Road Trip Survival: The LUV is all you need!-Roadkill Preview Ep. 99

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When is taking untested, unreliable junk on a road trip a bad idea? Eh, maybe 90 percent of the time, but not when you have a buddy who’s up for weathering any storm by your side.On this episode of Roadkill, Mike Finnegan and Tony Angelo take on a big adventure in a little truck.Sight unseen they buy a mid-’70s Chevy LUV mini-truck and hit the road, enduring miles of electrical problems, epic torrential downpours, water in the engine, and floods, and yet they still manage to install nitrous on the wee four-banger.Will Angelo blow it up, or will it do the longest nitrous burnout in Roadkill history? Find out on this awesome Roadkill adventure.



  • What happend to David

    John SnowJohn SnowSaatler önce
  • Ya know even dumb critters have enough brain's to get in out of the rain but not thease two

    Scotty FisherScotty FisherAylar önce
  • Whats those Wheels are named

    Victor HollowayVictor HollowayAylar önce
  • Road kill is still ok but carfix and twoguys garage suck to the highest suckyness that it can suck. those 4 guys have downs.

    speedwayaudio3speedwayaudio3Aylar önce
  • Bring back full episodes..

    willie Dukewillie DukeAylar önce
  • My buddy had a 350 in a luv his dad hit the gas one time his head broke the back window

    Rocky GroveRocky Grove5 aylar önce
  • People make millions on TRvision but Roadkill can’t????

    Monte StuMonte Stu5 aylar önce
  • You should come and take this Monte Carlo off my Uncles Hands.

    John ThompsonJohn Thompson5 aylar önce
  • My first truck was a '73 Chevy Luv. Has to be the worst vehicle ever made. Learned a lot as I had to keep fixing it to keep it running. Good times!

    2manytoyz1232manytoyz1236 aylar önce
  • You aren't going to hydrolock a running engine with rain falling on an air filter or even into a carb.

    Private PartyPrivate Party7 aylar önce
  • Luv is all you need...

    MORRIS6161MORRIS61617 aylar önce
  • Why do you guys always pick junk? On another note, bad grammar in the responses here. Our schools are great...NOT "Teachers" not doing their job and pencil whipping "students" to the next grade.

    Jeff JankiewiczJeff Jankiewicz7 aylar önce
  • I was excited to see this here as i have been wanting to watch more roadkill. Then i noticed that its just a clip and i have to pay to see full episodes now. Guess roadkill will no longer be my show

    Bergen NicholsonBergen Nicholson7 aylar önce
  • As an ad shouldn't you be paying for this?

    Dave PawsonDave Pawson7 aylar önce
  • saludos,desde Argentina. we are mechanics Argentino.

    gabriel leonardo de faria machadogabriel leonardo de faria machado7 aylar önce
  • Why wouldn't you dopes just wait for the rain to pass?

    Charles FlahertyCharles Flaherty7 aylar önce
  • Can road kill please come back!

    Jesse ChristensenJesse Christensen7 aylar önce
  • Come on A holes...make this show free again. Please....A holes.

    Richelle BarnesRichelle Barnes7 aylar önce
  • I bet you Finnegan pee'd himself in that monsoon!

    Pfol ChromolyPfol Chromoly7 aylar önce
  • It’s unfortunate I can’t even watch roadkill without spending 15 a month for 1 show

    Dylan DeCarliDylan DeCarli7 aylar önce
  • Fake and scripted.......boring

    KRONOS 1957KRONOS 19577 aylar önce
    • Roadkill is not and never has been scripted.... You can tell that by just watching the show.

      Serps1991Serps19917 aylar önce
  • Do all your rides look like hammered dog s#%t?

    Shawn CarteeShawn Cartee7 aylar önce
  • They're lucky lightning didn't strike the hood when he was holding it up to shield Finnegan.

    AirAssault7AirAssault77 aylar önce
  • Awesome! I miss Roadkill. I am going to Motor Trend now!

    Pedro TorresPedro Torres7 aylar önce
  • Watched it on motor trend , great episode . Along with hot rod garage, roadkill garage and roadkill extras . Worth 4.99/month to me

    Beto’s garageBeto’s garage7 aylar önce
  • Stop deleting past episodes!

    Crooked Skate Supply CoCrooked Skate Supply Co7 aylar önce
  • Tony!

    Rob FoxRob Fox7 aylar önce
  • Episode 99!? I have missed 50 episodes! I wonder why..

    Bryan SoloBryan Solo7 aylar önce
  • 1000 episode's of how not to be a mechanic or how to treat your ride..and you want me to pay for this..hahahaba

    Copper colemanCopper coleman7 aylar önce
  • Great video, just like when the show first aired!!!! Thanks for the happy memories!!!

    John BehnemanJohn Behneman7 aylar önce
  • Free roadkill! As good as it is, i refuse to pay for it!!!

    Paul CondiePaul Condie7 aylar önce
  • Need to advertise on TRvision to get viewers to MT...$$$. Lame.

    JaywelchyJaywelchy7 aylar önce
  • Don't worry.... For all of you cheap, cry babies (waaah, it's not free anymore...😭), I watch all of their full episodes and all of the other shows too. So you can be sure there will be more free 5min previews you can cry about next time.

    Nathan LawsonNathan Lawson7 aylar önce
  • Work smart not hard right out the window

    Damien TongDamien Tong7 aylar önce
  • Make more roadkills

    Alex ReynoldsAlex Reynolds7 aylar önce
  • It's not a proper roadkill till you rebuild the engine yet again at the side of the road, when nothing breaks it boring. Keep on rockin the roadkill Mike.

    Mike AshworthMike Ashworth7 aylar önce
  • I had a chevy luv back in the 80's. I wish this was the whole episode but I understand it cost money to make content.

    Chris JonesChris Jones7 aylar önce
    • Are you in North America? I know you're going to tell me you don't like it and you don't want to do it, but why not go to and click on "watch" from the top menu, select Roadkill and watch this episode for free right now. It will be up for a month for free and then get locked. The next one will be unlocked after that. I just watched the episode and enjoyed it.

      ti1ionti1ion6 aylar önce
  • The look on Tony’s face while he’s drenched 🙈

    S BainsS Bains7 aylar önce
  • For the love of LUVs

    North Georgia Garage DoorNorth Georgia Garage Door7 aylar önce
  • The 3rd vehicle I ever owned and my 1st truck was a 76 LUV just like this one!

    Impalaman1968Impalaman19687 aylar önce
    • Same here back in the mid 80s. School bus yellow and after stripping 9 yes 9 coats of many colors of paint she ended up red. Good memories from that cheap little truck.

      T BrackettT Brackett7 aylar önce
  • This is stupid.....

    Heavens to MurgatroydHeavens to Murgatroyd7 aylar önce
  • When your done with that truck I need it... I have a 76 and an 81

    William PrestonWilliam Preston7 aylar önce
  • I stopped watching when it went off TRvision don't care if it is only $5 a month

    Austin SpearsAustin Spears7 aylar önce
  • Cop out much,

    philip kempphilip kemp7 aylar önce
  • It’s sad because I would never pay to watch this I hate how they put every show on demand too. Fck you motor trend you ain’t getting my money.

    Rock ARock A7 aylar önce
  • The app subscription is more expensive than the website ! Can any one tell me why?

    Abdulrahman AlshammeriAbdulrahman Alshammeri7 aylar önce
  • This truck needs to be the next rear engine mini truck.

    Broken PatriotBroken Patriot7 aylar önce
  • We’ll call it free water injection 😂

    The DudeThe Dude7 aylar önce
  • People the guys got make money somehow i d like it free to but ding

    don jndon jn7 aylar önce
  • I miss roadkill... 😭

    Caleb MurphyCaleb Murphy7 aylar önce
  • It's a shame Roadkill is only for the 1% now

    RangifullaRangifulla7 aylar önce
    • Agreed I miss the original roadkill it's by far not roadkill anymore it might be road now but it ain't roadkill anymore sadly but for what it's worth they used to be awesome...

      Hein SnymanHein Snyman4 aylar önce
  • Sweet it's Luv time

    Todd ClarkTodd Clark7 aylar önce
  • Pissed me off when he threw that nice hood.

    KyleKyle7 aylar önce
    • @Impalaman1968 Yeah, it's the first time I ever watched the live-stream, I really enjoyed it and was pulling for Finnegan, but that Angelo dude rubs me the the wrong way. What is it Hot Rod Garage he's on? Can't watch it. A drifter...makes sense...automotive figure skating.

      jerryteejerrytee7 aylar önce
    • @jerrytee Yeah, Finnegan and Frieburger are cool. I'm glad he was able to fix Blasphemi's transmission, I wanted to see him finish Drag Week. I watched the live coverage each day. Tony.......meh, could take or leave him. To me Roadkill is about Mike and David.

      Impalaman1968Impalaman19687 aylar önce
    • He's a drifter, they treat most cars and parts as disposables.

      TheLaXandroTheLaXandro7 aylar önce
    • @Impalaman1968 That's what makes him a dickhead. I like Finnegan's Garage but hate RoadKill. I was glad to see Finnegan's success at Dragweek but couldn't stand Tony Angelo being part of it. When he flexed @ the award presentation...please.

      jerryteejerrytee7 aylar önce
    • Yeah I agree, it must be nice to have a HUGE budget to just trash hard to find parts and cars! Even if I was rich I still couldn't waste valuable parts and resources like that!

      Impalaman1968Impalaman19687 aylar önce
  • Can't wait to watch the full episode. Paid for MT, but it takes days before it will play correctly.

    scott websterscott webster7 aylar önce
  • tony aint feeling the luv

    wastegatewastegate7 aylar önce
  • Thumbs down on all motortrend previews !!

    Larry AlexanderLarry Alexander7 aylar önce
  • Looks like a great episode. Too bad TRvision Red money wasn't enough for your owners.

    Alex CrouseAlex Crouse7 aylar önce
  • I need that Chevy luv

    kkbodyshopkkbodyshop7 aylar önce
  • When I was a kid in early 90’s my Dad had a silver Chevy Luv, that he’d cram me and my 2 sisters into when we’d go to the beach. My little sister would have to sit on my lap which wasn’t too bad until the return trip when we were all covered in sand and salt. It’s a great and happy memory but I’m sure they’d throw my dad in jail if he did that today with four people in a truck cab with two maybe three seatbelts and one kid not buckled in. Ah the 90’s when the world didn’t suck.

    Lima BravoLima Bravo7 aylar önce
  • What, no burnouts?

    vinnyc365vinnyc3657 aylar önce
    • the end of thge episode they chain the Luv to a pole and do a goodbye massive burnout hooking one long and continuous shot of NOS until the whole bottle went empty (all of it in a single 50 shot). :)

      ttnGaragettnGarage7 aylar önce
  • The look on Tony's face after being roadkilled... priceless! 😆

    Skouliki SSkouliki S7 aylar önce
  • Bring roadkill back to TRvision. The majority of people are never going to spend $5 a month just to watch it.

    MitchMitch7 aylar önce
    • Except a very, very large number of people do... And there's way more than just Roadkill on the app. Also, you can watch the old episodes free on the app.

      Serps1991Serps19917 aylar önce
  • This come out motherfuckin weeks ago!

    2burning2turning2burning2turning7 aylar önce
    • came out monday 4 days ago

      stevemicstevemic7 aylar önce
  • Wow so annoying in the rain lol

    Deo PersadDeo Persad7 aylar önce
  • Tops você

  • Hey Look ! It's a 5 minute episode of Roadkill !! I won't give Filthy MotorTrend 5 dollars but I will give 5 minutes.

    View ThisView This7 aylar önce
  • Bring back free episodes please. Your kinda ruining a good think.

    C ConnonC Connon7 aylar önce
  • So how the he** did the water get in to the fuelcell!? Did someone forget the cap or just simply the return line!? :D

    NikesZ28NikesZ287 aylar önce
    • Some say you have to watch the whole show to find out and that you have to pay to see it, all i know is that im not going to!! ;P

      NikesZ28NikesZ287 aylar önce
    • The return line

      Marty McFlyMarty McFly7 aylar önce
  • Congratulations. You've seen the episode.

    fluffykittynoodlesfluffykittynoodles7 aylar önce
    • I was hoping they showed what happened to the hood.....they did. Nothing else to see

      View ThisView This7 aylar önce
  • I’ll only watch the free episodes!

    DanieI JosephDanieI Joseph7 aylar önce
Road Trip Survival: The LUV is all you need!-Roadkill Preview Ep. 99