Sad Dog Stared Out The Window Every Day Until His Owner Wrote The Neighbor An Unbelievable Note.

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  • If your baby can love you they can love others.

    R DR D4 gün önce
  • Thay can

    Kenzi SteelyKenzi Steely5 gün önce
  • Mwah😘

    Denese WilliamsDenese Williams19 gün önce
  • This is mind numbing. The auto voice is boring. And it took forever to get to the point. Not finishing the vid.

    Nathan BrooksNathan Brooks23 gün önce
  • Off course animals love other animals and they love some humans. 2 twenty year old cats one dies the other one joins him in a couple of weeks . Human dies dog sleeps on grave every night till dog joins him / her sometimes years later.. Elephants visit the bones of lost family members. Animals love and they grieve the loss of a loved one I thought everyone knew that 🤔

    Polkadot DressPolkadot Dress23 gün önce
  • Dogs can't fall in love? Not true. They develop deep and lasting attachments which by anyone's definition is love.

    TheBluewaterBlondeTheBluewaterBlonde23 gün önce
  • Dogs and cats can get along, mine did. Plus, I believe that animals can fall in love. I had an older female Dachshund, who when I rescued a younger Dachshund, it was love at first sight for him, and he followed her everywhere! When she passed away, he grieved so much, I thought that I was going to lose him too, but he started sleeping in her bed, and he still sleeps in. I've wanted to replace his bed, because it's getting tattered and torn, but my roommate and I both agreed, that as long as it's not hurting him, then we'll let him sleep there, because his true love slept in that bed, and that's how he's remembering her.

    Mary-Catherine RyanMary-Catherine Ryan29 gün önce
  • GREAT video.!!!

  • My cat & the dog next door became best friends. I never even thought to see whether they were looking at each other. Whenever a storm came, at the first sound of thunder my cat + me looked at each other + I said to him that his friend would be here in a few seconds. Sure enough there was a paw knock at the door. My little Blackie cat was ready for Jake. As soon as Jake walked in, Blackie jumped on his neck & they would play. The 3 of us lay on the floor together, with me brushing Jake + Blackie, pawing at his nose, then snuggling up on his back when I had finished. Both Blackie + me were always thought it was sad when Jake went home, but the next day, they were both outside again playing. Jake knew he was always welcome at our place, no matter what. Sadly for me, both Jake & Blackie passed away, but I'm sure they are together running around in Heaven's gardens having a wonderful time. Now, whenever I hear a thunderstorm at night, my immediate reaction is to look at the door, then I remember that Jake wont be pawing at the door. Those great memories will be with me forever + I bet you anything, Jake doesn't have to wait for thunderstorms at night to be together with Blackie,playing again. I just love animals so much. They have such beautiful hearts + souls. ♥♥♥

    G BG BAylar önce
  • All these Awesome.YTB vids are way too long with too much unnecessary personal commentary by a robotic voice. I lose interest after a few wasted minutes.

    TexanForever ThompsonTexanForever ThompsonAylar önce
  • Dog looking at his food and wondering what a good meal that's gonna be

    BDParadigmBDParadigmAylar önce
  • I have 6 fury friends myself and I do believe that pets form a bond that lasts a life time and most of all that do love us unconditional to the end I know because I buried one of my babies last year and it broke my heart comepletely Love You're Babies And They Will Love You Back

    David SlussDavid SlussAylar önce
  • Too bad they didn't get them together for a more personal relationship. But nice they get to look at each other probably out of curiosity . Finding out if its love would need observance with closer interactions. Sad if its true love and they only get to stare at each other..or they and no one will never really know.

    Nancy MedlinNancy MedlinAylar önce
  • i think my dog has a girl friend any way, by the way good video, just lose the robotic voice

    Francisco TorresFrancisco TorresAylar önce
  • got a red kitten from a farmer, it was too small to be without a mother only a few weeks old, so I put it in to my black labrador 8 year old and never been a mother until she looked at the kitten a bit and then washed it and now the kitten drinks milk from my black labrador and they are best friends :)

    Gaston4.7.8.0Gaston4.7.8.0Aylar önce
  • Animals instinctively know who is family. It does not matter if it is a cat and a dog. A cat and fish (yes my cats would still drink the water, but never reached in to try to catch the fish.) Cats and hamsters. I have a little play area where we let our hamster out so it cannot escape but still run around freely out of the cage. Cats could leap in if they wanted to or quickly when the hamster goes to the wall snatch, but they know the hamster is another pet and just sit and watch or totally ignore the hamster and could care less. My son has even had the cat on his lap and let the hamster be on the cats back and the cat does not mind at all. All my sons cat will do is sniff the hamster and they both reach out and sniff each other, even the hamster has no fear of the cat(s). I have had cats and dogs together quite often in my life as well. One black lab I had just loved to play with the cats and would do his doggy bow to try to coax the cats to play. They did not like that much because I believe they were thinking you gotta be kidding you are too big for us. But, when he settled down they did sleep and wash each other. I thought that the sweetest thing watching the cats wash such a big dogs ears. lol In short, yes animals can all get along when they know it is family.

    stacey4u2luvstacey4u2luvAylar önce
  • The dog they keep showing his beautiful. His coat looks like shiny silk. And get him friend. I have 4 of them around me as a write and I always sing "you got a friend in me" or "just me and my best friendsss." 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐱 ....well 5 but the cat chooses when, little stinker 😄 And have a storyteller not a computer please!

    BRANDY DBRANDY DAylar önce
  • Thank you 🌺😊 sweet neighbor for taking down the potted plants so that the lovers from afar could gaze at each other... Thank you sweet neighbor 💜🌺💜😊💜🌺💜😊 💜🌺💜😊💜

    Nancy Eutsey EutsryNancy Eutsey EutsryAylar önce
  • ::::]]]]]>

    Florence BiegenFlorence BiegenAylar önce
  • Who knows for sure? Prehaps the love they have is just a reincarnation from a previous life. They were always ment to be together. They found each other in this life, again. And will look for each other in the next. Dont send hate responses. Not everyone believes the way you do about reincarnation or being drawn to just one special person that cannot be explained. I loved my wife for 21 years before i even met her. I knew where she would be, and where she grew up. Even though we were across the country. I knew that i would have to go to that town just to find what i was drawn. Didnt know why. The very second we met it was complete. We both knew. A voice said that this is what you were looking for all this time. That was 32 years ago. We feel love. Animals feel love.

    Manager MisterManager MisterAylar önce
  • AWWWWWW 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Eileen LesterEileen Lester2 aylar önce
  • Yes, animals have feelings!!! This is so sweet. But why didn't the owner's bring them together instead of just letting them stare out the windows at each other?

    Candace ByrumCandace Byrum2 aylar önce
  • I can confirm cats and dogs do fall in love. My 2 dogs loved their cat. They wouldn’t let anything harm her. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car and killed. We found the dogs standing in street surrounding her and trying to get her to get up. It was awful. The dogs then tried to care for kittens but we had to take them to a shelter because they were not wean. Fortunately the shelter had a cat that took to the kittens as if they were hers. The dogs were sad for a while but they still had each other and they were able to comfort one another.

    ArnetteArnette2 aylar önce
  • I love your site; all about animals and love.

    Susan CampSusan Camp2 aylar önce
  • The neighbors should have introduced the two. Goes to show u there is no bounds to friendship & love. I’ve always known cats & dogs , & cats & babies can have a protective bond.

    Barbara UnderwoodBarbara Underwood2 aylar önce
  • I used to have a cat named Ode’ Pup and a dog named Kee, short for kitty. Ode’ Pup was a Big grey cat , 12-15 pounds worth, Kee was a Yoke-shire, probably 3-5 pounds.... You get the idea, cat... big.... dog very small....... I was to stupid to realize that you cannot feed dogs cat food and Kee develop a kidney infection because of my ignorance! But... the two could or would not be separated, Od’dee pup would only let me or Kee play with and or be around her new born kittens! I had to give Kee to the vet because he was the only person that would be able to save her! I had to give Ody Pup to people that lived over twenty miles away, across two rivers and numerous hi ways, and one freeway! She found her way home, but the cat never forgave me. I don’t blame her at all! I know that Kee finally died because of my ignorance, but Ode, I just don’t know! OdePup was the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, totally grey from front to back, and I loved her...... a lot! Even today 30-40 years later I still think about Ode Pup and Kee! Whenever I took them to the vet they had to be put into the same cage or they would cry the whole house down! I tried to tell that to a new worker and she told me that cannot happen, I hollered for the vet and he told her to please please put them together, because otherwise they will raise such a ruckus no one will ever be able to sleep again.... 😂. I still love those two pets even after 40 + years! Damn, how time flies! 😢😢😢😢😢 Ode Pup and Kee are still deep in my heart. I Hope that they are still both together! They totally deserve it! Thank You for being in my life when I needed you both! I am so sorry I had to leave you both! 😢 but..... 😭😭😭 I am a very very flawed human! Please forgive.....

    Jan truittJan truitt2 aylar önce
  • This is truly an amazing love story. Kate, theflutterby 🦋💕

    Verlena SuttonVerlena Sutton3 aylar önce
  • My neighbours dog loves my cats and they often play together. He’s a very large dog but they just have fun together. Aw they really loved each other and probably were a little lonely. Unfortunately, as much as we like to think that we’re as humans are enough, we aren’t always.

    Janice RabyJanice Raby3 aylar önce
  • Awesome 👏🤗

    Terri ChristensenTerri Christensen3 aylar önce
  • I muted it after the first shitty robotic word. But no text (article) accompanied it. So I gave it a thumbs down and reported it as spam & clickbait.

    Amzar NachtAmzar Nacht3 aylar önce
  • ❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️🐈❤️❤️❤️

    marissa tanakamarissa tanaka3 aylar önce
  • Strange friends.

    Eileen CarmanEileen Carman3 aylar önce
  • Too much talk putang ina mo

    THIRDY the IIITHIRDY the III3 aylar önce
  • My cat and dog loved each other after my dog passed away he doesn’t want to be friends with other animals. I think it broke his little heart. Animals are not like people they don’t judge who you’re or what you look like they love you for you. People could take lessons!

    Jonnette NielsenJonnette Nielsen3 aylar önce
  • Good love story.

    June OsborneJune Osborne3 aylar önce
  • I love it beautiful love story and I do belive it

    Melike OberwilerMelike Oberwiler3 aylar önce
  • I LOVE this story !!!! I've raised cats /kittens and dogs/puppies together for decades. Most get along great - if raised together.

    Jane DoughJane Dough3 aylar önce
  • They where in love so sweet

    Carmen CarltonCarmen Carlton3 aylar önce
  • I think as I too have fur babies you do what it takes to make them happy

    Carmen CarltonCarmen Carlton3 aylar önce
  • I made a vow to myself to always give a robotic voiced story a SOWN vote no matter what. Sorry. But I find it ridiculous that a live person cannot read off a script. Just any normal voice would be great. The robots ALWAYS ruin the story, and actually upsets me greatly.

    Violinist 1Violinist 13 aylar önce
  • At least the neighbor is also very kind.

    M MM M3 aylar önce
  • So this guy has taken ten minutes to tell a one minute story; and STILL didn't reach a conclusion. Did the dog and cat ever get together? we'll never know! They might have bonded as real friends. Maybe?

    Melvin GoddardMelvin Goddard3 aylar önce
  • I can't imagine why they don't give them a chance to get to actually meet.

    Doris ThomsonDoris Thomson3 aylar önce
  • I do believe 🐕 and cat can fall in love with each other

    keong cheongkeong cheong3 aylar önce
  • They should meet, the dog and cat in the apartment.

    Heathen WolfHeathen Wolf3 aylar önce

    Wayne LaBeaudWayne LaBeaud3 aylar önce
  • I completely agree that animals love each other. I had three canines together.this was years ago the two boxers male and female have been together since the female was a small puppy. She had cancer and went to Heaven. My male boxer or was never the same. My male boxer was never the same. I tried to make him happy but he just lost his lust for Life. I took him to the doctor. They had congestive heart. He went to heaven 2. I always called him peas and carrots. Forrest Gump line I loved.

    Patricia NixonPatricia Nixon3 aylar önce
  • Lovely store my adopted cat loves me and will protect me from any of the other cats in the house and waits for me in the front porch then talks back to me in my bedroom.

    Donna AllisonDonna Allison3 aylar önce
  • now Im gonna watch the rest of the vid...

    Debiec68Debiec683 aylar önce
  • The dog in this video, looks soooo much like my own dog. (R.I.P 3-05/8-24-15 )She was THE SWEETEST living creature. And YES Animals DO FALL IN LOVE!!!! I actually paused to stare...(10:39) My Sugar was more red, but .. makes me miss her even more...

    Debiec68Debiec683 aylar önce
  • Took much irrelevant talking. Get to the story.!!! GEEZ!!!

    Viv LoveViv Love3 aylar önce
  • Oh I do believe

    Mary YoungMary Young3 aylar önce
  • Mt two are cat and dog and genuine 💘 for each other

    Janet WarrenJanet Warren3 aylar önce
  • Who would dislike such a wonderful story

    TigeresscrazyTigeresscrazy4 aylar önce
  • Have 12 dog's that lives with 2 cats one male one female. Male sleeps with my lab pit mix on my bed every nite. She's 85 pounds

    Captain_TickCaptain_Tick4 aylar önce
  • So sweet. Got to love em.

    Captain_TickCaptain_Tick5 aylar önce
  • Animals who are pets get lonely if I had a pet I would like to have two do they could communicate with someone I admire people who have more than one animal it is very nice

    Bessie StatonBessie Staton5 aylar önce
  • No happy ending ? Like a date or something?

    Maaiket SMaaiket S5 aylar önce
  • Animals need love...this is proof! 💞True love story.🐾

    Gloria SheppardGloria Sheppard5 aylar önce
  • Great story, but I hate the computer voice.

    DrgnMage2536DrgnMage25365 aylar önce
  • Watchers should fast forward to 6:17 to get to the point of this video.

    Laserman OfPhysicsLaserman OfPhysics5 aylar önce
  • My male cat has a girlfriend. he loves her very much. when he goes outside to see her they rub noses and touch tongues. She was sick for a week and she had to be indoors he was going nuts. nip picking at his food and just sleeping. a week later I saw her outside and I through his but outside and he was happy to see her.

    april barkerapril barker5 aylar önce
  • all 3 of our dogs liked our cats--part of it is all 3 were retrievers

    David CarsonDavid Carson5 aylar önce
  • I have a beautiful female Pitbull rescue, that had been used as a bait dog. She's incredibly sweet and gentle with 3 stray cats and 1 house cat that adore her. When the strays come in, they go to greet "Brie" before me! She's not quite sure what they're doing meowing at her and rubbing against her, but she doesn't seem to mind. Me? Well, I'm just relegated to food server!

    Michel CMichel C5 aylar önce
  • Don't listen to the mean people I like them

    nebraska rednecknebraska redneck5 aylar önce
  • Great

    Garrett does live streams!Garrett does live streams!5 aylar önce
  • this is to pure for this dark world.. ;...)

    bella johnsonbella johnson5 aylar önce
  • My Afghan brought home a stray kitten one day. The kitten must have had a really bad start bc it was missing a eye ,part of a ear and kinda walk with a limp.We ended up calling him zombie . They where a very odd cite to see here is this beautiful long haired dog with a odd looking kitten walking in and out of it's legs. They where the best of friends and the kitten sleep with Lucien in his bed . unfortunately even after several vet visits over a few months zombie past away . Lu did not eat for 4 days and you could tell he was heart broken 😢 He will not have a thing to do with cats now .

    LadyLieLadyLie5 aylar önce
  • I completly understand it because I have seen it near. My then 12-13 year schabrador a male castrat,did fall in love in a newborn male kitten, the kittens mother carried him in and layer him in the very big dog bed. (I had presented the newborn to Max and he sniffed him in). And.... the three animals slept in the same bed and the dog, Max was nursing the kitten and warmed him! Oscar the kitten tryed to find milk by Max with no luck offcorse. BarbroSweden

    Barbro EvanderLindquistBarbro EvanderLindquist5 aylar önce
  • Get her dog his own kitty 💟

    Veragail FairclothVeragail Faircloth5 aylar önce
Sad Dog Stared Out The Window Every Day Until His Owner Wrote The Neighbor An Unbelievable Note.