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  • 1:46 what is that sound effect called

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    • I think it comes from a youtuber called Quantrell Bishop

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  • 827,000 likes. So close.

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  • When ur actually watching it in 2020

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  • Season Xxxtentacion

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  • Only came back for 2:35

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  • I think of you and Noah as the same person because y'all's edited videos and the way y'all talk like at the beginning with tactical nuke incoming

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  • Who is nut supplier

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  • Is it bad that credit is better than me?

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  • Who else in 2020

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  • 0:23 should’ve put Humility over it, it would’ve fit so well

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  • A better season name Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Fortnite

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  • Ceeday: This is gonna be fun 2 seconds later ‘Grunts’

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  • You were right 0:49

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  • Dude really just said “it’s morphin time” when we was in the mech 🤦‍♂️

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  • Were so close to a mil likes for more minecraft

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  • **Factorys back!!** Season 11: Map: Well Imma Head Out

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  • 0:51 hehe

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  • Like the vid if you are in 2020

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  • ceeday: i almost got into the minecraft fanwagon but i did not ceeday next video: MINeCraFt ViDeO

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  • totaly missed the opportunity for season XD

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  • 4:29 lol wtf FaZe Thiefs is in his game

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  • 4:29 lol wtf FaZe Thiefs is in his game

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  • 200k more likes till MC series 😯😯😯

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  • 2020

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  • Dude he's in with Faze Thiefs lol 4:31 unless that's a custom letter

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  • Fuck that I’m high

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  • I thought the tittle was gonna be season iPhone X

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