rings RussellBill 11 Rings RussellAylar önce
    • Meem Memes Stop being delusional yk damn well they ain’t beating the warriors anyway

      Do i know you?Do i know you?Aylar önce
    • @Qu Huangzhuo W

      Mr SeriousMr SeriousAylar önce
  • Raptors can win this series

    FPFPAylar önce
    • Raps in 6... It's over tomorrow lol

      Jay GeorgeJay GeorgeAylar önce
    • They beat them in playoff 14-15;15-16; raptors match bucks very well

      Mars ChannelMars ChannelAylar önce
    • @EDawg 75 u mad?

      carlos florescarlos floresAylar önce
    • It depends how the raptors bench play

      Victor PeraltaVictor PeraltaAylar önce
    • @Fatherless Freddy wtf you mad he dint even say anything

      mohammed Abdi Osmanmohammed Abdi OsmanAylar önce
  • "Number 2 only scored 19 points in game 4" skip tomorrow morning

    LeeTravius MckayLeeTravius MckayAylar önce
    • Kawhi Leonard Because he’s a opportunist and is desperately trying to find a new person to latch onto to extend his career.

      Karim CKarim CAylar önce
    • Tristan Wright not raptors but kawhi

      ElChaapoElChaapoAylar önce
    • He hating ass mf

      Fredrick WilliamsFredrick WilliamsAylar önce

      Joseph Kony - child kidnapper WarLord ProphetJoseph Kony - child kidnapper WarLord ProphetAylar önce
  • Kawhi > Giannis.

    j0epark1j0epark1Aylar önce
    • Kawhi is a better player not Giannis

      Da TruthDa TruthAylar önce
    • @kevin burat KAWHI>>>>>KD>>>>GIANNIS

      Fam ComFam ComAylar önce

      Joseph Kony - child kidnapper WarLord ProphetJoseph Kony - child kidnapper WarLord ProphetAylar önce
    • @Chrome Firefox the fuck are you talking about

      Lil GoatLil GoatAylar önce
    • @kevin burat - KD < KL. KL= Giannis+KD+Lechoke. That's a better equation, tanga.

      Tangina MohTangina MohAylar önce
  • I'm from Wisconsin and I swear I never met a bucks fan before 2019 and now fans up here acting like they the Packers or badgers

    DARK WARDARK WARAylar önce
    • @TheBkdotI don't even know what that means. No, the Bucks fans, the season ticket holders are from the counties surrounding Milwaukee for the most part. And I don't even know WTF you're talking about the "majority of not cool cats."

      Kyle SnyderKyle Snyder17 gün önce
    • @DARK WARYeah, teams take it harder when their teams are competitive and they lose big games more than when they're a mediocre team competing for a 7th/8th seed like the Bucks were for the most part since Karl broke up the big 3 and traded our last franchise type player out for a PG who didn't want to play here and who was an upcoming FA. You sound like a kid who's pretty clueless and self-righteous..not to mentin lacking in common sense. Acting shocked that people are more invested when their team is competitive and the stakes are higher. Also, pretty sure you're just full of shit.

      Kyle SnyderKyle Snyder17 gün önce
    • @Fresh CWhat a douche bag type comment. Fitting for someone calling themselves "fresh C."

      Kyle SnyderKyle Snyder17 gün önce
    • ​@DARK WAR Like I said then, you've had your head up your ass. Season tickets since Jack Sikma was on the team.

      Kyle SnyderKyle Snyder17 gün önce
    • Even when ray allen played tho

      xvillianxvillianAylar önce
  • Raptors bench has to step up in game 5 like they did tonight

    LeeTravius MckayLeeTravius MckayAylar önce
    • Ibaka and Norm will. If Fred does we got this

      A. KalantarA. KalantarAylar önce
    • When people doubt the Raptors, that is when they show up.

      GOATGOATAylar önce
    • @InSane um 1 of those games raps should have won, plus till this point the bucks haven't really been tested they lost 2 games in a row. Raps comin off a game 7 dog fight wit the 6ers n on top of that raps have a far more experienced team than the bucks, let's jus see how the bucks play under pressure

      Jaison DominicJaison DominicAylar önce
    • @Jaison Dominic Raps dont have the momentum because they are coming back to a court they already lost twice on. They know it's going to be a war. Like I said their going to make adjustments to get the mismatch for Giannis. Kawhi is hurt and playing less minutes. If raptors bench didn't step up last night it would have been a completely different game with kawhi only having 19 points and their going to stop Powell and Gasol from getting open looks. You'll see.

      InSaneInSaneAylar önce
    • @InSane nah if anything the raps have momentum, plus they have experience, players who can make plays when needed the bucks looks shook to me if I'm being honest. Putting Kawhi on giannis jus gives us the defensive lift, but now that the rest of the players r stepping up for the raps it's a battle now

      Jaison DominicJaison DominicAylar önce
  • Yes...number 2 viewer 😂

    Martin HumphreysMartin HumphreysAylar önce
  • Raptors gonna win it all

    Liam RichardsLiam RichardsAylar önce
    • @Sohail N Kawhi's leg is bothering him he's not 100%. If KD comes back he's gonna be the T-rex to the Raptors.

      ValentineCrescentValentineCrescentAylar önce
    • heardi If Golden State doesn’t have Kevin Durant. Raptors will win in 5 lol

      Sohail NSohail NAylar önce
    • lol gs gonna sweep them

      heardiheardiAylar önce
    • Not in Milwaukee

      Magic ManMagic ManAylar önce
    • Let's not get swept up in the moment! 😏

      Kohene MooreKohene MooreAylar önce
Raptors not named Kawhi Leonard will decide outcome of Game 5 - Michael Wilbon | SportsCenter