SpaceX in the News - Starhopper Launch Just Days Away!!! (Episode 37)

In this episode of spacex in the news, we celebrate Starhopper's survival from its recent static fire as it preps for its first upcoming launch; we look at the progress of both Starships in Boca Chica and Cocoa; we learn about the investigation into the Crew Dragon anomaly; and we pay our respects to NASA's 50th year anniversary of landing Apollo 11 on the moon.
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  • I still plan on covering the SpaceX livestream of Starhopper's first flight. First window is on Monday. Oh and have you seen my comfy tees yet?

    CloudLickerCloudLickerAylar önce
    • Just do it elon nasa will do nothing but hinder your vision nothing but government shills and beaurocrats in nasa they will never accomplish anything ever again.

      SPARTAN300SPARTAN300Aylar önce
    • @John Smith they know what they are doing that is nice exemple that hooper didnt explode and still standing

      Joze ButinarJoze ButinarAylar önce
    • @Joze Butinar well i do like Spacex...but they got no clue about steel ...the rocket is imploding by itas own mass..welding short radius plates like they do is totaly crap ....I live in sweden working with subs at Kockums .....we got the worlds biggest steel roller - We roll steel plates up to 3 inch 24 meters with a radius of 12 meter..... just do the math ... Silly to se that star rocket and how they do it ....Hope elon got a bigger plan

      John SmithJohn SmithAylar önce
    • Well you got a nice Tube channel....but you turning into some Gangsta style dud....change that fun to promote shit like that ...

      John SmithJohn SmithAylar önce
    • Great video. Please please please use the word anniversary properly. It's 50th anniversary, not 50th year anniversary... please! Otherwise, great video!

      Science ChapScience ChapAylar önce
  • Whenever someone listens to a Musk fan talking about SpaceX's progress, a grain of salt isn't enough. SpaceX does have some real accomplishments, but has done nothing at this point to indicate that their BFR will ever reach low Earth orbit, much less be a functional, reliable system. However, you did mention a lunar probe and I think that deserves a closer look. The Soviet Union put the 12,600 lb Luna 17 probe on the moon in 1970 using the lifting capacity of a Proton-K. SpaceX has similar lifting capacity with a Falcon 9. SpaceX could probably also use the SuperDraco for the transfer engine since these are about 2/3rds of the thrust of the RL-10 used in Centaur. SpaceX has vertical landing technology dating back to DC-X along with the original Draco thrusters. So, there is no reason why they couldn't build a lander. The Soviet mission had a 1667 lb rover. SpaceX has experience both with electric drive and its attempts to build a self-driving vehicle. This should be directly applicable to a rover. They could probably get some engineering schools to build some additional experiments, but it does seem entirely feasible. Could SpaceX do a crew mission? Way back in 1964, Korolev wanted to do a lunar flyby. It was thought to be barely feasible using a Proton-K to lift the heavy transfer engine. Even so, the Soyuz craft had to be stripped to the bone to be light enough. And in testing, their vehicles pulled 20 gees on re-entry. So, it is doubtful that it would have worked. SpaceX has considerably more lifting capacity with Falcon Heavy and they could probably use a Merlin for the transfer engine. The two things they lack are a long duration craft and a high velocity re-entry vehicle. Russia has built long duration (30 day) versions of Soyuz and they have plenty of experience with Mir. There is also experience beyond Apollo with Skylab and ISS, so this is probably doable. High velocity re-entry might be a problem though. This has only been done twice, first with Apollo and the more recent test with Orion. I have doubts that SpaceX could pull that off in the next 3 years.

    scientiousscientious29 gün önce
  • There is no space. The earth is flat, immovable and covered by the firmament dome. The sun and the moon are just lights that hover just beneath the dome. The stars and planets are lights, inside the revolving dome. There is no gravity, rather it is density and buoyancy.

    Gospel of ChristGospel of ChristAylar önce
    • i'm sorry to announce there is no cure to what ails you

      Randy ChisholmRandy Chisholm28 gün önce
  • man, i still cant get behind spaceX. i dont think the change to stainless steel was a good idea, and the fact that they are slowly showing that, indeed, rocket landing for the capsules wont really be a thing for what it really matters. its almost as if, slowly, they are just redoing what nasa did...

    Marcos DaniloMarcos DaniloAylar önce
  • God bless you too

    bryan riverabryan riveraAylar önce
  • Wake me up when he launches to the moon. I'm interested in a HD version of the Apollo missions. Realty me CGI is very powerful now, so at least give me a good show.

    jeffrey spinnerjeffrey spinnerAylar önce
  • I hope Space X lands on the moon before anyone else trys again.

    taiming71taiming71Aylar önce
  • you know i feel like NASA is like the vulcans trying to slow us down when its going to space like EVERYTHING we do it takes like decades to finally do it there's only so much testing till we say " ok lets do this"....

    Alan WilderAlan WilderAylar önce
  • "I admire least the NASA of the 60s....." Soooooo were just gonna ignore the other 4 decades of NASA's space exploration? Lol although I agree we have good reason to criticize over the SLS, NASA has benefited science in general more than anyone ever during that time. Let's not get ahead of ourselves before SpaceX sends humans up consistently.

    Andy GomezAndy GomezAylar önce
  • Ohhh YES!!!! I Love It!! Starship is Doing Well🙋🙌Can't Wait to See Her Hop!!🙌🙌

    Mary CopeMary CopeAylar önce
  • But this time, clean the appropiate valbes. Go to the moon, is almost 2020 and if they planning to go somewhere, they will need a step stool to go up ward or to come back , like an stan by station before finaly landing back in Earth.

    Jorge SolisJorge SolisAylar önce
  • Support don't criticize

    Enki EnlilEnki EnlilAylar önce
  • Great deception

    Ako kengAko kengAylar önce
  • The boot print it is actually Buzz Aldrin's footprint -_-

    Non SicuroNon SicuroAylar önce
  • I have a question once Starship lands on the moon or Mars how do the astronauts exit the ship? I was watching an old movie "The Invasion of Astro-Monster" and they have a platform lowering from the outside the ship.

    Chris CampbellChris CampbellAylar önce
    • It is shown in this video:

      ixglocTVixglocTVAylar önce
  • This metallic shit what you call rocket will newer go to space it not going to clear the ground. So for long long long time you going to use Soyuz one of the best rocket in business.

    000000000000Aylar önce
  • I don't know why Musk called it Star Hopper. The vertical test vehicle for Falcon 9 was Grasshopper so maybe Tree Hopper would be closer.

    scientiousscientiousAylar önce
  • The sponsor spot is actually cool!

    A GA GAylar önce
  • Hey Elon. Just imagine that NASA doesn't exist and you are the only one. Do what you do best. They will kiss you butt sooner or letter....Common sence is always a winner.

    Tigran OhanyanTigran OhanyanAylar önce
  • I just stopped by the site at cocoa, Florida. They have what looks like the beginnings of a taller structure being put up and additional segments of stainless steel in the hangar.

    Ryan AdamsRyan AdamsAylar önce
  • Hey hello! I see you are into space related models and collectibles. Would you be interested in a super detailed Merlin 1C rocket engine!?

    Accuraspace ModelsAccuraspace ModelsAylar önce
  • Sorry Friend...that is actually Buzz Aldren's of the last images he took before Apollo 11 left the Moon. Neil"s first print was not preserved due to all the movements of Neil and Buzz around the LEM foot pad. It is amazing though. Later.

    Wayne WeidnerWayne WeidnerAylar önce
  • I was on Tim Dodd everyday astronaut when it happened, at the time I tried to tell everyone that the fireball was not a big deal, everyone was freaking out saying it was a failure and that the ship was destroyed.... Um, stainless steel, it will be fine.

    David BepplerDavid BepplerAylar önce
  • Elon will change our future, or he already is doing that....

    Dagon FellDagon FellAylar önce
  • That IS one of the benefits of methane. Burn it in open 20% O2 atmosphere,, and it is not terribly hot.

    Sailor376alsoSailor376alsoAylar önce
  • Hardware designed for the Moon or Mars is orders of magnitude more expensive due to the seriously increased radiation hazards. Very few parts can withstand the environment, an FPGA for low Earth orbits cost $50, an FPGA for Mars is $15K and its way less complex. The company I worked for spent billions of its own money just trying to find and design parts that would work. That's why SLS and Orion is so much more expensive.

    Richard 1Richard 1Aylar önce
  • Regardless of what NASA does, SpaceX should just do a moon landing and return, then sell rides to NASA and whomever else wants to go! Hell, they are already sold the first rides to lunar orbit, so why not sell rides to the moon and back?

    Rob MoilanenRob MoilanenAylar önce
  • I have what maybe a stupid question. What’s the reason why SpaceX is building these hi tech machines outside in what it seems to be almost like an a open junkyard instead of a setting like a closed hangar?

    LuckyVoodoo1LuckyVoodoo1Aylar önce
  • Also, I KNEW the parachute video would be mentioned.

    OldGamerNoobOldGamerNoobAylar önce
  • If we're proposing starship names, I propose something similar to the "Starship Enterprise" naming scheme This one's Starship LoneStar and the one in Florida's Starship Sunshine (names in honor the first ship produced in each respective state using the state nicknames) ....and by extension, the "Starship Heart of Gold" that Elon wants to be the first to land on Mars will have to be built in California (the golden state) :P

    OldGamerNoobOldGamerNoobAylar önce
    • @OnionChoppingNinja yeah, I know. The double association between the already existing California rocket factory and the litterary name was a stretch, but it ocurred to me while already writing about the first to suggested names. Besides, while "LoneStar" is a cooler name than "Sunshine" for a Starship, "Golden" just sounds a little dumb and needed some tweaking anyhow.

      OldGamerNoobOldGamerNoobAylar önce
    • I think "Heart of Gold" is actually a reference to the ship from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

      OnionChoppingNinjaOnionChoppingNinjaAylar önce
  • Where is the falcon model on your back wall from?

    Magneat oMagneat oAylar önce
  • there is weathering on the moon, it's caused by micro meteorite impact. Effectively they're sandblasting the lunar surface constantly.

    CaptainDuckmanCaptainDuckmanAylar önce
  • all these fails ... how do they expect to really go to the stars ... I cant help but think they will just do CGI again after the launch

    edd aimesedd aimesAylar önce
  • Mars landing by 2030.... Hey, 2030 is 12 years from now, while 2000 is almost 20 years ago. So, even in a not-Muskian timeline of 2030, Mars landing is going to be soon.

    artemkrasartemkrasAylar önce
  • I suggest we call Starhopper 'R2D2' from now on )

    artemkrasartemkrasAylar önce
  • I looked to the endgame preview and I thought it will be in the video. Roscosmos: We are inevitable. Elon Musk: And we... are... SpaceX SNAAP! 2 variant Roscosmos: We are inevitable. Elon Musk: And I... am... Iron Man SNAAP!

    Михаил БадасянМихаил БадасянAylar önce
  • STS waste of money. Just support SpaceX and focus on exploration and science. NASA is stupid.

    Manuscript FilmsManuscript FilmsAylar önce
  • That's Aldrin's print not Armstrong's

    Timothy HaysTimothy HaysAylar önce
  • Cool smoke and mirrors... I mean thrusters and chrome.

    bradyspacebradyspaceAylar önce
  • Starship 2020 should have a Pez dispenser and shoot out Memorabilia on to the moon before returning to earth. They should also deploy a series of satellites that make guiding rockets to the moon easier. As well as Space lasers.

    Arashi MokuzaiArashi MokuzaiAylar önce
  • I refuse to call it starship, I call it SS starship enterprise, Cause its a Stainless steel Starship, And once they Retire the falcon series, It will be their main enterprise Mwahahaha.

    Arashi MokuzaiArashi MokuzaiAylar önce
  • There we go!So happy the hover test wasn't delayed much.I'm honestly waiting for that...btw the music in the video is original or I can find it somewhere?

    Luca RaresLuca RaresAylar önce
  • 3:52 What do you mean this is the first reflight of a Block 5 booster? No, the first time a Block 5 booster was reflown was August 7, 2018, the Merah Putih mission. Block 5s have been flown as many as three times now, and they are expecting to hit five this year. If you are unfamiliar with it, this Wikipedia page is an excellent resource: Otherwise, great work, keep it up!

    Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
  • NASA is ignoring Starship and continuing work on the SLS because much of the money spent on SLS goes to facilities in states where key Senators come from. I don't think Congress cares so much that SLS has gone way over budget. Or rather, the senators from Alabama, etc don't care.

    NotContinuumNotContinuumAylar önce
  • "50th YEAR anniversary" HUGE PET PEEVE! Anniversaries are annual, so saying "...year anniversary" is redundant AF

    ZiceLoveZiceLoveAylar önce
  • Have you actually gone skydiving and licked a cloud?

    Richard FreemanRichard FreemanAylar önce
  • NASA builds awsome probes

    Adam WeaverAdam WeaverAylar önce
  • I'm just waiting patiently for the Firefly class ship..

    Jeff M.Jeff M.Aylar önce
  • "Just for you." Aha...

    Strategic ThinkerStrategic ThinkerAylar önce
  • I heard that was actually Aldrin's boot print.

    WacoWacoAylar önce
  • When will you be the honorable mention?

    dylan cdylan cAylar önce
  • Sorry but your idea to just use Starship only with no lunar station or assistance is just idiotic dude......Think of the years of advanced r&d that can be done and how many new technologies can be perfected without having to return to earth as often not to mention a safe place as well as in the event of something going wrong with Starship or surface base construction...... Not the best idea you have had id rethink it......

    Lukeasdf123Lukeasdf123Aylar önce
    • What r&d? There is no r&d that requires lunar orbit to be done. Gateway is sheer waste. Among other things, it's much too small to be a research station. That is not it's purpose. It will only be there to allow Orion and whatever lander they come up with to dock to it because Orion's service module does not have a powerful enough engine to do Lunar Orbit Rendezvous.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
    • If something were to happen with starship on the surface then, station or no station, astronauts would be stuck. That would also be the case with other human landers. You might as well have the station on the surface, or no station at all. If anything, having no station eliminates failure points. Given the length of a lunar surface visit, there's currently no need for an orbiting station or surface station. Starship is also large enough to function as a station while on the surface. Orbiting stations are only useful for capsules and landers, which is just a less efficient system

      Thomas FedzinThomas FedzinAylar önce
  • Looks like an oversized to me... we should probs call it... okay, "Slick" isn't perfect but definitely better than what I have in mind.

    Henden GayomaHenden GayomaAylar önce
  • Hey, anyone has the link to the FULL INTERVIEW please ?? Im really interested

    Valentin LievreValentin LievreAylar önce
  • i think end game is very far away. end game starts after mars colony begins

    Nanderlizer NanderlizerNanderlizer NanderlizerAylar önce
  • you, your style, your news, your videos.... and your hat, all rock my dude!!!

    Riff BearRiff BearAylar önce
  • $200 for a fake boot print is out of this world! I am not ready to take a giant leap to buy it!

    TurbomarTurbomarAylar önce
  • Call me cynical, but that is the most un-aerodynamic and flimsy looking rocket I have ever seen.

    clungebucket23clungebucket23Aylar önce
    • Well, remember, it's just a test article, not an actual spacecraft.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
    • @Thomas Fedzin Yeah, it didn't look anything like an airplane.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
    • It looks flimsy, sure, but there are plenty of less-aerodynamic-looking rockets. I mean look at the Space Shuttle

      Thomas FedzinThomas FedzinAylar önce
  • Artemis has its own justifications that extend beyond "landing on the Moon". It's an ISS 2.O. Focussing always upon one target can make you incompetent about reaching the next target. Didn't your military training warn you about this?

    Markle2kMarkle2kAylar önce
    • There is absolutely nothing in the way of zero G research that needs to be done in Lunar orbit. Gateway is just a waste of resources. Besides which, it's tiny. It's really too small to do much in the way of research. It's just a place for the Orion and the lander to dock because the Orion's service module is not powerful enough to perform Lunar Orbit Rendezvous.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
  • Sexy intro

    iRx DestinyiRx DestinyAylar önce
  • Thanks for the video. 100% agree with opinion.

    RickyRickyAylar önce
  • Elon should speak with shia 'Just do it' Paste that on the first landers booster

    esrA eloHesrA eloHAylar önce
  • So conflict of interest for SpaceX fans. Remember that Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan testified under oath in the USA congress that they thought commercial space was bad and would damage space and hinder NASA and there was no way commercial space could do what they say they could do. In light of that just remember The astronauts information and knowledge is out dated and their perspective is derived from a time when NASA was at its hay day and had cash cash cash. I’m appalled that an engineer such as Neil Armstrong used his 30 yo knowledge when testifying and hadn’t studied up on modern engineering and business practices before forming his opinion. So everything you love and follow about SpaceX Neil Armstrong dislikes and disagrees with and testified under oath to that point. He even came out of his self imposed exile to do it, that was very rare. Hats off for being a cool calm test pilot and engineer who then flew/rode in someone else’s scientific and engineering marvel to the moon and back. Que the stoning.

    JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • Odysseus Rex . But it’s not? What’s your point? Is it that if telling lies on the stand magically came true then..... but they didn’t. So what’s your point. Yeah space is hard and science maths and engineering make it easier every day. USA went to the moon 50 fucking years ago, several times. So if space was hard then well space is now moderately difficult at best. No one ever said in modern times that space was impossible, I’m ignoring crazies such as flatearthers and religious wackos. So your attacking me now not the argument presented. Your hypothesising and bullshit fantasy realities is not the discussion the real world is. F9 is not failing at 30% so not only do you have no argument but you have no rebuttal to my point. Then you want to degenerate it all to personal attacks... what a fucking loser, your having a tantrum but you type well for a 2 yo. I’m done you have no point or even a valid argument.

      JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • Odysseus Rex . Maybe, but maybe the 737 could take the title, I haven’t researched those numbers as they are not relevant. Why just not compare bicycles? We are comparing rockets to orbit. You know launch vehicles. So you agree then that nasa built the deadliest rocket ever. Good. So my point stands, nasa isn’t necessarily the best at designing launch vehicles based on deaths, costs and launch rates. So then saying that in the entire of the USA that nasa is the only viable option as commercial space is just kidding themselves is a misguided, misinformed and incorrect view as very recent history proves otherwise. They shut the shuttle down for fucks sake. But they are reusing the parts in sls. So the parts are good but the design of the ship was bad, so try again. For an engineer to ignore everything in recent history the crashes, nasa forcing a launch outside of parameters causing death, the cost, the total lack of resisability even though it was specifically designed for that, the huge refurbishment cost in time and money, it’s just inexcusable for an engineer to do that and then turn around and say nasa is the one and only, while other people in the world are doing it, also without even touring or contacting the commercial space companies for information, WTF. Neil and Gene ignored everything recent, didn’t seek out new information, didn’t ask for help and relied on 40 yo preconceptions and ideals. Oh and their fame how pathetic. I’m sick of your what ifs and bullshit. See you never.

      JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • @JackSpeed 439 Well, by that logic, the 747 is the deadliest airplane ever developed.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
    • Odysseus Rex . I said number of deaths, the deadliest. And it is. The worst thing is that nasa was told by engineers not to launch one morning. So NASA sent those engineers home and launched and blew the shuttle and the crew up. Yeah NASA precision. The point I was making was that neil pushed nasa superiority but nasa isn’t superior to any body and I used the number of deaths on the space shuttle to demonstrate that. Remember the shuttle was supposed to be this marvel. Yes it was a marvel but also a disaster on deaths, costs per vehicle, cost per launch, refurbishment cost and refurbishment time. So Neil had this info and still said nasa was the only way forward. Yeah na. Yes everything that flies will crash eventually if it flies enough. Soyuz has flown a lot over decades and killed less than the hardly flown by comparison shuttle. This is supposed to show that nasa isn’t a leader in safe space flight. Yeah people will die in space millions by the end of time and at this point in time nasa and it’s shuttle was the worst. So don’t think nasa can’t be out done. Let everyone do their thing help,each other if appropriate but don’t advocate for a government only system. Since when has any government been efficient at anything? SLS and Orion for example, planned to be the most expensive to build and then launch. So much so that it will hardly fly due to cost.

      JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • @JackSpeed 439 Yeah, and if Falcon 9 were running a 20% to 30% failure rate, they would have been right. Where did you get your engineering degree?

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
  • SLS is the wrong way, ignore all the excuses except the cost predictions. If I remember rightly it’s 2 billion for the SLS and Orion crafts and another 2 billion in launch costs. Then they throw away that 4 billion and don’t even recycle for scrap. It’s disgusting in this day and age of recycling, reuse and a broke USA. Surely NASA could figure out how to spend that 4 billion better. Why not use the Starship super heavy which can launch direct to Pluto as a launch vehicle and then just spend all that extra cash you now have on missions. I understand NASA has hundreds of mission proposals that get whittled down to 3 or 4 due to scientific concerns and cost...

    JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • Odysseus Rex . Oh another thing. SLS is bad for space access as the price tag will preclude a lot of launches. I think they want one a year at this point. The shuttle was cheaper and originally they envisioned launches every other week. That didn’t happen. So what will the sls launch cycle be like? I admit the rs25 engines are fantastic but that’s one tiny part and their H2 is very expensive to buy and store and provide infrastructure for.

      JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • Odysseus Rex . Wow, learn to read. I never said nasa wanted sls. I just said that due to the 4 billion dollar cos per throw it’s a poor use of monetary resources. SpaceX or BO I don’t care or ULA, gag, but nasa doesn’t have a history of cost effective launch vehicles while commercial space has them on the way. Imagine the missions nasa could do with 4 billion a year, it would be magnificent. NASA does exploration so well and reliably. Also remember sls is aiming for 4 billion a launch.... when does a government project come in on budget? The worst part is that old parts are being recycled just for jobs for the boys so Senators get re-elected, not because it’s the cheapest or best or fastest way to go. If space is hard, gag, then sls is sloppy crap and it will say nasa on its side. I know Orion dates to 2000 with another name under a different program, so the capsule is almost 20 years old and still not done. Yes it changed over time like any complex machine does but it’s design started in 2000 or maybe even before.

      JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
    • NASA could figure it out, and you might notice they already use SpaceX for most of their launches, but it is Congress that is mandating SLS, almost down to every last nut and bolt. NASA can only do what Congress tells them.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
  • That intro about the burning star hopper fire was very true and accurate.

    JackSpeed 439JackSpeed 439Aylar önce
  • I thought Mars was the end game...

    Rodney CarplukRodney CarplukAylar önce
    • It is, but the moon is a useful stepping stone.

      Thomas FedzinThomas FedzinAylar önce
  • End game? is it the end game?...

    Rodney CarplukRodney CarplukAylar önce
  • Does anyone understand the moon landing? How did they slow down not to crash into the moon, traveling at 25,000 miles/hr? Burning rockets on the command module? The whole thing seems impossible, the burn to slow down and then to return?

    Daniel MilicDaniel MilicAylar önce
    • Look up Apollo Command and Service Module, and Apollo Lunar Module on Wikepedia. To get a more complete explanation of all things Apollo, read We Reach the Moon, which, I believe, can be found on Amazon. Also read Carrying the Fire by Michael Collins.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
    • By the time they were in orbit around the moon, they were travelling at only 3600mph relative to the surface. They needed to increase speed to 5,500mph to put themselves on a return trajectory to earth. That's not a huge increase, and it's roughly the same sort of burn they would've needed to slow themselves down. When they performed the circularization burn, they were farthest from the earth, and so had slowed from 23,000mph to 5,500mph by gravity alone. (Like a ball reaching the top of an arc) As for the lander, the landing burn was around 12 minutes long at 10% throttle. That's perfectly realistic. The fastest manned aircraft to operate in the atmosphere (X-15) had a top speed of around 4,400mph. Let's not forget the Lunar Module experienced 1/6th earth's gravitational force, so deceleration was much easier. Rockets on command modules isn't a ridiculous idea. In fact, all crewed capsules have rockets on or near them. If you're gonna sit on top of 100 tonnes of rocket, what difference is one more gonna make?

      Thomas FedzinThomas FedzinAylar önce
  • i am claming that space x will put the first man on the moon. yes first

    Eric SchoemanEric SchoemanAylar önce
    • And you can claim the grass is blue and the sky is green. You will be just as wrong.

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAylar önce
  • that SHIT junk looks more like a grain silo than a rocket. lol what kind of junk is elon playing with.....more NASA BS.

    Ana nimityAna nimityAylar önce
SpaceX in the News - Starhopper Launch Just Days Away!!! (Episode 37)