Swinging From Web Shooters!

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@00:23 "Glacier” by Neos
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@03:35 "Infected MushroomBliss" by Ani Mevushal
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@06:20 “Riot” by Blackwater
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  • Thanks for having me James, I'm so glad I could SWING by! I truly had a great time. All the best dealing with the current challenges. Just remember - back in the day, it was just you in a garage making cool stuff. Even through lockdown, you've still got your garage, and you've still got you! :)

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    • xD

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    • Built IRL bro you are so smart

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    • I.

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    • I hope ya knees ok

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  • The vid would of been even much better if he tried it with the suit

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  • I wish I would be in Canada because snow I live in some where else

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  • I love how in Comics, there’s different universes. In marvel, there’s alternate ones. What I’m saying is that we have a Marvel Cinematic universe, and now, we have a Marvel IRL universe right here

    Ironic AnimationsIronic Animations10 saatler önce
  • Anybody else get mad ocd when he said web slingers instead of web shooters or is it just

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  • Maybe an added laser sight for a pinpoint shot

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  • Spider-Man spider man here comes the spider man!!!

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  • I surprised that half of the stuff they make has not been founded by the Military

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  • Those are more of the Batman hooks...

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  • Why was the iron man helmet blurred out at 0:21

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  • 2:57 Anyone else realise the Spider-Sense the editor put in. I was trying not to laugh but that just made it 100x funnier🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Actual video starts at 12:30

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  • Make a real Spider man's web shooter!

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  • Who lives in SA. Whoop whoop

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  • So can we try something similar to this with Attack on Titan pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

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  • You know, if you create a custom grappling hook that also has a release hatch for the hook, combined with a reel to draw the web and hook back in, you could continuously swing, without worrying about replenishing the 'webs' :)

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  • 'Don't try this at home' I don't think anyone could try this at home even if they wanted to

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  • Awsome but the the problem there is the grapling not really a good idea...

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  • Please make a suit that has really good cooshining so your really durable

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  • So This is Just Iron Man With Spiderman Building Web shooters

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  • Make mario's kart

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  • Can you next invite the character's actor to test the product? I think that will be great🔥 I Love your Videos❤️

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  • It needs a lot of ptactice

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  • Is it just me or does that manifold backpack resemble doc ocks arms. And im not an engineer but i got a few ideas!

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  • "'Infected MushroomBliss'-by Ani Mevushal" My dudes, you got that completely wrong. Infected Mushroom is the song creator while Ani Mevushal is the song itself. Its a great song though and I recommend anyone reading this go check out IM cause their stuff is amazing. Good video otherwise though!

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Swinging From Web Shooters!