Rusty and Burned 1950's Doepke Fire Truck Restoration

Hey everyone and welcome back to another restoration! In today's video I tackle a classic 1950's Doepke pumper. Doepke was a short lived toy company that made some amazingly detailed toys throughout the lates 40's and early 50's and this American Lafrance is no exception. Doepke licensed the toy right from American Lafrance meaning it is authentic to the real deal. It even has Goodyear tires!
This restoration was as the truck had unfortunately been badly burned in a house fire. The few plastic parts that remained were melted beyond recognition and all bright work had turned black. Fortunately with plenty of cleaning, buffing, and 3D printing I was able to bring it back to its former glory! I opted to used spray paint over powder coating for the main body as the body panels were a tight fit and could only reassemble with a thin coating. This made reassembly extra challenging as the paint was prone to chipping. Overall I have to say this is my favorite project so far!
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Special thanks to Eastwood who provided some of the products used in this video. Incredible stuff! I highly recommended it to anyone new to powder coating or metal prepping and painting.
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Eastwood Products Used:
Eastwood Original DIY Powder Coat Gun System
Pre Painting Prep:
Hotcoat Powder Coat Gloss Black
Mounting/Grinding Stones:
Other products used:
Rustoleum Red:
Rustoleum White Primer:
3D Printer Elegoo Mars:
Elegoo Mars Transparent Red Resin:
Elegoo Mars Transparent Black Resin:
UV Curing Lamp:
Buffing Compound:
Electric Oven:
Aluminum Oxide Media:
Camera Lights:
Panasonic Lumix FZ300:




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Rusty  and Burned 1950's Doepke Fire Truck  Restoration