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Great summary from the Spongebob Wiki (
A depressed Plankton wakes up and goes to the Krusty Krab one morning without a plan to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, telling Karen that he will "wing it", not knowing what he might get himself into. When he goes inside, he slips on the floor where SpongeBob just mopped and is ridiculed by Mr. Krabs. Two customers observing the incident comment that there should've be a wet floor sign and that they would sue Krabs for everything he possesses if that happened to them, including the Krabby Patty secret formula. Plankton then pretends to be badly injured and, after paramedics come and pick him up, Plankton threatens to sue Mr. Krabs unless he gives him the formula, but Mr. Krabs angrily refuses.
Fearing that he will lose the case, Mr. Krabs hires a lawyer named Richard A. Bottomfeeder, who tells him that he will not charge him anything unless they win and that they will counter-sue Plankton for everything he owns. Later, in Mr. Krabs' office, SpongeBob wants to read his testimony speech to Mr. Krabs. However, Mr. Krabs declines SpongeBob's testimony and tells him that he could be more of a liability than an asset. Unfortunately, as they prepare to leave for the court hearing, Richard slips and falls, breaking his back. He gives SpongeBob his briefcase, saying that they only need what's inside the briefcase to win the case. SpongeBob takes Richard's suit and arrives late to the trial, dubbing himself "SpongeBob LawyerPants" to Judge Stickleback.
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I get asked a lot about whether being a practicing attorney is like being a lawyer on TV. I love watching legal movies and courtroom dramas. It's one of the reasons I decided to become a lawyer. But sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out because they are ridiculous.
Today I'm taking a break from representing clients and teaching law students how to kick ass in law school to take on lawyers in the movies and on TV. While all legal movies and shows take dramatic license to make things more interesting (nobody wants to see hundreds of hours of brief writing), many of them have a grain of truth.
This is part of a continuing series of "Lawyer Reaction" videos. Got a legal movie or TV show you'd like me to critique? Let me know in the comments!
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    LegalEagleLegalEagle25 gün önce
    • What if I Make a booby trap but I also put up a sign that trespassers will be shot? Does the booby trap then fall under the whole self defence/stand your ground thing in the US? (I realise this varies from state to state.)

      anomonyousanomonyous4 saatler önce
    • Hey legal eagle, I have a question about the lawyer fees at 7:00. A few years ago my dad was getting sued for property that he owned. We ended up getting a lawyer and they took care of the issue but it took about two years. The whole time my dad asked him how much will he owe him and the lawyer said don't worry about it. We ended up winning and the title company should have been paying the cost? In the end the lawyer wanted more money like about 12,000$. Is this even right?

      Dark at HeartsDark at Hearts8 gün önce
    • LegalEagle Can I just say one Thing.... NERD 😂😂LOL Kidding great Video BTW Bro

      Jason KeaneJason Keane11 gün önce
    • 13:05 You forgot to point out that water is NOT a "viscous" fluid.

      Rick O'ShayRick O'Shay14 gün önce
    • Eugene Krabs DOES have a counter-suit case; Sheldon Plankton had business being in the store in the first place.

      Rick O'ShayRick O'Shay14 gün önce
  • 0:17 A combination of words I never thought I would hear.

    SigmaTVSigmaTV35 dakika önce
  • Didnt knew it would take a lawyer to ruin spongebob

    Kh4zyKh4zySaatler önce
  • California as usual is trashy

    RyanRyanSaatler önce
  • why would the lead counsel of a billion dollar case be wind surfing on the eve of trial?

    RubberRubber2 saatler önce
  • Great Vid! Hey, TierZoo!

    Justin BaxterJustin Baxter2 saatler önce
  • Lawyers are not bottom feeders... takes 35-50% of claim... great system we have where those entitled to money get ripped off by sharks.

    Troll MeBroTroll MeBro2 saatler önce
  • Objection: fresh water and sea salt water cant mix so fresh water sinks thus there are fresh water lakes and rivers in the ocean. More of a fun fact.

    Jordan DavisJordan Davis4 saatler önce
  • Plankton and Krabs have serious lust issues. If anything were to happen to them hopefully they have a trusted friend to delete their internet search history. I'm talking naked dollar bills and dirty Krabby patties

    UnwaveringBackBoneUnwaveringBackBone6 saatler önce
  • This is like doctor mike

    Drastic DoodlesDrastic Doodles10 saatler önce
  • California's Is the worst state they protect criminals punishes personal freedom

    Perry2186Perry218611 saatler önce
  • You make a good point an that is that you can use emotional arguments in court even though these represent a logical fallacy (argumentum ad passiones) and in the case of these types of arguments I feel a jury would be more susceptible to them than a judge so I kinda don't like the idea of a jury for that reason.

    Matthew Talbot-PaineMatthew Talbot-Paine11 saatler önce
  • Can you review Silicon Valley's second season finale binding arbitration?

    Max Bow-ArrowMax Bow-Arrow13 saatler önce
  • Isn't it also illegal to knowingly destroy or deface currency? 16:12

    Dark StrangerDark Stranger14 saatler önce
  • “Hey if we’re underwater, how can there be a-“

    ELOCHCAMELOCHCAM14 saatler önce
  • I still dont understand anything in this video after rewatching it 5 times

    Hannah and gavin's channelHannah and gavin's channel15 saatler önce
  • Jake is that you?!?!

    KazzFliksKazzFliks18 saatler önce
  • Real Lawyer Reacts to "Legally Blonde" case in the climax could be cool. That or "Liar Liar".

    OtakumichibiOtakumichibi21 saatler önce
  • when law school comes to you

    Obsessive GamerObsessive Gamer22 saatler önce
  • How did SpongeBob finally open the brief case?

    Chris MontgomeryChris MontgomeryGün önce
  • Expert opinion; there is underwater water that is so salty it separates and runs like rivers and lakes. Also it could be oil.

    WaterWaterGün önce
  • This guy is literally what i picture when i think handsome lawyer.

    Cap Doing ThingsCap Doing ThingsGün önce
  • WTF !!! You are in the ocean !!! Water is every where !!!

    huyget lihuyget liGün önce

    Kushiro CarjisKushiro CarjisGün önce
  • Plankton: “Wait, can I sue for the secret formula?” Patron: “Yes.” Plankton: (Far Cry 2 recovery animations reversed)

    Reyn TimeReyn TimeGün önce
  • This video was taken down by Viacom by copyright claims.

    Cindle BrooksCindle BrooksGün önce
  • next time The case of The UNIVERSE against Ben Tennyson

    Slimer44 ProduccionesSlimer44 ProduccionesGün önce
  • TierZooo! The most creative channel on TRvision :D

    SzczypiorSzczypiorGün önce
  • I guess the bottom line is that Spongebob might've done better if he'd actually gone to lawschool XD

    KendrixTerminaKendrixTerminaGün önce
  • Pretty sure spongebob is on drugs

    Brenda FernandezBrenda FernandezGün önce
  • He looks like a mix of Ryan Reynolds and Paul Rudd

    Golden PearlGolden PearlGün önce
  • React to legally blonde

    Kieran RobertsonKieran RobertsonGün önce
  • Objection!! Plankton cannot ask about the wet floor sign. Without proper warning that he was going to do so. You said it yourself. You cant just use stuff against people without them knowing you are going to use it.

    DutchDevilXLDutchDevilXLGün önce
  • Plankton was clearly trespassing for reasons specific entirely to him. He's been thrown out of the Krusty Krab repeatedly and so he's presumably been ordered not to return there. Even if it's a restaurant open to the public it's not open to people who have been thrown out.

    MonsucoMonsucoGün önce
  • Objection: plankton was just a costomer and even if he went in the krusty krab to get a obtain a Krabby Patty he would still be a coustomer

    Gene FretwellGene FretwellGün önce
    • plankton just wanted to get a crabby patty that is the whole reason he went in the store he could have been going in with the intention of buying one

      Gene FretwellGene Fretwell12 saatler önce
    • Technically no. If you go into a store with intention of shoplifting your not a coustomer

      Random ThingsRandom Things14 saatler önce
  • the tier zoo cross over is something i never knew i wanted

    Dennis GarciaDennis GarciaGün önce
  • You need to react to the Trial of Tim Heidecker!

    What Zit TooyaWhat Zit TooyaGün önce
  • Addendum: The basic recipe for cola can be accomplished with honey, lime juice, cilantro and carbonated water. Coca-Cola makes a big to-do about their recipe, but the building blocks can easily be accomplished by anyone with a seventh-grade chemistry education.

    The Fightin' HobbitThe Fightin' HobbitGün önce
  • What kind of lawyer are you? Or I guess your specialty?

    ChildsPlaySCChildsPlaySC2 gün önce
  • cannot believe a lawyer and spongebob is taking place at the same time. mind blown.

    zehao chengzehao cheng2 gün önce
  • I love tierzoo so much

    Zane DuFourZane DuFour2 gün önce
  • 2:37 I've always loved the combination of humor and logic. 6:33 Objection! He never said he was *a* bottomfeeder. 9:20 I watched so many videos about that, including the interview you did with Mr. Wisner! :-)

    Bert VisscherBert Visscher2 gün önce
  • 2:37 I've always loved the combination of humor and logic. 6:33 Objection! He never said he was *a* bottomfeeder. 9:20 I watched so many videos about that, including the interview you did with Mr. Wisner! :-)

    Bert VisscherBert Visscher2 gün önce
  • Objection Their under ocion the flour IS always wet

    Yass IneYass Ine2 gün önce
  • "Oh the pain" "I can't feel my arms and legs" Which is it, Plankton? WHICH IS IT.

    Vito CVito C2 gün önce
  • I kind of thought this was going to be a cool video but it was actually just really boring lawyer stuff I don't understand

    Shiny Waabaafet27Shiny Waabaafet272 gün önce
  • Objection: Badgering the Witness...I guess @ 18:30 ? That being said, Mr. Krabbs could've tried to have Plankton banned from the store (easy enough) and avoided all of the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote-esque antics that go on as a consequence of Plankton just being allowed to wander in whenever he wants for the sole purpose of theft. This all assumes that they even have these laws (or similar ones). "Bikini Bottom" is based off of Bikini Attoll, which is a real place, in the Pacific Ocean, NE of Australia. So I guess the laws of the Marshall Islands apply to them?

    Unseemly TagUnseemly Tag3 gün önce
  • For the next cartoon reaction, can you do the episode where Billy and Mandy are fighting for ownership of Grim?

    MrSonicHedgehogMrSonicHedgehog3 gün önce
  • Well the creator was a marine biologist.

    Stevies_RemoteStevies_Remote3 gün önce
  • Water puddle underwater Objection! On what grounds? This is a cartoon so some inconsistencies are acceptable.

    Uchiha FabioUchiha Fabio3 gün önce
  • Watching this a few times. I just realized something. The lawyer in this episode, despite the "Bottomfeeder" joke. Is actually doing his job properly. 1. Doesn't charge unless they win. 2. Counter-sue "Is a real thing" 3. Knows not to call Spongebob as a witness. The only downside to him, is that he injures himself before the case, which actually is stated to happen in real life. He doesn't even turn heel and try to sue crabs, despite actually being injured. The only real swipe at lawyers via the lawyer character is the "Bottomfeeder" name. But come on "SPONGEbob" "Mr. KRABS" "SQUIDward" "Patrick STAR". I think it's literally plausible his real name is "Bottomfeeder" given all the other people who are named after their species. Quite a positive portrayal of lawyers for a kids show.

    SW-81SW-813 gün önce
  • "Lawyers arent bottomfeeders" What about Rudy Giuliani?

    ATMOSK1234ATMOSK12343 gün önce
  • When I worked at McDonald's, we put wet floor signs out 24/7 so nobody would have an excuse if somebody spilled a drink we didn't know about.

    AbigailLilacAbigailLilac3 gün önce
  • Unauthorised practice of law... Are you still able to defend yourself if you are not a lawyer? I know it is, like, the dumbest idea ever, especially since you are always appointed one in criminal trial, but aren't you still able to do it?

    CalveeThe FluffyEeveeCalveeThe FluffyEevee3 gün önce
  • All this video did was make me hate California even more

    JMD ProductionsJMD Productions3 gün önce
  • Objection! Water can have different density depending on level of salt in the water. Underwater lakes are a thing and they are called brine Lakes

    Jim BlackfordJim Blackford3 gün önce
  • You know there is a game called Toontown where they analyze people like lawyers and give them fun names like spin doctors, ambulance chasers, and like your TRvision channel legal eagles might want to check it out.

    master08ccrmaster08ccr3 gün önce
  • Objection! ....A wet floor sign, underwater? Seems redundant.

    FF3 gün önce
  • This was great! But you should have done an analysis on Mr. Krabs's rather lax attitude towards labor laws...

    LadyClassicalLadyClassical3 gün önce
  • The creator of SpongeBob Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biologist, so he knows what he was doing with characters

    Reaon KaufmanReaon Kaufman3 gün önce
  • I guess Plankton studied law when he went to college.

    BlueMageDannyBlueMageDanny3 gün önce
  • Objection, Plankton should have faced consequences under the law of perjury! He lied about his injuries and even in civil cases, no one is allowed to lie under oath.

    Misty PhantomMisty Phantom3 gün önce
  • Thought you can only get nominal damages for intentional torts

    SassyP17SassyP173 gün önce
  • Loved the cameo from tierzoo, nice add. Would love to hear your thoughts on best law show theme song, the people's court theme is pretty badass

    James BakerJames Baker4 gün önce
  • How to think like a lawyer. Imagine being able to swallow a camel whole, while simultaneously having the ability to choke on a gnat. And there ya have it.

    TheHornedOne81TheHornedOne814 gün önce
  • as always California just floors me. You can bet your ass I have an objection to that. No trespasser on my property deserves the same common courtesy I show everyone else. Respect only those that respect you and someone trespassing on my property obviously has no respect for me. henceforth I owe them nothing and they can get my worst.

    allen crownallen crown4 gün önce
  • I wonder if law students watch these in order to learn? i know i would gain more.

    BeelzebubBeelzebub4 gün önce
  • If you’re still doing TV law sequences, might I suggest the lawsuit against Liberty High School from Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. It involves highly contentious issues certainly but, I think the people would benefit from the dispassionate, legal perspective on such matters.

    Rav Aharon ben YisraelRav Aharon ben Yisrael4 gün önce

    Nater the SkaterNater the Skater4 gün önce
  • >in california you just have to act as a 'reasonable person' regardless of if the person in your house is a trespasser or an invitee. I wonder how that will hold up in the case of a burglary, violent robbery, attempted assault or any other kind of breaking and entering case. my guess is that it end up giving the criminal more rights than the victim. A shame, as that's what leads to societal downfall, but hey, california's an awful place anyway, so I guess all this does is speed up its demise.

    KriplovskiKriplovski4 gün önce
Real Lawyer Reacts to SpongeBob SquarePants (Krabs vs Plankton) ft. TierZoo