Russ - Take You Back (Feat. Kehlani) (Official Video)

Official video for "Take You Back" - available everywhere now:
Song produced by: Russ

Directed by: Edgar Esteves
Executive produced by: Edgar Esteves
Edited by: Joan Pabon
Production Company: Blank Square Productions

℗ 2020 Russ My Way Inc.
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  • It’s my birthday but I wanted to give y’all a lil gift 🎁🙏🏼

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  • [Chorus: Russ] Take you back, who am I if I can't take the heat? Take you back, let's be real, 'cause you've taken back me This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that's just life Take me back, I'll take you back, yeah [Verse 1: Russ] Young and in love, so we prone to mistakes I ain't gon' front like I know what it takes 'Cause I fucked up, then you fucked up Now it's fucked up, goddamn Road a little bumpy and we just started drivin' Love almost ended and we just started tryin' Took a leap of faith, still fallin', fallin' Tell me when it's supposed to start to feel like flying Don't do me bad, don't prove me wrong Don't tell me that you movin' on I can't take another heartbreak (Oh, oh) [Chorus: Russ] Take you back, who am I if I can't take the heat? Take you back, let's be real, 'cause you've taken back me This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that's just life Take me back, I'll take you back, yeah [Verse 2: Kehlani] Take you back, why should I take you back? When You the one that fucked this up, yeah You the one that turned this out, and I know you that young and you rich and you gettin' it I'm too raw of a bitch to be movin' with dissonance Nah, that's not my mission, yeah, that's why you trippin' Distance hittin' different, it's not your kind of tension But I, I, I, I, I love you, but I don't love ridin' this ride You know it ain't right [Chorus: Russ & Kehlani] Take you back, who am I if I can't take the heat? Take you back, let's be real, 'cause you've taken back me This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that's just life Take me back, I'll take you back, yeah Take you back, who am I if I can't take the heat? Take you back, let's be real, 'cause you've taken back me This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that's just life Take me back, I'll take you back, yeah

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  • Nice

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  • First time hearing this and I LOVE it.

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  • i love how the ending is fight club, a restart

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  • Looove this my type of music

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  • U

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  • noone commenting on the fight club outro

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  • i really love this song 💙💚

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  • His shirt amazing

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  • Good 😌 shit

  • This song is so underrated 💔🔥🔥🔥🔥😏🤞🙌

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  • I had no clue he was Italian

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  • kehlani makes curse words sound like a good word

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  • One of my favorite❤️😌

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  • They need more songs together

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  • This gave me some Aladdin vibes Real likes Legit views,Likes Only *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* is the best

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  • Emiway copies him ???

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  • They look like siblings 🥰 They'd be cute together too lol

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  • I liked this only for Kehlani

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  • You know for real why is it that i should and end up back at 0

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  • Her hair is so gorgeous, well her entire being is beautiful. Perfect combo of gangster x regal woman!

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  • Just imagine how many people listening this song everyday, everysecond

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  • who’s here after watching Bryson tillers vid?

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  • kehlani really got everybody in love right now

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  • Kehlani bringing the heat fosho🔥💯🥴👌

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  • 2:18 buildings falling edit nice asf hella creepy but i fw it

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  • Girl better not hatin still fwu russ liked the vid lol i like every vid i watch it a habit now lol like if u do the same.

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  • fight club?

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  • Emiway copy u

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  • This mv too beautiful like a serenade

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  • Kehlani❤️👑

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  • Y'all talking about Aladdin...more like Fight Club.

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  • They really look like each other

  • Romeo and Juliet vibes 😩😍

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  • I'm so obsessed this song seriously. I wish I could see you and kehlani perform this LIVE.

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  • Kehlani 😫❤

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  • Russ is a whole vibe on his own, it’s unique and universal and I’m feeling it lol 😍🤩🤩

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  • what made this vibe even better is the fact that i just listened to stars in the sky by phora and jhene aiko

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  • Fight club vibes love the ending

  • Who is the guy at the end? Someone please tell me

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  • 💕

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  • Ooo! Nice "fight club" nod.

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  • the Fight Club ending wow

  • Love it my favorite song of the year 😍😍😍

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  • I'm just re-watching this and still tryna to figure out who to focus on, lol. Keep doing what your doing guys, Love ya! 💖

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  • perfeitosssss💖

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  • Happy birthday legend ❤❤ Sorry for late wishes ❤❤

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  • k. I am jealous on Kehlani

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  • Ali gatie vibes!!!

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  • the final fight club scene.. ☑️

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  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Russ: touches this left chest with his right hand

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  • Love the voice ❤️

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  • Russ da Realest wigga in da game....yet da most Hated....keep doing what u do.... people going find out how great you are when it's too late for them💯💯💯🤙

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  • this song should of been longer i ended up putting it on replay love it ♥️💙

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  • Russ I need to talk to u manigga..I need a shot

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Russ - Take You Back (Feat. Kehlani) (Official Video)