Repercussions of Ted Cruz Cancún Trip? | The View

Sen. Ted Cruz was slammed for a Cancún trip while his state of Texas reels from a historic storm that has left hundreds of thousands out of power-the co-hosts react after he returned a day later.
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  • Cruz speaks Mexican, doesn't he? So he's good...

    Will CameronWill Cameron2 gün önce
  • Good... I would have left too. Idgaf

    Kylis MotaKylis Mota13 gün önce
  • The worst part about this show is the constant bashing of your opposing party's members. In this case Megan can't comment on the specific, blatant act of what Cruz did,. Instead she has to call out democrats. This does not contribute to a collective consensus of impropriety. This argumentative tactic just undermines any hope of cohesiveness. It's sad that it's like this.

    gingerginger17 gün önce
  • Also watch Kimmel monologue

    Mark KnechtMark Knecht25 gün önce
  • Sarah looks so good in yellow

    Patrick GreyPatrick Grey29 gün önce
  • Meghan a lot of rubbish are we going to a commeriy just Didn't want to talk about it

    Amy ForbesAmy ForbesAylar önce
  • This virus

    caasho like youcaasho like youAylar önce
  • Regardless of it being right or wrong (which it is very wrong of him as a senator), they could have “snuck” away very quietly but he’s an idiot. so I don’t feel bad for him getting a public lashing regardless of what everyone did Meghan.......

    Dreamer WoodDreamer WoodAylar önce
  • My goodness Meghan! Can you JUST stay on topic instead of being a ridiculous finger pointer! Your father was so classy, guess you didnt inherit that gene!

    Christiana KalaitziChristiana KalaitziAylar önce
  • Modicum does not rhyme with emoticon :D

    Michael MMichael MAylar önce
  • I LOVE ANA 🤣💙

    idopolitiidopolitiAylar önce
  • that's the way I always start our White House was supposed to be Democratic Republicans we might be against certain things but yet we still come together because we're still the same house I agree a thousand percent it's really sad to see this

    April MoateApril MoateAylar önce
  • Here it is once again in order to find two Democrat and Republicans or whatever it's like a needle in the haystack now most of them are corrupt they've been doing this for years and Cromwell all that even the mayors of my city and governance in my Mayors and stuff in our city Democrat Republican it don't matter but I know there's good Republicans and I know this good Democrats but all this small talk just got to stop yo this has got to stop we can talk about it all days like we are sitting back talking about once upon a time there was a man named Trump and all his beloveds now we got chrome moved we got the other party I mean this is crazy it's really the same bull crap that's going on but just an inch of something a little different but it's the same principle Mass crazy

    April MoateApril MoateAylar önce
  • Nothing is gonna happen to him. Welcome to America.

    AngelEEAngelEEAylar önce
  • Love Me-again what aboutisms.

    Amy ReynoldsAmy ReynoldsAylar önce
  • Well said Sunny

    Sarah FatimahSarah FatimahAylar önce
  • Meghan is great recently. Motherhood suits her

    nejuwnejuwAylar önce
  • Ohh dear lord Megatron is up to her "what about democrats" tantrums again

    Lorraine MeadowsLorraine MeadowsAylar önce
  • Meghan's rebuttal is always "the Dems did it too". And, while that may be correct, it's a cop out response.

    glammieglammieAylar önce
  • Fire HER

    roseanna wilsonroseanna wilsonAylar önce
  • why on earth is anyone surprised? Ted Cruz is the worse of the worse - right up there with "you know who"

    Giganta StoreGiganta StoreAylar önce
  • Funny the storm came from Canada

    Father StrengthFather StrengthAylar önce
  • Shut up Megan!!!!

    Audrey RowswellAudrey RowswellAylar önce
  • Megan husband said she can't talk. It is sad.

    Marion GittensMarion GittensAylar önce
  • I’m so tired of Megan and her complaining from her rich white girl status. Like democratic media outlets are the ones calling out elitism of all parties and yet Megan is just spreading lies like other republicans saying that they never do. It’s that whole, their suffering is more important than the rest of the countries. That is what all of the republicans are going off of. Get off of your rich horse in your Christian campaigns and realize how lucky you are and stop beating down and suppressing the rest of the country. I get it I grew up in a strict conservative environment and literally everyone was conservative but eventually after moving away I gained my own mind after seeing the world. I just didn’t grow up rich and in a safe place so I was able to see the hypocrisy and see how republicans do nothing but turn their eyes at horrors. So Megan needs to get a real education. Go out and live on the streets, be poor, be severely abused and suffer and work two full time jobs to survive and see how “Christians” and others in the Republican Party behave. Because they are the ones who turn their eyes at all horrors.

    Melody MathildeMelody MathildeAylar önce
  • Okay people are ripping in to the Democrats who broke rules and into governor cuomo. The media didn’t ignore it they didn’t know about it until recently. And every democratic media outlet has been criticizing democrats for that.

    Melody MathildeMelody MathildeAylar önce
  • Thank you Meghan McCain for laying out those points. I do not know why people hate on this girl. She is my girl anytime. She states it the way it is most time unbiased. Thanks, Meghan for sticking around those group thinkers.

    linda kalulinda kaluAylar önce
  • Ana

    TASTASAylar önce
  • Who cares, so did 3 democrats

    m 207m 207Aylar önce
  • He throws anyone under the bus he is totally careless selfish SOB

    Maricely ColonMaricely ColonAylar önce
  • Meghan is so desperate to prove that republicans don’t deserve criticism . Just acknowledge that the action is wrong

    Omemee momOmemee momAylar önce
  • My 71 year old neighbor has no water and was told by plumbers it may be months

    DebbieDebbieAylar önce
  • Me - just the worst. Can’t stand her.

    Frankie FelineFrankie FelineAylar önce
  • Megan's party is all about the party. Mexico is warm and has power!!! Wahoo! It will come out that he used taxpayer's money. Megan blinks when she lies. Go Megan.

    Darrin StevenDarrin StevenAylar önce
  • Ted was Busy. He couldn't come to Texas.

    Darrin StevenDarrin StevenAylar önce
  • Only sorry IT got caught! What a face! 🤮

    Sizzurp RSizzurp RAylar önce
  • It's hard to imagine someone leaving a helpless Pet ALONE FOR DAYS that shows what a psychopathic Cruz is . Leaving people in Texas to freeze🥶 and some have DIED 💔🌹🕊‼️ Cruz👹 has MORE CORPSES⚰🪦 ADDED to his KARMA

    D L MalleyD L MalleyAylar önce
  • When is the view getting a replacement for McCain? He whining is too much to listen to.

    Zerane BenyelleZerane BenyelleAylar önce
  • What is wrong with McCain????? and trump letting 500000 plus people die??????????

    William AdolpheWilliam AdolpheAylar önce
  • When Democrats screw up liberals call them on it. Look at what happened to Cuomo

    CASS NMCASS NMAylar önce
  • Meghan is also a *Wildly Disliked* person.

    Grumpy KatGrumpy KatAylar önce
  • Too bad he didn’t buy a one-way ticket.👎🏾

    DanDanAylar önce
  • All Republicans should be band from Mexico. Anyone who wanted and supported the wall. Period.

    Adele Scotian YumzAdele Scotian YumzAylar önce
  • Did he write a nasty twitter post about people need to learn how to take care of themselves?

    Adele Scotian YumzAdele Scotian YumzAylar önce
  • The other Texas politicians should have done more and also urge him to come home early, so he can do something to help his constituents stuck with no water nor electricity!!!

    Krissy RandolphKrissy RandolphAylar önce
  • Fire Megan

    Aaron CooperAaron CooperAylar önce
  • Republicans : Build the wall Also Republicans: Let’s fly over the wall

    David RomaDavid RomaAylar önce
    • Cruz would have built the whole wall not just part of it. How many illegals does Mexico allow to stay in their country for long periods?

      Dennis GoldDennis GoldAylar önce
  • I just laugh when I see how Mc Cain never engages with Ana. She knows Ana would RIP her apart in two seconds flat.

    Jennifer MacKinnonJennifer MacKinnonAylar önce
  • Wow, his wife put in the group chat "our house is freezing and we can't stand it anymore", yet they left their little dog there in the same FREEZING house while they went to Cancun. Scumbags.

    Juwayriyya bint AbderahmaneJuwayriyya bint AbderahmaneAylar önce
  • Are we going on a commercial...? My daddy this, my daddy that, my daddy,,,,

    Rene SchweizerRene SchweizerAylar önce
  • Sunny kids are always so perfect , everything they do is perfect. Perfect kids are always the one to turn wild so fast

  • Everybody lets send ted some FROZEN "Texas Toast"

    Jim ShreveJim ShreveAylar önce
  • I actually agree with Meghan (for once)

    Maria Esther RivasMaria Esther RivasAylar önce
  • If he was democrat wouldn't even be a story.

    Mark JMark JAylar önce
  • Another 4 more years of “I don’t care about Texans” 🤣🤣🤣 see ya at Cancun

    Sun LeeSun LeeAylar önce
  • Whataboutism ....Megan can we focus on the point? instead of picking on every little fault of the democrats. The guy left his constituents in a natural disaster without heat or water. HELLO? not the same as going into a "private hair salon" without a mask. Or going to an upper end restaurant when you close restaurants down for everyone else. People died. People were in dire straits. Don't be such a putz. It just makes us say, oh another republican excusing away behavior. Do you not have any expectations of your representatives.

    not againnot againAylar önce
  • Dont you know IF texas was a independent state they would be able to talk to fema and other companies for help ... But they are not independent so who is in charge biden he didnt do anything he didnt even go to texas

    Marlene MunozMarlene MunozAylar önce
    • @Jessica Lynn a lil late haha

      Marlene MunozMarlene MunozAylar önce
    • He is going on Friday.

      Jessica LynnJessica LynnAylar önce
  • Republican family values = What's best for me and my family, teaching my kids to think of themselves and forget anybody else. USA, USA, USA, USA, unless it's a vacation during an emergency. Then it's CABO, CABO, CABO, CABO!

    Jeff W.Jeff W.Aylar önce
  • Noticed how Megan McCain only pointed out the wrongs of the democrats but didn't mention Trump, the governor of Texas, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of SD, and even the governor of Florida. Gurl bye

    BryanBryanAylar önce
  • Wow. Does these ladies remember Obama and Michelle dancing in communist Cuba while the world was on fire?

    Rose SandersonRose SandersonAylar önce
  • My god. Meghan McCain just oozes legacy admissions. Nobody has milked their parents' success more than her.

    tbone0785tbone0785Aylar önce
  • Diamonds

    LuxHumilisLuxHumilisAylar önce
  • 🇺🇸 Texas When Are You Going To Get Tired of Getting Played 🇺🇸😁😆😅😂🤔

    Danny BaldwinDanny BaldwinAylar önce
  • Cruz has been shoveling it for years so you would think he be good at shoveling snow.

    Alex 35Alex 35Aylar önce
  • lying Cancun Corona Cruz and family importing covid variants to Texas. Doing their part to get the body count up

    Iam GoodIam GoodAylar önce
  • Oh I get it only democrats could go on vacation and go to hair salons and have their business open i see

    Zulma PatinoZulma PatinoAylar önce
  • 400,000 on trumpy administration

    Henry HernandezHenry HernandezAylar önce
  • So leaving the people who elected you in the time they need you is the same as a haircut? Oh Megs 🤦

    adriana sarmientoadriana sarmientoAylar önce
  • Please kick Megan out of this show she is a looser stop blaming cuomo it was trum he is at fault for all those people that died he was garbage as a leader he lied to everyone about the virus and by the way cuamo or any other politian dont go to every home and count the people that died.

    yecenia Vaqueroyecenia VaqueroAylar önce
  • This segment was about Cruz and his decision to abandon TX during a crisis. I remember this panel discussing Newsom and Pelosi, etc., when those things happened, so how did Meghan get aay with deflecting the whole time here?

    Robert RRobert RAylar önce
Repercussions of Ted Cruz Cancún Trip? | The View