STOP calling me A BOOMER!!!

Telling someone ok boomer is seriously hurtful.
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  • 11:42 halt you have violated the law. Hmmmm? No cheatsy wheatsy, huh?

    DrewH2DrewH24 saatler önce
  • 2:58 monkaW

    DrewH2DrewH24 saatler önce
  • Pewds: do a compilation TRvision: ok, they still hate it Pewds: ...

    Zotan ZeroZotan Zero7 saatler önce
  • -STOP CALLING ME A BOOMER *cries* -ok remoob

    Marcelo MarcheuskiMarcelo Marcheuski16 saatler önce
  • Stop copying davie504

    Carlos MartinezCarlos Martinez19 saatler önce
  • Pewdiepie: LWIAY Davie504: SDAIAY

    Wolfsschanze MusicWolfsschanze Music20 saatler önce
  • I'm gonna say the B word, Hard R!

    ThePonyDalekThePonyDalek22 saatler önce
  • pewdiepie: you can't mess the rewind 3 times in a row they just can't i- i think it will be fine me: you had no idea...

    Krissia Van BaelenKrissia Van BaelenGün önce
  • Ok boomer

    ZeroW UchihaZeroW UchihaGün önce
  • hi boomer

    Mr DdygabyMr DdygabyGün önce
  • Ok dust

    Charles GuerraCharles GuerraGün önce
  • ok boomer

    Linux 0w0Linux 0w0Gün önce
  • 6:12 guys felix predicted rewind

    shannon slivinskishannon slivinskiGün önce
  • 6:20 I guess they took his advice

    Anna MezAnna MezGün önce
  • Okay boomer

    Jaslynn cobbinsJaslynn cobbinsGün önce
  • Ok boomer

    Adam SillasAdam SillasGün önce
  • Ok boomer

    chips_ahoy_27chips_ahoy_27Gün önce
  • ***ok boomer***

    CXMOCXMOGün önce
  • The most known minecraft mod and literally a vanillalegend... HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A VETERAN WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW HEROBRINE!?! YOU ARE UNWORTHY!

    Link SwordmasterLink SwordmasterGün önce
  • 15:31 We should make this a meme

    William LammertWilliam Lammert2 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    Spinel [Reformed]Spinel [Reformed]2 gün önce

    Jack CastruitaJack Castruita2 gün önce
  • If you ask siri tell me a knock knock joke and when she says the joke say ariana grande who and wait for her responce

    Doggocarlino _YTDoggocarlino _YT2 gün önce
  • TRvision took his advice to the T, didn't they?

    Ashita ThakurAshita Thakur2 gün önce
  • Okay Boomer ok boomer

    Bunny boo RobloxBunny boo Roblox2 gün önce
  • Puffff ok boomer

    El gatoEl gato2 gün önce
  • Came back after rewind and looks like youtube listened to planting trees and featuring his wedding...

    Tyler HartmanTyler Hartman3 gün önce
  • I see that weathering with you 0:25

    R DR D3 gün önce
  • ok boomer

    Boots VBoots V3 gün önce
  • Wait why could Marzia run across the road and what did it mean by there is another

    MaxEliteGamerMaxEliteGamer3 gün önce
  • Boomer.

    B L U R R IB L U R R I3 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    Gabriel FGabriel F3 gün önce
  • I was gonna smash like but then I looked in the mirror.. :'(

    Chaz SalsberryChaz Salsberry3 gün önce
  • Wait boomers are old people BUT Young people is zoomers

    Rex Gamer DudeRex Gamer Dude3 gün önce
  • swear u said the n word again

    x_take thatbich_xx_take thatbich_x4 gün önce
  • Felix: OK Boomer Google on my Phone: Starts listening

    Kristijan BesakKristijan Besak4 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    Mario MafaleMario Mafale4 gün önce
  • I’m watching this after I already saw the TRvision Rewind. Damn Pewdiepie called it.

    BancroftOutdoorsBancroftOutdoors4 gün önce

    The UnknownThe Unknown4 gün önce
  • Ok boomer I will not call u a boomer

    Safan HossainSafan Hossain4 gün önce
  • 14:05 They should have replaced Bill Nye with Tom Hiddleston

    Alydia FortenAlydia Forten4 gün önce
  • Русские есть?

    Кот МатроскинКот Матроскин4 gün önce
  • Sorry boomer

    Msf SenzuMsf Senzu4 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    Reverse RezzReverse Rezz4 gün önce
  • Ok boomer I will stop BOOMER

    John OreillyJohn Oreilly4 gün önce
  • Boomer: what's a boomer? Everyone(even boomers): Ok boomer.

    Kryptic MuzikKryptic Muzik4 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    BobSquad 69BobSquad 694 gün önce
  • Pewdiepie:stop calling me a BOOOMER!!! Me:OK BOOMER The world:OK BOOMER The youtubers :OK BOOMER Pewdiepie fans : OK BOOMER The community:OK BOOMER

    Unpopular gacha :3Unpopular gacha :34 gün önce
  • People looking for him to say ok boomer cause they heard it on TiK tok 8:31

    • ❤️🙈

  • Ok boomer

    Tripp MckinnonTripp Mckinnon4 gün önce
  • TRvision took PewDiePie's advice on rewind...

    MrPotato -MrPotato -4 gün önce
    • I'm impressed, actually. I think, as much as I disliked the video, I'll go like it.

      Lucas SantoroLucas Santoro2 gün önce
  • "fifdeen"

    Maggie ScottMaggie Scott4 gün önce
  • ok boomer

    CryBaby545CryBaby5454 gün önce
  • To be honest, if you would talk to my dad about that, he would say that's totally relatable. Considering how much me and my sis say that to him.

    Max GanciMax Ganci4 gün önce
  • 0:49 pp small button

    呵 呵呵 呵4 gün önce
  • Hey y'all boomers!

    Christianpierre Dela CruzChristianpierre Dela Cruz5 gün önce

    Proffesional Serbian SlavProffesional Serbian Slav5 gün önce
  • Ok zoomer

    Emerson HooEmerson Hoo5 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    10,000 subscriberswithnolife10,000 subscriberswithnolife5 gün önce
  • Felix: Here are some tips for youtube rewind TRvision: *literally follows Felix's advice but still gets dislikes anyways* lmao

    JayJay5 gün önce
    • Thank you. They literally did exactly what he said. I’m almost sure that they made it in the two weeks after this came out.

      Nakita LanderNakita Lander2 gün önce
    • Just do a montage lol

      Михаил ФишерМихаил Фишер5 gün önce

    Viperx2Viperx25 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    Dumb idiot faggotDumb idiot faggot5 gün önce
  • remoob ko

    Jokestin Y.Jokestin Y.5 gün önce
  • Pew boomers lover this stuff Also pew It’s so good

    Tricksh0tArmyTricksh0tArmy5 gün önce
  • Ok boomer

    overseereyeballoverseereyeball5 gün önce
  • So youtube really did take his advice

    Professional ProcrastinatorProfessional Procrastinator5 gün önce
  • 6:20 OMG they listened!!!!

    Paris CarboParis Carbo5 gün önce
  • Stop calling me boomer you say Okay then boomer

    WilliamGamesWilliamGames6 gün önce
  • Wait wait wait wait, youtube literally did what felix said them to do. Put his wedding and mr. Beast planting trees, and just did a montage?? WHAT THE HELL??? What have you done Felix 😂😂😂

    RKRK6 gün önce
  • Is how fifteen and fifty sound so similar like who created these letters?! Lmao it’s letters

    Plasma BahpPlasma Bahp6 gün önce
STOP calling me A BOOMER!!!