Stimulus Bill Has Passed! What’s In It (House)

$3 Trillion stimulus package is here - what's in the bill passed by the house of representatives.
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The LARGEST economic stimulus, or economic BAILOUT, depending on how you want to look at it has been PASSED in the House of Representatives 208 vs 199. The entire HEROES act consists of close to 2,000 pages of legislation.
The Heroes Act bill will cost the US 3 TRILLION DOLLARS. Just for context, the Great Recession of 2008, when I graduated high school, cost America $700 BILLION dollars, and so far, the CARES act has cost approximately $2 TRILLION DOLLARS, we’ve nearly TRIPLED the amount of money that we’ve spent so far. All together, America could be spending as much as 5 TRILLION DOLLARS, that’s 7 times worse than 2008.
Here's what's in the bill that just passed in the House of Representatives:
#1 $75 BILLION dollars will be put to “Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund” which gives puts money for the yorona testing and containment measures.
#2 $45 BILLION will be given to the Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program which suspends all payments and interest on student loans until September 2021 to those who are deemed “economically distressed”. All this means is that you don’t have to make a single payment and you won’t be penalized until September 30th 2021, but you’re still required to pay back those loans. You can also get up to $10,000 forgiven on your loans if you can prove you are economically distressed.
#3 $100 BILLION will be given to the Emergency Rental Assistance provision which gives protection to low income people from being evicted from their homes. To be considered “low income” you need to be making less than 80% of what the average income is in YOUR specific area is, which will be provided by the Secretary. Another $75 BILLION dollars will be given to home owners to protect them from foreclosure if they’re not able to make payments on time. On one hand that’s good for the renters but for people who are trying to invest in real estate? I’m not so sure. That’s why I love dividend investing and REITS.
#4 $200 BILLION will go toward the support for FRONTLINE workers including medical staff and first responders. There’s another provision that includes 2 weeks of paid sick leave and 12 weeks - 3 months of emergency paid leave if you meet certain criteria.
#5 15% MORE money for SNAP the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program which is also known as the food stamp program. This translates to about a $25 per person per month, or just under $100 for a family of 4.
Now here are some of the more problematic proposals with the bill that Republicans are generally against:
#1 Cash payments to illegal immigrants and their families. That’s right, illegal immigrants would be eligible to receive not only the next round of stimulus check if they get sent, but also the first round of stimulus checks that was sent out in April depending on their income levels.
#2 Page 1762 of The bill mandates that all ICE Detainees, that is - immigrants who committed a crime that were placed in jail by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, shall be released if they do not pose a threat to the general public. A crime doesn’t have to be a violent offense, it could be something like overstaying your visa for example. Included are new standards that contain free privileges to talk to their families because right now no one is able to visit those centers.
#3 Illegal immigrants that are considered essential workers will be protected from being deported and they will be given the okay to work a job without penalizing the companies that hired them.
#4 Immigrants that want to come here and practice medicine, especially as it relates to the illness, will be given expedited visas to come here and work. This is to help the hospital shortage that we have of medical workers helping us out in the front lines.
#5 Unauthorized immigrants without healthcare coverage will able to qualify for testing at no cost, treatment, and vaccines.
The Bill:
National Deficit:
Food Stamps Eligibility:
Paid Sick Leave Expansion:
Stimulus For Illegal Immigrants:



  • Heroes Act: Yay or Nay? Immigrant aspect of the bill is very interesting

    Andrei JikhAndrei JikhAylar önce
    • @Monica Reyes Illegals only pay 15 billion into the system, meanwhile costing US taxpayers over 150 billion per year. I know many who claim 12 dependents on their taxes, claiming well, my family in Mexico. WTF?

      simplekindafriendysimplekindafriendy21 gün önce
    • @Mitchell Barnow If they're illegal, no

      simplekindafriendysimplekindafriendy21 gün önce
    • @Cristian Vargas They're illegal..? The US spends over $150 billion per year on illegals, yet they pay only 15 billion into the system. Doesn't seem fair at all.

      simplekindafriendysimplekindafriendy21 gün önce
    • Nay

      Bri GuyBri GuyAylar önce
    • Nay they should of did there jobs and actually read what was in it.

      Jason EJason EAylar önce
  • Where’s the money? One month after and the money isn’t in my account. Or anyone else’s accounts.

    IrKeegIrKeeg20 gün önce
  • Wow so illegals are eligible for cash payments. Unbelievable. Go to ANY other country in the world, guaranteed this would never fly.

    simplekindafriendysimplekindafriendy21 gün önce
  • When does the second stimulus come out

    Jt_monsta1Jt_monsta123 gün önce
  • But your parents did do it just like others need to become legal to be here then there wouldn't be an issue with coming here and not trying to assimilate into our country. We all need jobs right now so American citizens should get them 1st at this current time not to say it needs to be resolved when economy and jobs r not being filled for other reasons. I know this can be tough subject too just a logical system for American people need to be let 1st not that others needs r not important too. Can't have it all fixed at once. I think immigrants are important too

    c christensenc christensen24 gün önce
  • Dammit....if I can juuuust slo mo enough I KNOW I’ll see it....I need to know

    Francisco HerediaFrancisco Heredia24 gün önce
  • Yeah, what was the point of this? You did a 14 minute video on a dream that will never come true

    Matthew De LorgeMatthew De Lorge29 gün önce
  • Remember at one point in time all of our families were once immigrants to this country.

    Blaze CrewBlaze CrewAylar önce
  • You look gay af in that thumbnail lol

    Justin FerrettiJustin FerrettiAylar önce
    • What’s wrong with that?? It’s 2020

      Andrei JikhAndrei JikhAylar önce
  • What’s bull shit is my company said I was essential so I could make them more money but I miss out on the payout to them. Guess i wasn’t as essential as I thought.

    Dale JenningsDale JenningsAylar önce
  • Is there a reason this is bad, because I think these sound good. Unbiased opinion from me.

    yeetskideet piyeetskideet piAylar önce

  • There is nothing good about contact tracking

    Jason EJason EAylar önce
  • Im here 60% for the info other 40 for the Commentary 😅❤

    Tabitha AndersonTabitha AndersonAylar önce
  • September has 30 days dumb ass!

    aizo nokesaizo nokesAylar önce
  • Therefore, those perpetrators of the fake impeachment Adam Schiff, “rooster face” Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi must be ejected from office; they are obsessed with economic and political power, they hate Americans and want to destroy U.S. and its Citizens, as U.S. Citizen Pete Lion says: “Nancy Pelosi is a mentally ill woman, her obese ‘Latin Lover’ husband Paul for a young woman has made Nancy Pelosi obsessed with Trump, harassing him with false accusations to get attention, but his indifference is lovingly despairing her to the point of also criticizing Trump’s private life, calling him ‘morbidly obese’ in an interview with CNN, when she is a catatonic woman who cannot control her urine and feces, unmistakable signs of senile dementia aggravated by her obsession of political power. A physically and mentally ill woman like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a danger to millions of Americans’ safety, health and destiny. Nancy PELOSI is the skeleton devil of the PROPHECY of APOCALYPSE because her name has the six (6) letters of the evil propellant for the world destruction.” Consequently, Nancy Pelosi and Adams Schiff severe MENTAL instability disqualifies both to be in Congress and must be expelled in accordance with U.S. Constitution, Article 1 - Section 5. Nobody likes Nancy Pelosi, proved with 05/22/2020 Poll Results showed that 99% Americans want Nancy Pelosi must be removed as speaker of the house; she must to, as sooner as better!

    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress are perpetrating nefarious actions SABOTAGING the Trump administration handling of Covid-19, colluded with the mainstream media CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX etc. towards panicking and terrorizing innocent Americans with the spread of fake news on national catastrophe and massive death of hundreds of thousands due to Covid-19, misinformation to mislead Americans to blame President Trump administration. Democrats are exploring every avenue to turn the Chinese Covid-19 outbreak into a political advantage, lying and disorienting Americans while carrying out dirty political maneuvers to undermine the federal government, among these actions those from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Muslims Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and mercenary socialist Alexandria Ocasio, inciting people to rallies, unlawful use of force and violence, chaos, sedition, riots on the streets, in collusion with foreign powers to intimidate or coerce the government and civilian population, in order to pursuit its Democrat Socialist political aims; unlawful actions which are terrorism according to Department of Justice 28 C.F.R. Chapter.

    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
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    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
  • Millions of Citizens are blaming and complaining on Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress’ illegal and criminal plotting to drain the Social Security Administration funds and allocating the money for political, personal use, and to give benefits to illegal immigrants and children traffickers who are getting five times more money that senior Citizens who rely on Social Security to survive, as Citizen Pat D says: “I’ve waited till be 70 years old to collect-had to stop working after a car wreck. I was told by Social Security Administration that I was only getting about HALF my monthly check because of all the illegal aliens and trafficked children getting FIVE TIMES what I’m getting. They had to adjust their algorithms to favor illegal migrants. So this theft and slow killing of seniors is an economic measure to kill off seniors after draining us of every dime;” statement ratified by Citizen Ron J. who says: “ Corrupt and treacherous Democrats government which decades ago started given benefits to illegal immigrants that never have contributed to the Social Security Administration, after having learned that these illegal immigrants are using bogus social security numbers, so this is a Democrat collusion in grand theft victimizing Americans in favor of foreigners illegally in U.S.” Obviously, Democrats former presidents and actual House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “rooster face” Chuck Schumer, and Democrats in Congress are accountable and must prosecuted by perpetrating federal crime embezzlement and grand larceny (18 U.S. Code & 641).

    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
  • Moreover, millions of outrageous senior Citizens who rely on Social Security to survive and now facing the threat that Social Security checks could stop being sent because of Democratic corruption and funds embezzlement has exhausted the Social Security funds, are blaming and complaining against Democrat governments and Congress dirty tricks to extorting Social Security money demanding they must repay it, as Citizen Dorothy DD says: “Clinton, Obama Democrats government and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have to pay back all of the money that they stole. And all the illegal immigrants have to pay back any Social Security benefits they received. Cancel all benefits Government official receive until Social Security is paid back with interest;” request shared by Citizen Paul G who says: “Democrats politicians must put the money back that they stole from Social Security;” while Citizen Scotty B. says: “It was the Democrats administration that robbed the SSA funds. This is a hi crime perpetrated by those former presidents Clinton, Obama, and the insane House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, corruption and embezzlement which retired Americans have to suffer. These corrupts must be arrested and imprisoned;” meanwhile other Citizens are requesting removing Nancy Pelosi from Office, as Citizen Walter K says: “It is outrageous that the Democrat Congress voted to start using retired Americans’ money for their spending! And then the traitors voted to tax us on our money again that had already been taxed! Corrupt Nancy Pelosi must be removed, she’s sinking U.S.”

    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
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    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
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    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
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    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
  • Nancy Pelosi, Democrats in Congress, and Democrats State Governors through passing too broad and too partisan bills such Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion bill to help illegal immigrants, and the Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has slaps U.S. Taxpayers with a latest unlawful decision allocating $75 million in taxpayer monies for the fund to expands relief program to cover illegal immigrants, both violating the Supreme Court unanimously rules on 05/09/2020 remarking that “it is a felony to encourage, to induce an illegal to come to, to enter, or reside in U.S., knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law.”

    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
  • Americans Citizens criticizes Pelosi’s too treacherous too broad partisan bill, as Citizen Gerry C says: “This bill encourage waves of illegal and terrorist immigration who are threatening to riots if excluded from benefits and planned parenthood, this Pelosi bill package is BS,” while Citizen Mike Mc giving an analytical view says: “What has happened to the great U.S.A ? How can any one even vote for this bill? This country has now been changed from a free capitalistic society to a LIBERAL Socialist country and people like Pete King could care less about the country as a whole. $3 trillion Coronavirus relief legislation does not have a good chance of becoming law and suggested the massive bill could be a starting point for talks with the White House and Senate. Her comments came just as the White House issued an official veto threat on the proposal, accusing Democrats of wanting to pass "long-standing partisan and ideological wish lists" rather than addressing the nation's public health and economic challenges. The White House chided Democrats for looking to make some illegal immigrants eligible for a second round of $1,200 direct payments, and for including a $25 billion "bailout" for the U.S. Postal Service and funding vote-by-mail and same-day registration.”

    Mike RubMike RubAylar önce
  • Is this a way to make us dependent on the government. Right now. It pays not to work. The essential workers except for medical and truck drivers are working - since they are working they don't get unemployment. These jobs only pay about 10 bucks an hour. Not unless that person will still get the $600.00 each week. We are all on welfare - what do the Republicans think about that.

    Berdina GambleBerdina GambleAylar önce
  • you have an annoying snobby rich kid voice.

    Alexis VAlexis VAylar önce
  • Very good video well done man!! Would love if you could give my channel a quick look? :) (It's about all things investing/passive income related). Thanks again and keep the vids coming :)

    Now Or Never FinanceNow Or Never FinanceAylar önce
  • Andrei seems like he would be fucking fun to drink with lmao

    anthony pizzianthony pizziAylar önce
  • yea not passing in the gop controlled senate nancy inflated it with illegal immagrant shi t. i only respect the allowing illegals to work essential jobs. i would only give reduced stim so 300 per illegal working to citizenship or 600 to illegal working towards citizenship while holding essential job

    deathwing015 playzdeathwing015 playzAylar önce
  • What about married filing jointly one SSN and one ITIN?

    randall beasleyrandall beasleyAylar önce
  • It's boned as it should be.

    Kelly HammelKelly HammelAylar önce
  • Thank you for your personal experiences with immigration. We are after all, a country who started with immigrates from somewhere.

    Tracie ShollenbargerTracie ShollenbargerAylar önce
    • Yes! Thank you!

      Andrei JikhAndrei JikhAylar önce
  • I’m here just thinking, someone out there is getting more money than me living off unemployment while I work

    TroglodyteTroglodyteAylar önce
    • @Gustavo Zuniga So yes, people on unemployment are making more than those of us still working.

      Jordan CookJordan CookAylar önce
    • @Gustavo Zuniga Currently in the u tied states because of the corona virus. Unemployment is giving an extra $600 per week until this "epidemic is over.

      Jordan CookJordan CookAylar önce
    • If believe that you are stupid unemployment depends on how much u make

      Gustavo ZunigaGustavo ZunigaAylar önce
    • For real _

      Andrea WayneAndrea WayneAylar önce
    • I think that all the time. But trust me. Later on we are probably in a better position. I have essential job and have been working thru this Coronavirus shit. And we kinda have to be happy we have job security.

      Rick NotoRick NotoAylar önce
  • 12:50 he’s referring to Armenians lol

    Anthony LopezAnthony LopezAylar önce
  • Meanwhile, Canadians are getting $2k/month hassle-free.

    Art AlkemistArt AlkemistAylar önce
    • Thats exactly who we want to compare ourselves to.

      Travis WhitleyTravis WhitleyAylar önce
  • So in other words, the $10K will NOT be paid off to those who have been doing the right thing? And to add insult to injury, theyre giving money to illegal immigrants?! Wow...... wow......

    Jaden JeongJaden JeongAylar önce
  • Keep illegal immigrants out of our benefits.

    John RichardsJohn RichardsAylar önce
  • The CARES Act provides a rebate of $500 per child dependent under age 17. Other tax dependents, however - including adult children with disabilities who live with family members who care for them, elderly individuals who depend on assistance from family members, and high school and college students over age 16 - are left out. We estimate that this leaves out more than 15 million lower- and middle-income dependents aged 17 and over who would receive a rebate were it not for this age restriction. These dependents include: about 5 million 17- and 18-year-olds; nearly 4 million college students aged 19 to 23; about 400,000 children aged 19 and older with disabilities; and more than 5 million other adult relatives (such as elderly parents) who have little income and are claimed as tax dependents by their children or other relatives.[10] There is no clear policy rationale for omitting these dependents. Two explanations from Michael Zona, a spokesman for Senate Finance Committee Republicans, are weak.[11] First, he argued such rebates would be poorly targeted, saying that, “Dependents, by definition, aren’t responsible for a majority of their financial support,” and that, “The goal of the recovery rebates is to provide support for Americans who are responsible for their own financial well-being or that of another during this pandemic.” But this is not a strong justification for denying the rebates to these dependents while providing it to dependents under age 17. Moreover, Zona blamed the rush of the legislation, noting that, “Legislation is never perfect and always involves trade-offs,” and, “That is especially true of emergency legislation in the midst of a crisis. Using existing mechanisms already in place saves time when every moment matters.” But the CARES Act could have used an alternative, existing definition of dependents in the Internal Revenue Code[12] that would have allowed the inclusion of these millions of dependents. In any event, policymakers should close this gap in the next legislative vehicle.

    Raymond LeggsRaymond LeggsAylar önce
  • Watch from 0:54 @ .25 speed to see the solution to his magic trick

    nihgajonesnihgajonesAylar önce
    • Look at his hand holding the straw, its already there

      nihgajonesnihgajonesAylar önce
  • they don;t care about people just money it takes three months for one check

    robert rodriguezrobert rodriguezAylar önce
  • Ha ha, 1984's George Orwell calling. I spit my diet coke!

    Thomas BallantyneThomas BallantyneAylar önce
  • If I get that $2000 is going straight to my saving account.

    Leonel ThomasLeonel ThomasAylar önce
    • It’d be like $8k for my household, I’d pay off the rest of my debt tbh

      Lewis SullivanLewis Sullivan15 gün önce
    • You and half the population.

      Dirty CommieDirty CommieAylar önce
    • I'm buying a big neighbor Hating subwoofer with it if it arrives.

      Raymond LeggsRaymond LeggsAylar önce
  • Sounds like the bill needs some tweaking.......Hope they will be able to do so ,when it goes to the senate,

    Latachia _2Latachia _2Aylar önce
  • except it hasn't passed yet..

    solrwavzsolrwavzAylar önce
  • The numbers and facts he is throwing is fucking scary guys. 700 bill for 08 crash and he said trillions for the packages

    Jon WinderJon WinderAylar önce
  • Hello, I like your video! Can anyone tell me about UI, I signed up, claimed 4 to 6 weeks, my hours were furloughed and I have this" open non monetary issue. " I have tried calling, charting, and sent messages to unemployment with no response and no way to get through? I claimed May 4th and the definition says 10 days to hear from employer then 3 to 5 days to send my payment and now isurpassed that! So my question here... When will I get paid from unemployment? Thanks for help me answer if you can!

    michael vandermarlieremichael vandermarliereAylar önce
  • Wow

    KaylaayiKaylaayiAylar önce
  • Whatever happens we as a people need to scream a lot louder

    Malaika Abdul-RafiMalaika Abdul-RafiAylar önce
  • Heroes Act Na Na. Na no no no ....GET OUT AND WORK

    Billy TaylorBilly TaylorAylar önce
    • This is government control HELLO HELLO NO Hellllllll....iOO on government control as the HOUSE would have you brain washed to believe....As you know nothing is free. Nothing

      Billy TaylorBilly TaylorAylar önce
  • Great video and great insight into the struggle your family faced in their quest for citizenship. Thank You 🤙🏽

    HonuStyleImportsHonuStyleImportsAylar önce
  • Take that [free] $1200. Over the next 48 months you will more than pay that back in rising food costs.

    Tammy HughesTammy HughesAylar önce
  • Why they just reduce taxes or take less money from our paychecks, essential workers should make more money than unemployment people

    Daniel PanequeDaniel PanequeAylar önce
  • If you are an ”illegal immigrant” if you pay taxes, you should get the stimulus check

    Daniel PanequeDaniel PanequeAylar önce
  • Trump and his cult has increased the debt by trillions. How can anyone conservative be pro Trump is beyond me.

    AbleAbleAylar önce
    • But if u vote democrat u must be insane.

      Rick NotoRick NotoAylar önce
  • He called the bailout in 2008 bad? The new proposed one worse? What would he propose in his great expansive experience in economics? What about the damage trumps tax cut did? What about the 36000 people who may not have died if trump would have acted. It takes more than throwing stones. We need people who can help make solutions. Stopping tax cuts for the 1% would be a good start.

    Terri MartinTerri MartinAylar önce
  • It'll die in the Senate, as it should.

    Trolly CartTrolly CartAylar önce
  • does that mean were still getting $100. extra on foodstamps? cause I know people that live alone they gotten rase $100. from $194. to $294.. well some people didn't get there extra $100. and my rent is $1100 and food stamp $194. AND FOOD NOT CHEAP ESPECIALLY YOU AS PEOPLE DONT AVE RIDES TO GROUSERY STORES. CAN YOU LOOK INTO THIS PLEASE.

    Betty De LeonBetty De LeonAylar önce
  • This will never see the light of day, courtesy of Mitch McConnell and his party for the people.

    JozhJozhAylar önce
  • It's not passing the Senate it's another Dem wishlist that has nothing to do with helping us.

    NightWalkerNightWalkerAylar önce
  • bunch of BS they are going to kill this country . need to start hanging some people.

    utubedavegutubedavegAylar önce
  • Click bait twat

    GS_DelveGS_DelveAylar önce
  • Come on man, it passed the welfare house, Senate will RIP that EBT card as soon as it hits! Democrats are far from the working man and women's party! It smells in here......

    TinyTinyAylar önce
    • Yep

      forged bowtieforged bowtieAylar önce
  • Im a legal immigrant. I love you

    Pon ForemanPon ForemanAylar önce
  • QUESTION; they’re thinking about extending the EXTRA $600 on top of unemployment benefits, but does that mean that your unemployment benefits will be extended too? Like if your regular benefits (not the extra 600) is supposed to stop in August, will it extend?

    Jack GonsalvesJack GonsalvesAylar önce
  • 1 in 4 doctors are immigrants. Sure, from INDIA!! Not South America. And don’t confuse immigrant, with illegal immigrants or undocumented.

    Jack GonsalvesJack GonsalvesAylar önce

    Tony StarkTony StarkAylar önce
  • Time to invest in currencies not controlled by the us government

    L LL LAylar önce
  • I thought all student loan payments were suspended until Sept, 2020. 4 months from now. Am I wrong?

    Kepin_In_The_Ville502Kepin_In_The_Ville502Aylar önce
Stimulus Bill Has Passed! What’s In It (House)