Sad Dog Stared Out The Window Every Day Until His Owner Wrote The Neighbor An Unbelievable Note.

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  • Who would dislike such a wonderful story

    TigeresscrazyTigeresscrazy2 gün önce
  • Have 12 dog's that lives with 2 cats one male one female. Male sleeps with my lab pit mix on my bed every nite. She's 85 pounds

    Captain_TickCaptain_Tick10 gün önce
  • So sweet. Got to love em.

    Captain_TickCaptain_Tick27 gün önce
  • Animals who are pets get lonely if I had a pet I would like to have two do they could communicate with someone I admire people who have more than one animal it is very nice

    Bessie StatonBessie Staton29 gün önce
  • No happy ending ? Like a date or something?

    Maaiket SMaaiket SAylar önce
  • Animals need love...this is proof! 💞True love story.🐾

    Gloria SheppardGloria SheppardAylar önce
  • Great story, but I hate the computer voice.

    DrgnMage2536DrgnMage2536Aylar önce
  • Watchers should fast forward to 6:17 to get to the point of this video.

    Laserman OfPhysicsLaserman OfPhysicsAylar önce
  • My male cat has a girlfriend. he loves her very much. when he goes outside to see her they rub noses and touch tongues. She was sick for a week and she had to be indoors he was going nuts. nip picking at his food and just sleeping. a week later I saw her outside and I through his but outside and he was happy to see her.

    april barkerapril barkerAylar önce
  • all 3 of our dogs liked our cats--part of it is all 3 were retrievers

    David CarsonDavid CarsonAylar önce
  • I have a beautiful female Pitbull rescue, that had been used as a bait dog. She's incredibly sweet and gentle with 3 stray cats and 1 house cat that adore her. When the strays come in, they go to greet "Brie" before me! She's not quite sure what they're doing meowing at her and rubbing against her, but she doesn't seem to mind. Me? Well, I'm just relegated to food server!

    Michel CMichel CAylar önce
  • Don't listen to the mean people I like them

    nebraska rednecknebraska redneckAylar önce
  • Great

    Garrett does live streams!Garrett does live streams!Aylar önce
  • this is to pure for this dark world.. ;...)

    bella johnsonbella johnsonAylar önce
  • My Afghan brought home a stray kitten one day. The kitten must have had a really bad start bc it was missing a eye ,part of a ear and kinda walk with a limp.We ended up calling him zombie . They where a very odd cite to see here is this beautiful long haired dog with a odd looking kitten walking in and out of it's legs. They where the best of friends and the kitten sleep with Lucien in his bed . unfortunately even after several vet visits over a few months zombie past away . Lu did not eat for 4 days and you could tell he was heart broken 😢 He will not have a thing to do with cats now .

    LadyLieLadyLieAylar önce
  • I completly understand it because I have seen it near. My then 12-13 year schabrador a male castrat,did fall in love in a newborn male kitten, the kittens mother carried him in and layer him in the very big dog bed. (I had presented the newborn to Max and he sniffed him in). And.... the three animals slept in the same bed and the dog, Max was nursing the kitten and warmed him! Oscar the kitten tryed to find milk by Max with no luck offcorse. BarbroSweden

    Barbro EvanderLindquistBarbro EvanderLindquistAylar önce
  • Get her dog his own kitty 💟

    Veragail FairclothVeragail FairclothAylar önce
  • Lovely story.. I thought The neighbour and the girl may start a love story. Hoping they were both single.. Sentimental fool that l. Am

    barbara palmerbarbara palmerAylar önce
  • Ugh! I was familiar with the dog-staring-out-of-the-window story from another video. The other one had a real, live, non-robot person narrating. The live person knew how to pronounce "irrational" properly. [ Clue: it's not eye-RAY-shon-al ]

    mamadillomamadilloAylar önce
  • When my dog passed away my cat started to sit at the window and sat there softly meowing that went on for weeks even months and it made everything so much harder. The cat was already old as well he passed away within a year of my dog. This happened 20 years ago and had others of course, but thinking about Bharree and Silvester will make me lose control and cry. I never had just one dog or one cat after that they taught me they also need family and furry friends.

    Vixen FelineVixen FelineAylar önce

    Camille FultonCamille FultonAylar önce
  • AHHHHHHH WHAT HAPPENS. Nothing! @6:49 watch then it goes off the tracks to another story twice. Don’t bother. U g h! 🙀😼

    Michele Conley EckertMichele Conley EckertAylar önce
  • If the owners were so understanding why didn"t the let the pets meet?

    Aneta1825Aneta1825Aylar önce
  • Very sweet story. Animals are smarter & have more feelings and emotions than many people know 🐶🐶

    Furry Murray NetworkFurry Murray NetworkAylar önce
  • it doesnt take 10 minutes to tell this story you have added too much un-needed information

    Mikki MackMikki MackAylar önce
  • not only the voice is robotic , but the story drags too much

    Ozzie Wozzie OriginalOzzie Wozzie OriginalAylar önce
  • It's hard to believe that cats and dogs are smarter and More soasabel than people 💃🕺🐱🐕

    Louis EdwardsLouis EdwardsAylar önce
  • I want them to be together for bonding..i will wait for it😊

    Anna MalalisAnna MalalisAylar önce
  • I’ve had cats and dogs all my life and they always got along , even had a dog and cat that was best friends

    Aunt CynthiaAunt CynthiaAylar önce
  • Awww that's so cute. Wonder what would happen if they met up? ❤

    Marley BuMarley BuAylar önce
    • Like cats and dogs 😂 THANKS

      Louis EdwardsLouis EdwardsAylar önce
  • Sweetness 💜💜💜

    TeamSuper LovesUTeamSuper LovesUAylar önce
    • M. No

      Sasesopit MuttamaraSasesopit MuttamaraAylar önce
  • I believe they fall in love all the time, it just takes humans to open their eyes and believe!

    Diane BenzlerDiane BenzlerAylar önce
  • Dogs can and may be more loyal to a person than one may think. There have been many situations where a dog risked its life to defend his human friend. I'm more partial to cats. When winter comes, mice seem to sneak into our house probably to avoid the cold. It gives our two cats something to do since they won't go outside when it's cold. They seem to be pretty skilled at hunting and catching mice although they're not nice to the mice.

    awizardalsoawizardalsoAylar önce

    Arlene WhittakerArlene WhittakerAylar önce

    Arlene WhittakerArlene WhittakerAylar önce
  • I saw this on another video channel possibly facts verse really good story cats and dogs and many other animals connect with other other animals they have a mild psychic sense animals can sense if a person or animal is not on their level dogs can tell if a person is evil

    Graham John BakerGraham John BakerAylar önce
  • OMG that is so sweet

    Beth BaconBeth BaconAylar önce
  • Nice story but the computer voice is awful. No sub because of it.

    Dindin PrivateDindin PrivateAylar önce
  • Love is unconditional and it comes in many forms However we get it and whenever we get it love ❤️ has a lasting expression and feeling. For special love 💕 it can assume your life forever because it felt so soothing and good. DPitts. The lost of a Mother leaves such a emptiness such a void. DPitts

    Dorothy Mays-PittsDorothy Mays-PittsAylar önce
  • My JRT love's cat's ❗️My best female friend always took in stray's brought them to the vet got them fixed and kept them happy and healthy and loved them so much when she would go on vacation we would stay at her house and care for her cat's , my dog alway's knew what cat's live there and which did not belong . My JRT loved her kitty's ❗️. When ever I would say any of their names and tell her we are going to go see them and my best friend she would get so excited . Sadly they have all passed my friend died also ,I know my dog LOVED THEM ALL ❤️💔. Oh my dog is still alive she is 16 and 1/2 year's old that makes her over 80 years in human years . I can't drive near my friend's house because she whines of corse she doesn't understand why we don't go there anymore .

    Sirius LeeSirius LeeAylar önce
  • True love 🐶🐺

    Sue GouldingSue GouldingAylar önce
  • Beautiful 👍👍👍👍👍

    Cheryl bryanCheryl bryanAylar önce
  • A robot can is talking

    Magali ArismendezMagali ArismendezAylar önce
  • I’ll save ya’ll 10:40: Dog stares at cat across the street. Cat owner puts plants up blocking the dogs view of the cat so dog gets depressed. Dog owner reaches out to cat owner with a letter. Cat owner takes plants down and replies to her letter with a sign in the window that says “for true love” Dog gets to see his boo and is no loner depressed. The end. 🐈 💖 🐕

    Love YourselfLove YourselfAylar önce
    • That short story sounds like a Book I just heard 🐱🐕

      Louis EdwardsLouis EdwardsAylar önce
  • Enjoying video. Yes long ago had dog and cat. They were inseparable. Dog was old and died. Cat started playing on sewing machine where Aunt kept us clothed. She would be in way of sewing till given attention desires. Aunt loved animals.

    Jeneane FloydJeneane FloydAylar önce
  • thanks a lot for your amazing love story ,,,animals are such a wonderful friends

  • I enjoy the story. Why do you take a 3 or 4 minute story posted b4. And turn it into a 14 minutes? YOU went to college to learn how to waste PEOPLE'S time/life. Take a paragraph turn it into two pages of bull sh*t. GET TO THE POINT. SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY. AND SHUT UP. END OF STORYTELLING.

    Ralph GreshamRalph GreshamAylar önce
  • A dog needs purpose . Nothing fulfills that need like a kitten.

    Phillip LopezPhillip LopezAylar önce
  • ECCLESIASTES 3:19-20 19 For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. 20 All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. WE ALL ARE THE SAME; DIFFERENT CREATURES, BUT SAME FEELINGS, ETC....

    Marci TurnerMarci TurnerAylar önce
  • Animals give a special kind of love to mankind. I think some animals love to be together.

    sherrie Brownsherrie BrownAylar önce
  • Lose the voice but great video.

    Skylar JaxxSkylar JaxxAylar önce
  • Sooo loooonnnggg wiiinnndddeeddddddd!!! WHY????????????????????

    Brian RuskBrian RuskAylar önce
  • Love Transcends.. & I have happy tears. Thanks for another great post.

    LeeAnne SLeeAnne SAylar önce
  • Love 💕 these stories 👍💕🐕🐈🎀

    Jean CopelandJean CopelandAylar önce
  • Do not underestimate our animal friends. My sister had a huge wolf hybrid that they had to walk for many hours each day to work off all the dog's energy even though he had a big backyard. Twice a day, he sought out his best friend, an adult orange tabby that lived a few blocks away. The two animals would rub against each other and just reaffirm their bond, nothing extravagant. He didn't have any other cat friends, did have a few other neighborhood dogs he liked to visit on his daily walks. When he died, I don't know how his kitty friend may have felt not seeing him anymore but when my sister adopted an abandoned husky, the cat immediately run up to the new dog and started to rub against her. The two are now friends. These animals were full grown adults when they met so there wasn't a baby-bond involved. The wolf dog had been abused and tied to a tree, given very little attention, neighbors would throw food to it and use their hose to refill his water bowl since the owners didn't seem to do anything at all until finally someone contacted the animal shelter who sent a "husky" rescue group who took him in. I think some dogs are just more accepting of other species, and some cats when they don't run away can befriend a dog who would otherwise chase it. But it won't happen all the time. Mom had an akita and she'd find torn up cats around their place, have no idea why a cat would attempt to go in that yard since it was easy to circumvent it. I felt sorry for the cats.

    1kinu T1kinu TAylar önce
  • Get to the freaking point!

    Vincent ShifflettVincent ShifflettAylar önce
    • Well , if he did that it wouldn't go to the magical 10 minute mark , where money is made😀

      Aintnuttinbutathang HomeycheesesliceAintnuttinbutathang HomeycheesesliceAylar önce
  • Pets are capable of telepathy ,I know this is true when It gets late at nite I start picturing my cat walking home and eating then laying in her favorite spot ,with in a few minutes she comes in the doggie door and eats her food goes over to her favorite spot and takes a nap ! She is a rescue from the animal shelter ,Her was Dora so I call her Miss Dora the cat! When she comes home I always say Hello MissDora ,she holds her tail straight up with the tip curled over . She is So adorable ,and she chose to stay with me ! A cat owns you you don’t own the cat 🐈Blessed Be to all the animals and humans too ❤️👍🦋🌈👵🏻🐶😺🖖👽✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Betty HoukBetty HoukAylar önce
  • Bad mechanical voice, draggy, slow pacing. Not interesting enough to get going on it.

    Dixie Ten BroeckDixie Ten BroeckAylar önce
  • A beautiful love story. Us human could learn a lot from our cats an dogs. I know I have both.

    Margaret VedrenneMargaret VedrenneAylar önce
  • Computer voices just suck so that makes your channel sucky.

    My Name is GladiatorMy Name is GladiatorAylar önce
  • Great story.........but get to the point. Too much talking about what we know is about to happen.

    JD FleischhackerJD FleischhackerAylar önce
  • Computer Voice = Automatic Thumbs Down

    jenntijenntiAylar önce
  • How do the owners know it's 'love?' They might just be staring each other out or doing some 'sizing up' for a potential scrap! 🤔

    Lady ChatelaineLady ChatelaineAylar önce
  • Neat to see !!! Any kind of LOVE is the best LOVE !!!

    Sharon LSharon LAylar önce
  • My dog Bruce is in love with one of my cats frosty, I have 2 other cats

    Lisa PinaLisa PinaAylar önce
  • If this dog was home alone remember everyone and every pet needs a friend this also would apply for our pets. If you work and the pet is lonely get a pet so he has a friend to live with. I worked for at Veterinary hospital for 18 years. Everyone needs a friend.

    Mary BowmanMary BowmanAylar önce
    • Well said mary

      barbara palmerbarbara palmerAylar önce
  • Oh, yes. I believe in love. 🐶❤🐱

    Beverly WilloughbyBeverly WilloughbyAylar önce

    grow flowers for the bees pleasegrow flowers for the bees pleaseAylar önce
  • I had a dog that made milk for our kitten and if another cat came close and they were wowing at each other my dog would cry to be let out and chase the other cat away then check ours was ok

    janet gintyjanet gintyAylar önce
  • What's hard to believe is, the long drawn out, boring, mono tone narration.

    MrGRMPMrGRMPAylar önce
    • And he didn't mention the obvious - why wouldn't the NEIGHBORS just take their dog or cat and go across the street and let them play together. I think this story is BS.

      My Name is GladiatorMy Name is GladiatorAylar önce
Sad Dog Stared Out The Window Every Day Until His Owner Wrote The Neighbor An Unbelievable Note.