SML Movie: Taken Away!

Ken gets taKEN away from Cody!




  • Dont dislike like

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  • 123

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  • When you realize there’s 2 TaKens

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  • My dignity

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  • Hey Jerry what's up

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  • Tell Cody he's gay

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  • It was 444 jonior and joseph is dumm

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  • Sml answer: my virginity 😭

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  • Instead of taken u should actually put taKEN like in the thumbnail

    John LilleyJohn Lilley14 saatler önce
  • Sml idea forsaken Ken goes into war and his arm went off and Cody doesent love him anymore so his parents tried to help and they broke it even more and they went to Walmart and bought a black doll and Cody smashed his glasses by falling out of bed and he couldn’t tell the difference and it was Ken’s wedding day tomorrow Cody cheated on ken for the black doll that’s my idea like if you want this in Logan’s yt video

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  • My grandpa

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  • The most important person I have lost was my grandfather he died last year when I was on my way back home from the infantry hall of fame

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  • me: why does mr Goodman says Breaking news u k

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  • Jeffy

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  • Holy moly

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  • And I like the Mario Lamborghini my name is Tray

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  • Wowwwwwww

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  • Sml idea: jeffys pet cat

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  • He

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  • My custom funko pop

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  • My phone😂 I found it about 2 weeks later😂😂😂

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Yea Cody Ken is a doll

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  • Stupid Cody

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  • stopped beeping

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  • 511

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    • Why did you say 511

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  • Jr: what is steel week to Me: fire, fighting ,ground types A little poke humor for u

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  • I most important thing I lost was my wallet with 330 Dollars

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  • Joseph said all you need is clue dude 11:04

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  • Junior is doing 1 2 3 4

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  • My schools charger now there going to kill me

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  • You guys are crazy but cool

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  • Taken take Ken

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  • Do the next vid called ex. friends when jr Cody Josef are not friends enmore

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  • 😳 ummmmm

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    • (;(:

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    • O:

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  • My crocky plush

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  • He’s a doll dude

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    • Silly Banana yea he’s a doll dude

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    • @Savage_kids _01 Yeah but... Is he?

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    • Silly Banana he is doe

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    • Is he though?

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  • What's the important thing that I lost is my compass

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  • Hey dady

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  • Ddb

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  • 3:44

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  • I Lost My peepee

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  • Jr and Joseph are stupid dumb idiots

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  • My phone

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  • Dick six

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  • 4444 not 1111 2222 3333

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  • Tyson chicken: UHH CLINGEH

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  • Wait for if ken can break stuff he can just open it

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  • fuck just fuck

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  • My phone

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  • A stuff animal that I had since I was born....

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  • 0:59 Me: looks at the bottom corner Looks at pants Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Like if you saw that his pants were done

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  • Brooklyn guy is my favorite character lol. He said "Oral surgery? I'll get up in dem gutz."

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  • The most important that I lost is a stick and all this days my friend had it bc I let her borrow it

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    • Wtf

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    • Y

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  • Pip

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  • The other side is that you do it with the same thing we have a lot more things I do and have to do with my life than that and I'm still not have to worry bout the locator I don't want shit to do it for what it was good for hair and hair out the shower and the one I had in

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  • Its 444

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  • 😂😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯🤯

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  • This guy said why are Ken's shorts not all the way up:CODYES GAY

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  • Cody Ken Is A Doll That’s Why Your Parents Hate You

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  • Video idea: Cody goes to Pluto

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  • Guys did SBL have ads

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SML Movie: Taken Away!