Razer Phone 2 - Can Razer Survive a Razor?

Make your Phone unique with dbrand: dbrand.com/thanos huge thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video! The Razer Phone 2 is ready to be Tested. Brand new, right out of the box, the newest flagship from Razer is on my desk. With its beautiful light up logo, and crispy 120hz display... will the Razer 2 be able to withstand my durability test? First we start by scratching the screen of the Razer phone 2, its 120hz IPS display is covered with gorilla glass 5. Then we'll see what the body of the Razer phone is made from with my own Razor.
How durable is the Razer Phone 2? The bend test will reveal how structurally sound the construction of the device is.
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Razer Phone 2 - Can Razer Survive a Razor?