Suzie Does Nails Magazine Cover - Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie has the privilege of designing the nails featured on the cover of Nails Magazine May 2017 issue. Suzie recreates the design on fellow nail technician Natalie, and shares the techniques to creating these stunning nails, and also discusses ways to avoid common mistakes.
Nails Magazine has a Behind the Scenes video of Suzie creating the design in the Nails Magazine Studio. Check it out:
Here's a link to the digital Nails Magazine May 2017 Issue:
Suzie would like to thank everyone at Nails Magazine for helping make her visit so much fun!
Thank-you Erica, Danielle, Kim, Beth, Veronika, Michelle, Cyndy, photographer Vu, model Ciara, and everyone else involved.
Products featured in this video:
The Monomer - Cotton Candy Scented
Exclusive Nail Couture
Eternal Beige Acrylic Powder
Exclusive Nail Couture
Crystal Clear Acrylic Powder
Exclusive Nail Couture
ShineE Gel No Wipe Soak Off Top Gel
Beads, Flowers and Acrylic Pigments were all from Suzie’s private collection that she has collected over many years.
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  • You make it look so easy 😩😍

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    Eppla WatermelonieEppla Watermelonie20 gün önce
  • I’ve had acrylics since 8th grade. But now I feel the need to get something cooler each time and it’s getting to the point that I’ll be getting a full set of Swarovski soon lol

    Lacey MedinaLacey MedinaAylar önce
  • I love these nails! Reminds me of shoujo manga backgrounds! 😍✨

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  • I prefer when Susie is alone. I like her soothing voice.

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  • Congrats!!!! You deserve it Mrs. Suzie!!!

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  • Watching this Oct of2019. Ps I love when you show the client asking questions in the video bc it gives me the chance to better learn

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  • hope this fad disappears quick.... real quick....

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  • Hi Suzi. What acrylic product and nail art did you use?

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    MLML5 aylar önce

    MLML5 aylar önce
  • I love your videos so much suzie. You’ve taught me so much and I just want to say thank you so much for being the best nail tech I’ve ever seen. You are defiantly #1 to me. Your tips you give during your videos all have worked for me and I have become better at doing nails because of your videos. Your an amazing soul. Thank you again.

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  • Beautiful 🌺💅💅💅🌺

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  • Do you have a name for the website where you buy your nail art supplies. I would love to buy the same kind of stuff but I didn't see a reference for where to buy it from. Pls and thank you. Btw love love love your videos you do amazing work.

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  • Please excuse my ignorance, but when you add the glitter do you grab the clear then the glitter?

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    • I think she just dips the brush in the monomer first to moisten it :)

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Suzie Does Nails Magazine Cover - Step by Step Tutorial