Surviving 24 Hours On A Deserted Island

This was Insane, I Can't Believe We Did This!
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  • Chandler:”I am a Shark. Me:Arghhhhhhhhh Also me:ups i said it wrong ARGHHHHHHH

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  • Ive slept on rock before camping it hurts

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  • Chris you’re wrong that you say you need FUEL FLAME and OXYGEN what are you breathing out if you’re bidding out something that means it’s carbon dioxide that’s what your breathing out HA Chris

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  • Oh Look We Have A Shark IN The Water 4:27

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  • Chandler's just a little bit high all the time.

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  • 7:44 construction worker in a nutshell

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  • Mr beast tricks: He uses the money over and over again! I have no more😅

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  • You should do 24hours in death valley in the summer!

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  • just throw the chest into the water and enjoy

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  • you should do a 24 hours without food challenge

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  • I Wouldn't so that anyway that stupid thing it don't even have trees

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  • you are going through so much pain for content i feel bad for you mr beast

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  • Edited screen text: unloading the boat The second boat: am I a joke to you?

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  • 4:13 türkiyenin meem i ama kimsenin umrunda değil :,)

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  • what if there were sharks?? are they're sharks there even? or fish?

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  • 10:18 I can't see the naked Chandler

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  • How are they ment to breathe THEY HAVE NO TREES😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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  • 4:14

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  • minecraft steve: *you gotta bump up those numbers, those are rookie numbers*

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  • camera guy: Islands getting small chandler: what? camera guy: the islands getting small chandler: who said that? camera guy: mother nature chandler: What the heck mom! Chandlers name is now Chandler Nature

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  • YOUR MEAN WAA just kidden

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  • A deserted island is only deserted until two boatloads of fratboys step onto it. Then it becomes, "Escape from Douchebag Island: Weiners & Buns Edition".

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  • They brought monopoly but didn't play it

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  • Never have I watched such childish adults

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  • No one: James Charles:HI SISTERS

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  • Get the seagle to help you

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  • Ever go to the grocery store with yo mama and take all the bags at once

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  • I love you guys y'all are my favorite TRvisionr I love all of your videos ❤

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  • Jimmy: *chandler, what did you bring?* Chandler: *a HeAvY oBjEcT*

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  • YA DINGUSES Quotes from Chris!

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  • “Wiener me up daddy”

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  • chris your a dingis

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  • Was Chris's eye open in saltwater

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  • It would of been cooler if you guys stayed in the island for 4 days 😆😁

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  • Jimmy and Chandler bring back James Charles from scuba diving 😆

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  • 4:14

    BTS MomentsBTS Moments3 gün önce
  • I love mountain dew

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  • He did the knife meme

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  • O.o

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  • Chandler: if i dont get food im getting naked Chan-fans: KEEP DA FOOD AWAY

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Surviving 24 Hours On A Deserted Island