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24 hours pregnant with my sisters
In this video my sister Saige and I thought it would be a good idea to switch lives with Mia and be pregnant for the day!! So we both put on pregnancy bellies and surprised her! Being pregnant for a day made Saige and I really appreciate what Mia is going through and we had so much fun experiencing it with her! We tried on maternity clothes, looked for baby outfits and toys, went to a doctors appointment and more. We are so excited to meet our little niece, and we hope you guys are too! If you want to see more from the Feldman sisters and follow Mia's journey, please hit subscribe if you haven't already and go follow my sisters channels, Mia and Saige. Also comment down below what else you want to see from the Feldman sisters!!
Saige's channel: bit.ly/2LlQ6sG
Mia’s channel: bit.ly/2Ba1bEW
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Kalia Machado - @kaliaemachado
Travis Larson - @travis.larson
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Susan @itsdreamcat
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Switching Lives with my Pregnant Sister | CloeCouture



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Switching Lives with my Pregnant Sister | CloeCouture