Social Media Reacts To NFL Commissioner's Hypocritical Statement On Protests

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  • NFL is confusing because it's mostly white

    college gradcollege grad15 gün önce
  • Why is it ok for Charlemagne to encourage blowing up a police station?

    Will JohnsonWill Johnson21 gün önce
  • My mom said Colin K. should go on the streets & protest like Martin Luther King...he was villified during his time...was not celebrated,cso I've heard, only heard after his death & honored.....Billy Graham knew it??? & How Colin K. Disrespected vets..umm isn't that the freedom they died for to protest peacefully.....mybe that's how he felt during anthem..I. Feel that way now....might have to kneel next time I'm at work during anthem at Sea Wrld. Mybe because of this...

    Mr. PiggyMr. Piggy24 gün önce
  • Yeah like the bus boycotts

    Mr. PiggyMr. Piggy24 gün önce
  • Hello I have a white mom who is on side of wrong HELLO, imagine being the only black child in a white family, I totally understand it, it is difficult, I can't even talk to her cause she loves Trump so much etc...completely white stuff I do not get....

    Mr. PiggyMr. Piggy24 gün önce
  • Cool J 🐐

    El JefeEl Jefe25 gün önce
  • Bro. LL cool j support the n.f.a.c black people in trouble danger bro.

    Andrew GoosdyAndrew Goosdy25 gün önce
  • I think it's fair to say if you have over 900 million you are a billionaire.

    Vini SThrillVini SThrill25 gün önce
  • these black business do almost nothing for the black community.....shoulda been proactive and we would know you are

  • Ll was right about what he was saying bc it’s a lot of so called mixed kids even though being mixed is a lie and impossible. It’s something that could help relationships when you know the two different races live together and have the same worries when they have children together.

    Daniel RobertsDaniel Roberts26 gün önce
  • Why are yall disrespecting LL? He has an opinion and thought to share like the rest of us.

    Correne ThomasCorrene Thomas26 gün önce
  • CTG is such a clown. Before he was LL Cool J he was black a** James Todd Smith... GTFOH

    Sheila JeffersonSheila Jefferson26 gün önce
  • L l cool j is like a great fighter in the pocket ...pull counter punch over hand right....rap...'s called balance...youngsters take is like rap..yet harder...theman is balanced💪

    Emeron JacksonEmeron Jackson27 gün önce
  • I believed Kanye fudged his numbers too.. they all want to be a billionaire smh.

    notsac44notsac4427 gün önce
  • George Floyd....I'm glad people stood out there before they tried to paint the picture of this man as a X felon. This is a tactic to keep people divided...pointing fingers and judging each other. I pray the elections dont turn into the pin pulled from the grenade.

    Javon HunterJavon Hunter27 gün önce
  • Identify forming.....we watch the news and never think of kids in the middle east listening to rap music...having relationships...going to they are identity formed as jihad terrorists. The destruction and war going on over there would effect you just like it effects and destroy their lives. Everybody in the hood isnt hood. Everybody in the suburbs isnt suburban. Let's stop acting like we all aren't multi dimensional beings and dont jump from one emotion to the next when confronted with new information or just other people or situations.

    Javon HunterJavon Hunter27 gün önce
  • I'm going to throw a term out here "Identity Forming" because it seems the media are really agents of this. And yes Breakfast club is a part of the media because they have a huge platform to spread information. Being a talk show though they offer up their opinions. I do believe we are all humans and LL Cool J is another man. Okay he is known for keeping his "Cool" but Envy and Charlamagne and Yee really? This dude saw what we all saw and he got upset. His statement about mixed households is valid. All blended families are not so excepting. Meaning I know families where the mixed kid was a oops and the white side didnt agree with the black father or mother being apart of there bloodline. They come around and still get the side eye. LL brought up a good point. Social media is full of sensitive people who always want to point out someone for whatever.

    Javon HunterJavon Hunter27 gün önce
  • This protest or revolution is about us fighting the extermination of black people. This is bigger than being mixed/biracial. It’s about surviving. Many blacks have white blood in their veins, but for most, black blood is in their veins and revealed on the surface. That makes us targets. If you have white parents, they should want to fight for you. (Period)

    kr goinskr goins28 gün önce
  • L.L kind of did what Snoop did with Gail. Let emotions take control. However, I think I can understand how L.L., Snoop, Gail, etc, etc, might be or was feeling at that time and Now. If anybody wants to blame anybody, about anything, BLAME THE WHITE SUPREMACIST/RACISTS! That's who controls the way people Think, Speak and Act. Stop Arguing with each other! That doesn't solve the problem. It only creates more problems! [Knowingly or Not]! Hope this helps, Peace!

    strvn mrvnstrvn mrvn28 gün önce
  • @Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM and All Blacks, I highly suggest that you study the works of Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. In his book entitled: .................... "The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept". He states that all Victims/Prisoners of White Supremacy/Racism, is entitled to VGQ. Meaning Victim’s Guaranteed Qualification. Therefore; Blacks should stop Arguing with each other, about how, to deal with Racism. Since NO ONE, has SOLVED the problem of White Supremacy/Racism, how then, can one person disagree with another person, about what the Solution is, when NO ONE has solved the problem yet? Mr. Fuller’s Famous Quote: "If You Don't Understand White Supremacy/Racism, What It Is, And How It Works, Everything Else That You Understand, Will Only Confuse You" Hope this helps, Peace!

    strvn mrvnstrvn mrvn28 gün önce
  • L"s a fuckin GREAT/GOAT

    Lions GorrillaLions Gorrilla29 gün önce
  • What “the dream “ is saying is all Trina was saying.... how does destroying black businesses helping black people ?

    Venus CarmenVenus Carmen29 gün önce
  • CTG is a damn fool sometimes!

    Maikkeru MitsuruMaikkeru Mitsuru29 gün önce
  • What LL said was very clear to me🤷🏾‍♀️

    Sister TamarSister Tamar29 gün önce
  • How many NFL players have killed and murdered people? How many have beat innocent women. The NFL has given them preferential treatment and these players have had the privilege of using their wealth and connections to get off or receive reduced sentences. This is the same league and players union that tried to hide one of their own knocking out their fiance in an elevator. Kaepernick is part of the problem.

    Underground MonkUnderground Monk29 gün önce
  • I don’t understand what being biracial have to do with racism

    Dee ScottDee Scott29 gün önce
  • You dont need "context" when u have CLIMATE! Dont play dumb Angela Yee.

    Bae Bae's KidBae Bae's Kid29 gün önce
  • He basically saying protect his $$$. It's not protect the people. Who spend their money with you. You see the bs!!!

    Donald PhillipsDonald Phillips29 gün önce
  • Most people don't understand why but the majority cares for change . There is no how to protesting . It is what it is until the CHANGE !! 😼

    Angela R.Angela R.Aylar önce
  • There goes freedom of speech in the toilet🚽😂

    Louie MendozaLouie MendozaAylar önce
  • What does raising bi-racial children have to do with this moment? STAY ON MESSAGE BLACK FOLK! There is not riding the black enfranchisement, equity and equal justice! It’s not choosing your black or white’s supporting right cause.

    Seeking ShalomSeeking ShalomAylar önce
  • ll....write a country song...proud thinker...kanye

    Oscar WarrenOscar WarrenAylar önce
  • Charlamagne, LL told you he does not care if you don't like how he feels. He made his choices and if you rock with him, you rock with him. I don't know who he tied his family branck to, as it is the ancient Patriarch/Matriarch who can judge that. Internet superheros tend to think they have a comment on the lives of others, but can't take the inspection of their own lives and choices. There are basic laws which can be judged when they are broken. But one must be knowledgeable of the source of the permanent laws, to be able to judge those laws. But, back to the point. Whether LL Cool J or as you articulated, LL J, the man said he doesn't care and you commentary probably will do little to change that, if not affect any relationship you may have with the man.

    Abiydan BernieYAHAbiydan BernieYAHAylar önce
  • Interracial couples of Black and non- Black/Native/Latino, NEED to have family conversations....

    VampireHunterD44VampireHunterD44Aylar önce

    Kathy GarnerKathy GarnerAylar önce
  • Dream stop mixing up the people that are legitimately protesting and telling them not to come there, really fool! Say looter and rioter don't come, but don't mix the good with the bad! Concerned about biracial! TF, It's about right and wrong LL, you fool!

    Beach WavesBeach WavesAylar önce
  • I don’t have kids but it’s not hard for me to discuss racial issues with my husband. I’ve accepted the past and my part in it. And I know enough to know that I don’t know everything. My goal is to always have a safe space for him to exist and freely talk and if that means I hv to be uncomfortable then so be it.

    C AC AAylar önce
  • Real blacks get it.confused people blacks or whites with mixed should get it.unevenly yoke. brings confusion.

    Patty MarsPatty MarsAylar önce
  • I get it ll cool j

    Patty MarsPatty MarsAylar önce
  • Wow they are talking about LL speaking about things without context when they do this on every show.

    Maurice JonesMaurice JonesAylar önce
  • It's not us destroying our communities. There are white folks and paid agitators creating the chaos. There are videos of police officers destroying property then blaming it on protestors. destroying our businesses.

    Ayokunle AkachiAyokunle AkachiAylar önce
  • It’s time out for celebrity worshipping.

    Zulu MusaZulu MusaAylar önce
  • Tell The Dream to be quiet tell him to file a claim. He can breath

    LadyPlantz AlotLadyPlantz AlotAylar önce
  • When someone shows they true colours you best believe that’s who they are..🤨 NFL is a racist ass devil for sure..

    rogerio mariarogerio mariaAylar önce
  • I get LL Cool j ✊🏿 this goes to those who sleep with those demons..

    rogerio mariarogerio mariaAylar önce
  • How about champagne the dogs hypocritical handling of joe bidens nuts slapping that shiny black chin. Remember "you ain't black" 2020 - joe Biden

    Juan CarloJuan CarloAylar önce
  • KAP deserves his CAREER back and all the MONEY he lost and more. This is EXACTLY what KAP was kneeling down for. MAGA LEADER took KAP agenda and twisted about the AMERICAN FLAG. VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!! Time to make that CHANGE vote in NOVEMBER ELECTION.🗳️ ☑️

    Pretty WomanPretty WomanAylar önce
  • LLCoolJ is human like we all. This Corona season comes with its effects too! It’s bringing out the worst and hidden demons out of everyone! These are hard times with everything going on, anyone can lose their mind!

    M Nseera MM Nseera MAylar önce
  • LLCoolJ is human like we all. This Corona season comes with its effects too! It’s bringing out the worst and hidden demons out of everyone! These are hard times with everything going on, anyone can lose their mind!

    M Nseera MM Nseera MAylar önce
  • Sadly many people of all ethnicity are gonna turn on blacks cuz of these riots n these clowns encouraging them.

    xxRVxxxxRVxxAylar önce
  • LL ain’t dum he dnt like what’s going on n your he’s for the people but not for what there doing.

    xxRVxxxxRVxxAylar önce
  • No its time for US to endorse music that can heal and educate our yung in a better way...we reallybe9 endorse too many frivolous things in our music and media....too much attention on who has what....when we should/ could pay more attention to what matters....LIFE and what WE need to move forward s the Human race #LokalbreD #trinidad #onelove #silvalining #silavfux

    marv montimarv montiAylar önce
  • One RACE ....HUMAN race

    marv montimarv montiAylar önce
  • Now none of them can go in those stadiums. NFL, a bunch of hypocrites.

    Willie ThomasWillie ThomasAylar önce
  • I guess the NFL pockets are hurting, hence why they are giving that statement.

    Ijeoma UwasombaIjeoma UwasombaAylar önce
  • His right I love it that’s the truth

    Foday BanguraFoday BanguraAylar önce
  • She’s right you got to be on the side that’s right how is that hard to understand u see something you feel is wrong you stand by what’s right has nothing to do with being biracial

    ArnessArnessAylar önce
  • LL was high when he made that statement. What some celebrities must understand is they don't have to speak out about everything that happens. If you don't know what to say, don't say anything!

    Dr. C. DorseyDr. C. DorseyAylar önce
  • Charlamagne sounds dumb. He must be used to Hollywood LL but I know hype LL. He made Rock the Bells, said “I’ll crush you like a jellybean”! Cut it out 😂😂

    Queen Mercuri Ruler of the RetrogradeQueen Mercuri Ruler of the RetrogradeAylar önce
  • Angela please STOP reporting on the Kardashians! If it ain’t black we don’t want it! There is so much more news to share during these times! 🙄

    Shuandrekia ButlerShuandrekia ButlerAylar önce
  • It’s sad how biracial/mixed ppl are often the butt of the joke in the US

    IrishCat04IrishCat04Aylar önce
  • "I'm biracial, and was confused..." LMFAO

    Dwyne SDwyne SAylar önce
  • Have you noticed how Angela is always on the side of the persons she reporting on? 🧐 Shit be erky AF. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Let those men speak freely about the Truth! #sheesh

    V’onté MarquiseV’onté MarquiseAylar önce
  • Tha God too funny 😂

    Clover Greens LLCClover Greens LLCAylar önce
  • When a man is charged with domestic violence we automatically assume him as guiltybut when a woman is charged with domestic violence we need content.

    Anthony LargoAnthony LargoAylar önce
  • LL didn't say anything wrong!

    Omnitrix8Omnitrix8Aylar önce
  • All L.L. said was he wonders how they feel. Mixed kids are socially Black (due to society) but the have another parent who may be white.

    Ephecks UneeEphecks UneeAylar önce
  • I get you LL!!

    Deon NashDeon NashAylar önce
  • Uncle Charlamange LL is a human. He can be mad about it a lil sometimes.

  • Here’s a thought, I was 18 and my drill sergeant told us that an opinion is never wrong, his point was your opinion belongs to you and who doesn’t believe there opinions are right, there’s a familiar Bible vs that says the exact thing my drill sergeant 35 years ago it reads every way of a man is right in his own eyes, so my black brothers and sisters stop getting so angry over opinions because that’s all it is, here’s my point a white man named Bill O’Rielly used to say he backs his opinions up with facts, listen a fact can never be an opinion and vice versa by definition, just respect each other opinions.

    Dennis RuffinsDennis RuffinsAylar önce
Social Media Reacts To NFL Commissioner's Hypocritical Statement On Protests