Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams EXPOSE Tati Drama!

Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams respond to Tati Westbrooks video Breaking My Silence. James Charles is enjoying this for sure.
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  • I forgive everyone but tati

    Sight 000Sight 0009 gün önce
  • How how tati need it to removed a video shane can have those pedofilic sexual videos on! How how why. Shane you are guilty in this live you showed to everyone youbare hipocrate

    Berry babeBerry babe13 gün önce
  • Tati is leading you to believe that JC was about to start up a makeup company not long after dramageddon took place with Morphe being the one full investor. If there is really any truth to this as its something that JC has talked bout on and off over several years and always alluded to Morphe's involvement but it never happened. Looking at the timeline that Tati wants you to believe it happened and that it was ripped away from JC not long after dramageddon, lets not forget that that was also at the time where Jaclyn Hill was floundering around failing at her company's first launch, and Morphe was supposedly an supporter or actual owner of JH's company. if that was the case then in many ways what was happening with JH, the best shill that Morphe ever had, was costing Morphe some major losses and if anything made them rethink possibly investing in JC that would have been why. I actually don't think that Morphe would have been that sure of JC really being the guru to finance to open their own company. Not only was JH, who could literally sell dirt to the world as a skin care product and make a profit made some heavy duty money for Morphe no matter what they handed her to sell. that was not the case with JC I do not think and I think maybe Morphe was aware of the same thing. His Morphe palette did well because of who he was but the ales that were made pretty much were made because of the name recognition. Many marketing people have pointed out that JC's attempt at making his palette something that someone would want to buy if they had no clue who he was. for all JH's failings, at least up until the past year, she has been able to shill out even her old palettes when Morphe has asked that interest be generated again or they would return it. Its not something that JC was able to due and I think Morphe's last attempt to see if he could actually sell anything other than because of name recognition was to bring out that relaunch of his palette shrunk down to something you could get in your suitcase. WE all know that if Morphe had asked JH to do the same she would have sold out on the shrunken pallette and had her fans demanding that Morphe actually shrink all her pallets and would have sold those out too. In JC's case they did nt sell all that well and all that managed to come out of that whole thing was James ended up exposing the fact that his palette was not his own work but actually a private label created by the Chinese manufacturer. So JC did not lose out on starting his own company, which he can do any time he wants if willing to spend his own money, but he did not have Morphe as an investor and that was up to Morphe not JS. The more probable scenario was that Morphe never offered to fund JC starting up a makeup company and this was just another case where JC blames not getting what he has said he would have was due to him being the victim at someone elses hands instead of the fact that he just did not do the work to achieve it. So yes Tati did a very godo job of handing us JS as the cause of all the things that JC has thought he should be doing or given or whatever and has not ended up with any of these things. A great amount of what Tati said was to blame JS and Shane for causing JC to not achieve things he has said he would and so on and basically tell us that James would have it if not for JS and Shane. This whole flip that Tati has made was just a culmination of a very orchestrated plan and Its very obvious who is orchestrating or at least paying the lawyers and PR team to orchestrate it in an attempt to try and ruin JS and Shane. I think in the long run it will fail, but it will cause a lot of fallout before it ends and take out a lot of people that have been manipulated into participating either by threats of ruin or promises of great promotions of their channels. That never ends well when its been done before and won't end well this time.

    Pam DuncanPam Duncan21 gün önce
  • This whole thing dredging up dramageddon, and Tati's statement that she nervously reads something she should not nervously read if it was actually her attorney's putting something she really wanted to say into a safe statement for her to make. If you notice her reference is to "legal" which is how you refer to a legal department in a company and not your personal lawyers. If you ask me, this whole thing is very reminiscent of the very nervous statement that Sam read some few days after his original and much more believable one. Did people lie, yeah probably as that is pretty much human nature, and so just about all involve probably did play with the truth a bit to come across as the more dramatic or more reasonable or whatever. And as I said at the time this all happened Tati sudden about face a few days into dramageddon where she posted video saying she was not going to say anything more about her Bye Sister video and that she had not done it to hurt JC's career. Since JS backed down at the same time and Shane dropped the whole situation like a hot potato it was pretty obvious that between You Tube's pressure to have Tati and anyone else that had actual facts to talk about what they experienced remove their videos (which Tati now admits they did pressure her) and the videos and interviews that others had at first said were forth coming about their experiences and they suddenly did not is pretty indicative of some heavy handed legal work going on, a platform that was running interference added with how PR firms that are hired to "fix" it when a celeb gets a black mark busy working the issue. Why did this not happen within a few weeks of dramagedon? Well that's not really how legal wheels turn or how PR teams out to fix someone "resume" work. A majorly good reason for allowing a long time to pass before returning fire, so to speak, is that months or a year or more after the fact means that people have moved on, evidence is no longer as available, people have forgotten exactly what was said and by whom and in what order an its much easier to try and rewrite some aspects of the history that can help hide the truth that was really there. Most, if not all of "Bye Sister" was all about Tati reporting what she had seen. heard and experienced first hand and how it emotionally impacted her. It was not ever about what JS or Shane had told her. I don't doubt that she spoke to them both and some others about what she had been dealing with and how she she should handle it and I don't doubt that she did get some advice to talk about it and perhaps expose it,k and if she felt the way she did about it that that might be the best thing to do. I doubt that hearing some supposed voice message from JS was what put her over the edge and made her do "Bye Sister" as by he own admission is did not contain a great deal of detail and the detail that actually spoke about what James was doing that was inappropriate was all things she said she head and saw and even told him to stop doing. Really sounds like she is trying to make it sound like everything she said about what happened in Seattle and at other times right in front of her she is trying to suddenly have us believe that she was convince to report that because others lied to her and told her JC had done other things. Whether they did or not, what she talked about in "Bye Sister" was plenty and did not actually need other instances, and since she did not even mention those supposed things she heard from others, why now does it matter if they were said or not as Bye Sister was not about things she heard from others about what JC had done, and did not have first hand knowledge about and was feed it all from JS and Shane. If that is the case why was Bye Sister about what happen happened at her birthday party, that she personally witnessed and that what she witnessed was just the straw that broke the camels back after she had personally witnessed this behavior at other times. Its pretty obvious from what I can see is that they are trying very hard to "rehab" Bye Sister to be anything but a statement of what Tati personally experienced and she is now trying to make us believe that Bye Sister was all because Shane and JS lied to her about some behaviors that were inappropriate on JC's part. That is no how I remember it. This not only smell a great deal like how JC often tried to rewrite his personal history in the past but also how PR and legal teams work to clean up a celebrity reputation. It also seems pretty clear that a great many, as well as JC's huge army of stans was well prepped to make enough noise and make it seem like people were being 'cancelled' left, right and center that even those that took a minute to say "hey wait Tati, these causes and excuses your saying were now what lead up to Bye Sister, simply just do not apply to what you said in that video." Anyone who even tried to be neutral is getting a lot thrown at them, and they have actually dropped support of either JS or Shane, or just stopped being involved at all out of fear of loss of income, of fear from pressure from the platform they are on and realize that they are seeing just how much work went into this Tati flip and do want to point out that much of what she says now does not actually hold much water when it comes to what she has said in the past. There is a lot of fear that not siding with JC, who has the upper hand at the moment could ruin their career. And there is just a great deal of drama built into Tati's video that takes it from something that might be believable to something that seems like a badly written novel. Like the fact that supposedly Shane and Jeffree though that JC needed to be ruined or else the launch of Shane's Conspiracy line would be a failure. Come on, how many launches has Jeffree failed at? Does he really lose sleep at night worrying that JC might cost him a successful launch? I doubt it. I also find it a unbelievable conspiracy story Tati now weaves that supposedly Shane and JS created dramageddon to ruin JC's career so he was no longer be at the top and would not interfere with the launch of Shane's line, and so that Shane could produce a documentary on the making of those products and use the truth about dramageddon as a teaser to drum up business. Before even buying that whole scenario people need to use common sense and ask themselves how ready they were to buy Shane's products the minute they heard about them and not because of some rather poor documentary he did that did not even live up to the teaser/trailer. If you actually believe that that was supposedly the marketing campaign they did then it was pretty stupid as the risk of the documentary regarding the makeup line not living up to what was teased in the trailer was more likely to make customers walk away. The real truth of the matter is, just like many things JS launches, it was sold out before anyone even knew there would be this documentary or the first look at the product was released. A great deal of what Tati has now said had made her sound like she is saying much of what she related in Bye Sister was untrue and and that does not really hold up under the truth test and a great deal of teh rest of this video seems a lot like some conspiracy theory that JC dreamed up to paint himself the victim of others instead of having simply failed onhis own, or never was asked to do something her dreamed about doing.. The statement that JS is part owner in Morphe for one said against the fact that supposedly Morphe was going to fund JC's start up and that did not happen because of dramageddon and ruined his chances is not just ludicrous but laughable. First of all, while Jeffree might own stock in Morphe as he is well invested in many things, and there are several makeup guri's that have also heavily invested in Morphe, none of them are managing partners and can tell Morphe what to do or not do as they are not even on the board of directors taht would be the ones to possibly have that power.. They are just invested to make money off Morphe when Morphe makes money and they not only cannot tell Morphe how to run their business, they also don't go around telling Morphe who to invest in or not invest in. And given that JS is pretty much all wrapped up in his own company where he can call the shots I sincerely doubt he would want to be managing other makeup companies as well.

    Pam DuncanPam Duncan21 gün önce
  • I think tati is full of shit. shes her own person she could of just walked away and left it at that. to much drama though. no one is perfect though. she turned the stupid table around and just did the same thing. Like srsly come on now. ugh..

    Karmen PalaciosKarmen Palacios23 gün önce
  • I believe Shane could not believe she lied so much. I believe Shane!!!!! After shane did his filming he did not put any of them down!!!!

    sheila turnersheila turner24 gün önce
  • I believe Shane Dawson is taking the fall for Tati, James and Jeffree. Shane did not want all this drama!!!! I do not believe Tati!!!❤️🙏

    sheila turnersheila turner24 gün önce
  • Vitamin Karen started all of this drama. She's clearly unstable. She is known for having her lawyers stalk small content creators that talk disparagingly about her. SHE scares people. I find her to be one of the fakest people on youtube and her makeup is OUT OF DATE.

    Sue LyonsSue Lyons29 gün önce
  • Shane is so stupid for getting on live 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Emily DulaneyEmily DulaneyAylar önce
  • Who really takes this woman serious after her 1st video how do you know she’s not gonna delete this and in a year say she was coerced and manipulated by someone to make this video to throw jeffree and Shane under the bus

    Chloe KitChloe KitAylar önce
  • What did they kill someone and jeffree is gonna expose these big TRvisionrs of being serial killers what the hell could he have over these ppl to make them this shook I’m not understanding Tati seems to be totally SHOOK TO THE CORE

    Chloe KitChloe KitAylar önce
  • I’m waiting for Jeffree Lynn to drop a bomb on all this.

    Victoria von nostitzVictoria von nostitzAylar önce
  • Noooooo😫 dont give uncle jeffree ideas u know he watches this channel!! If he left youtube idk what id do i dont want to move to Twitter☹ not ever x

    RitaSparita *RitaSparita *Aylar önce
  • I don’t see how anyone can completely side with one person and act like they’re perfect because literally everyone in this mess is guilty and messed up in their own way

    b a n d i t ø ll-//b a n d i t ø ll-//Aylar önce
  • And I thought Tati couldn’t mess up worse than that, but here she goes.....

    Skeptical MaidenSkeptical MaidenAylar önce
  • I love that you made a video with my other fave, My Queen RICH LUX!


  • I think IF Jeffree has dirt on people,it's ALL coming out. I think Tati is fake and about to launch something.. and Shane is stuck in the middle

    Ramie BurtisRamie BurtisAylar önce
  • Facts 🖤

    China rojasChina rojasAylar önce
  • Ya Nate should b able to confirm this

    Power BeverlyPower BeverlyAylar önce
  • Breona Taylor Killers Have Still Not Been Arrested✊🏾

    Kiaraa WardKiaraa WardAylar önce
  • There needs to be change in the beauty community and the only one that can change this is Tati.She is me hero and how Shane Dawson is acting is so immature I mean isn’t there a time to grow up! Grow up Shane OMG I can’t stand him why is he so mad is because he’s being revealed. She is becoming the Enemy because she is telling the truth! Grrrrrrrrrr I can’t take it anymore! Use your damn platform for positivity my twelve year old daughter idolizes Jeffree and Shane and I won’t allow my 12 year old to be exposed to this toxic environment. That’s sad that something that brought my daughter so much Joy I have to take from her because of this toxic crap. Her love of makeup that brought her Joy is now ruined because beauty influencers have to make it about drama! I will be making a video and I all the way STAND WITH TATI ❤️ GET this toxic behavior off TRvision they need to be canceled FOR GOOD

    Angela Lee K.Angela Lee K.Aylar önce
  • Bruhhhh this is just becoming so ugly lmfao They're crazy, every one of them ngl. I just can't stand anyone involved because they're all not 100% honest and I'm just 🧐🤨 I'm tired of this kind of behavior from influencers and popular people!

    Super SonicoSuper SonicoAylar önce
  • There are so many TRvisionrs coming out now saying how they were “manipulated” into not speaking up for the alleged victim(s). Are you serious?! It’s so sad. All these TRvisionrs decided to WAIT until shit really started to hit the fan to come out and finally advocate for the alleged victim(s)...? None of you were manipulated and you have no credibility now. It just shows that all of you value your career over another human being.

    Kayla SudolKayla SudolAylar önce
  • Anything that is enough to “scare you” is enough to go to the police for.

    Kayla SudolKayla SudolAylar önce
  • Tati bich, you didnt invent vitamins. Been using Flinstones since the 80's calm tf down!

    KC SunshineKC SunshineAylar önce
  • isn’t it funny how ryland didn’t talk about blm but cares about this bullshit? chile anyways-

    Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeAylar önce
  • I thought Tati's video was so robotic even with her reading off the computer. I think she's being extremely dramatic and I don't know why she is playing the victim so much@ I didnt like that video. Tati needs to get some help. And tati is acting like she is the first one to create gummy vitamins. Thousands of companys have already made gummy vitamins . Tati is the one who is new to the game!

    lipglossbabyXOlipglossbabyXOAylar önce

    Jeni HansenJeni HansenAylar önce
  • Finally found a fair video totally subscribing to you !

    j&s twin vs twinj&s twin vs twinAylar önce
  • Anyone got a yellow bus? Lol this seriously Mean Girls

    Kerri BonvieKerri BonvieAylar önce
  • Listen all these people are adult they need to say they fucked up and move on. Shane go to jail. Even pedo jokes ain’t right stop saying “well I got this and that doesn’t mean it’s a good excuse to make jokes about. Everyone is adults. Stop acting like you guys are in High school im tired of seeing “exposed” I wanna see reviews bitch I’m done with this shit I can’t keep up smh but love this Chanel gets to the point instead of seeing tears and lies. K bye

    Kasandra AlvarezKasandra AlvarezAylar önce
  • I think the part where Shane went off live was right before she was talking about their texts. Tati also explained that she can’t release receipts because of her legal actions. I just think that this is a situation where no one gets out unscathed.

    Claire BearClaire BearAylar önce
  • She is just as guilty as they are 🙄

    Insane BeautyInsane BeautyAylar önce
  • I feel like shane tho is a confused swayed adult lol no shame a lot of us are. He's obv one of the emotionals and empaths. He may have said a lot of crazyass shit back then when things were wrongly normalized but he took accountability which is a big step to self growth. Then tati and errone else decides to jump on the cancel wagon bc they be jealous he knows how to own up to mistakes.

    Lucky CatLucky CatAylar önce
  • I liked tati but since this double down'd video she made she kinda seemed like the angry two faced religious girl who bullies ppl at school.

    Lucky CatLucky CatAylar önce
  • I feel like tati stretched james's mistake so so SO much bc she felt irritated that james had a paid promo w her competitor WHICH seemed like an angry groomer to me. seemed. If you were a legit mentor why would you be angry at the paths they make like isn't a "mentor's" job is to guide not to OBLIGE TO PROMOTE YOUR BRAND?

    Lucky CatLucky CatAylar önce
  • Can we not just get back to what we're all here for....THE MAKE-UP?! I love Jeffree I love Tati I don't really watch James Charles but have no hate towards him ....your all destroying your own lives with your own actions enough is enough 🤦 classic case of 15 year olds playing in a playground ... bowling for soup was right highschool really doesn't end 🤦

    Tigris NocteTigris NocteAylar önce
  • At the very start of Tati's vid, all that talk of spirituality, God/Gods and whatnot was a manipulation that set the tone that she's some enlightened being that above it all. Gross. She's gross.

    Jessica HillierJessica HillierAylar önce
  • Tipsy eating triscuts like gurl Idk what's to come but these are hitting the spot

    Amber GonzalezAmber GonzalezAylar önce
  • Shes still making money from videos with JS.....

    Corrina PettCorrina PettAylar önce
  • Nick you have such good and balanced ideas about what it is going on. 🖤🖤

    Taryn HughesTaryn HughesAylar önce
  • Knowing Jeffree a scorpio and I am a scorpio, i am 100% positively sure he is gonna burn all the bridges and take every little last bit of life left of all beauty gurus go down with him. Scorpio goes out with a bang. Careful tati, you're playing with fire.

    FellineFellineAylar önce
  • Tati is the one who orchestrated this whole shit and manipulated everyone she tries to play innocent she was jealous of James that's why she posted this video... Shane has his issues... and jeffree is problematic as shit... here is the thing she got a lawyer to cover her ass shes the deviant in this whole thing... i have several family members who play innocent and so many fall for it but i see the bullshit... Tati is calculated, Manipulative and devious PERIOD... She is old enough to be James mother and the way she went off and behaved i dont believe that she was manipulated shes a master manipulator thats why her and Jeffree cant befriends 2 master manipulators cannot be friends it doesn't work... Shane is very child like and believes people and i truly and whole heartedly believe the was groomed and taken advantage of as a child and thats why he said what he did because sadly for him it was the norm... its not right or ok but conditioned abuse responses dont just go away either... Shane needs to stay away from both of these monsters and Jeffree and Tati need to lose support and fade out no more toxic liars please!!!

    OmfgReally nickiOmfgReally nickiAylar önce
  • My opinion tatti fucked up by making this video she went cut throat and thinks she's untouchable

    Leah MarieLeah MarieAylar önce
  • I honestly wish I could talk to you on a personal level because you are so fucking blunt and honest and you don't sugar coat anything and it is refreshing

    Chantelle KempChantelle KempAylar önce
  • This drama all needs to be organized into a Netflix series lol.

    SophieSophsSophieSophsAylar önce
  • In my head I thought the “get off” was directed towards like a dog jumping on a couch in the background but idk why I thought that automatically. 😂😂😂😂

    Kirra OBrienKirra OBrienAylar önce
  • This reminds of one time in highschool history class when I had to give a presentation and messed up my words and then just acted like I was emotional over the subject matter. A+ the whole class even my besties believed me.

    Chelsea TrivetteChelsea TrivetteAylar önce
  • @TheViewersVoice have you seen the video by Without A Crystal Ball regarding Tati and her attorneys and them stating that her Bye Sister video was all due to her OWN EXPERIENCE and does not mention being fed any info - so while Shane and Jeffree may have encouraged her to make the video it was her own experiences that she stated in the video as true and her being pissed about the damned vitamins that caused all this shit

    Terri BohanonTerri BohanonAylar önce
  • I studied body language and facial expressions for my job, and Shane in this video is genuine. No faking. Tati was sad, but not something was off, really akward. She lives in a cotton candy world probably.

    Marinella PortaMarinella PortaAylar önce
  • I can’t stand Tati. Gossiping is not the same as gaslighting. She acts like a damn child and never takes responsibility for her roles in anything.

    Bettnie LaRueBettnie LaRueAylar önce
    • She's manipulative and does alot Of this for views. Sad

      alessandraalessandra22 gün önce
    • But also, if James forgave her and they’re friends again, then the stuff she showed him must have been credible. And if James forgave her, then who gives a shit, he was the one hurt in the situation?

      morg •morg •Aylar önce
    • Agreed!

      Dugan!Dugan!Aylar önce
  • Isn’t that weird that tati decided to stick back then to j* & be an example for him so he can look up to her? I mean what does she think she is doing friends based on that weirdness??

    LemoNiceRock#1991LemoNiceRock#1991Aylar önce
  • 2 days...silence across the board......what gives?

    Colleen PattersonColleen PattersonAylar önce
  • Common Denominator Is Jeffrey Star

    Bella BellaBella BellaAylar önce
  • I guess Tati is unaware of California penal code 152.3. Look it up in CA state law. Tati's body language says she is lying. Look it up in psychology books. Tati made that video to get her name back in front of everyone, because she has been gone so long. Lies. Lies. Manipulation. Look at me, boo hoo. Once again, I am the victim. Girl, please. Bye, Felicia.

    StinkyButtonStinkyButtonAylar önce
  • I can’t deal with this lady now she wants to blame other people but in her video she said my Experience and things she had seen

    Chiquita21Chiquita21Aylar önce
  • attacking her for the milions she made out of vitamins, how about his boyfriend made milions by selling his integrity and soul.

    Davor IvanovicDavor IvanovicAylar önce
  • That live ig was an honest reaction!

    Amy ReneeAmy ReneeAylar önce
  • Shane’s so immature

    Stephanie ThomasStephanie ThomasAylar önce
  • I'm so over youtube and they created it in the city I was raised in and where Alicia Silverstone from CLueless went to High School. AS IF! I'm DONE!

    Teresa FontaineTeresa FontaineAylar önce
  • GET EM Ryland

    Shan Vis-ArtShan Vis-ArtAylar önce
  • Tati just blamed everyone else. What an idiot.

    Love Is Gonna Save Us *Love Is Gonna Save Us *Aylar önce
  • Black people have been coming for Shane for his past four years. Y’all only care to listen now. Just like how cops have been killing my community members for being black, and y’all never cared till George Floyd. Shane went as far as racism, bestiality, and pedophilia. All those videos of his past are way too hard to look past and I haven’t seen any kind of growth from him, especially because he was selling his stereotypically black Shanaynay merch until a couple of days ago. He had the nerve to forgive Jeffrey for saying the N word and tried to get everyone else to forgive him for it when he himself has a racist past. Unacceptable. Why can he come out to defend himself against Tati’s video, but when it comes to the Smith family he has nothing to say? Tati blaming “Bye Sister” on him was enough to trigger him into saying something but Will Smith’s family wasn’t? He brings up pedophile jokes all the time out of the blue. Tried to argue why searching child porn is wrong when so many people have weird fetishes. He’s crossed so many lines and just because people back then thought it was acceptable is not an excuse. Millions thought blackface was acceptable in the 1900’s and we know it’s absolutely not to this day. So why are people making the excuse of, it’s okay it was a video from 10 years ago. 10 years ago, Shane was 19+ years old and he should’ve known better. Shane was selling Shanaynay merch at 31 years old is unacceptable.

    milie jonesmilie jonesAylar önce
  • Nick please check on Trisha. You always say y’all are friends and I’m really worried about her. Posted 10 videos in a row and it looks like she is in a really dark place rn

    Mmichelle BlackMmichelle BlackAylar önce
  • I'm so lost 💀 I don't know what the hell happen with Shane, Jeffree and Tati-

    Minho'sjuicyThighs ᔽMinho'sjuicyThighs ᔽAylar önce
  • I’m sorry Tati is a grown woman and if she’s made the mistake of jumping on TRvision and exposing her “friends” before why’s she doing it again? Keep it fucking private !!!! And your 100% right about what you said at the start of the video

    Jessica YoutubeJessica YoutubeAylar önce
  • 1:39 nick, she also told Sebastian Williams.

    Sioux DSioux DAylar önce
  • In my opinion, knowing *NOTHING* I believe that when she spoke about the loss of income she was referring to the fact that Jeffree knew about her upcoming launches and Morphe has now come out saying that will also be launching products that Tati was working on, so the only way Morphe could know that is if J the snake * told Morphe.

    LisbethLisbethAylar önce
  • Omg Shane is going to try to save himself but really he is just going to make matter far worse and jeffree is going to expose so many but someone is going to come out and show us the truth Manny MUA

    Robert Marez JrRobert Marez JrAylar önce
Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams EXPOSE Tati Drama!