Rasheed Wallace's career-long crusade against NBA referees was a beef of principle

Rasheed Wallace may have been extremely difficult (and annoying) for NBA referees to officiate, yet it would be insufficient to leave it at that. Wallace overreacted sometimes and complained plenty, but he wasn't merely a whiner.
Fair or not, Sheed detected, and sought to call out, bias among the NBA's refs. He's far from the only person to suggest that refs get emotional, play favorites, or bring ulterior motives to the court. He is, however, one of the players to make that point on the court. He made it consistently and boldly, and in a way that drew extra ire from the very refs he accused of targeting him.
In short, this was a crusade that turned a typically-tense relationship into outright beef. While he played, it was Sheed vs. Basically Every Ref. And even in retirement, Wallace is not done fighting that battle.
Edited by Ryan Simmons
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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    • Give us a heads up on ch name .... little prep Ya know ?

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    • @Secret Base great job not letting clara and that awful voice (and unfunny personality) ruin this video. 👍🤝🤷‍♀️

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    • Do Ohio state Michigan

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    • hey guys can u pls do a rewinder on andy daltons TD pass to tyler boyd that ended the bills playoff drought? luv ur videos keep it up

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    • Do Iverson vs NBA Beef next

      Mark MomohMark MomohAylar önce
  • Shits been exposed for years. Dude went to prison for point shaving games, was betting on games he wasn’t ref’n, and always won. The nba was, maybe still is, fixed.

    wade wilsonwade wilson4 saatler önce
  • Man if I have one positive thing to say about 2k20 it really nailed the realism with how shitty and one sided referee's are.

    crimsonking440crimsonking440Gün önce
  • Nah when he got swiped from Horry and then threw it down and got the call then complained 🤣 that’s a baddd man

    Chris NovaChris Nova4 gün önce
  • Sheed ain’t wrong

    TheTower51TheTower514 gün önce
  • They really brought race into this...

    Grey BestGrey Best5 gün önce
  • There needs to be a way for refs to get in trouble for obviously fixing or at least calling games one way or another.

    Aaron RhodesAaron Rhodes6 gün önce
  • Rasheed was absolutely right. The Refs openly decide games and everyone knows it. Donaghy is "an isolated case", my ass!

    RKB74RKB747 gün önce
  • over 1k tech fouls... epic

    Jesse RossJesse Ross7 gün önce
  • Sad but true that the NBA refs are not fair. They have a team favorites specially the top seeded teams.

    redskitterredskitter9 gün önce
  • 14:40 so funny

    pako pepe fdezpako pepe fdez12 gün önce
  • Wallace is like these rioters who commit crimes and complain the police are harassing them. Maybe try not being a criminal?

    WillJM81280WillJM8128013 gün önce
  • Legend? The hell are you smoking? He was a tyrannical 6-year old in an inbred-looking overgrown body.

    WillJM81280WillJM8128013 gün önce
  • It's ugly ass Bill Walton

    Juan DávalosJuan Dávalos14 gün önce
  • 8 years later and all Sheed is saying is true..

    Don Lee.Don Lee.14 gün önce
  • He reminds me of me. Didn't matter which sport it was, I always had something to say to the refs when I was a kid.

    Tiger58Tiger5815 gün önce
  • Masters this how you do it dads salt inducing humble ritual

    CjCj15 gün önce
  • Up there with Chuck for one of the funniest NBA players

    YodaYoda15 gün önce
  • It funny how poet cling to the idea of their officiating crew being “unbiased” when they’re just as human as the players they’re calling fouls against. It’s especially funny because so many refs are shitty 😂 AND a lot of them have thin skin and huge rabbit ears (baseball anyone?).

    Chellz MChellz M16 gün önce
  • Rasheed Wallace taught demarcus cousins how to lead in techs

    gulag mastergulag master16 gün önce
  • Garretson was right about one thing - that call/ejection was whack

    Edgemaster72Edgemaster7217 gün önce
  • I wish Wallace would play today, specifically against Harden who gets the most bs whistles I've ever seen.

    Blaze EscamillaBlaze Escamilla18 gün önce
  • You should do a viedo on steve javvy

    Paul CooverPaul Coover18 gün önce
  • I want a EDP445 and the eagles beef history

    cHaNcEcHaNcE18 gün önce
  • If you want to know the truth, just ask yourself this one question. Does Rasheed Wallace seem like a cheater to you???

    E PrinceE Prince19 gün önce
  • Refs have been many times proven to singlehandedly be responsible for changing the course of whole series man, it sucks.

    Juan TorresJuan Torres19 gün önce
  • I just want to know how a study finds the refs are biased based on race ? I mean the NBA is 99% black players and the NBA refs are 99% white. You can not do an accurate study based on calls and race when there is such a disparaging factor both ways....stop with the racial BS already.....

    gator nationgator nation19 gün önce
  • No one: Sheed: BALL DONT LIE

    Blue Spice SpaceBlue Spice Space20 gün önce
  • Nothing ever changes, to this day the lakers and lebron still get an unfair advantage with the refs.

    _Penguins_Penguins20 gün önce
  • Think of rashed Wallace and Chris Webber .... donaghy and refs practically cheated these men out of being the mega stars they should have been and missing out on rings for people like Kobe an LeBron

    Gavin PorterGavin Porter20 gün önce
  • Rashed is 100% correct the nba does cheat and forces game 7 in series

    Gavin PorterGavin Porter20 gün önce
  • 41 techs in 77 games 7 ejections 😂😂😂😂

    Ant DavisAnt Davis21 gün önce
  • Did these guys really say that "ball don't lie" was a "new" phrase in 2005? Clearly, you guys didn't play basketball growing up.

    Gregory RichardsonGregory Richardson21 gün önce
  • 'Sheed was one of my favorite players. There were two things 'Sheed was really good at. Arguing with referees and perpetually messing with Dwight Howard.

    Todd SandsTodd Sands21 gün önce
  • Wallace is the NBA equivalent of BLM. Sometimes he has a point but mostly he's just trying to stirr the pot not knowing when to shut up

    A Wet TowelA Wet Towel22 gün önce
  • I'm on the ref's side for throwing him out for staring. Staring repeatedly after being warned three times to stop is scaring.

    Joe CookJoe Cook22 gün önce
  • The basketball gods have been the refs this whole time 😂😂

    Pablo SaucedoPablo Saucedo23 gün önce
  • 'Sheed looks just like Proof from D12

    ILL Musky HunterILL Musky Hunter26 gün önce
  • Rasheeda Wallace, lol. Dude was hated in the Bay Area back in the day when he got into it with E-40, lol.

    phillip martinphillip martin26 gün önce
    • lol wait...like the rapper?

      mannymanny19 gün önce
  • Sheed was right.

    Casey Curran ComedyCasey Curran Comedy26 gün önce
  • Rasheed is probably the most honest player in the league.

    neo Aliensneo Aliens26 gün önce
  • Rasheed got so much bullshit from fans and commentators, but he was right. The refs have always been inconsistent and biased.

    Cagon415Cagon41527 gün önce
  • Isolated my ass he wasn't the only ref fixing games. Why else would you go so far as to put his book under lock and key

    OfficialJumpman24OfficialJumpman2427 gün önce
  • This reminds me of when Roger Clemens got thrown out of the ALCS in Oakland for staring.

    C RC R27 gün önce
  • Ball dont lie

    CampionCampion27 gün önce
  • Who remembers bonzie wells? What defensive wizard.

    MegaJdizzle27MegaJdizzle2727 gün önce
  • all those years, i would love to keep him in my roster for any of my nba games but I never find him!!! He is a very annoying person but is the great "player"!

    Kim DkKim Dk27 gün önce
  • One of the most underrated players ever! #BallDontLie

    Fast-Lane JonesFast-Lane Jones27 gün önce
  • He was a great player but a dumbass. Why stare at the refs like that? Stare at anyone like that on the street and a fights happening. Why anyone thinks that’s ok cuz it’s a ref is insane to me

    ElRifle24 24ElRifle24 2427 gün önce
  • i was very nearly named after him

    Joshua CollinsJoshua Collins28 gün önce
  • When I watch NBA games, no matter the team, I try to call out ref’s BS all the time. I look crazy to my friends, but I still believe to be right. Refs are biased against certain players and hone in on their movements, actions, and language. Rasheed reminds me a lot of Draymond Green nowadays. The refs absolutely hate him lol

    Hypocrite Troll BotHypocrite Troll Bot28 gün önce
  • NBA Refs are most crooked of all sports.

    GreaterGood510GreaterGood51028 gün önce
  • Ball dont lie!

    NicholasNicholas28 gün önce
  • Ball don't lie

    Domnique BretonDomnique Breton29 gün önce

    James WooJames Woo29 gün önce
  • This guy is so much better than the other person that does the beefs videos

    Connor McKeenConnor McKeen29 gün önce
  • Them Blazers' font was used as the theme for this...Brilliant!

    jdgayaresjdgayares29 gün önce
  • . "This beef was a crusade."-- Jewish man, unironically

    I.A.I.A.Aylar önce
  • A NBA legend that’s funny

    Shehab AhamedShehab AhamedAylar önce
  • 37ft to 16 total rig job

    Wes KentnerWes KentnerAylar önce
  • Nobody: Rasheed Wallace: No Beef with players

    Joe WhylerJoe WhylerAylar önce
  • Favorite player of all time. Tar Heel nation.

    2004 ALCS2004 ALCSAylar önce
  • imagine if Rasheed become a referee after retirement

    cheng lincheng linAylar önce
  • One of my all time favorites

    Harry NicholesHarry NicholesAylar önce
  • He was part one of three series that I know for a fact was fixed, 2000 Western conference finals and the 2020 Western Conference Finals. Whenever Kobe and Shaq ran up against better teams the refs bailed them out, it was real shameful to watch. Shaq should have 1 ring because in 2006 they did it again with the Mavs /Heat when the refs made Dwade into MJ junior.

    jihod1jihod1Aylar önce
  • rasheed really the goat

    Dharambir KhalsaDharambir KhalsaAylar önce
  • I hope Rasheed Wallace gets his fine money back.

    ———————————-———————————-Aylar önce
  • Bro the refs always do this they did to rasheed most of his carrer and to the raptors they hate canada

    Antonio OrtizAntonio OrtizAylar önce
  • To blame fouls on blacks more than whites in a league thats mostly blacks is funny.

    Mr. POPOMr. POPOAylar önce
  • 6:57 you missed the funniest part sheed said, “It’s ugly ass Bill Walton”

    Jackson FloydJackson FloydAylar önce
Rasheed Wallace's career-long crusade against NBA referees was a beef of principle