Social Gloves Event NASTIEST Knockouts! *Austin McBroom Calls Out Bryce Hall*

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  • This man is making a comeback

    Neev PatelNeev PatelAylar önce
    • Stfu

      Sksjshjsjsjshhshs NsjsjshshjshshsgsbSksjshjsjsjshhshs Nsjsjshshjshshsgsb12 gün önce
    • @Chad Hue lmao

      Nando PulgarinNando Pulgarin23 gün önce
    • Didn’t he sell his old channel? Lmao

      Nando PulgarinNando Pulgarin25 gün önce
    • Stop the cap

      Gabriel RamirezGabriel RamirezAylar önce
    • Nick is winnin

      Jadendasavage22Jadendasavage22Aylar önce
  • That was EPIC!!!

    Medo_Neymar24Medo_Neymar2440 dakika önce
  • 05:36 theyre petting each other

    wtfqlorywtfqlorySaatler önce
  • Yoo I F------ love this when pepol fight tho why is this sooo calming for me me thinking can I compet? Like who ever is watching this good bless you stay at home idk who side im on tik tok or TRvisionr idk

    Osman ZeqiriOsman Zeqiri3 saatler önce
  • Fousey let’s see u fight someone

    Un NiccoUn Nicco15 saatler önce
  • Nick could take hits. Props to him he should’ve won

    BedderSoulBedderSoulGün önce
  • And Ryan won the last

    Chris ChavezChris ChavezGün önce
  • 2

    Chris ChavezChris ChavezGün önce
  • Nick won

    Chris ChavezChris ChavezGün önce
  • You saw to much youtubers

    WilliamMaya9 clipsWilliamMaya9 clipsGün önce
  • bait, still after five years

    abbyabbyGün önce
  • Bro now everyone tiktoker and youtuber is fight rn

    Athalla Janitra Putra PradanaAthalla Janitra Putra PradanaGün önce
  • Nike won 2 rounds and he won one and he holding his head and hitting him. In real boxing that would be illegal and one point off

    Ka Ying ThaoKa Ying ThaoGün önce
    • Ryan han no skill he has the hold the head and punch strat

      Ka Ying ThaoKa Ying ThaoGün önce
  • Ryan is trash he’s not even tha good he I want to see him actually go up against real competition the opponents were trash

    Jareel CalhounJareel CalhounGün önce
  • Why does he talk hood if he grew up in the burbs.. what a fucking clown..

    Your now inside The GUNLINEYour now inside The GUNLINEGün önce
  • It’s really just looks fun, I’d do that just for having a bit of banter

    Sgamer SsaSgamer Ssa2 gün önce
  • Stromedy is a fake person,talketive and acting like a girl.

    Spantakuku.Spantakuku.2 gün önce
  • Stromedy is such a p*ssy!!! All he does every match is run into the corner!!! He claims he has never boxed a day in his life before the bryce Hall fight. Do you really believe that?

    Daniel MichlDaniel Michl2 gün önce
  • Nick should have won they said it was only 2 round he gaved it al on that 2 round on the first 2 rounds he would have one my respect to all the boxers that showd up love yall

    Jezreel RuizJezreel Ruiz2 gün önce
  • nick won easily. he was getting grabbed and held by the head and still won the first 2 rounds. he should've been called the victor. plus there were only supposed to be 2 rounds. AND HE WON BOTH.

    Alex TorbertAlex Torbert2 gün önce
  • Ryan tried to touch gloves with nick when he was in the corner but nick just started punching him

    Dylan SmithDylan Smith2 gün önce
  • King cid

    poonie ceopoonie ceo3 gün önce
  • Nick 100% won that fight

    Becky KeithBecky Keith3 gün önce
  • As a boxer myself, I can say that these men aren't that good as of now, some of them have huge potential. I think that for most of them the technique is not all there but overall I found this video entertaining. Keep grinding and soon you will be very good!

    FabzyFabzy3 gün önce
  • They all youtubers and some are pretty good at boxing but against professional they lose like canelo he can move his body but they decent

    Ëž ˿˞ Ëż3 gün önce
  • Nck knocked the f out of him

    Blue ShoeBlue Shoe3 gün önce
  • Stromedy can't box for shit. Got his ass beat by Bryce and Alex. But took a lot of balls for him to go in the ring. 👏🏼

    Alina BxbygirlAlina Bxbygirl3 gün önce
  • You should’ve got in and got your nose smashed again fousey

    Brett BuchananBrett Buchanan3 gün önce
  • at the end i dont think the decion was right. simply because they amount of hits and scores significant strikes was way higher than just the knockdown. unfair scored fight. you guys did ireland boys production wrong

    Cheech & ChongCheech & Chong3 gün önce
  • Me re watching this not knowing how much more bangers will come 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Saucy MowlidSaucy Mowlid3 gün önce
  • Fousy........ Wtf happened to this guy?!?! Whatever happened to that kid that died of cancer and Fousy was his favourite. I never heard Fousy mention a single word about that kid after that video. No update or anything. From what I know the kid passed away but Fousy did even give his condolences to the family.

    Nasty shizNasty shiz3 gün önce
  • Watching this again Nick still should of won

    Elijah HernandezElijah Hernandez4 gün önce
  • Nick for sure One how did he not win he got the cleanest but cleanest shut that’s Messed up

    Jocelyn LamanJocelyn Laman4 gün önce
  • Dude literally holding the back of nicks head obviously mean you lost and Nick had better throws give what the people want!

    Paige NguyenPaige Nguyen4 gün önce
  • litterly everybody said it was nick

    Landon McKeeLandon McKee5 gün önce
  • Nick won bro ryan litterly got shot in the last round give that shit to nick he was punching him in the face lading al of those that shit cap nick won bro

    Landon McKeeLandon McKee5 gün önce
  • NCK definitely should have won Ryan was just grabbing man the whole time Austin clearly just wanted his brother in law in the fight why did they add another round

    Melanin MagicMelanin Magic5 gün önce
  • Bro NCK litteraly won. He woned legally. Austins step bro was using illegal steps. NCK should've won

    DanChua11DanChua115 gün önce
  • Y'all need a new reff them bear hugs and holding in the back of the head on Nick was stuipd cheap

    Snipe-Hype / Call of dutySnipe-Hype / Call of duty5 gün önce
  • Lmao watching Alex box… he would not have any chance against KSI… KSI would’ve fr knocked him out. Got bored watching him fight stromey

    Jeremiah JuarezJeremiah Juarez6 gün önce
  • Does anyone remember when Fousey and Romanatwood did videos together

    Ethan McKinneyEthan McKinney6 gün önce
  • Good promoter low key

    Tubby MontanaTubby Montana6 gün önce
  • Don’t lie you know Nick should’ve won that

    Michael MignoneMichael Mignone7 gün önce
  • Honestly if yosef was at his prime when he was 25 years old he would put hands on these weak ass ppl on God he would brah go back when Yosef use to go to the gym in the Bay Area with Afmen no 🧢🧢🧢🧢 if you know you know brah 💯💯💯💯

    Superdank87Superdank877 gün önce
  • Harry looking fine tho😂😍

    Kerstyn HuntKerstyn Hunt7 gün önce
  • Fake boxers

    BLACK BEAST Maxi 7BLACK BEAST Maxi 77 gün önce
  • Nick one for sure I would pay to see Nick fight but all do respect to Ryan he put up a good fight

    David FloresDavid Flores7 gün önce
  • I like how they just swinging with no plan lol this is a joke

    TheRoyalEcoTheRoyalEco7 gün önce
  • my man's taking this tiktok vs yt boxing seriously 🥊 June 12th 🥊

    Cactzy RobloxCactzy Roblox7 gün önce
  • Nick won the shit he should Be on that card

    KASH CUKASH CU8 gün önce
  • These men be so immature

    Lexi CBLexi CB8 gün önce
  • Lol if you ask someone if you look happy your most likely ain’t happy 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂

    Pito MedinaPito Medina8 gün önce
  • Who won

    Sama AleidanySama Aleidany8 gün önce
  • No one gonna mention he called nick as “Nich” XD

    Maahir PatelMaahir Patel8 gün önce
  • nick won 100% he only fell because he tripped up on his feet. the other guy was holding his head that’s a Point reduction, also nick landed more hits in 1st and 2nd round

    Dippy SkippyDippy Skippy8 gün önce
  • These people have to learn how to fight 😅😅😅😅😅😂😂🤣

    Saif SaifSaif Saif8 gün önce
  • Why every saying Nick had that. Ryan clearly had that....did you guys just watch the same fight I did?

    Sheila FinnertySheila Finnerty8 gün önce
  • Nick won

    ScorpionScorpion8 gün önce

    Parth VlogsParth Vlogs9 gün önce
  • All I know is that one kid at the end with the black shirt got screwed he definitely won that fight why did they even make them do a 3rd round cause that fight wasn't even close the first 2 rounds and they need to get some real judges in there cause the kid he was fighting with the gold shorts was doing so much illegal shit holding him down and hitting him behind the head and everything else idk if this was for real money or it's just something they put together for views and get paid off their TRvision monetization

    jonathan fariasjonathan farias9 gün önce
  • My man with block shorts and no shirt has no reaction time what so ever that Jab was so fucking predictable it’s actually sad😭.

    TheDamian SantiagoTheDamian Santiago9 gün önce
  • but if i see go bryce make a knock-out by Austin 100%

    Martijn VuurensMartijn Vuurens9 gün önce

    Junior jrJunior jr9 gün önce
  • I wanna spar these guys. Some look scared to get hit and I can change that for them. If I can take a punishing body shot from a pro and still be able to fight these guys won't hit much harder. Like pillows for hands. All I have to do is touch them the rest takes care of itself.

    Sergio AragonSergio Aragon9 gün önce
  • Nick won that!

    Ryan MagovernRyan Magovern10 gün önce
  • You should get a female into that ring against one of @Bryce hall females that he picks I would definitely match into thar

    Jasmine JacksonJasmine Jackson10 gün önce
  • I pray whoever see this you’ll be successful in life, God has a plan for you just trust the process never give up God bless everyone...💕

    DavzTvDavzTv10 gün önce
  • Nick won tbh Ryan is good but nick should’ve won

    Itz3l AvilaItz3l Avila10 gün önce
  • Head hunters...Goofy😭 I know little kids who can beat y’all

    Loa VahaakoloLoa Vahaakolo10 gün önce
  • Ricky had it but he had to learn how to fucken shield himself better

    Andrew MartinezAndrew Martinez10 gün önce
Social Gloves Event NASTIEST Knockouts! *Austin McBroom Calls Out Bryce Hall*