Someone STOLE My Brand New Mclaren 570 Spider...

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  • the time lapse sounded like a lawn mower

    Colton BruggersColton Bruggers7 gün önce
  • Let me feel your heart “he touches her boobs”

    Ayda EltoukhyAyda EltoukhyAylar önce
  • I just think it’s so funny how Jackie didn’t even react when Brandon touched her boobs haha

    i love mac and cheesei love mac and cheeseAylar önce
  • How does the car guy get out of the car🤔

    C that ONE KiDC that ONE KiDAylar önce
  • @ 3:04 the camera moved a little bit

    Ryan BandoRyan BandoAylar önce
  • brandon didnt touche her heart he touched jackies tits

    Joel CarrilloJoel Carrillo2 aylar önce
  • Ayo Brandon I'm pretty sure a heart of over a girls boobs or the same spot as the boobs😂

    fdo.kike.fdo.kike.2 aylar önce
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁interesting race🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:10 🧡💟 👇 👇💛

    Frankie ReadFrankie Read2 aylar önce
  • You should get a wing for the Mclaren

    Corbin WhiteCorbin White2 aylar önce
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁I recommend that you look through to the end🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:43 💕💯🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💘

    Aaron CookAaron Cook3 aylar önce
  • 8:50 brandon is smooth😂

    Itz_Wolfzy FortniteItz_Wolfzy Fortnite3 aylar önce
  • How much is the drink

    Laura ScottLaura Scott3 aylar önce
  • I saw the McLaren bro so stop

    Jayson is a God GomezJayson is a God Gomez4 aylar önce
  • We all know he didn’t want to see her heart beat😭😂😂😂

    Carlos GibsonCarlos Gibson4 aylar önce
  • Why feel her ❤️ so u can feel her boobs 2020 by the way

    synczz foxysynczz foxy4 aylar önce
  • I saw the virgin Marie in the back 🙏

    Rubber ToeRubber Toe4 aylar önce
  • Did his car reallyget stolen i havent watched this video yet lol i guess i should watch it

    Selena GonzalesSelena Gonzales4 aylar önce
  • im laughing so hard right now cause when you were gonna check on jackies heartbeat you touched her boobs i dont even know if she notice hahahaha

    Junior MinayaJunior Minaya4 aylar önce
  • “Let me feel let me feel your heart” *hands go straight to the boobs* 😂😂😂

    Aera FranAera Fran4 aylar önce
  • Is it so funny that booker looked in to the camera and didn’t bark good job booker

    Bentley LBentley L5 aylar önce
  • Do you still have the BMW i8 still

    Lifewith kevinLifewith kevin5 aylar önce
  • Do you still have the BMW i8 still

    Lifewith kevinLifewith kevin5 aylar önce
  • I like that laker chair purple and gold looks better then orange and purple

    james covarrubiasjames covarrubias5 aylar önce
  • I saw this coming

    BlugartThe OneBlugartThe One5 aylar önce
  • His face at 10:43 bruh lol

    Isabelle BlanchardIsabelle Blanchard5 aylar önce
  • Wait what happened to his i8

  • Lmao when Brandon said let me feel your heart and just touched her boobs

  • 11:01 you can see jackie has sex hair lol @brawadis

    Andrew ReyesAndrew Reyes5 aylar önce
  • Jackie said bae Brandon!

    Andrew ReyesAndrew Reyes5 aylar önce
  • Bang😂😂

    GoldPierre4323GoldPierre43235 aylar önce
  • There are mobile autoglass ppl that come to your house

    JimmyJokesJimmyJokes6 aylar önce
  • 15:31 Thats why we love Papa rug 😁😁😂😂

    Rifki DrsmnRifki Drsmn6 aylar önce
  • Bro u forgot 2 blur ur number plat

    JW DsouzaJW Dsouza6 aylar önce
  • Liar liar liar liar liar just for views and can’t even reach 1mil

    Isaac DiazIsaac Diaz6 aylar önce
  • You pranked booker too you said you where goining to give him a toy but you didn’t give it

    BSS13BSS137 aylar önce

    Adaa DhatwaliaAdaa Dhatwalia7 aylar önce
  • 11:42 I LOVE ratchet Brandon 😂😂

    TayaTaya7 aylar önce
  • 4:30 did anyone notice the camera moving?

    Elijah CrespoElijah Crespo7 aylar önce
  • Ok Brandon Jackie said feel my heart 💔 and you felt her boobs I'm sure her heart is not in that spot lol 😂

    A GA G7 aylar önce
  • Pls watch my vid thx

    DwaynoDwayno7 aylar önce
  • He felt her heart

    Michael PinzonMichael Pinzon7 aylar önce
  • 0,47 I thought the car got crashed WTF 😲(the sound)

    Lyadeli_Lyadeli_7 aylar önce
  • Cringe

    Sebastien RaultSebastien Rault7 aylar önce
  • Anthony did not graduate with a 4.0

    IVitalisIVitalis7 aylar önce
  • It’s jokes when Jackie asks Brandon to feel her heart he just straight up just touches her tits. What a joker haha. But what a blessed TRvisionr.

    Luis QuinteroLuis Quintero7 aylar önce
  • Why since you got that car all u do is talk about it and make vids on it plz just do another video on basketball instead of ur car

    NX_klapNX_klap7 aylar önce
  • Jackie : makes jokes of their break up Brandon : cuts the video

    mhmmmhmm7 aylar önce
  • anybody else feel like this happens too much to them? like suspiciously. these are fake

    fxdeSZNfxdeSZN7 aylar önce
  • Me: Sees title Also me: immediately thinks maybe ur garage stole it.

    Delilah AveryDelilah Avery7 aylar önce
  • whay happened to the i8

    roberto godinaroberto godina7 aylar önce
  • Beating 100 muintes per hour haha

    Cowboy gamer - Brawl StarsCowboy gamer - Brawl Stars7 aylar önce
  • When jackie kelt saying "who do we call?" I kept thinking ghost busters

    JaJaMangoJaJaMango7 aylar önce
  • How tf did the guy that put his car on the truck get out 😅

    zomdudee _v3zomdudee _v37 aylar önce
  • Did you see how long Brandon was feeling Jackies "HEART" beating? lmao! Brandon felt Jackies heart pounding in his pants! lmfao! Juz kiddin Jacky! Peace

    Splash _CSCSplash _CSC7 aylar önce
  • yo the ads be having me laughing skits

    First NameFirst Name7 aylar önce
  • Jackie: feel my heart Brandon: feels boobs

    CyanSamGamerCyanSamGamer7 aylar önce
  • no way this nigga touched her boob and she did not notice

    iLikeManguiLikeMangu7 aylar önce
  • Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited you did tou

    Wardog 666Wardog 6667 aylar önce
  • I love you videos

    Daisy CastanedaDaisy Castaneda7 aylar önce
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Everyone in the comments: “Brandon touched Jackie’s boobs!” Me: CHILLLLLL not the first time 🙄

    Daniel RamirezDaniel Ramirez7 aylar önce
    • Daniel Ramirez sweet home Alabama

      Jac SansoneJac Sansone5 aylar önce
  • *walks right into space where car would be* “Wait...”

    Daniel RamirezDaniel Ramirez7 aylar önce
  • I don’t think they changed you windshield they just fixed the crack

    You’re boy reneYou’re boy rene7 aylar önce
  • This is how many times your guys car we'll get stollen

    DJ slimeDJ slime7 aylar önce
  • 8:50 wtff

    Nathan YTNathan YT7 aylar önce
  • At 8:47 when brandon said let me fell your heart 🤣🤣🤣

    Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez7 aylar önce
  • 8:51 lol

    That1 5That1 57 aylar önce
  • What happened to the NBA channel

    Arnav GavaskarArnav Gavaskar7 aylar önce
  • 🍑👀

    OxnardOxnard7 aylar önce
  • Why is there a Lakers chair at 0:13

    Michael RileyMichael Riley7 aylar önce
  • 100 mins per hour-Jackie

    Lalo CorralLalo Corral7 aylar önce
Someone STOLE My Brand New Mclaren 570 Spider...