SML Movie: Taken Away!

Ken gets taKEN away from Cody!




  • Video idea: ((Thinking of a name)) Cody,Bowser jr. and Joseph watch Toy story 3 Cody sees Ken with Barbie and gets heartbroken

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  • 444

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  • Tezgtgdzfgds Rhawrgwrwg

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  • SMl idea: Joseph’s Rich

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  • Geumsaegi is strong and hunky, he can break that safe cause he has enough force to do it with a mallet or a sledgehammer Disclaimer Geumsaegi is from the show Squirrel and Hedgehog.

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  • Cody Mom is 0 pounds 1 Like=1 pound

  • Say to the person that posted the commet underthis commet is gay and say u are gay from cj Lol😂😂

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  • When Tyrone called Cody’s mom a hamster isn’t there life span like 4 year’s or 5 or 3 year’s dose that mean Tyrone is a hitch hiker

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  • this is how many times codys gay | | \/

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  • I like Cody because he tells the truss

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  • Ive lost my Nintendo

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  • Lol my name is Christopher

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  • My Roblox username

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  • He’s supposed to be stealing. His dad is black :)

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    • Man stfu with yo dumbass.

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  • ADSS!!!

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  • Who dose Cody’s mom

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  • My baby boy or girl

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  • This is codys mom 👇 🐷 👚 👖

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  • One time my mom didn't told me we was moving I look in my closet I didn't know my toys was gone then I look for my clothes I didn't saw it the next day my mom told me we was moving hahahahaha!

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  • Guatdefoc

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  • Orangey the plesiosaurus

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  • Hey SuperBowserLogan who’s your favorite character?

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    • His favorite character is bowser junior

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  • i think that thing was made of titaneum

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  • I lost my mother when I was 9

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  • Do not get a Ken Dallas

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  • Coxxs . Sc. w

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  • My life

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  • I actually would’ve guessed the number 333

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  • i just hate loseing my tie i had to wear it on for school

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  • Y every time u make a TRvision black people are all wase teted mean

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  • The guy below me is hella GAY

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  • SML Movie idea, SML Movie: Jeffy vs Goodman

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  • Dang

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  • to me it was my pet cat and also can you please make a video where Cody and Ken have too be strait for 24 hours

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  • Do not read more Ass fucker sucker ducker

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  • this is how much cody loves ken

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  • Really Codys mom😂

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  • 12:16 every dad

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  • It's so wird that you can see their hands

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  • Matteo is Cody Arthur is joesph I’m bowser .jr

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  • Movie idea Yes l ken

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  • Cody is GAY!!!

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  • He copied a family guy episode where Rupert is being recalled because eyes are choking hazards

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  • I have lost my dog😔

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  • 1 like = is 200000000000000000000000000000000000000 weight for Cody's mom🧢 🐷. 👺 👚. 👕 👖. 👖 🧦

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  • How come junior says eww when he said man bun,look at his head and he's fat

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  • 1:37 lol

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  • This is kind a like the Family Guy episode where lowest sought on the news that Stewie’s bear some of the eyes fall off and choke the children and she took the bear away from him, when I first saw the news entry I got memory of that episode

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  • My self worth

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  • anyone notice how weird kody moms looks i think she new

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    • Fun With Friends And Toys! 2020 How is that relevant

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  • Doesn't pablo play Cody's mom

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  • 🤜🤛

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  • They should make a video about when bowser jr turns into the ladies man

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  • 1 like = another cody's mom comment

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  • wiy is cod,s mom fat

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  • Traps that work on Skylanders trap team

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  • Codie’s mom sucks

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SML Movie: Taken Away!