Rizzo's go-ahead HR propels Cubs | Cubs-Dodgers Game Highlights 6/15/19

Daily Recap: Anthony Rizzo hit a go-ahead home run off Kenley Jansen, then Pedro Strop picked up the save to seal the comeback win
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  • I bet all of the dislikes are Dodger fans

    Nathan HodgesNathan HodgesAylar önce
  • Toda la temporada e visto alos dogers ,y verdugo a hecho varias atrapadas q pollok no haría el debe ser el center fil en los cierres de juego

    Josera EscobarJosera EscobarAylar önce
  • Da' Bears !!!!

    seanaudioseanaudioAylar önce
  • Let go Cubs

    Stephen SmithStephen SmithAylar önce
  • Rizzo crushed that ball! Holy Toledo!!!!!

    TDC101TDC101Aylar önce
  • All good gifts and perfect gifts comes down from the Father of lights in who there is no variableness or shadow or turning Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by me and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👣❤️📖📖📖

    Jeff BrigmanJeff BrigmanAylar önce
  • Finally the cubs beat the dodgers I was starting to get mad sadly they lost today😢and the other 2 games but 1 day we’re going to rematch them and we will be way better!

    Gohn JuanGohn JuanAylar önce
  • Did anyone else click on this thinking it was rizzo from rocket league?

    miller magicmiller magicAylar önce
  • I'm a Sox fan but I love Bueler

    Curry CustomsCurry CustomsAylar önce
  • Kenley has seen better days.

    820hurleyj820hurleyjAylar önce
  • Go cubs

    Dr. OfficerDr. OfficerAylar önce
  • The commentators were showing no mercy to Darvish 😂

    Gabriel PintacasiGabriel PintacasiAylar önce

    Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
  • 구원투수 급하다

    청와대입맛청와대입맛Aylar önce
  • Jesus christ Dodgers fans. You're 47 and 24. You think being 57 and 14 right now is gonna equate to you not choking in the fall again? Nah

    Andrew LambertAndrew LambertAylar önce
  • Still can not believe 9th inning rally

    Aidan MIchaelAidan MIchaelAylar önce
  • two good teams...close game

    Alejandra AlmanzaAlejandra AlmanzaAylar önce
  • He sold out while with the Dodgers

    Remberto MondragonRemberto MondragonAylar önce
  • In the old days it would have been buehlers game 2 win or lose! He pitched a great game and should have gotten the win but no jansen blew it! I no baez's is the set up man 4 Jansen but Roberts should HAVE left baez in or LET buehler FINISH the game!! GO DODGERS!!

    FRANK De RudderFRANK De RudderAylar önce
  • Blaming on the pitchers. How low are these Dodger fans -- the lowest.

    Tommy GTommy GAylar önce
  • Bullpen is Bullshit we need help just keep starters in the whole game

    Benjamin ReevesBenjamin ReevesAylar önce
  • I could see this being a potential NLCS matchup again. These two teams seem to be very evenly matched up.

    Kartkid024Kartkid024Aylar önce
    • @Andrew Bova huh???

      Kartkid024Kartkid024Aylar önce
    • Kartkid024 nah, the cubs are cheaters, liars, and sellouts ... wait, never mind, they will win because of that!

      Andrew BovaAndrew BovaAylar önce
  • Why couldn't Robert's just keep Baez as the closer. Jansen has been choking a little wayy too much

    Na ClNa ClAylar önce
  • Dodgers bullpens has lots of problems.

    tj hwangtj hwangAylar önce
  • Good job Darvish

    Jordan SchwarzloseJordan SchwarzloseAylar önce
  • Work on that location Jansen, all the time!

    ebecerra85ebecerra85Aylar önce
  • Seems Jansen can't even pitch on back-to-back days anymore. Dodger front office better get another late-inning bullpen arm ASAP! Not just a half-season rental either, but a true replacement for him beyond this year. Ruined another brilliant outing from Buehler, too. Second time the Dodgers cost him a win via the bullpen. Darvish pitched surprisingly well, but he'll always remain broken to me after what he did in the 2017 WS.

    PeekaPeepPeekaPeepAylar önce
  • Verdugo is the carrier for this game

    Kid PerfectKid PerfectAylar önce
  • Kenley Jansen no

    swDK sswDKswDK sswDKAylar önce
  • Awesome job by Darvish

    DevinMoeDevinMoeAylar önce
  • I was there with my family near right next to right field

    Detective comics fanDetective comics fanAylar önce
    • And my dad got me two baseballs. ! :)

      Detective comics fanDetective comics fanAylar önce
  • Jensen needs a break... All our relievers need a relief SMFH.. cost us more than 10 games this year already

    Mel GrayMel GrayAylar önce
  • Smh Jansen hasn't been the same since Game 2 of 2017 WS

    JackGeezyJackGeezyAylar önce
    • 🔑🔑🔑 *I МÀSТ!URВÀТЕ Т0 VIDЕ0S 0N !МY СHАNNЕ!L! L!00K!* 🏳️‍🌈

      Rubi SloanRubi SloanAylar önce
  • Great game for Yu, Rizzo having a stellar year.

    Pepper1188Pepper1188Aylar önce
    • 👚👚 *I МАSТ!URВАТЕ Т0 VIDЕ0S 0N МY СHАNNЕ!L! L00!K!* 👙👙

      Francesca McculloughFrancesca McculloughAylar önce
  • Great game by the starting pitchers, is anybody else tired of seeing the State farm commercial with the feminine acting guy driving the van getting blasted by his wife, these depictions of men in commercials is getting old

    Christina GarnerChristina GarnerAylar önce
  • ~W~ The Cubs are gonna win today This series is as tough as a 2 dollar steak. Hopefully, the Cubs can secure a split. Then, well, Kimbrell is scheduled to slam doors. I believe it was the right move to sign him. I believe all posers will be exposed. I believe in Darvish. I believe in Maddon. They got the power they got the speed.

    Mr KingMr KingAylar önce
  • Booing Darvish because he got beat. Low class LA. Glad he smoked the Dodgers in this one.

    satidogsatidogAylar önce
    • the man apologized to the city of LA more than once, but i guess they dont forgive him

      bob bobbob bobAylar önce
    • @Jordan Schwarzlose That's even more pathetic.

      Kartkid024Kartkid024Aylar önce
    • @Na Cl Wow. I guess I stand corrected and you have lots of class.

      satidogsatidogAylar önce
    • some one should euthanize this mutt

      Na ClNa ClAylar önce
    • satidog they blame him for game 7. They said he was “tipping” pitches.

      Jordan SchwarzloseJordan SchwarzloseAylar önce
  • Darvish better start performing well over pay for somebody that supposed to perform

    Jay ShockJay ShockAylar önce
  • Rizzo is what Sandberg was in the 80s. Great defense and a great pop in the bat when needed at times. Favorite players over the last 3 decades. We needed a bat flip in the 9th but Rizzo isn’t like that

    dave mdave mAylar önce
  • Seems like in after game stats they never show who (pitcher) got the win. Darvish went 7 but I know he didn't pick up the win.

    kevtruthkevtruthAylar önce
    • Ryan

      Pepper1188Pepper1188Aylar önce
  • Jansen has been good lately. I'm not worried about the Cubs accidentally backing into a 9th inning win.

    KyleKyleAylar önce
    • the season series is tied. so i dont know if you should be so confident

      bob bobbob bobAylar önce
    • Nah, niggah chokes

      Na ClNa ClAylar önce

    andrew tuckerandrew tuckerAylar önce
    • Kimbrel says he stayed in shape throwing at a local high school outside of Orlando, and although the team has an internal timeline for his debut in a Cubs uniform, it'll take things slow with him. After throwing a bullpen session at Wrigley Field on Saturday, Kimbrel will head to the Cubs' spring facility in Arizona for about a week and then to a minor league rehab stint. "It's based off how I recover, how I get ready," Kimbrel said. "This isn't about getting back on the field as fast as I can. This is about being the best that I can in October."

      Rogue NationRogue NationAylar önce
    • @Rogue Nation a few weeks for a closer who's been throwing a simulated game every week????? Ok maybe some time to relocate, if it's not for relocating then it's odd to not be using your new acquisition of the new Mariano Rivera.....

      andrew tuckerandrew tuckerAylar önce
    • I read an article ... It stated Kimbrel will be ready in a few weeks. I guess he needs to warm up/ work on his arm? Whatever the case, he's pretty late to the show.

      Rogue NationRogue NationAylar önce
  • We all know Dave Roberts the biggest L we got

    Sebas RaymundoSebas RaymundoAylar önce
  • Dodgers fans must hate darvish

    bob bobbob bobAylar önce
    • Na Cl jansen statwise seems pretty reliable, but i guess not if everyone says hes the teams biggest weakness

      bob bobbob bobAylar önce
    • We could care less about about him. He pitched great, sure. But we hate Jansen more than anything

      Na ClNa ClAylar önce
    • They're just jealous! :-D

      Mr KingMr KingAylar önce
  • Listen to these cub fans at Dodgers stadium !

    osvaldo maldonadoosvaldo maldonadoAylar önce
    • @Joseph Kelley I enjoyed how to cubs got smoked by the Dodgers

      Fate MysteriousFate MysteriousAylar önce
    • @Joseph Kelley But Brewers in the lead

      Fate MysteriousFate MysteriousAylar önce
    • @Fate Mysterious So what there's still alot baseball to be played and. I still have faith that my Cubbies will be just fine and be right where they need to be at the end of the regular season.#FlyTheW #GOCUBSGO #CUBSNATION past present and future.

      Joseph KelleyJoseph KelleyAylar önce
    • @Joseph Kelley but you lost 3 times this series

      Fate MysteriousFate MysteriousAylar önce
    • You damn right listen to the Cubs Nation at dodgers stadium. We love our Chicago Cubs! #FlyTheW #CRUSHTHEDODGERSDREAMS!!

      Joseph KelleyJoseph KelleyAylar önce
  • Look at dodgers' great pitcher lineup. Jensen just blows it all the time

    nick sonnick sonAylar önce
    • You mean Alexander and floro blows it all the time

      Fate MysteriousFate MysteriousAylar önce
  • What a comeback RIZZO MY NIZZO IS MY HERO and strop hung in there great job guys fly the win lets take 2 out of 4 tonight

    Alex CulkinAlex CulkinAylar önce
  • Rizzo is always like fiiine I'll do it 😇 lol go Rizzo go Cubs go!!!

    Phillip MartinPhillip MartinAylar önce
    • Joseph Kelley... Yes, hopefully the Cubs leave out of LA with a split series.

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • Godbless Rizzo thanks for the comeback homer. Now let's go Cubbies let's get another W tonight.#FlyTheW⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾

      Joseph KelleyJoseph KelleyAylar önce
  • Cubs Win: Fly the W Cardinals Lose: Fly the W Brewers Lose: Fly the W Pirates Lose: Fly the W Reds Lose: Fly the W

    Godlikelobster01Godlikelobster01Aylar önce
    • @Kenneth Futch Not because of my response?

      Daddy RichDaddy RichAylar önce
    • @Daddy Rich because you had already seen it.

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • @Kenneth Futch Why did you delete your other comment wishing me a happy father's day

      Daddy RichDaddy RichAylar önce
    • @Daddy Rich We all need a break sometimes.

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • @Kenneth Futch Thank you. Been busy today. I could use a break from this poisonous Forum anyway.

      Daddy RichDaddy RichAylar önce
  • Guess Chicago isn't the only team with bullpen issues!

    Erik HopkinsErik HopkinsAylar önce
    • Same with a number of pitchers, Kershaw is on a decline already so there's that

      Na ClNa ClAylar önce
    • Lol no, dodgers fans have been shitting on Jansen since the 2017 WS.

      Na ClNa ClAylar önce
  • See that bush-league, pimp-worthy, hot-dog bat flip by Anthony Rizzo Mr. Tim Anderson? ? Nope, me neither.

    mark Josephmark JosephAylar önce
    • @Kartkid024 When it's contrived and rehearsed and it wreaks from "LOOK AT ME< LOOK AT ME" then I have an issue.

      mark Josephmark JosephAylar önce
    • @Justin Caldero I know you asked mark, but I'd like a crack at this. I personally think you can do a subtle bat flip then you can do a cocky bush league looking one. I have no issue with the bat flip if it's an emotional celebration of your accomplishments. But the ones I think look silly are when your team is losing big still and you do it after a meaningless HR or the ones when they look into the other dugout and/or basically do it to intimate the other team. So I suppose in short it depends on the situation and the way they do it. I think many can tell the classless ones from the celebrations. Some plays true for the pitchers showing emotion too.

      Kartkid024Kartkid024Aylar önce
    • mark Joseph not looking for a ride argument, but what is your opinion when a pitcher makes a huge pitch and bumps his chest and shows emotion?

      Justin CalderoJustin CalderoAylar önce
  • Darvish pitched a great game. He was amped! First come back win when trailing after 6, this is a big boost. Team and Darvish took step forward in this game.

    Lawrence SerewiczLawrence SerewiczAylar önce
    • @Justin Caldero if he keeps pitching like this, which he will, I think he'll get the run support and then relievers won't be an issue. ;)

      Lawrence SerewiczLawrence SerewiczAylar önce
    • Lawrence Serewicz again

      Justin CalderoJustin CalderoAylar önce
    • Lawrence Serewicz unfortunately the bullpen killed that buzz

      Justin CalderoJustin CalderoAylar önce
  • Dodgers are the best......... the best CHOKERS!

    Yo Ric!Yo Ric!Aylar önce
    • K12... Yes no doubt, I was surprised that he pitched well against your Dodgers for 7 innings. That was a miracle... LOL...

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • @Dennis Sologaistoa welp, we have the yu darvish excuse lol

      K12K12Aylar önce
    • Danteramirez981and K12... That dude is not a Cubs fan for a fact. I think he's an Astros fan, if I'm not mistaken but for sure he is not a Cubs fan.

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • what cubs were leading the first 2 games by atleast 3 runs and the dodgers came back

      K12K12Aylar önce
    • Danteramirez981 ( Oh Nay Nay ) he probably isnt a cubs fan. we cubs fans dont care about the dodgers yet

      bob bobbob bobAylar önce
  • Cubs got lucky

    Mark SymbalaMark SymbalaAylar önce
    • @Person Time Yep The Bulls are Done everywhere. 22-60.

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • .

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • @Person Time And good luck improving from 22 wins.

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • Kenneth Futch Like I said good luck next season without Kyrie. We’re done here.

      Person TimePerson TimeAylar önce
    • @Person Time Bulls Building ? Yeah right. 22-60. HAHAHAHA

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
  • A very big win for my Cubs. Darvish threw one of his best games against the best team in the National League! What shot from Rizzo off Jensen! Also made a good defensive play in the 9th! That’s why Rizzo is the Captain of the Cubs! I’m going to remember this win for awhile!

    AliyumyumAliyumyumAylar önce
    • Ok

      AliyumyumAliyumyumAylar önce
  • If we are going to the World Series, we'll have to go through LA. Great game!

    Dawlin Urena, PhD.Dawlin Urena, PhD.Aylar önce
    • Cubs won’t make it to World Series... Dodgers Cardinals Rays or Twins, Dodgers in 5

      Andrew BovaAndrew BovaAylar önce
    • Stuck up b

      Mark SymbalaMark SymbalaAylar önce
  • Jansen must think it's the world series.

    LatexizLatexizAylar önce
    • What do you except you don't want him to try so we can lose every game so then the Rockies can beat us?

      Fate MysteriousFate MysteriousAylar önce
  • Way to go Rizzo. Having a career year so far.

    MizerisMoneyMizerisMoneyAylar önce
    • I ment you can take the girl out of Chicago but you cant take Chicago out of the woman 😆😆😉🏇⛸♰🛐♱🎥🎬💴💊💉🐕🐶🐈🌷🌹🌠🌜che bella la luna log my three dogs like baseball toooo go cubs .. .

      Ava EagleAva EagleAylar önce
  • For the Cubs when the game is on the line, you want Anthony Rizzo at the plate, not Bryant, not Baez.

    whyicarewhyicareAylar önce
    • @Dabbu Dablord uh, no.

      Zachary ThompsonZachary ThompsonAylar önce
    • 🔥🔥 *WAN2T ME? LO6OK, I MASTBATE NAK0ED,снеск9 снann2el* 👘👘

      Martha MezaMartha MezaAylar önce
    • @Andrew Bova compare to whom

      whyicarewhyicareAylar önce
    • All cubs players are overrated and sell outs.

      Andrew BovaAndrew BovaAylar önce
    • @Phillip Martin He wasn't going hard on Baez. Just reasonable analysis.

      dParisdParisAylar önce
  • Did LAdies fans even show up in their sewer smelling infested stadium???? After Rizzos BOMB homer all you heard was cheering. Almost thought they was playing in Chi lolol

    Steven MartinezSteven MartinezAylar önce
    • I'm a Cubs fan but I've been to Dodgers Stadium many times and it's a great Stadium

      Pepper1188Pepper1188Aylar önce
    • Dodger stadium is a great, too bad their fans are obnoxious. I've been there and wish somehow Wrigley was as big... On the other hand Wrigley is "intimate" and the friendly confines are a better place for baseball.

      Mr KingMr KingAylar önce
    • Not a Dodgers fan and their stadium is indeed garbage, but also not a fan of dumb comments. Majority of away games for Cubs sound like they could be at home. Same goes for Yankees and Red Sox away games.

      aquariex24aquariex24Aylar önce
  • Stupid dodgers

    GreaterGood510GreaterGood510Aylar önce
  • Cubs are forever struggling against no name pitchers.

    Patrick BrooksPatrick BrooksAylar önce
    • Dude, you really gotta be living under a rock and some extent, stupid to make this comment

      Na ClNa ClAylar önce
    • Patrick Brooks... He is not a no name at all. I know who he is as a Cubs fan. He's got some stuff to shut down any MLB lineup.

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • That kid pitched a great game. Dodgers have very good pitching.

      satidogsatidogAylar önce
    • Uh dude im a cubs fan but buehler has been godlike for the dodgers.

      EthanEthanAylar önce
    • just because you dont know who he is doesnt change the fact that hes been elite

      bob bobbob bobAylar önce
  • go cubs go

    Alex MonteroAlex MonteroAylar önce
    • #FlyTheW⚾❤⚾💙⚾❤⚾💙⚾❤⚾💙⚾❤⚾💙⚾❤

      Joseph KelleyJoseph KelleyAylar önce
  • What a bomb

    Raymundo11Raymundo11Aylar önce
    • PP PP iuyylppty para o sofá ooi ui p o equipamento 27())/)8`\\÷÷{£}~{÷׶¶\. Hj id tu ok tia gostosa h bjo

      Neto SouzaNeto SouzaAylar önce
  • Good win Great outing from Darvish to the bullpen. Get today for father's day!!

    rojas segoviano jr.rojas segoviano jr.Aylar önce
  • Cubs gotta keep winning these close games.

    G PG PAylar önce
  • I hate to say it, but Jansen is our greatest weakness, he could ruin our season.

    DavidDavidAylar önce
    • What happen last night saved us once again? It's never easy as a closer with a one run differecential.

      WalterVWalterVAylar önce
    • Fate Mysterious agreed

      Linda The memesterLinda The memesterAylar önce
    • Jordan Schwarzlose yeah, they shouldn’t be putting him in the first game of the World Series, that is an instant choke

      Linda The memesterLinda The memesterAylar önce
    • Honestly, I agree

      Linda The memesterLinda The memesterAylar önce
    • Are you stupid Kelly Jansen is one of our best pitcher in our bullpen we really need to get rid of Scott Alexander and Dylan Floro. I can tell you don't watch all the dodgers games

      Fate MysteriousFate MysteriousAylar önce
  • la bullpen are always fxxx!

    Ks LeeKs LeeAylar önce
  • Jansen blows another save. Big surprise....

    reignman2112reignman2112Aylar önce
  • Chicago's offense was a no show today. Thanks to Rizzo for coming through at the end for the win. GO CUBS NATION [ W ]

    Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • @Dennis Sologaistoa YW

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • Kenneth Futch... Thank you Kenny, it's hard being a single father with a 17 yr old daughter living with me. It's a challenge but I'm hanging in there. Thanks again Ken...

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • @Dennis Sologaistoa I don't think I have any Children but there is a situation that took place back in 1987 that once had me wondering but I don't think the girl is mine. Happy Fathers Day to you. Hope its a good one.

      Kenneth FutchKenneth FutchAylar önce
    • Godlikelobster01... Yes it was... This game had me so frustrated because the offense is so inconsistent. Thank God we stole their game honestly. Cubs at bats got to step it up and keep it going. I hate when they dont hit.

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
    • Kenneth Futch... Morning Kenny. Dont know if you have kids, but if you do. Happy Father's Day my friend. FSU is hot, I guess. FSU are too, a good baseball program at times.

      Dennis SologaistoaDennis SologaistoaAylar önce
Rizzo's go-ahead HR propels Cubs | Cubs-Dodgers Game Highlights 6/15/19