Seven Years' War: Episode 1/2 | Animated History

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  • Check out World of Warships for free using and get plenty of bonuses - including 1 Million Credits, the USS Langley Aircraft Carrier, 3 days of premium time and more. Use the code PLAYLANGLEY2019! Corrections Listed Below: - We really glossed over and misrepresented The Battle of Plassey. We'll be addressing this mistake in a later video. Part 2: Coming April 12th Special Thanks for Helping me with Pronunciation (Even though I still couldn't get all the names right) Rraune Ancanhoe Julianaan Lizardboi Shadeyguy Vladdieco Zeals

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianYıl önce
    • I had uss langley even before this video came out. 😅😅

      rita Dasrita Das6 aylar önce
    • Why wasn't this called World War 1??

      Ethan PlenEthan Plen8 aylar önce
    • Sorry to comment late, but The BIGGEST reason of defeat was also that The King of Bengal Siragudaulah lost his numerical superiority because Clive bribed his General Mir Jafar, who in turn did not send king's full army with king

      Anita NegiAnita NegiYıl önce
    • Your artwork is very good. Your historical research is impeccable. But I am having trouble getting into your narrative. Is there a better way, perhaps to develop and tell the story? Just a an observation. Overall, a nice channel.

      Traci SimsTraci SimsYıl önce
    • Imagine you; a French captain on the deck of your ship. A beautiful French ship of the line. With hundreds of cannons and some of the finest gentlemen officers of the French navy. You then see something off in the distance. Intrigued you grab your tiny telescope to get a better view. Your blood runs cold, turned to ice at the sight. A large grey behemoth. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and then you see its colours. It’s the english. You understand that as a man sworn to defend his majesty’s waters and empire you must engage. And attempt to sink the beat. you order your sailors to ready for battle, and to head towards the monster. You get close enough to the enemy to see the name painted in black on the side. But it doesn’t matter. Bright flashes appear in the distance. Seconds later a massive explosion rips through your vessel. One round. And your beautiful ship has been reduced to a pile of ashes. You yourself have been blown overboard and are now at the mercy of Poseidon. Before you lose consciousness and sink to the oceans below, you think of the name of the beast. “H.M.S Hood...”

      isaiah josephisaiah josephYıl önce
  • Ive always heard it be called the french-indian war

    redbullninja11redbullninja1115 gün önce
  • Wasnt this one video and not 2?

    MauInUrSubbox -MauInUrSubbox -Aylar önce
  • You called the Great Lakes in Canada "Hudson's Bay", which they are not. Hudson's Bay is north of the great lakes.

    Chris JansenChris Jansen2 aylar önce
  • I live only 5 mins from Fort necessity

    Minutemen GamingMinutemen Gaming2 aylar önce
  • Too bad for the Prussians that Chancellor Bismarck was around -60 years of age. He would've had a plan.

    RetroflectionRetroflection3 aylar önce
  • the wheelchair historian

    ibxibx3 aylar önce
  • *'The Trees Speak French'* Like father, Like son

    Unfunny PersonUnfunny Person4 aylar önce
  • Is that gun loaded?

    Anglo BrowzaAnglo Browza5 aylar önce
  • Sir can you Make About Siamese Revoultion 1932 ?

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  • “That plays a lot smoother then my sponsorship transmissions.” *F-MEGA*

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  • my history teacher showed this in class

    Angry BadgerAngry Badger7 aylar önce
  • We'll I guarantee if Gen. Washington was alive today, I believe he would say the Seven years war provided training and experience for the Revolutionary War the British Higher command ignored and underestimated, especially when the British were further away from the Royal Navy supply chain.

    aol.comaol.com8 aylar önce
  • France lost due to logistics and particularly not able to compete with the British Royal Navy, moreover the French prioritizing areas in the world being giving up too easily.

    aol.comaol.com8 aylar önce
  • You don’t say that all Europe was (again) against us ans that’s why we have not send some troops like English in America. But French was not lost of because these colony was not to objective to settled lots of population. But it was not the case for English who was 1 million in their colony (the French 100 000 approximately). Thanks to our Indians brother who died for us for the glory of France

    George DelanoyGeorge Delanoy8 aylar önce
    • @Dod o why ?

      George DelanoyGeorge Delanoy2 aylar önce
    • @Dod o Prussia , Brunswick, Hesse Cassel , Portugal ... 168 000 French dead. Only 20 000 for the English who attack only colony where French have no lots of troops. Worst again your soldiers were no English but Germans , Scottish , Irish ...

      George DelanoyGeorge Delanoy2 aylar önce
  • Vive la France

    George DelanoyGeorge Delanoy8 aylar önce
  • Nice video. Nicely informative. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge9 aylar önce
  • I would love to see you do some videos about various monarchies and how they gradually lost power over the years... especially England and Italy

    aylmer666aylmer6669 aylar önce
  • if 7 years war was fought over 5 continent then why it is not a world war ? why it is an European war?

    Nawlen ArnobNawlen Arnob9 aylar önce
  • Bro I like this channel but you need to correct yourself we are Native Americans not Indians we are from america not India

    Jeremiah WhiteJeremiah White10 aylar önce
  • Is he Russian?

    Nazar ОsetrovNazar Оsetrov11 aylar önce
    • No

      LesDodo ClipsLesDodo Clips18 gün önce
  • How did World of Warships scan the Yamoto? They must have a really good submarine.

    K denK den11 aylar önce
  • The only thing I know about the Seven Years War in Europe is that Ryan O'Neal fought in it.

    Bertillio ZephyrsgateBertillio Zephyrsgate11 aylar önce

    F14 tomcat AF14 tomcat A11 aylar önce
  • I love how he puts Victoria 2 music in his videos

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  • Bone Jaw

    Joel V. Cariaga IIJoel V. Cariaga IIYıl önce
  • 12:29 I died

    someonesomeoneYıl önce
  • The french taught the veetnames how to sleek to the trees

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  • "The trees speak French" *Monseniour, would you like a croissant?*

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    • @J'aime mon Pays so your entire point is *not funny didn't laugh* that's fine

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    • @bruh it is fun 5 minutes but if you reed 30 000 HAHA BAGUETTE FRENCH SURRENDER is not funny

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    • @J'aime mon Pays mate surprisingly i don't need to learn French to make a sterotype joke

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    • If you dont speak french, speak english 🤦‍♂️

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  • World War 0?

    Finnish mapperFinnish mapperYıl önce
    • I-

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  • This really should be a board game.

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  • 1:05 Oh Neptune

    Diego GuerraDiego GuerraYıl önce
  • Who is here because of Assassins Creed Rogue?

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  • Is it sad I’m a history nerd

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  • We already had WW3. Why are we waiting for something that happened? We should wait for WW4.

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  • @armchairhistorian i have to admit, the ad transition was smooth

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  • "the HMS Hood" me: wait a second

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  • Griffin, you make history so much fun!!!

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  • Epic video. But what an awful transition to the sponsor..

    ArielArielYıl önce
  • But.... Didn't the HMS Hood sink during WWII?

    DraconicDraconicYıl önce
  • 11:19 Talks about Battle of Plassey and how the British were outnumbered but forgets to mention that Mir Jafar defected to the British side with majority of the Bengal Army.

    Anil PratapAnil PratapYıl önce
  • All i have to say is..... what if poland joined

    Komrade KileKomrade KileYıl önce
  • British r indeed liars..... Bengal lost battle of Plassey bcz british bribed their commander....every single child in India knows that....later they installed that commander as a puppet nawab who soon was disposed

    koushik karmakarkoushik karmakarYıl önce
  • damn hanover stronk

    painpainYıl önce
  • My head aches everytime I hear Prussians fail even under command of a legend

    Freidheim of PrussiaFreidheim of PrussiaYıl önce
  • Seems like a campaign in total war.

    Gelrald OldoGelrald OldoYıl önce
  • at 15:10/ 15:13ish listen to how he says Europe.(no offense)

    Adam WilliamsAdam WilliamsYıl önce
  • “You could call it a world war.” Germans: Did you zay world war?

    Ledor BloodravenLedor BloodravenYıl önce
  • Finally found hitler in your intro

    Opentile_minisOpentile_minisYıl önce
  • So this was the real 1st World War

    Some GuySome GuyYıl önce
    • Precisely. The revolutionary war was a world war as well.

      Bill HuberBill HuberYıl önce
  • Throughout history Germаny (Prussiа) likes to fight on severаl fronts

    Dacha VanderlinovoDacha VanderlinovoYıl önce
    • Blyat Veteran75 Most of the time they lose.

      TheDerpy KittyTheDerpy KittyYıl önce
  • How was this not called a world war?

    Andrew LaChapelleAndrew LaChapelleYıl önce
  • Moral of the story: Never ever sign anything you don't understand.

    Thor JørgensenThor JørgensenYıl önce
  • It's what the Royal Navy Anthem 'Hearts of Oak' is about. 'What more can we add to this glorious year?' Referring to the Royal Navy's multiple victories against the French.

    RicTic66RicTic66Yıl önce
  • mean while in america :Did that tree just fucking say " let them eat cake"

    toxic squirreltoxic squirrelYıl önce
  • Man, Prussia is one of the most badass things i've seen in history...

    Totally not the flash :3Totally not the flash :3Yıl önce
  • get your facts right kid...

  • the leader of Saxony at the time was a duke, not a king, napoleon hadn't ended the HRE yet

    eyzmineyzminYıl önce
  • LA NA Pee not leenape. i think.

    davito lanedavito laneYıl önce
  • "Thinking man's game" Someone's been watching Jingles.

    ThatRandomDudeThatRandomDudeYıl önce
  • If it wasn't for the interruption at 3:10, i would have "Liked" the video, you should just put it in the beginning. Having it "fall on you" out of nowhere is very disruptive to the continuity of your otherwise good presentation. This is intended as constructive criticism & I hope it's received in that manner.

    Émile FrenetteÉmile FrenetteYıl önce
  • That is not how Iroquois is pronounced

    Carsonian The GreatCarsonian The GreatYıl önce
  • WW1 - Seven Year's War WW2 - Napoleonic Wars WW3 - The Great War WW4 - World War II WW5 - The Cold War (played out via proxies in the Korean & Vietnamese theatres, & also via proxy revolutions & Civil Wars in Latin America & Europe) C H A N G E M Y M I N D

    Chotto-chanChotto-chanYıl önce
    • Stresemannite You could argue that the war of 1812 was a theatre on the Napoleonic wars. Many historians have begun to lump the two wars together.

      Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford11 aylar önce
    • Weren´t the Napoleonic wars all fought in Europe?

      StresemanniteStresemanniteYıl önce
  • 12:35 Barry Lyndon!

    such dogesuch dogeYıl önce
  • My ancestors were on both sides of the Mass Deportation, some stayed in Nova Scotia, others were deported.

    ChowderChowderYıl önce
  • That plug, beautifully.

    Abraham HammonsAbraham HammonsYıl önce
  • I live in Pittsburgh so it's always cool to hear about people after which so much is named after around here. Like Forts Pitt & Duquesne, and Braddock. Also I could be wrong, but I thought Fort Pitt and Duquesne were separate Forts with the former being built along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, whilst the latter (and much larger) was built after Duquesne's fall along the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. Again I could 100% be wrong I'm just basing this off old maps of the confluence.

    WyomingPTTWyomingPTTYıl önce
  • Bismarck’s wars

    Otto Von Bismarck boiOtto Von Bismarck boiYıl önce
  • Bismarck’s wars

    Otto Von Bismarck boiOtto Von Bismarck boiYıl önce
  • The black hole tragedy was not true latter admitted by the next governor that it was a made up excuse to attack and gain another resourcefull colony for uk. 2ndly although bengal force outnumbered them at the 1st place where 50,000 vs 2,500 was considered,considered.the bengal general with his 45,000 strong army stood neutral because of an alliance between him and the uk army.his name was general mir zafar ali khan who would later become the rular of Bengal until 1963. The Bengal rular was betrayed by his own general and relatives leading to this last the battle was fought between 700 cavalry,5000infantry of bengal and allied 1000 troops of france vs artillery guns of british,2000 highly trained british army,who slaughtered the open Cavalry unit and infantry with artillery fires in the rains where all artillery of Bengal army was unfunctionable

    Aziz Mahmud RizanAziz Mahmud RizanYıl önce
Seven Years' War: Episode 1/2 | Animated History