SCP-3000 Anantashesha (SCP Animation)

TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation THAUMIEL class object, SCP-3000 Animation.
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SCP 3000 also known as Anantashesha, is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel.
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    • Jake Eaton actually it doesn't matter whether its helium or oxygen, if its gas that is lighter than water, it matters what content are inside the balloon and it would actually lift the balloon very fast up to the surface but the balloon does not stop at the top of the water, it'll continue to reach outer space, also it would be impossible for a person to pull out a balloon and just fill it with oxygen or helium, the balloon would be filled with water instantly after stretching out the hole entrance of it, or something circular thingy.

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SCP-3000 Anantashesha (SCP Animation)