So We stormed Area 51 and this happened...

So We stormed Area 51 and this happened... with Preston 👊
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    PrestonPreston6 aylar önce
    • Like your videos

      Gina RichGina Rich8 saatler önce
    • Nice Vid Guys

      PercyceptionPercyception26 gün önce
    • Preston no u can’t call them nvm yes u can but u don’t know we’re I live and I’m in Saudi ha

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    • I sub

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    • ok but like to right ?

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  • ALLAH this se ALLAH is lucky you New year you goingALLAH se no more alien just Jin

    Jason Bourne ]VS[RamboJason Bourne ]VS[Rambo3 saatler önce
  • Hey make a vid make 3am in ther plsssss

    Princess RuizPrincess Ruiz7 saatler önce
  • That's intense

    Gail RaadGail RaadGün önce
  • 10001ST COMMENT

    Sachin PatelSachin PatelGün önce
  • Hmmmm you got rid of all the aliens 21:00

    Aidyn VeliantAidyn Veliant2 gün önce
  • You can’t give anybody another brother

    Aidyn VeliantAidyn Veliant2 gün önce
  • and why is the title is so WE you heard that guys WE but only keight and nick go in area 51...

    Seanjames SolonSeanjames Solon3 gün önce
  • to be truth for me preston is so mean in brianna and his friends

    Seanjames SolonSeanjames Solon3 gün önce
  • Can Preston please get 20 million subscribers.

    Jeremy KiltyJeremy Kilty3 gün önce
  • Do minecart video please

    Terrell SegayTerrell Segay3 gün önce
  • Break the back gate using car to see aliens

    BT gamer minecraft PlayingBT gamer minecraft Playing3 gün önce
  • Area 51 is only a military base... no aliens. Sorry for spoiling the word Preston fans. Ps I'm also a fan

    charlotte scottcharlotte scott4 gün önce
  • WHAT

    Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson5 gün önce
  • the ufo was moving going up and down when the crane wasn,t moving

    Shayla MyersShayla Myers7 gün önce
  • hey preston my school is doing a fundraiser and we are selling pizza card for dominos.1 pizza gives you a free one. 10 large pizza then 10 more large free pizzas. 10 bucks each. do you want one ik you love pizza

    FishRaidsGamingFishRaidsGaming8 gün önce
    • Lol

      Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell7 gün önce

    Vbrimley7Vbrimley79 gün önce
  • I tried getting in to Area 51 I nearly got sent to jail so like so they don’t go to jail

    Kerry WilliamsKerry Williams9 gün önce
  • Um...

    Kerry WilliamsKerry Williams9 gün önce
  • Jack Doherty went past the line of area 51

    Soup PandherSoup Pandher10 gün önce
  • I allow

    John DeRocherJohn DeRocher10 gün önce
  • Poooo

    Louie HartleyLouie Hartley10 gün önce
  • SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    James MorganJames Morgan10 gün önce
  • Keith saw the camo dudes

    Nolan JardineNolan Jardine13 gün önce
  • Keith you said that you never have been in area 51

    Damian CataragaDamian Cataraga13 gün önce
  • I just saw that preston has a big head and small ears

    marlin martinezmarlin martinez13 gün önce
  • Don't go closs😨😨😨😨

    Krista Rivet-TilfordKrista Rivet-Tilford14 gün önce
  • This is an alien

    Maddox McConnellMaddox McConnell16 gün önce
  • if you see ufos, people are inside them

    Jeff ChuiJeff Chui16 gün önce
  • nick:not even a single cow me:what cow

    lourdes mezalourdes meza16 gün önce
  • I went to area fifty one but my uncle went and got arrested for going

    Rosemary MitchellRosemary Mitchell16 gün önce
  • Woo woo woo

    David & CoDavid & Co16 gün önce
  • bruh i cant believe he went to area 51

    Lorato NdzingeLorato Ndzinge17 gün önce
  • I saw prestonplayz logo on a street light

    Cassandra DelaneyCassandra Delaney17 gün önce
  • like if kieth is an alian

    Jamie RexingerJamie Rexinger17 gün önce
  • walkie talkie... surveillance. Are you 10 years old bro

    JokerzheeYT2JokerzheeYT217 gün önce

    *Fireskull69 **Fireskull69 *18 gün önce
  • nick is a alen

    Valace2Valace218 gün önce
  • Preston is liying

    ItsLeo&MikeyItsLeo&Mikey18 gün önce
  • I got your merch

    Hunter CaillouetteHunter Caillouette19 gün önce
  • Umm the area 51 keeps on killing you to make sure your dead

    talking jaxon Paultalking jaxon Paul19 gün önce
  • I’ve never been on this road ever cence..... 100 years!

    T ThomT Thom19 gün önce
  • Sup preston

    DJ MauricioDJ Mauricio19 gün önce
  • The guy's that are in the white Jeep are the camo dudes

    Felicia LeeFelicia Lee19 gün önce
  • D

    Stephanie CampbellStephanie Campbell19 gün önce
  • Area 51 has alien

    Christel SuyuChristel Suyu20 gün önce
  • Keith is like an alien so is Barney

    James OrnelasJames Ornelas20 gün önce
  • They had a UFO at AREA 51 and they though it so the aliens when down on 🌎 and put green goo

    •Cleanswift••Cleanswift•20 gün önce
  • Ok so did nick say E.T or T I couldn't hear the "e"

    Nelson PriceNelson Price20 gün önce
  • The camp Dude’s are scary

    Marcuswawa MeMarcuswawa Me20 gün önce
  • Preston! Nooo don’t go jail pls!!!

    Gabriel IzzyGabriel Izzy21 gün önce
  • Preston nick's eye's are green

    Enrique ParedesEnrique Paredes21 gün önce
  • Where are you guys scared

    Owen BanetOwen Banet21 gün önce
  • nick is a alien

    Emma MorrisEmma Morris21 gün önce
  • I love you video's that you make!!

    Paul FernandesPaul Fernandes21 gün önce
  • I💛🧡❤your chanle

    Millie AttonMillie Atton21 gün önce
  • I💛🧡❤your chanle

    Millie AttonMillie Atton21 gün önce
  • area 51 is an old military base

    Ashlee MartinezAshlee Martinez22 gün önce
  • Mr. beast did this

    Cathryn MorganCathryn Morgan22 gün önce
  • You can fly in from the us to are 51 miilatery

    Ian PageIan Page22 gün önce
  • my grantpa garded area 51

    Vanessa CrossVanessa Cross22 gün önce
  • hasnt keith ever been normal

    Tyler MillerTyler Miller22 gün önce
  • Nick: there just deer Me: are you dumb or something those are ANTELOPE

    Cheney KidsCheney Kids23 gün önce
  • Nick- little green men Me- that alien is not green

    Cheney KidsCheney Kids23 gün önce
  • You have to be friends with aliens because then you can go on coll adventures with them -Nick 2019

    Cheney KidsCheney Kids23 gün önce
  • My enishal is ET!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bubba DeesBubba Dees23 gün önce
  • Nick is won of de elien preston!!!!!!

    boyoura martijnboyoura martijn23 gün önce
  • Keith: let's go home nick! Nick: let's go home???!!!!

    wolfs4life177 :Dwolfs4life177 :D23 gün önce
  • didn't happen to mr beast

    noah molinanoah molina23 gün önce
  • Area 51 is a bad area

    David MoriDavid Mori24 gün önce
So We stormed Area 51 and this happened...