Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation

Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation... (ahhhh)
We've done boyfriend swaps before, but nothing quite like this one. We swapped boyfriends for the nigh, but this time we're swapping boyfriends on vacation and going on romantic summer dates with each other's boyfriends. Let the cringe begin. #swapping #boyfriends
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only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our swapping boyfriends on vacation video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!



  • Frankly that was a smoOoth move by collin that he bought a “iheartmycrazybf” tee to make it wear to niki because it seems like (for me) that he wanted niki to have something to put on because her bikini was like so exposing ehehe love him

    Nyah MedinaNyah Medina8 saatler önce
  • I feel like Niki and colin always have way more fun than gabi and nate

    Alisa CabreraAlisa Cabrera12 saatler önce
  • That's where I live

    Jason WilesJason Wiles20 saatler önce
  • nate is so handsome

    Kerstin AquinoKerstin AquinoGün önce
  • I meant Collin

    Shane SweetShane SweetGün önce
  • Guys my face is my dad’s but I’m actually girl

    Shane SweetShane SweetGün önce
  • Gabbi:Yayy!! Nate:I hate losing!!😡

    Jocelyn MarielJocelyn MarielGün önce
  • I love how Colin looks at Gabi so cute

    Christabel AbasaChristabel Abasa2 gün önce
  • OMG wheeeeeere is niki’s blue dress from the ice skating date from 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

    Kylie RaeKylie Rae3 gün önce
  • yall gabi is boring on her dates, niki on the other hand know how to pick a good date

    Princess Fuller-AkparantaPrincess Fuller-Akparanta3 gün önce
  • Her cheeks are so SHARP

    Chry -Chry -3 gün önce
  • In all the boyfriend swaps it’s just Niki and Collin having fun and the gabi and Nate lowkey not knowing how to act

    Kiki`s How To ChannelKiki`s How To Channel4 gün önce
  • i love u guys so MUCH

    Sophia LlanesSophia Llanes5 gün önce
  • Nate reminds me of Bruce Jenner

    T A L L I J AT A L L I J A5 gün önce
  • Ugh dating Gabi sucks. Poor Collin. Gabi should be more fun

    Hande Ceyda PalaHande Ceyda Pala6 gün önce
  • im so much like fucking gabi omg !!!

    Harlow EvesHarlow Eves7 gün önce
  • Why does Colin look low key like Ross Lynch? Lol

    LandoLando7 gün önce
  • When kristof and elsa meet 😂

    Aeron IdeaAeron Idea7 gün önce
  • Part 4

    Its Just MinecraftIts Just Minecraft7 gün önce
  • Ship Nikki and collin

    Gxcha Potato’sッGxcha Potato’sッ7 gün önce
  • WOW I’m sorry but Niki and Colin were a really good couple Lol, Niki you are pretty and Gabi you are gorgeous. Good job I couldn’t Lol... you should do idk something crazy wild

    Malec LightBaneMalec LightBane7 gün önce
  • I just subcribe

    liana dellimoreliana dellimore7 gün önce
  • 😙😙

    Fatima AmounFatima Amoun8 gün önce
  • Why am I the only one that Niki and Collin sibling goals lol

    Rose ._.FlameyRose ._.Flamey8 gün önce
  • Hand eye coordinating? Aren't you good at make-up? 😋

    Xx_Savage°Wolf_xXXx_Savage°Wolf_xX10 gün önce
  • Nikki looked so gorgeous in the dress when ice skating

    Jess'xJess'x11 gün önce
  • why is Nate holding a shotgun in the old picture wedding thing?

    Lizz ZinLizz Zin11 gün önce
  • Gabi : she is probably going to pee in herself: When she was talking about Her boyfriend

    Emily F.Emily F.11 gün önce
  • Looooove swoop dates soooo cutte do more

    Gemma BurrowesGemma Burrowes12 gün önce
  • 7...8...ugh

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • Collin:omg

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • ❤️

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • anD I’m YoUR favoriTe CoLin

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • I’m Nate

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • Niki falling omg

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • Left right right left

    Sophie JaxxSophie Jaxx12 gün önce
  • Is it just mW or is gabi extremely LOYAL

    Tremell FlowersTremell Flowers13 gün önce
  • Y'all should swap clothes with y'all boyfriends and go on a date

    Kendahlqueen worldKendahlqueen world13 gün önce
  • am i the only one that thinks collin looks like austin from the disney channel?

    ø brendaø brenda13 gün önce
  • gabi and nate would be so cute together

    Elizabeth Velasquez-PerezElizabeth Velasquez-Perez13 gün önce
  • is anyone else waiting for Niki and Collin to be together??

    Ava ReeseAva Reese14 gün önce
  • wildwood?

    ohhnlyohhnly14 gün önce
  • Omg i love how Collin is so childish

    jame Djame D14 gün önce
  • "I'm nikki" boy if you don't!😂

    Jocelyn KellyJocelyn Kelly14 gün önce
  • Niki and Collins look like they should date

    Juliette DiazJuliette Diaz14 gün önce
  • Lowkey Nikki annoyed me

    Angeline LunaAngeline Luna14 gün önce
  • Gabi seems like a very boring person.

    Sensitive SnailSensitive Snail14 gün önce
  • Niki: I'm Niki Gabi: And I'm Gabi Nate: I'm Nate Collin: And I'm the favorite!

    Risha Mae SamonteRisha Mae Samonte14 gün önce
  • Nat trying not to look bored but screaming help in his head

    Jas CervantesJas Cervantes15 gün önce
  • I love Niki and Nate ❤❤❤

    Iron KnightIron Knight15 gün önce
  • Gabi is so damn boring person

    Nx _2Nx _215 gün önce
  • 😂🤣👬👬👬

    Francine GomezFrancine Gomez15 gün önce
  • Yo am I the only one who ships Gabi and Nate

    Savannahslife 33Savannahslife 3315 gün önce
  • Im so triggered rn because 4:11 iceskating was spelled wrong! ughhhhh

    Kiara LuceKiara Luce16 gün önce
  • Niki should be Billie Eilish for the day

    Zoey MayZoey May16 gün önce
  • My fave is Nate sorry collin

    Stella-Rose DostieStella-Rose Dostie17 gün önce
  • Can you. swap boy friend but in difrent house

    Wendy ReynaWendy Reyna17 gün önce
  • Grupp date

    Charlotte FalkCharlotte Falk17 gün önce
  • Nikki and Collin: acting like first graders Gabi and Nate: Nate being a supportive “boyfriend”

    Wendy MarvellWendy Marvell17 gün önce
  • My boyfriend is called nate

    Sassy SiennaSassy Sienna17 gün önce
  • What was that niki at 2:46 that laugh and the ways she touched his arm

    Leah longLeah long17 gün önce
  • Niki and nate 🦄❤🦄❤🦄❤🦄❤🦄❤🦄💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Eleanor NunezEleanor Nunez17 gün önce
  • *and im your favorite collin!* omg i died at that part lmaoooooo😂

    ur momur mom17 gün önce
  • Niki and Collin are so childish and gabi and nate like are brother and sister

    Sassy SiennaSassy Sienna18 gün önce
  • Idk I wouldn’t like doing this w my bf it would make me uncomfortable like he’s into my sis

    paigepaige18 gün önce
  • Please do more

    Macca WaccaMacca Wacca18 gün önce
  • I feel like niki and Collin are the same (out going) and gabi and Nate are more shy..... aka they both dated someone who’s like each other’s twin.... Ps i suck at forming my words together lol

    Lizy VeraLizy Vera18 gün önce
  • go on the same date

    Katharine RosasKatharine Rosas18 gün önce
  • ciki or nollin

    noel addmassachewnoel addmassachew19 gün önce
  • I feel like if Gabi didn't exist, in some other universe, Niki and Collin might actually be compatible to date lol But Gabi and Nate? Not in ANY world would they be compatible LOL

    PCY21PCY2119 gün önce
Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation