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Streamers React To Cloak *LEAVING* FAZE To Join Tfue's NEW ORG! (RIP)

Streamers React To Cloak *LEAVING* FAZE To Join Tfue's NEW ORG! (RIP)
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  • Do you think Cloak should stay in FaZe or leave with Tfue?

    Fortnite ClubFortnite Club24 gün önce
    • leave faze

      pepo gamer20pepo gamer205 gün önce
    • Fortnite Club cloak should stay dawg

      Hamza 123Hamza 1238 gün önce
    • Stay away from faze

      ovg. chkovg. chk9 gün önce
    • Leave

      IB GamerIB Gamer11 gün önce
  • 3:04 roblox player app

    Kouri JuarezKouri Juarez14 saatler önce
  • Ayy

  • Aooh. Vbgx ABCD video photo aaja

    Probir SarkarProbir Sarkar20 saatler önce
  • Nice

    Mo SaadMo SaadGün önce
  • What is Tfues new org called

    Mythic AvnerMythic Avner2 gün önce
  • You know what's funny? Is that that tweet of Cloak and the one with hamlinz in the other video are litearlly photoshopped. And he donated to streamers saying and asking them what they thought of it. Don't be like this guy, he clickbaits and he is just fucking thristy for a dollar.

    Asp3ctAsp3ct3 gün önce
  • Leave

    Bryan 200Bryan 2003 gün önce
  • Imagine Faking tweets to get you views NoT SOmEtHInG FoRtNitE cLuB wOuLd dO aT aLl

    KyroFNKyroFN3 gün önce
    • Like to spread awareness

      KyroFNKyroFN3 gün önce
  • Did he actually leave faze I will be unsubscribes to him if he did

    Hatogag FortniteHatogag Fortnite3 gün önce
  • Cloaks a follower

    Rainy_ Dinomite-_Rainy_ Dinomite-_4 gün önce
  • I love you so much fortnite club

    JustuxJustux6 gün önce
  • Yo I want dat maouse pls

    Mini faZe ClanMini faZe Clan7 gün önce

    YasuoEgyKAKI anyahozdakamerátYasuoEgyKAKI anyahozdakamerát7 gün önce

    YasuoEgyKAKI anyahozdakamerátYasuoEgyKAKI anyahozdakamerát7 gün önce
  • Cloak: leaves FaZe FaZe Kay: BRO ThAts InSAne

    Significant MeSignificant Me8 gün önce
  • I dont have a gaming mouse “club”

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    • Buy a mouse then

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  • U are the best

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  • I really need a mouse I am really broke please 🙏🙏

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  • I will watch him either way trying to use your code

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  • Final mouse

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  • Idk wat to comment

    ipk aiden gamer famipk aiden gamer fam11 gün önce
  • noice

    caelcael13 gün önce
  • Tfue said he never said he was gonna make his own org

    Tyler KetchumTyler Ketchum13 gün önce
  • This is great info and great learning

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  • 4:30 I thought Tfue found an exploit for mats, but it wasn't a real game.

    SlyGamingSlyGaming14 gün önce
  • Comment

    Ian FranasiakIan Franasiak14 gün önce
  • That’s the fakest tweet ever I feel bad for the people that believe it’s real

    ElephantElephant14 gün önce
  • I used code club in the item shop I don't have a gaming mouse and the finalmouse would be my first Gaming mouse it would mean a lot

    Zachary WrightZachary Wright14 gün önce
  • Code Club! Would have never known about Tfue's org.

    Raider_AegisRaider_Aegis15 gün önce
  • Giveaway=Tealeaf00000=Giveaway Enterd

    Tealeaf00000Tealeaf0000015 gün önce
  • TFUE ahI

    Jaiden ThompsonJaiden Thompson15 gün önce
  • 1:15 how did he go crazy he was just playing against bots every time I play I get lazerd by 3 people at once I get spammed non stop

    MogliMogli16 gün önce
  • Use code club in the item shoo

    ZueツZueツ16 gün önce
    • I meant to say shop

      ZueツZueツ16 gün önce
  • Cloak: joins Tfue’s org Faze Kay: you’re insane bro

    • Cloak is a good friend.

      DrunkyDrunky15 gün önce
  • Fuck Tfue, fuck Cloak we don’t need them

    KarmxxKarmxx16 gün önce
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  • This vid was really funny

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  • Who was nickmercs talking about

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  • Hi yay boi

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  • How will cloak get out of faze so easily. Is his contract up ?

  • Skadad

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  • Tfue said he is not making a org thank me later

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  • What did sou mean about cloak leaves faze? yo Fuck FAZE CLAN

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  • Trash fucking video. Channels like this should be demonitized

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  • fuck these fortnite montage channels profiting on other people's content

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  • I love how there is clips of ninja SMACKING

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  • You are awesome keep going

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  • Cloak is a real friend he actually wants to stay by tfus side

    Super Luigi BloxxerSuper Luigi Bloxxer18 gün önce
    • Ikr

      Bolted LightnessBolted Lightness16 gün önce
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  • You can’t tell me the first guy that reacted cloazy potentially leaving faze doesn’t sound like tfue

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  • Faze isn't good as they think they are

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  • Once we saw cloak changed his name, we already knew he was leaving... Oh and by the way who else can’t stop looking at patrick on Tfue’s facecam?😂😂

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Streamers React To Cloak *LEAVING* FAZE To Join Tfue's NEW ORG! (RIP)